truman tiger

Uncle Dean To the Rescue

Characters: Daddy! Sam and Uncle Dean and Uncle Cas

You are Sam’s preteen daughter, a standout basketball star. When you are being picked on in school, Uncle Dean comes to the rescue.

The Truman Tigers were down 25-21 with 1:00 remaining. The coach called a time out, and the girls quickly huddled around him.

“OK ladies. You CAN do this! Just remember what we practiced. Watch your man to man. I don’t want any fouls. I want you girls to try and get the ball to Winchester if she’s open. ”

He turned to you. “Sami, I want you to go for the 3’s, got it?”

You nodded. The girls circled up around you, the team captain. “Hands in guys.”


Tigers had the throw in, and Meghan tossed the ball to Avery, who tossed it to you. They had double coverage on you most of the game, but you went for the 3. Given that you were taller than most of the players and fast, you weren’t easy to cover. You nailed the 3 with 30 seconds on the clock. 25-24. You HAD this. The other team rebounded, and the ball was stolen by one of your team mates. They passed it to you, and with 5 seconds remaining, you landed another 3 to win the game, 27-25.

After the coaches post game talk, you walked out of the locker room to the two men who were waiting for you. You saw how the Moms all stared at them. It was weird.

“Great game baby!” Your Dad said. “You were really nailing those 3’s.”

You flushed with pleasure. “Hi Daddy. Hi Uncle Dean.”

Your parents weren’t together. Your Dad and Mom had broken up a long time ago. Mom knew all about what Dad and Uncle Dean did for work, as did you. You lived with your Mom, but your Dad visited when he could. You also spent frequent weekends and school holidays at the bunker when you could. Dad and Uncle Dean were awesome.

You had inherited your height from your Dad, and your hair and eyes too. You mom had named you Samantha, but everyone called you Sami. Uncle Dean called your Dad Sammy, so every since you were a little girl he had called you Smiley.

Dad taught you about monsters and magic and demons and spells, but you didn’t like that stuff. It scared you. You saw how sad Daddy’s eyes got when he talked about people he has lost…..Uncle Bobby, Aunt Ellen and Jo, Charlie, and Kevin.

You wanted to go to college and be a lawyer. Uncle Dean said you were good enough at basketball to get a free ride. Coach had told your Mom you were one of the most gifted players he had ever taught.

You liked it when Dad and Uncle Dean’s friend Uncle Cas was
was at the bunker. You knew he was an angel from heaven, but he was living on Earth or something. You taught him how to play basketball, but he didn’t ever miss. He also was really good helping with homework.

Uncle Dean taught you about cars. He had this Impala that was your Grandpa’s that he called Baby. He taught you how to fix stuff because “girls who fixed cars were hot.”
Dad said that he was not allowed to say that kind of stuff around you! You thought it was funny. Mom and Dad said you couldn’t date until you were at least 18. Whatever.

One Friday when Dad and Uncle Dean came to pick you up after practice, you were sporting a black eye. You had gotten in a fight in school. There was this Goth Chick Michelle Dawkins who hated jocks and kept picking fights with you.

“Hey Smiley! Whoa, nice eye!” Uncle Dean said.

“Sami, your Mom told me what happened. What’s going on?? What’s this girls problem?” Dad asked, concern in his eyes.

Tears welled in your eyes. “ She hates me Dad! She tripped me in the cafeteria, and pushed me into a locker. As tall as I am, she’s bigger than me. She knows I don’t know how to fight. She told me she’s going to get me after school and beat the crap out of me. I just want her to leave me alone! She says I think I am “all that” because I’m good at basketball.

When you got to the bunker, Uncle Cas offered to heal you. “I could smite her.” He said in his gravely voice.

I think I’ll just go to my room.“ You said.

Your Dad hugged you. "I love you Baby Girl. ” He said

Later there was a knock at your door. “” Smiley, can I come in? “

"Sure Uncle Dean.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to teach you to defend yourself. Fighting’ s not always the best answer but sometimes you have no choice. 9am in the gym.”

“Did my Dad say it was OK?” You asked. “We just won’t tell him.”

You spent the next day learning to fight. Uncle Dean was tough but fair. By drilling it over and over like basketball you finally got it. By the time you left on Sunday you were set. Dean wisely kept weapons out and kept it strictly body only.

Your text to him later told it all:

Uncle Dean, mission Accomplished!!!

Rakasta are nomadic feline humanoids.  They are fierce fighters who wear metal war claws as their preferred weapons and sometimes ride sabre-tooth tigers.  (Timothy Truman from expert D&D module X1: The Isle of Dread, TSR, 1983 and later printings.)

It occurs to me that you could start a campaign on the isle and work outward, with rakasta and phanatons as playable classes and other PCs being native humans or pirates of any race.