truly was the best birthday present


[170214] - survived another birthday, survived another v-day! yesterday we had a really difficult korean test and because it fell on my birthday, my new nickname is 불쌍한 (pitiful) !!! it’s okay though, one of the presents my best friend got me is a pin of the royal tenenbaums house from the movie the royal tenenbaums! 💕truly my love for wes anderson knows no bounds.

June 9th

For Itachi’s first birthday there was a small cake and an even smaller smiling baby, held in his mother’s arms. He was excited about the cake and his small chubby hands reached out for it. That small baby had no idea what was coming, he just wanted his cake.

For Itachi’s fourth birthday there was a war raging, Father was out, mother was scared. She’d smile at her son but the smile was strained. He received his first kunai set that year. It was wrapped in blood red wrapping paper.

For Itachi’s fifth birthday most of the focus was on his soon to come little brother, Itachi didn’t mind, he was as excited as his mother. She joked that his brother was his present this year. He spent the day in her lap listening to the tiny heartbeat. He thought that was the best present he would ever receive.

For Itachi’s sixth birthday Sasuke said his first clear word, the family was sitting around the table for Itachi’s birthday dinner when Sasuke suddenly said ‘Tachi!. Itachi changed his mind, this truly was the best present he would ever receive.

For Itachi’s seventh birthday he was on a mission. One of his first. His teammates gave him gifts of kunai and shuriken. They were of lesser quality than the ones he got from Nekobaa but he was grateful all the same.

For Itachi’s eighth birthday he gained the Sharingan. He wanted to forget that birthday, he lost his comerades. His father called his Sharingan a gift, Itachi thought of it as a curse.

For Itachi’s tenth birthday he trained for his Chunin exam with Shisui. Shisui gave him some bruises for his birthday. He also gave him a new katana for the exam. Itachi treasured it.

For Itachi’s eleventh birthday he received his ANBU mask. His little brother spent the evening trying on Itachi’s mask and gently tracing his new tattoo.

For Itachi’s thirteenth birthday he became an ANBU captain. His comrades all congratulated him no mention was made of his birthday. Even when he got home his parents both congratulated him on his promotion, that was the most important news. Only Sasuke remembered his birthday, he got him some fresh dango with his allowance. It was their last birthday together.

For Itachi’s fourteenth birthday he was alone. He was alone in his room in the Akatsuki hideout. He was alone with his memories of birthdays past. His memories of his family especially his baby brother. Sasuke hated him now and probably cursed this day. Itachi hated the day too, if not for his brother, he would wish he was never born.

For Itachi’s seventeenth birthday he saw his brother again for the first time in four years. He would regret that day for a long time. He had tortured his brother. ‘It’s to make him stronger’ he told himself. He could tell himself that all day, the trick was to make himself believe it. Sasuke had grown so much, he was taller, he looked like their mother.

For Itachi’s eighteenth birthday he found out he was going to die. He was diagnosed with microscopic polyangiitis. He had woken up several mornings coughing up blood. He was losing weight at an alarming rate. He felt tired all the time. For the first time in his life Itachi prayed. He prayed that he’d live long enough to die at his brother’s feet.

For his nineteenth birthday he was in remission. He could breathe easy. He had hope for the first time in a long time.

For his twentieth birthday the illness was back and worse than ever. He didn’t know how much longer he had but he knew he had to live. He had to live to die. His hands shook as he took a few extra pills and medicines and continued on with his day.

On Itachi’s twenty-first birthday he died. He finally fulfilled his wish. He died at his brother’s feet. He barely made it through the fight but he survived long enough to die. He died with a smile on his face, Sasuke would be the hero he could never be. Sasuke would be at peace and could move on with his life.

On his last birthday he gave his final gift and received none in return.

In case you didn’t know (ha ha ha) it’s my birthday!

Today I turn 32 (would you have guessed it?), and honestly this moment in life I can truly say I am 100% ridiculously happy!

I feel so blessed to have so many amazing friends that I have met on through blog, because honestly you all are my bffs for life! All the love and support that you give me on a daily basis is much appreciated and it is one of the best presents a girl could ever have.

Additionally, I am over the moon happy in large part to @hrstories1234. I honestly never thought I would reach a point in my life where I felt so loved and cherished by a significant other. How I ever got so lucky I shall never know. <3 Hayden you are the grandest gift of all that I shall treasure always!

I know the day isn’t over, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has wished me happy birthday!

My birthday wish to you all is true and pure happiness for the rest of your lives.

I aM hOrRiBlE aT tHiS sOmEoNe HeLp.

DannyMay Day Four “Alterations/Space”


“So… what do you think, Danny?” Asked Maddie Fenton, smiling at her son, after giving him his 24th birthday present.

“Tell us the truth, son, do not mind saving flatteries! How much you love it?!” Added his enthusiastikal father, beaming on his own place and smiling broadly at the young adult.

Danny just watched himself on the mirror, wide eyed and mouth open in amazement.

This new suit his parents had… had made themselves for him was… it was…

“It’s amazing!”

“Really? Aren’t you saying it so you wont make us sad?”

“Of course not, mom! This suit… it’s awesome!” Said the halfa floating in the air and testing how free could he move. “When you said you wanted to make ‘a few alterations’ on my Phantom suit, I tought you only wanted to put the Fenton Logo over my ‘D’, but this is awesome!” He cheered.

“I told you we should’ve put the Fenton Logo on it.” Whispered Jack to his wife, gaining himself being elbowed on the ribs by her.

“We are glad you like it, sweety.”

It was an amazing suit, it truly was. Not only the gadgets they had put on it, but the alterations in the design itself; it was more ‘futuristic’, to put it on a way; the neck was a bit obnoxious, but still, they had left his own logo, and it was the source of his artificial ectoplasm ‘for emergences’; but that meant his parents had accepted him not only being a ghost, bus his ghostly persona itself. And it was the best present he could ever dream of.

“Mom, dad, thank you.” Said Danny, hugging them.

“You’re welcome, son.” They said, answering the hug. “Happy Birthday.”

the signs as types of friends
  • *use moon and venus too*
  • aries: will fight anyone who hurts you, encourages you to be yourself and never apologize for it
  • taurus: will always be there for you and won't judge you for your mistakes, very loyal and caring
  • gemini: the one you talk about everything with, willing to change for you, your personal cheerleader. can be the goofiest person ever or dead serious depending on the situation.
  • cancer: turns their ringtone on before they go to bed so they can answer u if u have a midnight breakdown
  • leo: shares their food with you and makes you laugh, the friend that gives you flirting advice and gives u the courage to talk to your crush
  • virgo: will try to help you in anything they can and will put your needs over theirs, gives the best advice
  • libra: wanna lay on the couch and watch netflix? (s)he's your gal. wanna go out and have fun? (s)he's your gal. they'll adjust their mood to yours
  • scorpio: has deep talks with u (especially about the past) and forgives you if they think you're truly sorry
  • sagittarius: you do crazy shit with them and never get bored, always tells you the truth no matter how ugly
  • capricorn: protective af, makes you think about your future and what you want and helps you get it.
  • aquarius: makes your weird side come out, "fuck what people think, it's your life!", motivates u to be unique. asks if you're okay and mean it.
  • pisces: encourages you to love yourself and gives you the best compliments. super empathetic. gives you presents even if it isn't your birthday
Happy Birthday To Me~ Jack Maynard

A/N: whoopsy daisy my fingers slipped heres a whole imagine about sub!Jack

     I sipped my favorite alcoholic beverage as I danced in the middle of my living room. Today was my birthday and boy was I feeling myself. I was feeling slightly tipsy and thoroughly enjoying myself. My boyfriend Jack had thrown a big surprise party for the occasion and I was surrounded by all my loved ones. It was truly one of my best birthdays. As the night drew on, the party slowly dwindled and was over around midnight. As people began to exit and my buzz from the alcohol and environment began to die. Just when I thought my body was about to quit and make me retire for the night, I felt a new kind of energy.

     Jack had snuck up behind me and began to kiss my neck, starting from the top of shoulder to my jawline. “I still have one more present for you,” he murmured in my ear as he began to slip my top off.

     “Is that so?” I inquired. “You already got me so much though. The diamond choker, the whole new wardrobe, the party. What more can you offer Mr. Maynard?”

     “I think you know,” he chuckled darkly. “This is more of a shared gift between us though.”

     “Is that so?”

     “Mmmmhmm…” He began to kiss me, deep and passionately. Things got slightly rougher, but still tamed. His hands slipped down to my ass, and he squeezed firmly. “Up,” he gasped after a long makeout session. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he grabbed my arms and carried me off to the bedroom. Once we reached our destination, Jack gently placed me on the bed. He took his shirt and pants off then began to finally undress me. 

     We were left in our underwear as Jack straddled me. “I have a surprise,” he said as he abruptly got up and went towards our dresser. Confused, I propped myself up as I watched him rummage through the drawers frantically looking for something. He then pulled out a small, square box and revealed furry handcuffs. That’s when a light bulb flickered on. Jack was always the dominant one, and I loved it. But it was my birthday, and I wanted something new. “Just for you, princess,” he said with a smirk.

     “This is the best idea you’ve ever had daddy,” I said, getting up from the bed. I took his hand and led him to the bed. I made him lay down fully as I got on top of him. I took the cuffs and put them on the night stand, but made sure they were open. “Let me reward you,” I told him. I straddled him and began to grind up and down on his already hard cock. He bit his lip to hold back the groans as I began to rub harder and faster. Before I knew it, his eyes began to close. Perfect. I began to creep up, pretending to go in for a kiss. As I got to a comfortable reaching point of the cuffs, I quickly grabbed them and locked one of the cuffs around his wrists. As quickly as he realized what happened, I had already cuffed both wrists around the bed post.

     “Babe!” he screeched, pulling at the chain. “C’mon, princess, this isn’t funny!”

     “Who said it was a joke, dear?” I asked innocently. I picked up the box and read the label, saying, “Extra durable for the particularly squeamish and strong. Don’t think you’re escaping anytime soon.” He pulled one last time and huffed in defeat. “It’s finally my turn,” I whispered in his ear. I moved to the end of the bed and crouched over so my breasts were in full view. One hand supported me on the bed, the other was pressed right on his crotch. I began to slowly palm him and torture him. He tried to pretend like it didn’t affect him, but his little friend said otherwise. 

     “Don’t fight it, baby,” I cooed. “I know you secretly love it when I take control.” I continued to palm him as he became more and more of a whimpering mess in my hands. As I felt his dick twitch, I took his hand off. He threw himself up and down almost like a tantrum. “This is torture!” he groaned.

     “I know,” I said with a wink.

     “I just wanna touch you, taste you, something! Please, I need you!” Him saying that and in the state he was in made my core feel like a raging hurricane. “What do you want?” I said in a teasing tone. “Use your words, Jack.”

     “I want you on me! I want you to ride me like no tomorrow! I need you, (Y/N)!” I was almost on him in an instant. I slid out of my underwear and began to position myself to take him in me. I slid his hard on into me without any issue between all the experience with him and how wet I was. I began to descend slowly. Jack tried to practically jackhammer me, but I held his hips down. “Patience,” I whispered and moaned at the same time as he began to fill me.

     “Don’t do that,” he moaned in response.

     “Do what?”

     “Don’t go so slow! Let me just fuck you hard and fast! Oh, God, please! Please, baby, you know we both want it!” He was a wreck. He was a vulnerable, sweating mess and I’ve never been more turned on. “I said wait,” I  whispered as I tried not to give away how much I needed him. I began to slide up and down at a torturous and slow speed then built up to a slighter and steadier pace. The pace and force went up slightly ever couple minutes until I let Jack unleash his true potential. He pounded into me until I couldn’t open my eyes. I collapsed on his stomach and chest and just let him go to work as I began to see stars.

     In no time flat, I began to cum. I was speechless as Jack destroyed me, so I didn’t even warn him like usual. As soon as I hit my high, he wasn’t too far behind. After we came down, I practically waddled to the dresser to grab the key. I released Jack from the cuffs and he pulled me in for a cuddle. As we held each other and tried to catch our breaths, I turned to him and said, “Happy birthday to me.” He began to chuckle, using what little energy he had. “How’s about we go to bed and continue the festivities for one extra birthday gift?” I asked. 

     “I think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had, princess,” Jack responded as he kissed my forehead.

Happy birthday to one of my best friends, @sittaeuropaea - a great person, and a very talented vulture. These little blue birds have become very special to me, they remind me of you, and whenever I see one it cheers me up. It’s a sign of good things and friendship to me. I will stand in the kitchen sometimes and just wait for one to appear at the feeder, and it almost feels like I am with my friends. Thank you for always being there and being so awesome, friendle, I hope you have had a truly fantastic day and you like your presents and your pizza.

I just realized that one of the biggest tragedies of the marauders era is that it has to be separated from the age of the golden trio
•lily and James were supposed to live and love much longer and their deaths are really when the marauders era ends
•what the marauders era should’ve been is that short period of time they lived before harry
•before quidditch in the backyard while lily read a novel or tended flowers
• before cooking as a family (and burning things as a family cause they got in a food fight)
•before bed time stories about their Hogwarts days that seemed so exciting that Harry spouted almost the same line as James had years past when he was asked what house he wanted (“Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my father! And my mother. And my uncles.”)
•before visits to the Weasley’s and the Longbottom’s to see Harry’s friend and so James could have long talks with Charlie about Quidditch
•(and to the twins about pranks but that was behind Mrs. Weasley’s back and therefore a secret)
•along that vein the twins should’ve known who the marauders were the second they got their hands on that map
•because they should’ve grown up going to parties or dinner and hearing “pass the salt moony” or “grab me a beer pads”
•harry should’ve grown up going to diagon alley with his rich ass godfather and getting spoiled not living in a literal cupboard and getting hangers for birthday presents
•Neville should’ve grown up with the best parents that poor boy possibly could’ve had because they made him feel so safe
•like rly attacking Alice and Frank Longbottom or anyone they loved truly would’ve been a death wish
•Draco should’ve recognized Harry that day in Madame Malkins because they grew up going to some of the same high class pure blood balls that James hated and was honestly thankful when he wasn’t invited because of his wife’s status but at the same time was pissed and so was Lily so they always went and were on their best behavior when they did go
•Harry should’ve known that his mother could light up a room with her smile and his father could electrify it with a wink and together they could’ve made the whole place explode with envy over this beautiful family
•Harry should’ve known the most archaic pure blood traditions that even Ron didn’t know because James might’ve really hated the whole pure blood culture but he was also a Gryffindor and understood honor and pride and the importance traditions hold in life
•Harry should’ve had those visits to the zoo and to football games because lily might’ve been a witch but she would not turn her back on a culture she had loved and lived and fought a war for, damnit
•he should’ve been getting letters full of tips from Sirius on getting girls and prank ideas from Lily and Quidditch strategies from James and homework help from Remus
• anyways the marauders era shouldn’t have to be a completely separate time and I hate it

I was tagging something the marauders era and I got rly mad so here are my feelings lol this post was not meant to get this long

rbssns  asked:

How would UF and SF bros reacting finding out. Their S/O Birthday​ passed month ago, and they didn't tell them bc their birthday is always around a major holiday. And people are always busy with family so they don't want to both anyone. Their excuse is always" it's just another day, nothing special about it." What would they do?

{ Oh, what a bad luck having b-day during holiday.

But even in normal days, for me at least °-° 

Here other asks about S/O’s B-Day~     }

🎉 Reddy ;

Sans is not the right skeleton that can help you in this situation, because he is one of the people who have forgotten your birthday. Don’t take it as a personal thing, because he does not even remember his own birthday. Actually, he prefers do not think about it because it makes him very sad. He did not want to be born, in the first place. This life is just a fucking joke for him, so he does not want to think of his existence. The only Birthday Sans remembers is Papyrus’ because his brother becomes a pain in the ass during that period and Sans cannot dare to forget it without a punishment, he is forced to remember it!  

Sans does not comprehend if your phrase is just self-irony or if you are serious, searching for his consolation. He could make you sadder than ever, it’s a warning!

Sans, after understanding that you care about it and you need some attention at your birthday, will try to be softer, joking around with you about this awful life. He will invite you to be a member of his lonely-hearts club where you can eat junky foods all the day, watching trashy movies and laughing about all those senseless holidays that are just stupid and commercial stuff. Enjoy the party of commiseration with him!

🎉 The Edge Lord ;

Oh, what a poor star you are. Papyrus forgets your birthday, too.

Actually, he does not have any excuse, because he knows exactly the day, rarely he forgets important things. You should know he is very busy, he does not have so much time to dedicate to his hobbies so it may be a mistake. Papyrus feels ashamed for this inadequate behaviour, but he will never say “sorry” directly because he is still embarrassed. He will make you understand his apologies through gestures and presents the days after your birthday. He will act a little rude and harshly because he cannot be totally sweet and generous, so you have to take him as he is. Papyrus will offer to you also a special dinner in your favourite restaurant, spoiling you the best he can.

Then, when you said that phrase to him, he feels guiltier than before, perceiving the sin of his action. He tells you that these are bullshits, and your birthday worthy, you don’t have to think this. At that moment, he truly says “sorry” to you, promising he will never forget again the date of your birthday, because he does not want to be part of that category of people. Papyrus is your mate, after all. His duty is also making you happy.

🎉 Blackberry ;

I bet you would have thought he was the one to forget your birthday!

No, he wasn’t, because he is the one who sings you “happy birthday to you” at the morning, when you wake up. We have to say the background of it because Sans, being the selfish and narcissist skeleton he is, could forget important days that don’t regard himself. Since you are his true love, it would be unacceptable and shameful to forget such an important event! He was thinking about it for months, writing the day on the calendar and in his agenda, on the fridge using his alphabet toys, so it was impossible to forget it, even by mistake.

For Sans, it is outrageous that people cannot recall your birthday only because it happens during great festivities. It’s not a good reason! He will reassure you it is an important day, because you are his mate so you deserve the best. It is not a thing Sans says to everybody, you are the only one who have heard it from him.

Then, you will see posts-it on your fridge and everywhere where there are written dates and numbers, you won’t understand what they are, at first. You will realize it’s Sans’ Birthday, he wants to be sure you will not forget his birthday, instead. I suggest checking his wishes list; you will see new updates there.

🎉 Rus ;

Obvious, Papyrus remembers all the dates that concern your life, in fact he remembers even your onomastic. He will never let you down, don’t worry.

Actually, he does not care about any festivities, because he thinks they are stupid, only a waste of time and money. They are just marketing fraud that makes people spending all their money by buying useless things. Papyrus is not a materialist person, at all. He remains alarmed when you confess to him that even your family does not consider your birthday because of those holidays. It’s something too disgraceful to accept for him. It means that your family does not deserve you, so you have not lost anything. It may seem a cruel answer from him, but he gives to the concept of the family a deep value, it’s the reason he is so shocked. Papyrus is going to spoil you in every ways he knows to make you feel better, you must not be sad at your birthday!

This is a birthday present for my friend @fltwoods . I couldn’t be there for his birthday to celebrate in person with him (how awesome would that have been?) So instead I wrote this.

Also there isn’t enough Jack Sick fics out there.

“Come cuddle with me.” Jack mumbled, pulling the wet cloth off his forehead.

“I can’t. Your cake is in the oven.” Crutchie replied. “I’m gonna forget about it otherwise, and I will not let this be ruined too. Your present didn’t make it in time, so at least you’ll have a cake.”

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Happy Birthday, Irllax ♚

Dearest Professor Michaelis,

Happy Birthday, you old demon.

You have now been my butler for almost a year, and I cannot even believe how much we’ve been through together already as the twisted, most peculiar pair we are.

Our partnership is unlike any other.
And you and I both know how, and in what way.

You mean a great deal to me, if not everything, and I am truly grateful that I have you in my life, as my soulmate, my best friend, and my home.

I hope that you enjoyed your evening•night•morning with me, as much as I enjoyed seeing that surprised, grinning face as you opened my present, and I hope you will have a tremendous day today as well.

I wish you the best, love. ♡

Yours always,

♚ ~ @irllax ~ ♚

Happy Birthday Muhren!

So a little birdie told Cira that is was Muhren’s birthday! She just couldn’t help herself and thought it best that she make him a present. 

(Sorry its kinda later in the day. I was planning to get it done as soon as I saw the post but I had school and couldn’t draw/post until I got home. @trashmuh I really hope he likes it because Cira worked hard on it XP. Also thank you for creating Muhren and deciding to share him with the world. He is truly amazing. And the only guy to make Cira really nervous. (she has a thing for confidence and adorableness.)


HEY TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here’s a little update! A little less then a year ago I posted a picture of my acceptance letter getting into the college of my dreams and you LIKED it! It was the best day of my life. The day before was my birthday and it was just the best birthday present I could ever ask for! Well flash forward a few months I completed my first semester and got all A’s! I know you have no idea I exist but I truly couldn’t have done it without you. It was really tough I worked my butt off but having your music to listen to and to validate my emotions truly helped me get through it and accomplish my goals. Watching your Grammy acceptance speech for album of the year made me realize that I could in fact do whatever I want in life and that I have the power to do so. Some people didn’t believe in me but I worked hard and I was able to prove them wrong. Thank you Taylor💛❤ Love, Arielle @taylorswift


Summary: Phil becomes ill on the day of their radio show, and Dan chooses to stay home with him. Adorable Phan fluffy illness!

Phil was not in a good mood. There was a really good reason for his current sulky behavior though. He was sick. Not ‘just a small cold’ kind of sick. This sickness left him immobile in bed with dizziness, nausea, a headache, and chills. Last night he had only felt tired with a hint of head pain, but it had quickly developed into a full bout of what was probably the flu. The worst part about it was the fact that they were supposed to be doing the radio show today, and had planned some fun things.

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Having a relationship with Mycroft Holmes...

… is the hardest thing ever. i read so many text posts and fanfictions that pictured him too romantic and too capable of love - he definitely is not and you need to think of the negative aspects that are hard for you, as his partner, too:

  • it takes him months to admit to himself that he has feelings for you.
  • it takes him months again to admit to you that he has those feelings.
  • he is very uncomfortable and not used to feeling this way for someone, sometimes he cannot find rational explanations for his feelings and he may seem cold and reserved. he still is the Ice Man and this does not change from one day to the other.
  • he is not good with people - at least not with having a closer relationship than something professional. he makes mistakes all the time, hurts you unintentionally but how should he know better? as his partner you need a lot of patience to explain the effect his way of behaving has on “ordinary” people.
  • he probably is very over-protective.
  • he will never explicitly tell you how much he loves and needs you, or that you are beautiful and amazing. that is just too much emotion, too much sentiment for him. he says “i love you” in his very own way: looking at you softly, sharing his cake, maybe he tries talking about stuff he actually does not care about and tries to understand you.
  • he really tries but he will fail all too frequent. he just never did all those things. you have to forgive him failing and need to appreciate his effort.
  • sometimes he will give you the feeling that you are boring and slow… for him that is just how anyone is.
  • he is such a know-it-all - remember he IS wikipedia - and sometimes he will clearly show you how much more intelligent he is. you need to remind yourself again and again that he is not doing it to humiliate you.
  • he needs a lot of time for himself to think and work. he may not have a single thought left for you because there is so much important stuff going on.
  • sometimes he will forget about you. he is so used to being alone it takes him a long time to change his way of thinking.

… yes, on the other side it may be the best thing as well:

  • he is the king of sass but sometimes he will pretend he has no comeback so you do not feel inferior - and he just loves your winning smile.
  • there will always be cake, no matter what.
  • he looks at you while you are sleeping and tries to figure out why he enjoys being with you so much.
  • long, deep conversations and good food (even if his fridge is always empty he knows the best delivery services in London. he paid 82£ per role for his crappy wallpaper - he really gives no fuck about the prize of his food).
  • his innocent and truly honest smile every time after kissing you!
  • his warm hugs that say “i love you” more than his words ever could.
  • him kissing you softly goodbye in front of his colleagues at Diogenes - and you have never been that happy because you know that he is proud to call you his partner.
  • his insecure smile when you are opening his first birthday present because he is so afraid of having bought the wrong thing.
  • his clumsy and awkward way of saying sorry after he fucked something up. Mycroft Holmes is not good at admitting making mistakes - but he can not stand you being mad.
  • just knowing you are the one he has feelings for is the fucking best thing in the world.

You bet your sweet buns that Jason Peter Todd loves Jane Austen and does that love the ever loving hell out of Pride and Prejudice. When he was younger, he used to feel a bit nervous about his adoration for such a romantic story, but after all he’s been through, he knows better than to let others dictate the things he loves.

He’ll get into arguments with the batfam and someone will accidently quote and Jason will jump right on it, continuing to the next line and the next line until he maybe forgets one and he has to stomp off and make sure he got the line right. It ends fights quickly but is it worth it to have Mr. Collin’s proposal to Elizabath recited back to you (plus Jay will wake you up at like 3 am, his dog eared P&P copy in his hands with a manic look in his eyes. He got the line right, but now you’re stuck listening to his recitation. Again)

He has every movie version of Pride and Prejudice out there. They become his comfort on the bad days. Most time he keeps his favorite version (90’s BBC miniseries) in his player so when he awakes from nightmares, he can go to the comforting familiarity of Longbourne, to Elizabeth’s cunning wit and Darcy’s awkwardness. He smiles as he calms down, if these two prideful idiots can fall in love each and every time, maybe he just might be able to make it.

He lowkey wrote a batfam Pride and Prejudice AU and put it up online, casting the mysterious Red Hood in the role of Elizabeth Bennett and a dark haired Amazon Princess with eyes like stars as his Darcy. It gets a ridiculous amount of hits. Tim discovers it halfway through and tells the others, somehow they can’t make fun of Jay because he’s actually a very good writer?? And does a good job describing all their characters? They follow the story secretly as he posts it.

Whenever he gets mad at another family member, they know the only way they’ll ever be truly forgiven is if they watch the movie with him. They’ll creep into the room, one hand over their eyes in resignation as they speak in a monotone, “Jason would you like to watch P-” And Jay’s already pulling out the DVD before they can even finish.

Bruce buying Jason special first editions of P&P for birthday and Christmas. He’d expect the boy, now a grown man, to have grown bored with the old books but every time he opens a gift and sees it’s a carefully preserved copy of his favorite story he just explodes with joy. The best present Jay could ever give Bruce is that look of complete and utter delight that almost makes him forget all the tragedies they’ve seen. It is, of course, accompanied by Jason delicately opening the book and reading the opening chapter. It’s a newfound tradition the Wayne family has come to enjoy because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man with a passion should be in want of a supportive family.


“Stark and Baratheon? They know how to do a couple of things right, these two. Like blow up whatever plan the Lannisters had to keep control of the government… We weren’t ready when they came for us; but how could we be, really? They were just kids, too young to have any real power. And yet when the time came, they hit us where it hurt the most. They’ve got the determination their parents lacked and they never hesitate… a deadly combination, if you ask me.”

They keep me up at night, the things I’ve seen. Ric wakes up screaming from nightmares he won’t talk about. That’s why I keep fighting. It’s not over yet, it will not be over until we are avenged.We do what we have to do.

a modern rickon x shireen au, made as a birthday present for the truly amazing jillypups! you’re an inspiration to me, and i’m so happy to have met you here! my best wishes for an amazing birthday ♥