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Green Day - “No Trump!  No KKK!  No Fascist USA!” Chant at AMAs 

LOL, the 40-year old teenagers of Green Day are mad that Hillary Clinton lost.  Why?  If they’re so worried about the KKK, then they should be glad she lost, considering her “friend and mentor” Robert Byrd was a founder and branch leader of the KKK. 

Someone please remind Green Day that the Democrats were the party of the KKK and slavery, while the Republican party was the one who freed the slaves.

Just another group of Hollyweird dumbasses virtue signaling to other Hollyweird dumbasses.

Green Day is truly a group of American Idiots.

Hearing Tilikum passed yesterday, I take small comfort that he isn’t suffering in his tiny tank of SeaWorld anymore.

SeaWorld and it’s disregard for the treatment of the animals in its care makes me so incredibly angry and I’m so glad that it’s finally listening to public outcry over its treatment of orcas.

Also what kind of idiots truly believe there is no risk being in the water with ocras. They are top apex predators of the ocean. Hell they kill sharks for gods sake and other whales. We are not top of the food chain, no matter how much we like to think we are.

RIP Tilikum. You may have suffered greatly but at least by sharing your struggle others hopefully won’t have to suffer as you have

A brotherly conversation
  • Zeref: I want to die, so therefore you will be dying too.
  • Natsu: Why?
  • Zeref: I told you, we are connected. If I cease to exist, you will cease living.
  • Natsu: No. Why do you want to die so bad? Just live.
  • Zeref: I was cursed by the gods to live a lonely existence.
  • Natsu: The answer is obvious then.
  • Zeref: What?
  • Natsu: I'm going to kick their asses!
  • Zeref: *he truly is an idiot brother* That's your plan?

xxlukemavxx  asked:

(1/2) Hey, uh, Clover? I don't think we've spoken before, but I'm a friend of Rainbow; nice to meet ya, I'm Luke ^^ Although the circumstance he's in might frighten you, I think you're the only one that can help him right now, so I think you should know about it sooner than later. Anyway, there's this virus going around, and there really isn't any other way to explain it rather than it turns it's host into a vampire, and that's pretty much exactly what it does...


* lol. rainbow forgot about my green soul powers. thinking only soul grabbing would stop him. truly an idiot. So what do I do with him now?

// lolol. sorry. rainbow is very dumb ok.

You have to pay the price for laziness eventually.

When it comes to my luck and my dogs, laziness always ends up costing me a great deal of effort in the end…especially when it comes to Naiko! I forget that he’s not at all the same kind of dog as Maya, because most of the the annoying shit he does Maya wouldn’t dream of. Take off into the woods, then when called make eye contact before 100% ignoring me?  Maya would never.

I let Naiko out the other night without his e-collar, because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get it. We’re on 24 acres of field and woods that is unfenced/old barbed wire fencing and the neighboring properties are mostly huge tracts of woods. So, it’s pretty remote and there’s the expected wildlife population. Most notably, coyotes. We have a shitload of them and the cold weather and snow this weekend was making them come in much closer than usual. 

Because I was too lazy to walk up the stairs, my stupid ass had to spend 45 minutes trudging uphill through the woods and climbing over frozen barbed wire fencing in 10 degree weather at 3 in the morning. Why? Because Naiko saw a couple coyotes in our front field and decided to tear off after them like an idiot all the way across our property and through the neighboring property as well.

Y’all, I cannot wait until the ground thaws and I can finish laying my underground fence.

I read poetry all day and this Solangelo thing kind of happened. I hope you like it. It is not spoilerish. Set in canon!verse.

You look like hell. That’s what he wanted to say when he saw Nico again, leaning onto a tree and pondering how best to dive in to his death. And yet the moment Will said his name, there was a sword and sharp eyes, pure instinct.

No, Will corrected himself. You have been through hell.

The boy clearly didn’t know what to do with people. Give him a weapon, he’ll slash and incapacitate and disarm. Put him in the middle of a war, he’ll bring clever ideas and do significant damage to the enemy.

Put him in an infirmary and he’ll look at you with fear in his eyes.

Will couldn’t tell who started to see Nico as a ghost and a weapon first, instead of as a boy: other people, or Nico himself. He didn’t care; it was a behavior that had reached its end. That was a promise.

He saw his history with Nico as a string of moments.

There was him, sleeping on a bed in the infirmary, silent and recoiled even if there were two blankets over him, as if trying not to take much space, as if he would break if other people saw him.

There was him, observing Will’s hands and Will’s medical equipment and the infirmary walls and Will knew, he knew, Nico was trying not to flinch away from touch.

There was the silence. Gods, the silence was the worst; and not just that, but the look Nico gave him, as if he was waiting for something — what was he waiting for? Will could drown, could suffocate in those dark eyes, searching for color and for emotion and only seeing a reflection, like staring at black glass. The world was a secondary thought in those moments. They just looked at each other, and Will never knew what to think.

There was their first hug. It was for medical reasons; Will had told him it was good for the health, because it was, and because he wanted the other boy to know he was safe, to feel comforted. So he circled his waist with one hand while the forearm of his other arm went up and he caressed his scalp. Slowly, like a movie, like the heartbeat of someone who’s calm. That day, Will learned that Nico loved long cuddles, and that he hugged back only after he felt safe. It was worth the wait.

Nico smelled like earth in a rainy day, and soap. His hands were cold.

A single knock on the infirmary office door, then several, and Will opened it to a boy who was trembling and looking down. Hiding.

Nico stepped in. Closed the door. Breathed in and out and was shaking the entire time. It wasn’t a cold day.

“Do you remember when you said I could come over, if I ever needed anything?” “Yeah.” “It sounds stupid, but I didn’t want to be alone.”

Will waited. There was more.

“I think I want — I think I need to cry.” He explained, his voice low and uncertain. Breathing heavily, hyperventilating — trying to keep the tears inside, trying to contain something unstoppable. “I don’t know why.”

Will opened his arms. “Come here.” There was pain in his voice.

Nico sobbed in his chest while the sun set. He left after saying “thanks”, still looking down, and it cracked Will’s heart.

The next day, they bickered. They argued about everything. About the shapes of clouds and the archery and the right way to organize medicines in the office. The closer the day came to ending, the more they pretended the crying hadn’t existed, like a bad dream from your childhood — or was it a memory?

The word “friendship” tasted like sour candy. None of them could get enough of it.

There was laughter by the lake, and a stupid contest that left them both dripping in cold water, still laughing. Will couldn’t remember what they had been arguing about, but he remembered his heart felt warm when Nico smiled, and that he couldn’t look away. He knew he had to avoid thinking about that smile.

There was one of their movie nights. Nico had chosen the movie tonight, and Will was putting it on, and they had already argued for a while — about the decoration in the Hades cabin this time.

“You can talk to me too, you know.” Nico said, and that was the thing with Nico — he changed so fast it was a wonder how Will could keep up with him.

He stopped and thought before answering. “No, I don’t know. What do you mean?”

“I mean that — I cry on your shoulder about Tartarus and whatever. You can also cry on my shoulder, if you want. You can tell me things, like what you’re afraid of.” As every time Nico talked about something that wasn’t superfluous, he looked uncomfortable, but there was no doubt in his expression, so Will knew he was telling the truth, and he appreciated it.

“Thank you.”

And there was the moment when he did talk to Nico. He laid down on the bed and let all the hate and the poison and the ugliness out. There were tears and the feeling after tears, as if he’d freed a bird from an old rusted cage. Nico understood, and he listened.

Will thought there might be the word “love” somewhere in their story. It could have been born that night, while his tears fell over Nico’s white pillow, or maybe that moment only existed because the word “love” had already been there. He didn’t know. It didn’t matter.

Time passed by, but Will was counting it by days. He liked every day.

There were flashes too, moments on repeat in his head, like Nico’s smile. Nico, very still, his gaze cold and calculating as he prepared to shoot an arrow. Nico, humming to a Ramones song. Nico’s smile when Will gave him a Ramones shirt — not toothy as he was expecting, which was disappointing, but there was a mirthful glint in the other boy’s eyes that made it worth it. Nico, sitting on a bed on the infirmary, looking out the window; the last rays of sun colored the boy’s face and turned his eyes into a warm brown, made him golden and breathtaking. Will wanted to paint him, to burn this memory in his mind so he’d never forget it. That was also the moment when Will thought about kissing him. Nico, talking to Will’s friends more and more until it became a habit, until it was almost easy, and then it was easy. Nico Nico Nico. Like a melody. Like goddamn poetry. Like the blue sky, full of secrets and mysteries he couldn’t even imagine, but could look at and love. Will couldn’t get him out of his head. He didn’t really want to.

Will dreamed about Nico’s laugh, even when he wasn’t sleeping. He dreamed about a two-story house and barefoot steps on the stairs and silent mornings, or mornings when neither of them would want to get up, so they wouldn’t. The sheets of their bed would be white, and the sunlight would paint Nico’s face. Nico would be smiling. The truth was that he was hard and sharp and the world had hurt him a lot, but there was still a softness inside him, and Will loved the entire picture, the entire person. The word “friendship” was beautiful and Will was grateful for it, but now it made him ache.

There was the afternoon when Nico was in the infirmary again, sitting on the bed, his feet not even reaching the floor. He wasn’t saying anything. Will was leaning against the wall, and it was just the two of them. It occurred to him his siblings would find this sight strange, but they didn’t understand that what Will liked was his company, overall.

“You’re unusually quiet today.” He said, because it was true. Nico looked at him, and there was the silence again, heavy and charged between them. Will felt a bit dizzy, a bit out of air, and he didn’t know what to do. What was Nico waiting for? What did he want?

Nico parted his lips. Closed them. Blinked. He seemed to be in pain.

Will stepped closer. Say it again. Say it. He pleaded in his head, begged, screamed. In front of him, Nico just looked at him, quiet. The pain melted into something that looked like happiness, like understanding, and Will couldn’t resist it. He had to ask him. He had to ask or it would strangle him.

“Can I kiss you?” The words were out, just like that, and later he would try to remember Nico’s face when he heard them. He couldn’t remember. But he would remember the exact perfect moment when his lips touched the other boy’s, and it felt like the sun was rising in his chest.

Sometimes Will imagined it. That he would pull Nico’s body toward his and hold him tight and kiss violently and fast and hard because that was the amount of his desire. It suffocated him.

In reality he was gentle. Gods, he couldn’t believe how gentle he was. Nico’s lips were soft and chapped, and tasted perfect, like a dream, like music. How could he ever think of being anything but gentle with this boy?

Back at Teiko Kise put his number in Aomine’s phone and saved it under the contact name ‘Kise(´ゝз・)─☆’. Aomine left it like that for a while till one day he watched Kise walk away after one of the GoM’s little conveice-store-icecream-get-together after practice, and promptly changed it to ‘Ass for days’. The only ones who know of this of course are Satsuki and Tetsu, they also knew that Kise had Aomine’s number saved as ‘Aominecchi( ˘ ³˘)♥’, and they hope one day the two idiots will tell each other how they feel, till then they just root for them from the sidelines.       

Commandant sighed roughly, poking impatiently at something large and round on his desk. It was covered with a cloth, and whatever it was, the cloth was there for a reason, for he made no move to remove it. His other paw tapped against his desk, as he stared at the object. His mind was currently a mess.

No matter how many times he tried pushing Khan to form a military, the stubborn Ridgeback refused. Despite what happened to his clan from the Shade, he still didn’t want to form a line on defense, in case the clan was attacked again. Just because a clan had a military, didn’t make them violent! The military would be there to serve and protect! It wasn’t like they were going to raid other clans!

“He’s truly an idiot…” he huffed, shaking his head. He had thought about bringing in his children (those that didn’t fail him) into the ranks without Khan’s permission…but that would be too suspicious. Right now all he had was Major…and three newcomers also looked to be militaristic, as well. But whether or not he could trust them was another question…

It took him an embarrassingly long time to realize that Major was getting his attention.


The Pearlcatcher jumped, before looking over at his mate. Major was watching him curiously, almost concerned, as her crests lowered slightly, causing small sparks of static electricity to shoot through her feathers. Commandant noticed that a few joints in her wings looked weak. He had to do some tune-ups on her soon. She was overdue for one…

“…Sir, you haven’t said anything yet…” said Major quietly, frowning at him, “Are you alright?”

“Am I…?” he asked, before shaking his head, then nodding, “I’m fine, Major. I was…just lost in thought, is all.”

“You haven’t been sleeping again.” she noted, taking a seat next to him, extending a wing over him. He felt his mane stand up on end slightly, feeling the electricity from her wing spark over to him. Still, he took comfort in the sign of affection and, in a moment of weakness, leaned up against her, slightly.

“Hardly at all.” he admitted with a sigh, “I’ve been working over plans to try and get Khan to move on his pacifist ideals…but nothing is working. I can’t get him to budge, for some reason. It’s almost futile to keep trying sure…but something has to convince him soon! …Right?”

“After the attack from the Shade, you’d think he’d want to have a militia in place.” said Major, nodding in agreement, “We can only try, sir, and keep presenting him with situations where having a military is a boon, not a curse.”

Commandant nodded, poking the object on the desk again…before cursing his lack of sleep. The object wasn’t meant to be seen by Major! As if sensing him tensing up, the Skydancer quickly reached out for the object, before Commandant could scoop it away, “Sir, what’s–”

“Nothing!” he said, far too quickly, “It’s…nothing!”

“Then why is it covered?” she asked, before taking the cloth off of it…and simply staring at it.

It was a pearl. A large pearl. A Pearlcatcher’s pearl.

She blinked at it, before looking down at Commandant, who was refusing to look up at her. His own pearl was nestled between his feet, which he now fiddled with almost nervously. Why did he have two pearls? He must’ve been lacking sleep, if he had meant to hide this from her. Normally he was sharper than this…

“Why do you have two pearls?” she asked, looking at the two, “Do you need two?”

“…That one isn’t mine.” said Commandant quietly, before sitting up slightly, as if ready to deliver his final sentence, “…It’s Artemis’.”

Major started at that, accidentally giving Commandant a decent shock, causing him to yelp, “Artemis–You mean the Pearlcatcher that was killed by Heolstor?! The one whose pearl you touched and went into shock?”

“I didn’t go into shock!” huffed Commandant, “I just saw his memories…including of when he died. I was in a trance, while I viewed his memories. Us Pearlcatchers put our memories and experiences into our pearls. When I touched Artemis’, I viewed his memories as if viewing them for myself, at the time.”

“But that doesn’t explain–” started Major, before Commandant turned around on her, placing a single finger on her lips.

“Not a word to anyone, do you understand?” he asked, voice hushed, before glancing around warily, as if being watched, “…I switched out the pearl before the burial at the graveyard. What was buried was just a pearl I found near the shore of the ocean. Anubis and Anput can’t tell the difference.”

“But other Pearlcatchers can…” started Major, before Commandant shook his head.

“Unless they touch it, they can’t really tell a difference.” said Commandant, before looking at the pearl, “…A pearl makes a Pearlcatcher. So…if I take Artemis’ pearl…with the right amount of robotics, I could ‘rebuild’ him.”

Major stared long and hard at Commandant, “…You’re not seriously thinking of that…are you?”

“I am.” he said, nodding, “After all, I ‘rebuilt’ you. What says I can’t rebuild a dead Pearlcatcher?”

“A lot of things.”

“Morals aside…” huffed Commandant, waving his paw, “I still need to do a lot of research…but I think I can make it work. Have the pearl be his core…and have that be his nerve center. His mainframe…”

Major watched Commandant stare at the pearl, seeing him getting lost in his thoughts once more, before sighing and putting the cloth back over the pearl, breaking him from his trance, “You’re going to bed, sir. You haven’t slept in a few days, and it’s showing with your mad ideas.”

Commandant frowned at that, before sighing and pushing away from his desk, “Perhaps it’s time to take a break from the waking world…” he said, barely stifling a yawn, “Come to bed with me, Major?”

“Of course, sir.” replied Major with a smile, walking by his side as they left his office. As they exited, Major made sure to close the door behind her. At least, the pearl conundrum would have to wait, and be addressed another day. But she knew better than to tell anyone about it. Not only was she Commadant’s mate, but also a rank below him. And she had to follow his orders.

All good soldiers followed orders…