Timothy scowled as he walked around the mall, He hated visiting relatives across the pond, everyone in the states had a stupid nasally American accent. His mum had dropped him off for a few hours because he had begged her for more books, but the money she gave him only got him 2 books. He wished his library card worked here. Or his cell phone. He debated finding somewhere secluded and trying to Apparate back to the hotel, but he didn’t want to end up splinched. So he bought a soda and took out his frustration by scowling at everyone. 

First time in Snow

Cassandra just moved into the town with her new family. The snow was something new to her, and quickly grew found of it. Her new parents have allowed her to go out and explore a bit. With her drawing book in hand she started walking around into the wooded area near her home. Coming across a lake she sat down her back against a tree and started drawing the winter wonderland that surrounded her.

Jack smiled slightly, watching the girl quietly. Her drawings were very good, he had to admit. “Very nice,” he said, only half-hoping she could hear him. “You, ah, capture the snow very nicely.”

Cassandra carried her guitar out of her house. She was in a musical mood, and well really wanted to play. Sure she played every day, but she also was  thinking about singing to its sweet sound. With a soft smile she sat on the ground and leaned on the tree playing the strings until she found a pattern just right…softly she began humming to its tune getting ready to sing. Being shy she kinda hoped no one would notice.