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Okay but can we take a moment to talk about how truly traumatic Leorio’s past really is? Like, I know we all talk about how terrible the other three’s childhoods are:

Killua living with a physically and emotionally abusive family, Gon with his father abandoning him, Kurapika’s clan being killed.

But I think we tend to forget that Leorio had just as much of a tragic background as the others. He watched his friend die. Right before his very eyes. 

And then that hard reality sets on him; he could have survived if they had money for medicine. It was an entirely curable sickness. But all he could do was watch as his friend collapsed. And let’s just think for a moment; Leorio lived in such an impoverished area, there were probably bound to be other people he knew who suffered from the same sickness or a different illness that could have been saved from that miraculous money antidote. 

So Leorio could have seen far more death in the course of his childhood that we may not even know about.

This becomes even more of a pressing issue for Leorio, especially concerning Gon. Because seeing Gon just laying there, practically charred skin and bone wrapped up in medical tape, physically and emotionally kills Leorio. Not just because it’s Gon and he feels so connected and attached to Gon, but because it brings back those memories. Of when he couldn’t do anything but watch someone die. And he thinks “Not again. I will not stand by and watch someone die again. I will find some way to heal Gon. I will invest every single piece of fame, fortune and time to bring Gon back.”

And when Gon enters  through that door in the middle of the election, Leorio is so happy; so overwhelmed to see Gon alive and well. He’s so, so ecstatic that for once, 

someone was finally saved.

This episode: *Portrays men from very different ways of life, upbringing, status, and morals all coming together for a common bond. It paints a beautiful picture of brothers at arms in times of danger and how truly traumatic and frightening events can bond the most unlikely people. *

Also this episode: Lol girls are snarky bitches and can’t bond over shared traumas

Currently crying over cancer

Why is there little to no people talking about Stefan Karl Stefansson? Like wether he’s dying or not Meme Dad still needs love right now in this time. There is speculation that he is sadly going to pass away in a few days but until then let’s just show him as much love as we can ❤️ I genuinely love that man like he is my father and truly believe he can pull through,growing up watching LazyTown was my best memories! But now hearing his cancer has came back with a vengeance truly traumatized me,especially since my mother recently finished chemo therapy for breast cancer,I sometimes get scared of the possibility that the cancer might just one day come back but I have to push the negative thoughts aside and pull the positive ones to light!!!! And you guys should do the same for him,Plant Dad deserves it.

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Thoughts on MM and her friend's IG story? In very bad taste in my opinion. Why does Sam have to push this girl down our throats now by retweeting and liking her tweets? Damage control for him? You are who you associate with. Food for thought Sam!

I agree. It was a subject best left untouched, and choosing to post such a thing publicly was a poor choice, in my opinion. And I think that has been belatedly realized, hence the “correction” recently offered up on Twitter. But, unfortunately, the “corrected” version which has been offered up to provide both excuse and justification for the public sport being made at this woman’s expense- in which the woman was allegedly drunk and acting on a dare-and not either homeless or a victim of mental illness, does not really change the fundamental issue here; which is that the woman Mackenzie witnessed was a victim of circumstance- wether that circumstance was due to extreme inebriation, mental illness, or extenuating circumstances forcing her to be living in the streets- she was obviously not fully in charge of her actions, and making sport of her predicament, whatever it’s cause, seems rather shallow, and also a bit cruel.

Also, it is not the claim that Mackenzie was “traumatized” by the incident that I take issue with; though the use of such language to describe her response to this incident seems a bit extreme, and potentially insensitive to those such as refugees and others who experience far worse and far more lasting psychological trauma than this incident is likely to result in for Mackenzie. And, if she was truly actually seriously traumatized by witnessing such an act, then that also perhaps is a measure of how little she has been exposed to, and grasped, the realities of this world we live in and I truly hope, for her sake, that she is never asked to travel on behalf of the charity that she represents, because in the extremely impoverished places of the world where such charity is needful the act Mackenzie found so profoundly traumatizing to witness is simply a part of everyday life for many, many people. And that simple fact; that there is such economic disparity in this world as to make such living situations commonplace for millions of people- should be what is really traumatizing- to all of us. And the proper response to that is to to speak up, and DO something about it! Not to belittle the plight of millions of impoverished human beings by making laughing sport of their everyday reality in the guise of making fun of a drunk. Or a homeless person. Or a sufferer of mental illness. It doesn’t really matter why the woman Mackenzie witnessed acted as she did- it’s the publicly posted response that is the issue- a response that seems rather shallow and insensitive coming from someone who lately is trying to convince me that she is a spokesperson for the impoverished, downtrodden children in this world, many of whom have no where else to shit but in the streets.

So for me it’s not so much about the actual matter under discussion, or what the woman’s actual circumstances were- the new “explanation” does not change, or justify, the juvenile way that the matter was handled in that vid. Two privileged women were making sport of a woman who in any case you care to present is still a victim of circumstance. Using that for sport is never a good look

So for me it’s the fact that seemingly neither of them could foresee that this post was in poor taste, and what that, and the content of the post itself, says about their view of the world and their place in it, that is the real issue here.

As to why Sam continues to like tweets of hers? Maybe it’s a nudge in the right direction thing. He likes the solid, professional stuff. Tony awards, charity posts. He is giving a signal boost to the professional adult content only, and giving a miss to everything else. It’s a courtesy, and also perhaps some subtle advice, to a younger actor still trying to find her “voice” on SM.

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(1/3) imagine yoonseok have angry sex nbd and yoongi thinks hoseok's gone so he fumbles around and grabs his ring and he just... clutches it in his hand as he cries and apologizes to no one in particular over and over again because he misses hoseok so much and he regrets everything but he doesn't know what to do or how to make things right and it's tearing him apart bc now he has namjoon again but he isn't happy like he thought he'd be. he feels incomplete and miserable and so fucking sad and

(2/3) he doesn’t know what to do because he’s an idiot and emotionally constipated. anyways he’s crying and kissing the gem on his ring and hoseok’s just in the bathroom like “what the FUCK?” because he just had to fucking pee he wasn’t expecting to see/hear yoongi break down and that’s not fucking fair he doesn’t deserve that yoongi doesn’t have the right to make him feel emotions when he’s never even tried to make things right between them no matter how much hoseok has prayed/hoped all along
(3/3) he misses yoongi every single day and it’s driving him nuts as well but he doesn’t want to go back. he’s terrified. he’s never loved someone this much and he’s scared he’s going to feel like he’ll never measure up to namjoon and even now, even after everything, his heart still breaks when he thinks about it. he wants so bad to go back to yoongi and tell him it’s okay, they can work things out, but he’s so scared he just opens a portal to his own place and cries himself to sleep i’m broken


OK BUT HOW DARE YOU???????? UGHHHHHHH all these scenarios you guys send me always breaks me shdbsbdsd but im honestly so glad cause this is what i think about too. Yoongi really fucking loved Hoseok but he didn’t know what to do about how he felt about Namjoon. There was just so much regret so much what ifs so much left unsaid that Yoongi never felt like he was truly whole after that traumatic fiasco. Now that Namjoon’s back he’s even MORE constipated he doesnt know what to do with all the possibilities presented to him now and it takes an even bigger toll on his relationship with Hoseok because he misses him so fucking much but namjoon’s also right there. AND UGHHHHHHH hbddbd while i have a different scenario planned for the hate sex, this totally could legitimately happen because everything you said about both their feelings are pretty spot on!

Ty so much for taking your time to write this omg im glad we could be so emo together rip both of us

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see roaches are terrible but they're normal. plenty of people get roach infestations. that doesn't make it pleasant, but it's easy to fix and then you move on. but the phycological trauma of finding a person in your attic?? even if they were nice, that would be terrifying! roaches are gross but i'd take that over finding a stranger in my attic any day

i have anxiety when i think someone looks at me weird i truly cannot imagine how traumatic it would be to find a person living in my house

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Apparently, there are people bitching at Ariana for canceling the rest of her tour and blaming her for the attacks. Nevermind the fact that she's allegedly been hospitalized due to being in hysterics for about 15 hours. Nevermind the fact that she herself is feeling guilty about all of this and has apparently talked about ending her career. Nevermind the fact that her teams's been helping with relief efforts.

WTF??? What the hell is wrong with people? I’m pretty indifferent towards Ariana personally and I know she said some stupid stuff about hating America a few years back and there’s a lot of people who don’t like her but ffs, she’s just been through a truly traumatic experience. I’d like to see any of these people just pick right back up and perform after nearly dying and seeing many of their fans die. When did we forget that celebrities are still human beings?

Rereading Chamber of Secrets

Rereading Chamber of Secrets and for the first time realising that Hagrid, rushing into Dumbledore’s office to defend Harry, not listening when Dumbledore tries to calm him, is reliving his own past. How have I not thought about this before?? What is happening to Harry is exactly what happened to him when he was thirteen, and he is not about to let another innocent person go down wronged.

Also thinking about how truly traumatic the events of the second book really are for Ginny. It is mentioned in the other books; Ginny wants Harry to throw the Halfblood Prince’s book away and strongly feels that he shouldn’t trust it, she is angry when Harry forgets that she too knows what it’s like to have Voldemort’s voice in her head. As far on as Cursed Child she refuses to transform into Voldemort because she feels she can’t have that voice in her head again. I feel like this is a trauma the fandom (myself included) often overlooks as it happens so early in the books. But feeling guilty for all the petrifications of her schoolmates, losing her memory and control over what she does, must’ve felt horrible. It is mentioned by Riddle in the chamber that she “struggled and cried on the way down to the chamber” but couldn’t fight it. That that trauma lasts until she’s grown up doesn’t surprise me at all.

Uhhh okay this is probably going to be long. And sad, I guess. I took a photo because I’m on mobile and I can’t hashtag it if I replied on mobile.

Anyway, the only thing I can remember that truly traumatized me the worst (especially for me to remember it even now) I think it was about six or seven years ago. I was a second year in college and was taking an old school photography class. I’m talking about old cameras, none of that digital stuff. We’d have to develop our own photos in the darkroom.

There was this room where no light is allowed in at all and you literally cannot even see your own hands, because it’s that dark. You’d have to be able to rely on your sense of touch.

Anyway, being HOH, I am.. Terrified of the dark. Terrified. It may seem childish or stupid because “there’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just darkness.” I’m terrified due to the fact I have no sense of direction when it comes to sound. I’ll hear things but where is it coming from? Am I walking towards it or away from it? Then I tend to scare myself even worse because of that.

We had weekly projects and one time we had this one project where we had to talk about our fears and put it in a photo. I did that. I got a great grade, from what I remember. About a week later, I had to stay after class with a couple other students to finish another project. The instructor told us she had to leave due to personal reasons and I didn’t know that. I think she forgot I was there because she said it out loud apparently when my back was turned. We’re allowed to use the darkroom even if you don’t have class atm as long as you clean up and lock up.

Okay well, I was developing my photos, I had one last photo to develop so I had to go into the dark room. I’m already scared enough, and to make things worse, as I opened the door, I was shoved inside, and the door slammed behind me. Someone or maybe a group of people was banging on the walls and I was banging back, trying to open the door. I remember screaming my ass off to open the door.

I should probably state that cellphones are not allowed in dark rooms. They mess up the developing process. So my phone was in my backpack in the classroom.

I remember crying too. When the banging stopped, I thought they gave up. So I found my way to the door, only to find myself locked in. I started banging even harder, hoping for someone to open the fucking door and let me the fuck out but nobody ever did. I stopped banging and screaming after a while I don’t know if it was minutes or an hour. I have no idea. I ended up curling into a ball weeping. I was stuck.

Then suddenly, the door opened. It was another instructor who was about to start her class, she heard me crying and asked me what happened, why was the door barricaded. They locked me in with a lot of stuff so I couldn’t get out. I didn’t say anything. I just ran out crying and grabbed my shit and went home. Later, I found a note in my backpack that said, “Stay in Special Ed, dumbass.”

I skipped the next few classes after that. My instructor was worried, she sent me an email and told me the other instructor that let me out, told her what happened. I went back to class, and it was like nothing ever happened. No one made eye contact with me, just like normal. Everyone keeps to themselves in that class. None of us talk to each other. At least, I’ve never seen anyone talk to each other. But it was awkward for me. I ended up running out after thirty minutes. I emailed my instructor and told her I wanted to drop the class. She begged me not to, and instead, arranged for me to have private lessons with her and develop my photos with just her and nobody else.

I never told anybody about it.

I still don’t know who did it, but it still scares the hell out of me knowing there are people like that.

I’m still terrified of the dark, if not more since.

But I think that’s that moment that changed me the most. I know not everyone is an ableist but I’ll probably always have my guard up around hearing people because of that. It fucked me up for a really long time. I don’t hate hearing people, just the assholes.

I think this is why whenever I see someone wearing HAs or CIs or even BAHA, I go up and introduce myself just so they know they’re not alone. But I’m not as nice as I used to be towards people.

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Hi, I'm feeling a bit sad right now. But I did think of an idea, maybe you could write something about some of the characters of Fates (extra brownie points if you include Suzukaze) comforting Kamui after losing her mother? I dunno, I just thought of it after thinking of my own mother.

Feel better soon, please! If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, come talk to me! just send in a message or a fanmail - I’ll always be here.

I’ll let Unny do some of the Nohrians. :)



He sits by you on your bed. He’s not too close - nor too far away. He had taken off most of his armor, only in his casual Yukata. Ryouma takes your hand gently in his. Seeing you not pull away, he moves closer, letting you rest your head on his shoulder.

“It’s okay to cry.”

He murmurs softly, stroking your back. He hugs you tightly, waiting for you to calm down. There was also pain in his heart from losing Mikoto, but he knew it affected you more. Ryouma was unsure how to comfort you as an older sibling, but he was determined to make you feel better by morning.


She was initially shocked to see you looking so weak. She was afraid that Mikoto’s death had truly broken the strong and courageous younger sibling she knew. She shakily hugged you, being traumatized at the news of Mikoto’s death as well. You feel her tremble with rage as well as sadness.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

She says. Hinoka has her arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders. You felt safe in her embrace.


He wants to be alone. He sits in silence in front of Mikoto’s grave. Takumi hears your footsteps, but doesn’t bother to snap at you. He’s too occupied with being sad. You sit besides him. Silence overtakes the both of you, before you feel something reaching for your hand. A light smile tugged at the corners of your lips, as you held onto his hand tightly.

“I couldn’t protect her.”

Takumi whispered, his tone cracked and broken. He clutched his scarf tightly, it was the only thing left of his mother. You both sat in reticence - perhaps Takumi finally accepted you as a sibling.


She sobs into your chest, clutching your cape. You hold onto her shaking shoulders, comforting your younger sister. Her silent sniffles send sorrow through your chest. Your heart hurts, but Sakura’s presence makes it better somehow.

“I miss her.”

She cries. You quickly kiss her forehead. A child as young as her shouldn’t be plunged into such a dark event.


He knew you as someone strong. As someone who defied their own father and risked their life to save him. Seeing you in such a pitiful state hurt him. He didn’t know what to say - he didn’t even know how to react. Losing a mother is truly traumatizing. 

“Please feel better.”

He says, finally finding courage to pull you into his arms. The feeling of you shaking and so broken makes him feel guilty. He had a chance to protect you and your mother - but he couldn’t.


He holds his head in shame. He had failed his best friend. He sits across from you, eyeing your untouched cup of tea. Cyrus feels as if it was his own fault he couldn’t protect you and who you cared for. He wanted to be there for you. To make up for the time he had lost to be with you.

Why couldn’t he comfort you in your time of need? Your sniffles echo in his mind. He stands abruptly, causing you to look up at him. Cyrus grabs you and presses you against his chest. He says nothing while holding you close. You couldn’t say anything between your choked sobs. You’re glad to have him around.