imagine always expecting something in return imagine mistaking every single word and move for a transaction of some sort, masculinity truly is fucking tragic 

I’m unsure how to answer your messages!

my general thoughts on this topic are this:
I know these things are in the brain or the spirit, everything is afterall, and things like effeminate traits, masculinity, AND sexuality happen in the womb for the most part. I’ve been around children to know that they are pretty much who they are without much conscious thought. And contrary to popular belief their surroundings are not to blame for traits like femininity in boys, or masculinity in girls, or future sexuality, like people assume. Growing up in a female household doesn’t make a boy feminine or gay. Maybe they’d pick up body language and some feminine things, sure, but truly, things like femininity/masculinity and sexuality are just a part of you, no matter what kind of society you were brought up in.
I knew two brothers, one was just a typical little boy - you know, football, rough tumble etc, the other was very very effeminate from head to toe, speech, body language, walk - from a very early age. They both grew up in the same household, yet totally different. So yes, it’s from within. Society plays a part but not much… I’m sure many of us had a ‘gay kid’ in our class or school who didn’t even know what gay was but got called it endlessly before they were even a teenager, just the characteristics got picked up upon. Society can play a part in how you choose to behave, but it can’t really keep you from how your nature intended you to be, unless you’re very good at covering up your tendencies. Gay people/feminine men wouldn’t be getting killed in some religious states if their society played a part in who they were. They simply cannot help who they are because it’s in their biology.

(I guess what was confusing to me is the fact that the words gender and sex to me were always one and the same! The term “Gender roles” is a different thing obviously, but the word “gender”, to me, always meant your sex! How long have I been out of the loop on that one? lol
I never saw the word gender as separate to sex. When you see it on a form, you never get asked to state your Gender AND Sex, both words are used for the same thing, to say whether someone is male or female… or in between. The term “Gender roles” makes more sense to me, as it describes behaviour traits, roles in society, etc. Anyway, I rambled, it’s not really important.)

*tumblr may be a sensitive place to discuss this sort of thing i think. it’s bound to offend someone or all. but it wasn’t intended to. it’s not to dissect or judge, just discussing humanity. i accept people for who they are, life is too short and painful as it is. everyone deserves to be comfortable and happy.

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❝—  ♤ Our muses taking a bath together

Damon had no idea how something like this had happened. He probably had brought the other to his home, of course. There was no other way the vampire had gotten into his house. Damien was currently impaling himself onto his dick and Damon could not oppose to being in such a position. It was exciting because the gorgeous male had been on his mind recently.

He never had gotten partners who were invested in their dominance before. All just wanting to be fucked out of their minds but Damien was different, he wanted to show he had dominance but yet he wasn’t truly as masculine as he was, making him somewhat more submissive. He was a power bottom and a shameless one at that too, not bothering to hide any discomfort.

When he had gotten home, he had set up a camp in his restroom by turning on the faucet to his bath and making sure no water fell into the drain. Then he had gotten in with the other male– who was always seemingly youthful and beautiful. Of course it was obvious Damon felt a strange attraction to this male, a huge part being how he was not human as well. The made sure to put soap into the water, making bubbles erupt inside the tub.