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I know it’s selfish to expect ones house to not have any evil characters, and I do like that not every villain in the series is from Slytherin, but I hate the fact that Quirrell was in Ravenclaw. He was foolish to seek out Voldemort and beyond stupid to willingly let himself be possessed. Plus, if he was truly intelligent, he should have known all along that he was disposable to Voldemort.

What every MBTI type wants most from others

ESTJ- Respect.
“You’re hard work and dedication is admired by us all, and you have earned our respect. How would you like to lead this project?”

ENTJ- Submission (in a good way.)
“I have complete trust that you are doing what is best for us, the decision is in you hands and I’ll follow your lead.”

ESTP- Admiration
“That was really cool what you did back there! I’m very impressed with you and all the rad stuff you do!”

“That’s incredible… how did you pull that off? Your mind never ceases to amaze me, you are truly very intelligent and marvelous.”

ESFJ- To be liked
“You’re always so nice to everybody! You really bring all of us together! Everything just feels so much happier and more harmonious with you around!”

ENFJ- Love
“I love you (ENFJ) you’re really important to me, you’re companionship means a lot to me, thank you for always being so giving and thoughtful.”

ESFP- Applause
“*Crowd goes wild*!!!!”

ENFP- Acceptance
“You are an inspiration to me. You brighten everyone’s day; Keep being the unique and special person you really are.”

ISTJ- Trust
“Your work ethic and consistency says volumes about your character. I know that i can trust you with even the toughest and most important tasks going forward.”

INTJ- Peer-review
“I learn so much from you with every passing conversation, you are free to pick my thoughts any day, as well, if I learn anything new, you’ll be the first to know!”

ISTP- Confidence
“You got this, you’ve proven your ability to thrive on your own, and we’re always impressed with the results you deliver.”

INTP- Autonomy

“Have as much freedom as you need. Your worth is based off of your own merits and no one can take that away. You mind is unique, beautiful and deserves space to breathe.

ISFJ- Thanks
“You are always so kind, patient and giving to everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Not a single good work goes unnoticed.”

INFJ- Understanding
“You are a special snowflake of wonder, and are truly real in a rare way. The same understanding you give everyone should be given to you as well. I will do my very best to understand you” 

ISFP- Acknowledgement
“These artistic expressions are wonderful! You make this world more beautiful. The world would be a cold colorless place without you.” 

INFP- Sincere Validation
“You’re emotions are real and they matter. Your values, ideals and expressions matter. What you do and what you are matters. Very very much.”


Gramander and the Niffler Prompt

I really love the Niffler. He/She is so cute!! We can see that the Niffler is intelligent and truly understand human language. So imagine Graves and the Niffler. Their strange friendship began with the Niffler often stole Graves’ pocket watch (or something shiny and important to Grave). It made Graves annoyed and upseted at a first few time but after that he just accepted it and end up had a soft spot for the Niffler. 

One day something happened (maybe a crime case or something?) and there the Niffler hided in Graves’ coat. The two looked in each other eyes and Graves said “Go get that thing for me and I’ll reward you with my old shiny high valued cufflink”

To Newt’s surprise the Niffler really did what Graves said which in his case it’ve never happened before. After that the Niffler was very happy with its new cufflink. Percival tried to act cool but Newt could see that his lover was smiling smugly.

“He/She is truly the Papa child” said Newt and then laughed happily when he saw Graves openly proudly smiled at the Niffler in his hand.

I’m just being sappy lol but

I am completely grateful for the character Bonnie Bennett, who showed me that I can be tough, put myself first, fight for what’s important, and allow myself to be soft and feel what I feel. Like her, I have a deep strength that I haven’t even unlocked yet and I know I can if she could.

I’m thankful for the bamon fans on here as well who were always kind to me and encouraging. I was going through a lot when I began making fan art and you guys made me believe in myself. I would’ve quit art even though I love art, so thank you for helping me find that confidence.

I’ve really enjoyed all of the fan art, fanfiction and anything else you created, guys are truly talented and intelligent. The amount of think-pieces I’ve read about the mistreatment of Bonnie are on point. We may not matter to Julie, but we do matter.

the AI debate hinges on some people assuming that self-improvement is necessary to make something truly intelligent.

I think that if you design an AI capable of designing AI better than you yourself can design, you have already designed a very good AI, thus self-improvement is not relevant to the debate.

also I’m starting to doubt we will have accurate brain simulations of nematode worms before 2050.

We got a load of the lovely Sardonyx tonight, and even though the goal of the episode was to learn about Smoky Quartz, we ended up learning a lot about Sardonyx in the end.

We have the things we already know about her:

The proper words used to describe yours truly are: Specific! Intelligent! Accurate! Faultless!Elegant. Controlled! Surgical! Graceful! And… POWERFUL!

But… shes always on display. Always. Every moment she exists as herself, she’s performing. 

And sure, it’s fun. it’s a LOT of fun. Who wouldn’t enjoy showing off when you have all that to work with? Pearl is reveling in her new found confidence and Garnet certainly seems like she’s enjoying the ride right along with her. 

But she has no idea how to turn it off. 

And when you think about it, it’s kind of jarring. Even Smoky seems to have more awareness of the situation than she does. 

Sardonyx: Don’t worry about Jorge. It’s just you and me.

Smoky: No duh. 

Smokey is a little thrown by the situation, but they play along anyway. And as soon as she starts to realize what’s going on…

They want to impress us. They were planning this all morning- we hijacked their show. I was excited…

She thought she was doing this for Smokey, but in the end she was making it all about her.


She realizes she’s being selfish and falls apart.

Sardonyx doesn’t know how to exist when she isn’t putting on a show. She feels the need to be perfect all the time. When Sardonyx isn’t the perfect center of attention with everything going according to her plan, her components can’t see eye to eye well enough to function as a whole.  

They bring out the confidence in each other when things are going well, but they also multiply their insecurities when they aren’t. Even worse: Sardonyx is selfish. Not in the obvious way, and not intentionally, but in a way that’s subtle until it’s too late and the damage is done. 

She’s a mix of all the problems that come with being a perfectionist but don’t always see when you just look at the surface. That’s not to say she isn’t a good fusion, but she has some things to work through. And she is definitely a very interesting and entertaining character.

Now go back and watch Cry for Help. It’ll definitely put an interesting perspective on things.

The signs as quotes from my mother
  • Aries: "When I watch the real house wives I realize that there are truly bad people in this world"
  • Taurus: "Always, always remember...white men are the problem"
  • Gemini: "You're truly beautiful and an intelligent girl...just like your mother"
  • Cancer: [after coming out to her] "Ok. Can you pass me the hotsauce?"
  • Leo: "I think my best features are me beauty, compassion, brain, sense of humor and modesty"
  • Virgo: [referring to our neighbor] "He coughs so much because he's angry and has the devil inside him"
  • Libra: "I wonder if I should tell that man that his tattoo actually says sushi...nah."
  • Scorpio: "You're not really my child I found you under a bridge"
  • Sagittarius: "This pasta isn't straight, just like you"
  • Capricorn: "All gay guys are fashionable because legally blonde never lies"
  • Aquarius: "Everyone in this school is so attractive. How did you get in?"
  • Pisces: "I like these heels because they're sharp enough to stab my enemies"
Theory/Observation/Headcanon Time, Portal 2 Edition

Recently I was replaying Portal 2 and during my playthrough I came up with a Theory concerning Wheatley and his origins/purpose (and there’s a bit of a Theory/Headcanon about Rick the Adventure Core too.) I’m going to make this a “Read More” because it’s really long.

I found myself asking how he could actually be the “intelligence dampening sphere”. First of all the name is quite different from the titles given to all the other personality cores as far as I’m aware. Second of all, if Wheatley truly was the “intelligence dampening sphere” why in the world would he be programmed to learn from mistakes and doubt his ideas? When Wheatley is trying to turn off/break the neurotoxin emitter/maker he starts listing things that aren’t in the room he’s in, but he stops himself saying something along the lines of “If I focus on what’s not here I could be here all day. So I’ll focus on things that are here.” Later in the game when Wheatley turns off an Excursion Funnel so a stray room doesn’t crash into the player, he gets upset and says that wasn’t a good idea. So clearly he can realize when some things are bad ideas.

Would it not be more damaging to Glados if the so called “intelligence dampening sphere” didn’t learn from his mistakes? Wouldn’t it slow Glados down more if Wheatley didn’t have the ability realize that what he was doing was a bad idea? I mean just look at the other cores. Fact Core never pauses and says “I’m not sure that Fact is correct though”. So why would the “intelligence dampening sphere”?

My personal Theory/Headcanon is that Wheatley was made to replace Glados.

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