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Intent and Spell Writing

What is Intent in witchcraft?

Simply put intent is what result you wish to get from your spell or ritual. It is the energy you will be using to get results. Intent is extremely important for any spell. What do you wish to happen when you cast it? Do you wish to improve your studying or do you wish to banish something negative from your life? That is intent. It is the end goal. 

Examples of Intent:

  • Banishment: keeping away negativity and negative energies
  • Beauty: for looking, expressing and feeling lovely and attractive
  • Binding: prevent harm, avoid danger, stop someone from performing a particular act; restriction
  • Business/Career: for success in one’s career, job hunting
  • Calming: relieve stress
  • Catalyst: stimulating a spell
  • Charge: store energy into something
  • Chasity: celibacy, innocence
  • Confidence: courage, self assurance and empowerment
  • Creativity: expression, imagination and improving artistic skills
  • Communication: improving communications and understandings with friends, family, spouses, etc; communicating with other forces
  • Cleanse: removing unclean energies and presences from self, objects or areas
  • Curse: bring negative energy into something or into someone’s life
  • Desire: gaining what one has strong feelings of want for or seeking to be wanted by others
  • Divination: clairvoyance, gaining insight
  • Discourage: prevent something from occurring
  • Dreams: bring dreams, relates to the dream realm
  • Emotional: spells focused on certain emotions
  • Encouragement: supporting and influencing something to happen
  • Exorcism: expelling evil spirits
  • Fertility: for conception
  • Fidelity: loyalty and faithfulness
  • Friendship: bonding and connections
  • Fortune: good luck
  • Forgotten: leave memories behind
  • Frugality: saving money
  • Glamour: illusions and perception
  • Generosity: kindness and good will
  • Happiness: joy and merriment
  • Healing: recovery and repair
  • Inspiration: gaining ideas and drive
  • Invisibility: going unnoticed, stealth
  • Judgment: improving decision making and choices
  • Longevity: increasing length/duration of things
  • Love: Romance
  • Lust: Libido and sex drive
  • Memory: remembrance
  • Motivation: determination
  • Patience: tolerance
  • Peace: tranquility
  • Prosperity: well-being
  • Protection: guarding, safety and warding
  • Psychic: improving any psychic ability or connection
  • Purification: purifying an object or space
  • Guidance: spiritual, mental, supernatural guidance, advice and bonds
  • Severing: cutting ties from others
  • Spirituality: for belief
  • Strength: brawn, endurance; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Truth: honesty with self and others
  • Wealth: increasing money and physical possessions
  • Wisdom: decisions, intelligence, learning
  • Wish: gaining things and desires

I have my intent now what?

Well you have just taken your first step to spell writing. Now that you have your intent, your goal, you can can start researching. What relates and corresponds to your intent and what ingredients do you have available? Some things you could research:

  • Gemstones
  • Herbs and flowers
  • Types of Water (spring, rain, ocean, etc)
  • Colors
  • Candles
  • Oils
  • Incense
  • Animal Symbolism
  • Time of Day
  • Planets and Cosmic Bodies
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Metals
  • Emotional, Psychic and Physical Energies
  • Classic Witches Tools (besom, wands, etc)
  • Divination Tools (pendulums, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, etc)
  • Mythology and Mythical Creatures

Once you have researched and found the ingredients and objects you wish to use, even if you decide to only use your own energy and voice that is fine. You don’t absolutely need to use anything specific. It is your spell and your intent, choose what you feel will work best for you.

How are you going to use these things you have researched and obtained? This will require more research on your part, witchcraft requires a lot of research. Some ideas:

  • Bath mix/salts
  • Tea and infusions (if ingredients are safe to ingest)
  • Gem Elixir (research to ensure your gemstone(s) is safe to use in water or safe methods to make it without submerging the gemstone)
  • Jar or Bottle Spell
  • Sigil Spell
  • Burning
  • Shredding/Cutting
  • Burying
  • Spoken
  • Painted/drawn
  • Crafted or Molded

The possibilities are truly endless. All I can say you have just taken your first steps for writing a spell! Once you have decided your intent and the process you wish to use, it is time to begin trials. Everything takes practice. It may not work at first but that is alright. Take notes and observe results. Just be safe with what you are doing. Happy Spell Writing!

Nurse Andy

Ty was a piece of work. He thought he was king; grabbing the ass of any hot man he felt like grabbing, cat calling as many men as he could. Some straight men tried to fight him, some did. But he could hold his own and protected himself in many of those fights. One day he got the flu and headed to the hospital. The nurse greeted him to step into the examining room and Ty was in heaven. Nurse Andy was tall, personable, glowing, and he had the largest ass he’d ever seen on an in shape dude. “Fuck, you got a fatty!” Ty pinched Andy’s ass and Andy grabbed Ty by the wrist; squeezing it hard. “Follow me to the exam room” Andy said with a bit of disdain.
The appointment took forever (in Andy’s mind) Ty would sneak glances at Andy’s ass whenever he got the chance, his hands were reaching for his ass, cock, and abs whenever he found an opportunity. If Andy ever felt uncomfortable at work, it was now. “How about your number sexy?!” Andy cringed and told Ty he was getting a new one tomorrow… anything to get the creep to head home. Ty was sent with a prescription and a boner as his night was filled with jacking off to the ass of his dreams.

The story doesn’t end there. Ty was a very stubborn horn dog. The next week as he was feeling better Ty returned to that hospital. Andy was standing at the computer and Ty stared hungrily at that ass. It had to have gotten larger since the last time he saw it. “Excuse me… nurse!” Ty grabbed Andy’s ass and Andy jolted back and tensed up. “Sorry, I needed your attention… you see… I think I’m sick…” Ty gave Andy some puppy dog eyes and continued… “I’m lovesick baby…” Ty tried to reach behind Andy for another booty grab but Andy stopped it. He got an idea… “Oh… well… I think I know just the cure… sugar…” Andy guided Ty into another exam room and whispered in his ear, “That number could be all yours after this is over with…” Ty’s boner shot up and he was ecstatic. Andy sat his down and Ty laid on the table. Andy put on some new gloves and asked “Where’s it hurt baby?” Ty pointed to his crotch and Andy began to massage and kneed to problem area as Ty began to moan. “Oh, I’m having a hard time finding the problem… I need to get closer…” Andy jumped on Ty’s stomach and his ass was right in front of Ty’s face as he began to gently “examine” Ty’s cock through the man’s sweats. “Looks like this is gonna require surgery…” Andy coyly spoke. “SURGERY!?!?” Ty was confused… what type of sex reference could Andy be doing now? “But first I need to apply some anesthesia.” Andy scooted back with Ty’s face in his butt. PHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBTTTT! Five seconds of wind rushed right into Ty’s lungs as he began to cough. “What’s *cough* going on?!? *cough* *gag*” Ty was struggling the minute the smell instantly hit him. “This is for being a pervert fucker!” BBRRRMMMMPPPPHHHH!!! BBBRRRRRMMMMMPPPPHHH!!!! It started out with ten farts to the face. Ty was in shock with how much gas this guy had. He was in tears, afraid as to what Andy was truly capable of. The endless barrage of gas increased in length and Andy was ripping farts well over 10 seconds long. They got hotter, denser, they burned Ty’s lungs. “GET OFF OF ME!!! GET OOOOOFFFFFFF!!! PLEAAAAASE! PLEASE! please!…” Ty began to thrash as Andy was just getting warmed up, Ty’s dick began to get limp as Andy increased the length of each blast of gas. “I think you’re starting to go limp… everywhere sweetie…” Soon I can begin the procedure…" Ty fell out of consciousness after a whopping 65 farts. Nightmares flooded his brain of the guy with the massive gassy ass from hell.

The story doesn’t even end there… Andy worked diligently to perfect his master plan. A little bit of this medicine… a little bit of that medicine. Ty would soon look like an addict. A cut to the wrist, a smear of drug on his face, around his mouth… under his nose. Andy would soon own him. “DOCTOR! Look what I found! Come quick! Who was his attendant?” Dr. Rear looked puzzled, “I have no evidence of his as a patient since you treated his flu.” “How did he get in here?” Andy asked sheepishly. “I feel like a failure… he was my patient… Do you think???” Andy gave Dr. Rear some puppy dog eyes as Ty jolted awake and began to scream. “AHHHH STOOOPP!!! STOOOOOP!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” Dr. Rear watched Ty’s dramatic screams and called for Andy to calm him… Andy grabbed him by the shoulders and whispered in Ty’s ear… “shut the fuck up or I’ll make the next dose ten times worse…” Ty hushed and Dr. Rear was impressed at Andy’s soothing nature. He had no idea what he said to Ty, but he knew he had picked the right nurse. Ty began to cry and whimper about a butt monster. Dr. Rear chuckled and decided to announce the news. “Andy… we were gonna surprise you tonight, but you got the job… head nurse over the psychiatric clinic… your dream job. Ty seems to react well to your care and I think he’s gonna be your new patient.” “Oh boy!!! Thanks Dr Rear!” Andy jumped up and down and Ty was starting to feel nauseous from worry.

And of course the story isn’t gonna end there. Ty sat, restrained to a chair, whimpering in fear of his new life. The door abruptly opened and Andy barged in wearing the tightest scrub bottoms he could find. He was munching on some hummus and broccoli. “I have a prescription for you for your… problem… but we both know that doesn’t exist. I have all the prescription you need right here…” Andy turned his back and showed Ty his ass. Ty was still in awe of those beautiful mounds of flesh… until something erupted. PHHHRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!! The smell hit Ty and the gagging began again. “What’s that honey? Oh?!? Didn’t I tell you my post lunch gas is even worse than my morning gas? Well, you’ll have to get used to it fast… because I’m only gonna be making it worse…” Ty was in hell. Days went by, weeks turned into months and it was a year and a half later when Dr. Rear checked up on Ty. “As you see Doctor… I cured his drug addiction. He won’t even look at the stuff.” Andy had previously farted in a whole bottle of narcotics and opened it in front of Ty for the doctor to see. Ty winced and turned his head away from the pill bottle to avoid the smell. Dr. Rear thought nothing of it but that the boy was cured. “Perfect!” Rear exclaimed. “There is one issue though Doc. He still has screaming sessions and won’t stop talking about the butt monster… but his insurance no longer covers hospitalization at a psychiatric clinic.” Dr. Rear looked puzzled until Nurse Andy presented an idea. “I will give up my position as head of this clinic and become Ty’s at home nurse… permanently if need be.” Ty lost his composure and started screaming at Dr. Rear. “Nurse! Restrain him! I think he’s having an episode!!!” Andy grabbed Ty and whispered: “shut up or I’ll fart” Ty began to cry out louder. Andy grabbed Ty’s head and caressed it shill pressed against his hip. “There there Ty… the butt monster isn’t gonna hurt you.” The smell entered Ty’s nose and Ty began to give up hope. That nauseous smell would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ty fell unconscious at Andy’s SBD. “Nurse Andy, you’ve always been able to keep that boy calm and centered. Thank you for your talents and hard work at this clinic! I’m proud to promote you to stay at home nurse for young Ty. Here’s a $20,000 annual bonus!”

The story sort of does end here. Nurse Andy took Ty home and tied him to a bed. That night Andy watched TV as he ate ice cream and sat on Ty’s face. The gas burned Ty’s nostrils more and more with each constant release. Andy brought him to the dining table and farted on Ty’s food… every bite. Ty was chained to the ground as Andy worked out. Each squat he’d receive a fart. There was no more complaining, no struggle. Over time Ty accepted his fate. Hundreds if not thousands of farts a day were fed to the once horny, perverted, asshole. One day while at dinner Andy sat on Ty’s lap and ripped a fart that lasted minutes long. When he stood up he noticed a wet spot on Ty’s pants. “OHH!!! Looks like that little problem of yours is back… may have to take you to surgery again. Ty didn’t scream. He didn’t fight. He didn’t resist. He bowed his head, held out his wrist and prepared to be led to bed to receive his daily "anesthesia” “Yes master” Were Ty’s solemn words.

Vikings Preference "How they talk dirty to you" (NSFW)

(Wooo more Vikings :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to whisper lowly in your ear, letting you know of his demands and plans for you. He’d make you weak and beg for more with his words as much as his actions, all while loving to use your favorite nicknames as you’d willingly submit to him.

Rollo-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d speak to you in his gruff and authoritative tone, and keep it up until you’re a complete mess for him. However, to your surprise, despite his slightly harsh tone and actions, he’d always find the right words to let you know how much he loved you.

Floki-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be oddly giddy and excited as he reveals to you all his plans for your body. From whispers to a sudden a raise of tone, he’d make you feel weak for all of his words and he’d never cease to surprise you with how far he can really go.

Athelstan-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to tease you and make you beg for more with his godly words. He’d realize how much you loved the idea of your relationship being taboo and would end up loving to play into it by taunting you about being used by a priest.

Bjorn-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be surprisingly cockier than usual and would just love to contradict each of your taunting remarks to him. Nonetheless, he’d always seem to take a moment to slow things down and whisper to you about how much he loved you.

Ubbe-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to tease you above anything and wouldn’t be able to stop making you admit to him how badly you want him. He’d do anything to make you weak but the more it would go on the more romantic he can actually get and truly make you want to be his.

Hvitserk-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be playful and would always make you blush with the things he’d come up with. He’d surprise you with how much taunting he can be and would truly make you restless from all of his suggestions and compliments.

Sigurd-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d do his best to be teasing and rough but would always end up being more loving and romantic than anything. He’d just feel so much for you that only praises and compliments would come out, making you blush and want to be with him even more.

Ivar-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to see your reaction and how weak you would get from his teasing and degrading you. From name calling you to graphic descriptions of your body, he’d make you beg for him even more and whimper in agreement to anything he’d suggest you.

Halfdan-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be relentless with his teasing and degrading words, making you feel weak and small. He’d just love seeing you beg and a whimpering mess for him that it would only serve him to keep going on until you’d come.

Harald-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d love to make you submit completely to him, your king. He’d tease you with that idea and play into it so much, he’d make you admit how much you loved pleasing him as much as how you loved being used by him.

Aethelwulf-When it comes to talking dirty to you, his passion and love for you would be truly endless and nobody and nothing else but you would seem to matter. However, whenever he’d get jealous, he’d truly surprise you with how taunting and degrading he could be.

King Ecbert-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be utterly filthy and wouldn’t shy away from making you admit to how badly you wanted and needed him. His words would never fail his actions and he’d be relentless with how much he could degrade you.

Arne-When it comes to talking dirty to you, for the most part he’d simply whisper to you his love and adoration for you, making you realize how much you were his. However, on the rare occasions he’d get jealous, his teasing and rough side would come out through his words.

Torstein-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d do his best to rough and teasing just as you’d like him to be make, making you beg for more. However, to your surprise he’d always find a way to make you laugh for a moment while at it, truly making you glad to be with him.

Erlendur-When it comes to talking dirty to you, he’d be demanding and cocky, making you understand that you were his. He’d be just as relentless as his actions, making you whine and beg for more and more, never wanting him to stop.

Lagertha-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d being enticing and make you wonder what more she could do to you. She’d just love to tease you that way and from your reactions to her words it would always make her suggests even more, all while she’d compliment your body.

Aslaug-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d make you weak and submit to her, saying things to make you feel like her personal slave. She’d tease you for enjoying your role and even more whenever you’d seem to get off on all of it.

Thorunn-When it comes to talking dirty to you, she’d be shy and actually make you giggle and blush with her kind words. She’d love how it was easy to make you smile and simply start to compliment on your beauty to her, making you weak.

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°.✨;.⟡* okay but i’d R E A L L Y love a plot/ship based on claire and bender from ‘the breakfast club’ ?? basically, muse a is one of the school’s most popular girls – a daddy’s princes, always behaving like the perfect daughter, the perfect student, a picture perfect lady. and then there’s muse b, a couple years older ( who probably had to double some years )  than muse a. they’re a real asshole, an idiot – obeys no rules, isn’t afraid to provoke and talk dirty. muse b is the typical person muse a and their friends despise. they’re scum, and definitely no good for muse a’s spotless reputation. however, when muse a and muse b are forced to spend time together ( this could be detention like in the movie, but truly, the possibilities are endless ), muse a gets to know muse b better, discovers their shitty home situation and why they’re actually so much of an asshole. just like muse b discovers that muse a isn’t as picture perfect as everyone seems, that it isn’t really their choice – rather their parents’. slowly but certainly, they start to ‘accept’ each other… and wouldn’t it be interesting where this’d leave them on monday, when everything returns back to normal… 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE HIT ME UP !! i’d adore you forever…

laurenjauregui: #rp @miamatangi tell me, if you were being bombed by your government or other governments of the powers that be in this world..would you stay? If you had no more food supply, water, education…you could not find work or the means of survival and had to stare your children in the face every day and tell them there was nothing to eat, would you stay? Some people have the audacity to call these human being’s whose homes and communities and lives we’ve destroyed, aliens. And some further have the audacity to deport them back to where they came from, war torn lands that they had NO part in destroying but that took everything away from them. Stop calling yourselves religious. Stop talking about freedom. You don’t have it. Take a good look at what’s happening now because while it may not affect you this second and you can still eat shit on instagram and buy whatever you want, that won’t be our reality very soon. Our rights are being stripped on a daily basis for the comfort of agent orange and his entire administration and corporations POCKETS. Our environment is being destroyed, protesters (protected by our constitution) are being arrested for protecting clean water on THEIR land and for ORGANIZING PROTESTS, be aware and stay vigilant. Do something, stand up. We are in a revolution, now not about to be in one and we all need to ask ourselves where our allegiance lies. Is it to the dollar? Or is to the future of our children and humanity? Stop being selfish, stop thinking things only matter when YOU feel the effects. I cry every single morning simply because I feel the pain that all of these children who’ve had their parents detained and stolen from them from one day to the next, or these families who have been starving for weeks in rubble, or transgender people feeling their validity as human beings being questioned feel. These are 3 examples of the atrocities taking place daily but the list is truly endless. Ask questions, educate yourselves. Ask yourself how you would feel if this was done to you. Jesus’ golden rule is “Do unto others as you would want done unto you” who’s claiming God and forgetting to care about the poor and defenseless? Please wake up. #resist

The Prankster’s Guide to the Seven Bells of the Abhorsen

Ranna is the smallest of the Bells and is called the Sleepbringer. It is used to avoid having to get stabbed with needles before surgeries, end classes early, wrap your school principal in toilet paper, and run Donald Trump up the flagpole naked after drawing stupid faces on him. Nothing terrible happens if its ringer makes an error, so try this one first to see if you can pull this stuff off.

Mosrael is the Waker. Its purpose is to bring cool historical figures back to life (use of it to ride dinosaurs has also been recorded); however, the ringer will be thrown into Death, so make sure you can get back to Life before trying this, and go to a secluded location where no one will discover your temporarily Dead body and learn what you have done before your brilliant plans have come to fruition.

Kibeth is known as the Walker. It can be used to use massive groups of Dead people doing the Macarena barge into your exam/budget meeting , or force them through the gates of Death, thus putting the Ghostbusters out of a job. It is represented by the Disreputable Dog, who, if she has white fur (what color is her fur??), is technically a White Walker.

Dyrim gives the Dead a voice, or removes that of annoying living parents, bosses, spouses, younger siblings, and Abhorsens giving lectures about responsible Bell use.

Belgaer can give a Dead spirit its memories, and give independent thought, but can just as easily erase any reservations Nikola Tesla may have about helping you build a Death Star.

Saraneth is the favorite of necromancers in the story, in that it forces obedience from the Dead- which is code for “you can use this to make people do WHATEVER YOU WANT”. The possibilities are truly endless! (You can also create an army of Dead creatures to fend off the angry hordes coming for your head!)

Naturally, all of this attracts a lot of attention, especially from those whose duty it is to control malicious necromancers. That’s why there’s one more Bell:

Astarael is what you use when the Abhorsen, now with an army to back them up, finally catches you.

(You were never going to get out of this alive, so why not take as many enemies of fun with you as you can?)

I hope this guide proves helpful and informative. Good luck, and remember, the big bell is the no-no bell!

F A U X _ C R Y S T A L S

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For those of us witches that are strapped for cash or maybe you’re not really into working with crystals but enjoy the aesthetic or maybe you just want to try something new.

So if you know anything about making faux crystals than you know that you need to use water. Well why not use:

  • Rose Water
  • Storm Water
  • Moon Water
  • Snow Water
  • Holy Water
  • Lavender Water
  • Or Any Herbal Infused Water

You also need to use food coloring (if you want your faux crystals a certain color) why not make sure the color you choose also corresponds with whatever spell, ritual or purpose you’re making your faux crystal(s) for.

If you use clay (as a “base”) instead of just shaping it into a circle doom, why not a moon, or star or heart or any shape you want.You can do the same with pipe cleaners too.

I plan on doing this sometime in the next few weeks. I already have some crystals I’d like to make. Here are some of my ideas.


  • Lavender Infused Water
  • Moon Shaped Base
  • Purple and Blue Food Coloring


  • Storm Water
  • Doom Shaped Base
  • Black Food Coloring


  • Full Moon Water
  • Goddess Shaped Base
  • Purple Food Coloring

You could also make sure the clay color corresponds with whatever you’re making the crystal(s) for or you could paint the clay base (after your crystal is finish growing) in a corresponding color.

Maybe think about creating these crystals during a certain moon phase to add even more powerful energy into them. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Good luck and if you try this please send me some photos or tag me in your post so I can see them. I’ll be sure to post mine when I make them.

Life doesn't go as planned.

Sometimes you want something to go a certain way so bad, but it just doesn’t. You’re hurt it didn’t work out, you feel broken. But every cloud has a silver lining wether you believe it or not. Don’t let one rough patch bring you down, just know something better is coming.


The ship aside, prolong cohabitation has definitely had effects on the interpersonal dynamics. Some experiences for the better and some for the worse. As for me, things have started to feel a little episodic. The farther out we go, the more I find myself wondering what it is we are trying to accomplish.But if the universe is truly endless, then we are not striving for something forever out of reach.
Star Trek Beyond (2016), dir. Justin Lin

You know what we are all missing out on? Bes and Tawaret plushes. Think about it. If you need their help for whatever reason, are you going to snuggle an icon or necklace or wouldn’t you prefer a stuffed version?

Battling Bes pic tweets as you are walking into the doctor’s office to get a diagnosis. Traveling Tawaret ig posts from those going on KO retreat. The possibilities are truly endless.

We need more Kemetic plushes and we need to start with Tawaret and Bes immediately.