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Field Notes: Week 1

Inmate: Min Yoongi

He shows understanding and nature to continue behavior. It is unsettling to know that he continues to emphasize the government and their interest in his abilities. Further questioning has helped me realize that his wish to expose the confidential documents could be something of a Robin Hood persona. He seems to believe that by revealing this, that he is helping the citizens and does not care that he is breaking the law.

You took a large breath and looked over your daily notes. Each hour session with Yoongi had ended the same way, with him sitting back on the couch and closing his eyes. You would tell him about some part of his past and he would completely clam up. There was a part of you that thought about how undermining him might work, but now you were becoming discouraged. Usually within a week, there was noticeable difference. There was remorse, there was some form of desire to change, but for Yoongi there was nothing. You scrolled through your phone and came up on the name you hated. But you found yourself pressing the button.

A few rings passed and then suddenly a voice rang through the other line. Y/N? What is it that you need? You rolled your eyes.

Mother. You know most children call their parents when they just wish to speak, I don’t always need something from you. You responded rather coldly, but it didn’t throw your mother off.

You’re not like most children, just like I am not like most parents. So what do you need? She asked and you squeezed your phone in frustration.

I have a patient that is rather difficult. Would you mind if I look into your logs to see how you handle patients with Robin Hood-like personalities? You asked in your most medical and professional voice. You heard a silence from your mother, than a simple.

Fine. You know the passwords. And a click of the phone being hung up. You sighed. Your mother was both the bane of your existence and the person that truly shaped you. Logging into her account, you searched the necessary routes. However, something caught your eye.

That can’t be right. You opened the file and everything in your mind went completely blank. Reading document after document, you found yourself at a loss for words. Printing out the file and making a cup of tea, you tried to comprehend everything that was in front of you.

Monday rolled around faster than usual. The weekend seemed too short and your second week in the house was more comfortable. The policemen were friendlier, the procedures of metal detectors and scans were manageable, and your schedule of meeting with the guys was down pat. However, you were met off the bat with an obstacle.

Y/N? Everyone was used to calling you by your first name, and you recognized Jimin’s voice.

Yea? Where’s Yoongi? He’s first for sessions today. You said as you looked at your planner. But Jimin continued to stand there until you looked up. When you did, you saw a bruise on the side of his face. What the hell? What happened? It wasn’t one of the guards? You had become rather protective of the guys within the week, but each other policemen had beef with one of the inmates. Jimin shook his head.

I tried to wake up Yoongi. Jimin replied and scratched the back of his neck. You rolled your eyes and gave Jimin an apologetic gaze.

I’m sorry he did that. Why don’t you start the sessions today and Yoongi can go last? You asked Jimin and got a small smile out of the younger inmate. Jimin had been making amazing strides in the week. You were able to pinpoint his anger and triggered behaviors which helped him in avoiding those circumstances. Going through the sessions, you spent most of the day speaking to the guys calmly, however halfway through Tae’s hour, a slam on the door and ruckus could be heard on the opposite side of the door.

My session was skipped, assholes. Let me go! You heard Yoongi scream as the click of metal cuffs could be heard. You sprang up from your seat and walked to the door, opening to find three officers holding Yoongi down on the floor. Yoongi looked up at you from his forced position. WHAT THE HELL, Y/N?!

Hey, don’t speak to her that way! The policeman, Thomas, who usually guarded your office said before raising his hand at Yoongi.

STOP THAT! You shrieked. Thomas stopped his motion and both him and Yoongi looked at you. You glared at both of them. I will not condone that type of behavior. That is fear mongering and it does not work. Thomas, change posts for the day. You looked at Yoongi. Now for you, you beat Jimin for the sole purpose of not wanting to wake up. I don’t condone that behavior either, so you will wait like a child until the last session for today. Uncuff him and allow him to sit right here. You pointed to the chair that sat next to the door of your office. You know you’re a grown man, right? You turned on your heels before Yoongi could respond and closed the office door. Tae clapped his hands as you made your way back to your seat.

Well done, Y/N, well done. He mockingly knelt and praised you. Rolling your eyes, you pursed your lips.

I would not mock my psychiatrist, Taehyung. You tsked and Tae smiled widely.

So where were we? He asked and the two of you continued your session.

Soon it was the last session and Yoongi walked into the room, still rubbing his wrists, you gave him a look of concern.

They didn’t hurt you too much right? You asked and he scoffed at you.

Why the fuck would you care? He spat and you sat back in your seat.

Ah, so playing the tough guy. Fine. You diverted your gaze to the notepad and began writing senseless words. Yoongi sat on the couch and craned his neck.

You sure do have a lot to write about a simple question. He mentioned and you looked up. The plan was working.

You care way too much what people think about you. You stated and he rolled his eyes. His aloof expression would tell people otherwise, but you saw right through him. Can I tell you a story? You asked and Yoongi shrugged his shoulders in disinterest, but from the red color of his ears, you knew you had his attention.

My mother is an amazing psychiatrist, one of the best in the world. She has been published a million times, literally. And I, as her daughter, am always compared. My mother used me for studies like a lab rat. She studied my ability to comprehend emotion, understand the human mind, even blindfolded me and set me off in a maze like a legitimate lab animal. You began telling Yoongi your life’s story and watched him slowly turn towards you. I hated every second of my childhood because I could never live up to the expectations of others and I became engrossed in making others happy. My father wasn’t in the picture, so I leaned on my mother to nurture me, but she isn’t like that. Now you might scoff at me and say that I fed right into her plan because look at me. I’m a psychiatrist. I study the human mind and try to comprehend a way to make it mend with society. I’m doing exactly what she wanted of me. But I didn’t become a psychiatrist because she wanted me to, I became a psychiatrist because it was all I ever knew. And then you say a dawn of realization on Yoongi’s face. My mother works for the government and because of that, I have connections to certain databases. Your father is a top government official. Why don’t we talk about that?

here’s 2016! my favorite year so far, art-wise! i was surprised that there were a lot of favorites to pick from for each month this year.. it felt nice to be happy with my art, finally!! 

2016 gave me a lot of artistic endeavors that i was so lucky to be able to experience. i’ve explored, learned, and achieved so much. i burned out a bit during oct~dec since it’s been a very VERY busy year, almost to the point that it’s overwhelming but it was fun so i don’t mind!! i’m so thankful for all the work and the projects i got to partake in this year… it was all my first time to do such things and it was so amazing!! being given the opportunity to work with so many great artists and befriend some them has made it even more enjoyable. i thank all my followers too, old and new, for your continuous support ♡ ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ ♡

thank you for such a splendid art year!!! i look forward to spending 2017 with you all!

by Morgan D. (morgandeeyue)

Shadowhuners ficlet. Un-betaed.
This can be read as either romantic Jalec or platonic Jace&Alec. Pre-series.

Alec Lightood is not a light sleeper.

He’s not a particularly heavy sleeper either, but he’s being trained to fight demonic creatures as a Shadowhunter, and more importantly, as the oldest Lightwood child, he’s expected to command the New York Institute someday.

According to those parameters, Alec sleeps like a truly heavy log, probably from an ancient giant sequoia.

It’s what his mother’s disappointed look seems to imply whenever she has to rest her hand on his shoulder and softly call his name to rouse him. What if I had been the enemy instead? You should have been able to perceive my approach much sooner, preferably before I even entered the room. She doesn’t have to say those things aloud anymore. He knows.

Alec wonders if the fact that she no longer bothers to scold him for it means she already sees him as a hopeless cause. He fervently hopes that’s not the case. There is still time for him to improve, isn’t there?

Not much time. He’s already thirteen years old. But maybe… just enough time?

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im ending this discourse right now bc harry and louis have a farm w/dogs and cats and cows and pigs and goats and chickens and horses and sheep and u literally can’t prove otherwise so there u go they’re animal ppl </discourse>

Partners in Crime pt. 14 (Final)

Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 2,083 words

  Wow, I can’t believe this is actually the last part : (  I always pictured writing a follow up series about their daughter, but obviously I left the blog so that won’t be happening. We can always imagine it though : ) Thank you all for being incredibly patient and staying with me, I know it has not been easy but I’m glad that we embarked on this journey together. I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and just know that I’m ALWAYS available on my main account. You can also always ask for me on EXOBTS. I honestly have hard feelings about leaving, I didn’t want to but I wanted to at the same time. It’s one of those situations where the hardest decisions are truly the best for you, and I believe that was this case. I unfortunately grew to hate writing and ultimately fell out of love with EXO and BTS - To be honest, I still don’t stan them all this much to this day : ( I guess writing twice a day, 6 times a week wasn’t for me, over time it really catches up to you and I hope you guys can understand that I simply needed a permanent break. Something that will however, never change, is my love for you guys and our relationship. I really, truly, will miss our little warriors!! you guys truly made logging on everyday worth it, and I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you will all remember Audrey and I because we truly tried our best for you, I really hope that you understand that I honestly did everything that I could until I couldn’t anymore. I’m sure the new admins will be great! Lots of Love < 3

P.S. I will stick around for a few more days before I really get cut off from the blog to answer some asks and things about PIC : ) 

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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8][Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13]     

You didn’t open your eyes when you first woke up.

  You could feel the throbbing deep inside your skull, the sandpaper taste of your dry mouth, the sore flashes of pain coming from your shoulder. Your fingers could feel the smoothness of the sheets your body was enveloped in, but when you attempted to flinch and crack them, they resisted your touch. You wanted to move your body in any which way, however it seemed impossible. Your limbs felt like they were going through thick honey and your flesh weighed tons which resulted in you to finally give up on attempting to move, your chest heaving due to your weak conditions.

  All the effort that you put forth in order to move suddenly made your body realize how exhausted it had become. Your brain was shot and it couldn’t remember much of anything, all you saw was darkness so you merely rested your head back once more and drifted off to sleep.

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“Sorry, Dear Oslo” - Ylvis and Calle apologize on behalf of Bergen football fans who became disruptive after their team lost the final

“Only Ylvis can make dropping a log truly beautiful" - found in the comment section of the video