truly i hate you

supergirl sentence meme: episode 4-6

  • you’re safe here. 
  • saving the world means everybody. 
  • you promised me that you were gonna be here. 
  • i’m just- i’m freaking out. 
  • she was mad at me for you not dating enough. 
  • chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. 
  • you always looked great in blue. 
  • i mean, she does kind of give off a sapphic vibe.
  • we can watch orphan bIack after. 
  • you’re always warning me about something. that’s our dynamic. 
  • if i could legally adopt her, i would. 
  • people don’t want your brand of negativity anymore. they want optimism, hope, positivity. 
  • if the weather’s getting you down, don’t worry. it never lasts. 
  • she has always come down hard on me for not protecting you. 
  • i truly hate hospitals. 
  • how much longer until it’s appropriate for us to leave? 
  • you and i both know that you’re tougher than a bolt of lightning. 
  • i don’t understand how you could allow this. 
  • she’s going to do things that you don’t like. 
  • you know better. you should have stopped her. 
  • the stars aren’t going anywhere. 
  • you lied to me for years.
  •  she risks her life to protect other people, and she’s a hero. and yet, i do the same, and i’m in trouble? 
  • you were always so much harder on her than me. 
  • and you and i– we’re gonna have words. 
  • i’ve transcended. do you really care how or why? 
  • i didn’t get where i am by running and hiding from a fight. 
  • sounds like you’ve got your hands full here. 
  • you’re useless. 
  • everything i am, everything i have, is because of her constant pushing. 
  • you always make the hard choice. you look to help others before yourself. 
  • i wanted you to be better than me. 
  • i can draw her out, but then we’ll have to work together. 
  • cool, it’s like ghostbusters. 
  • i really wanted one of you to watch the other one die. 
  • congratulations, you have the wit of a youtube comment.
  • i wonder if i have enough power to stop your heart. 
  • the world is full of so much noise and snark - much of it, we generate. 
  • there’s a lot i don’t know about you. and that should probably change. 
  • who cares what that guy says? 
  • she’s taking on way too much, way too fast. 
  • people who click don’t spy on each other! 
  • if someone’s targeting one of my assets, i want to know who it is. 
  • please don’t yell at me, this isn’t my job. 
  • i didn’t know that she could smile if it wasn’t based on cruelty to others. 
  • i didn’t tell you about it because i knew you would have this reaction. 
  • get me a salad for lunch. i don’t care what kind as long as it has a cheeseburger on top. 
  • she is living down to my expectations by prioritising her career over my own. 
  • you know how sometimes people just want to help other people? 
  • so, you think that if you do me this favour, i will owe you something. 
  • that sounds like a woman who knows what she wants. 
  • okay. that is cool. 
  • she’s gorgeous, she’s smart, she smells nice– hell. even i want to date her. 
  • well, was she out saving the world? 
  • my mom says it’s okay to be a nerd. she says if you can face your fears and come out of your shell, then nerds can win in the end. 
  • i prefer not to rely on the government to solve my problems. 
  • i’m trying to change the world. so anyone invested in maintaining the status quo would be interested in targeting me. 
  • and here, i thought we had something special. 
  • i believe there’s no higher calling than helping others. 
  • the world needs a new kind of hero. 
  • i’ve never met anyone worth trusting. 
  • that is a very lonely way to live. 
  • you are staying home. 
  • i don’t know what i would do without you. 
  • you do not seem like the kind of person who gets frazzled.
  • just because i look a certain way on the outside, everyone assumes it matches the way i feel on the inside. 
  • i don’t put much faith in the government’s idea of protection. 
  • what happened to you was a tragedy. i’m trying to prevent another one. 
  • be honest, your heart was never really in it. 
  • i’m starting to think you have a thing for me.
  • i want to help you. i understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed, but you are not alone. i can help you. 
  • please, do not kill all of those people. 
  • we had an epic nerf gun battle. 
  • you have just stumbled upon the most annoying question of the century and you are so young that you do not even realise it. 
  • far too many women burn out trying to do too much before they’re ready. 
  • you can have it all, just not at once and not right away. and not with that hair. use conditioner, for god’s sake. 
  • in the end, you can’t control people. 
  • easy peasy fresh and squeezy. 
  • i suspect that whoever is responsible for these attacks might be curious about you.
  • the fun is just beginning.
  • you cut me off, dude! 
  • watch where you’re going next time! 
  • you cannot lose control like that! 
  • those idiots nearly killed people, and you’re getting mad at me
  • that’s the thing. i am not mad, i am controlling my anger. i suggest you get into the habit. 
  • i’m just glad these two men were only in the hospital, and not in the morgue.
  • call me old-fashioned, but i still prefer male doctors. 
  • i need to find out what really happened to him. you’re the only one who can help us. 
  • we have an executive order forcing you to comply. 
  • game night is the last shred of normalcy that remains in our lives. 
  • maybe the roar of the ocean will drown out the sound of her voice. or maybe it will just drown her. or me. 
  • don’t you think you’ve made enough of a fool of yourself over him for one day?
  • everyone’s noticed how you throw yourself at him. 
  • you should try being a little bit more professional. 
  • it helps when you really know your partner. 
  • it’s like when you see a movie star in person and you’re like ‘is that it?' 
  • i don’t say this often, but i am craving a good fight right now.
  • i’ve invested too much time and effort into this. 
  • i’ve been screaming your name over and over for the past minute and a half. ninety seconds, i have been boiling alive in my office. ninety seconds, each of which, if amortised to reflect my earnings, is worth more than your yearly salary. 
  • don’t talk to me like that! please! i work so hard for you! i don’t ask questions, i don’t complain, and all you do is yell at me and tell me i’m not good enough! and it’s mean! why are you so mean?! 
  • i didn’t mean that. i don’t know what happened. i just snapped. 
  • chop chop.
  • hope no one’s trying to kill me this time. 
  • i’m not the bad guy. 
  • it’s gone rogue, and i need your help to find it. 
  • if you want to prove to me that you’re not the bad guy, then help me find the real one. 
  • 'never trust a man who doesn’t drink, because he’s probably a self-righteous sort– a man who thinks he knows right from wrong all the time.' 
  • play nice. 
  • you’re not good enough for her. 
  • you ally yourself with people you think are special. but that doesn’t make you special. and i think you know that. 
  • here’s the thing: everybody gets angry. there is no pill that will eradicate this particular emotion. i know this because if there were such a pill, i would be popping those babies like pez. 
  • you apologise too much, which is a separate, although not unrelated, problem.
  • whatever you do, you cannot get angry at work. especially when you’re a girl. 
  • he picked up a chair and he threw it out of the window because somebody missed a deadline. and no, he didn’t open the window first. 
  • that would’ve been professional and cultural suicide.
  • the real key is that you need to figure out what’s really bothering you. 
  • you weren’t really mad at me.
  •  you need to find that anger behind the anger. figure out what’s really making you mad.
  • i’m not gonna let you hurt them!
  • you saved my life. 
  • you let that thing get away- i thought you were on our side. 
  • he used your humanity against you. and now more innocent humans could be in danger. 
  • you seem to only help people if it helps you. 
  • i’ve seen what happens to the selfless. 
  • wow! and i thought rocky balboa practicing on dead cows was cool. 
  • girls are taught to smile and keep it inside. 
  • it’s not like black men are encouraged to be angry in public. 
  • say what you’re mad about and then let the fists fly. 
  • i hate how my emotions get the best of me! 
  • i hate that i’m never gonna have a normal life!
  • i’m realising that being myself doesn’t make me feel more normal. and it never will. 
  • think you can keep your cool this time? 
  • i’m not afraid of my anger anymore. i can use it. channel it to work for me, not against me. 
  • you’ll have to kill me.
  • we are on the same team. 
  • i hope that one day, when you realise what a terrible mistake you’ve made, it won’t be too late.
  • you’re my hero. 
  • you don’t get to talk to her that way. 
  • i understand that you have always been threatened by my success and you try and elevate yourself by denigrating me. 
  • be careful, you might cut yourself. 
  • i’m bleeding.

i wanna talk about andrew hating neil bc too often i see people saying ‘i hate you’ really means 'i love you’
i truly think andrew hates neil
not in the way we probably recognise hate, andrews life hasnt allowed him to experience a positive attachment,, the only good thing he had was Cass and god he had that corrupted and ripped from him hes been deprive of happiness his entire lif, and he has his walls his boundaries, his violence his coldness bc thats how andrew minyard survived and its all he had his Entire Life,,, then here comes Neil Fucking Josten every bit of a lie,,, and decimates every single wall andrew ever made how fucking dare he take away what andrew spent so long making he took away andrews sense of security and he Hates him for it,, he hates that neil changed fucking everything and he hates neil for making him feel god dammit its cass all over again its gonna hurt and hes constantly anticipating losing neil he wont let hinself go through this again,, neil doesnt care,, neil still looks at andrew like he hung every goddamn star and told him every story for every falling twinkle andrew is gonna lose him hes gonna lose him hes gonna lose him because he doesnt deserve this remember last time but now its way past christmas and neils still here dont hope andrew god fucking dammit remember what happened last time Fuck this boy for making him question everything Fuck this boy for making him feel he tried so damn hard to close himself off and Fuck neils gone and it hurts. so. much. its cass its fire in his lungs and hes suffocating he knew it would happen and he hates himself for letting it get this far god hes falling and theres not railing to cling to …
Neil is back in his arms
Neil is broken
Andrew Hates him so much
but that doesnt mean he wouldnt watch the world burn to keep neil safe and protected
it doesnt mean he doesnt love him anyway
but yes he hates this boy, he also loves him but theyre not the same thing theyre not interchangeable
he hates him in addition to everything else and i think thats important in understanding their dynamic

don’t you hate it when your crush’s beautiful brown eyes are shining and his cheekbones and jawline are so sharp that they could cut you in half and he gets that haircut you love so damn much recently and he blushes because he is insecure about his braces being visible when he laughs but you think it’s HELLA cute and ughh. like boy, stop it please.

Love tastes like iced coffee. Love tastes like chocolate and sushi and raspberries and cheese and hot cocoa. Love tastes like lips in the cold air, love tastes like sugar on your tongue, and love tastes like stolen kisses.
Love looks like long drives and clear night skies. Love looks like your head on my chest and love looks like Christmas lights and a single rose. Love looks like your eyes. Love looks like your smile.
Love feels like happiness. Love feels like warm sunshine and cold mountain air and our arms wrapped around each other. Love feels like the way your body fits next to mine, love feels like our fingers intertwined. Love feels like falling asleep in your arms, love feels like a chest full of light and cheeks that hurt from smiling and love feels like the way you look at me when you think I don’t know.
Love sounds like laughter and teasing and “I hate yous” that we will never truly mean. Love sounds like “get home safe”. Love sounds like “I adore you”. Love sounds like loud music and songs you wrote and love sounds like the way you say my name. Love sounds like everything but the word itself because we’re both too scared to say it. Love sounds like a song that’s being sung over and over and over in my head; love, love, love, love.


for isabella1159, from your snowing secret santa! wishing you the best for what’s left of 2015 and the new year! hope you like your gift | a gif au of Snow, Charming, and Emma where they got to raise Emma in our world. (click on the gifs to read the captions) 

It’s ok, I hate me too

Can I just sit here any cry? Is that really so wrong?

Sorry I’ve been in a shitty mood lately and HxH flashbacks are doing me no good. I’m gonna try to draw, but I’ve been nothing but doubtful in my skill so it’s all gonna look like shit. Not like it didn’t already, but non the less, I will still draw despite my self-hate angsty shit mood. I understand that I’m still young but I am just hating everything that my hand puts forth onto either paper or digital canvas because of my high expectations for myself. I’ll try to draw something and then I’ll end up deleting/recycling it because I feel indifferent about it, as though it’s neither good nor bad, just, nothing.

Wow, sorry about that, didn’t mean to interrupt your scrolling. Don’t mind me, continue onto your kitten pictures lol. (then again if you follow me you’ll probably be the kind of person that follows other people that post gay shit, so if that’s the case, then return to your gay ships and pay no mind to this sob story)

I truly hate you Kumbaya folks running your mouth about not be violent and not protesting. This government is literally taking away laws that keep marginalized people safe and creating one that will demonize peaceful protesters and even get them killed. Neo-nazis are rejoicing! White supremacist are vomiting out violent threats! THERE IS NO SINGING AND HOLDING HANDS WITH WHITE SUPREMACY! No sunshine and roses! Shut up and fight back!

Try as I might, I just don’t have any hate in me. I must have been born without it. I’ve been told it’s much better this way. But people look at me like I’ve gone mad when I tell them I’ve forgiven that man or this one. People tell me I’m manipulative for sharing my soul or offering kind words. There must be so few of us feelers that genuine empathy is no longer distinguishable. My tears aren’t made of crocodiles, and if you never know I truly love you whose loss is that really? Hate is heavy. I prefer love and light.
—  k. e.

Everything, is what you mean to me🌍

No word seems big enough to describe how you make me feel or how much I love you.
It is such a unique feeling and a feeling so strong I cant imagine living without you.

I adore you with my entire heart and am so passionate about you. I love everything about you, especially the things you hate I love more.
I can deal with every side of you and I know you better than I know myself. I love you just for you.

I know you prefer to be the little spoon and I know you love falling asleep on my chest, which I do to because I can hold you and I feel like im keeping you safe.
I know just how you like you toast, coffee or tea. I know which type of soup you like. I know what you mean when you use your unique phrases or sayings like A TURN.
Or I know exactly when youve truly HAD ENOUGH
I know how you hate it when I beat you on PlayStation but I know how much you love winding me up when I loose.
I know you like your showers extra hot and I know you have huffy times when youre eyebrows arent on fleek.
I know exactly what you need when you’re ill or what you want after work. I know how to talk to you and reassure you if your feeling negative. I know how to deal with you when you’re in your moods because after all you are human and nobody is happy 24/7 365days a year. I know just what stupid jokes to tell when you need cheering up and I know just how tight to hug you.
I know I cant go a day without you
I know I want to spend my life with you and I know just how much I love you.

The only thing I dont know is what “shan thing” you’re going to say next😉

I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!


On the early morning of October 1, 1997, Luke Woodham smothered his mother with a pillow, then beat her with a baseball bat and stabbed her to death. The 16-year-old then drove his mother’s car to his high school in Pearl, Mississippi and opened fire, murdering two female students, one being his former girlfriend and wounding seven others. Woodham is currently serving life for the three murders and an additional 20 years for each of the people who were injured. 

Just moments before the shooting, he handed writings containing his motive and a will to a friend. It said:

“I killed because people like me are mistreated every day. I did this to show society push us and we will push back. Murder is not weak and slow-witted, murder is gutsy and daring. I suffered all my life. No one ever truly loved me. No one ever truly cared about me. All throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated. Can you, society, truly blame me for what I do? Yes, you will. The ratings wouldn’t be high enough if you didn’t, and it would not make good gossip for all the old ladies. It was not a cry for attention, it was not a cry for help. It was a scream in sheer agony saying that if I can’t pry your eyes open, if I can’t do it through pacifism, if I can’t show you through displaying of intelligence, then I will do it with a bullet.”

What would you do if your son was at home
Crying all alone
On the bedroom floor

Handsome Jack n Angel©Borderlands 2

         Fingers trailed along the velvet covered walls; dark maroon accented with black ornate designs made the dim hallway feel too warm despite the overhead lights gave off an odd cold modernism with paintings of new age abstraction that were jarring against the soft feel. It was tacky, but he continued to trail fingers passively along the fabric as he strolled with mild purpose. Somewhere there was music playing, loud and booming– he could feel it in the walls at each vibration of bass and drum that rumbled. 

        He wasn’t drunk, but the half empty glass in his hand wanted to tell him otherwise, and he continued on with a wavering smile until eyebrows raised at the sudden table that disrupted his path. Hand and arm didn’t stop touching the wall, even as the single vase rested out of place (another piece of modern art that didn’t fit the increasingly dreary hall) crashed to the ground. 


        Dark wood doors in front of him opened without needing to touch the handles and he was greeted by a familiar woman in black behind a desk that continued to look out of place. 

        “And what are you~ doing working on such a fine evening as this, Erica?” Myles called in the sing song voice he knew she liked, posture straightening as he glided across the suddenly bright room. He wasn’t expecting her there, but that wouldn’t stop him. H knew he was getting closer to his objective the cleaner it started to look. “It’s such a warm night, you should be out with that sweet sweet husband of yours~”
        “O-oh! Mister Baida, I— y-you know he’s n-not my–” she scrambled to stand, clearly flustered, checking the clock on the computer screen, wall, watch… she was never very good with time, “you’re not supposed to be–”
        “I know he’s not~ but you make it so easy to tease– and we’ve talked about this, you can call… me…?” Leaning in, he motioned with his hand, urging her to finish the sentence.
        “M-Myless…–” She faltered as she whispered it, opening her mouth to continue on with her worries to which Myles very sharply interrupted her.
        “Yes, and where is he?” Impatience dotted the over politeness he used, but the game with her was dull right now and he was done with it, “I assume in the usual spot? Thank you, Erica, you’ve been an amazing bit of help.”

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Reasons to not be a TERF or radical feminist

•Trans women are women.

•Trans men are men.

•Many many trans women face actually MORE oppression than cis women; for being trans, for being women, and for being “girly men.”

•As a trans man I face the same oppression cis women do, as well as that of trans people and that of being not feminine enough or being manly enough.

•Men are emotionally repressed and have a statistically higher suicide rate than women. Yes this is an actual fact, which leads to my next point.

•Life is not all black and white. issues are more complex than TERFs and most radfems would like them to be.

•TERFs and radfems are very likely going to ignore all my actual points and simply try to say I hate women, which is not true.

•If you truly believe all genders/sexes should be equal than you shouldn’t say any one is evil or worth any less than the other(s)

•Again, men are not evil. If you truly believe all men are evil or ugly or woman hating then you need to reevaluate your life decisions.


•There is scientific proof that transgender people have the same brain chemistry as the sex(gender) they identify as. Trans women think like women. Trans men think like men. Not all trans people have this brain chemistry, but you can’t just ignore those who do. If you do, then you’re not looking at all the facts.

•implying that trans women with male genitalia are just men is reducing people to their genitals, which is gross.

•TERFs and radfems are very likely going to ignore all my actual points and simply try to say I hate women, which is not true. Look at the facts before making an argument.