truly alive

I want to have that ‘butterflies
in my stomach’ feeling
every morning as I wake up.

But I don’t want it to depend on
someone else. I want to have that
exhilarating, exciting feeling
just for waking up, realizing
I have another day to live.

I want to have that fresh, blissful
feeling because I am alive
& I am in love with life.

—  S.L. , 10/9/14

Season 1: Derek lost his family. Found his dead sister’s half body.

Season 2: Lets make Derek an Alpha but wait a bad one!

Season 3: Lets kill off Derek’s pack! Everybody blames him. Oh and he lost his alpha power too HAHA

Season 4: You know what? No more werewolf power for you, Derek cause your life suck and all. We think you’re better off being human.

I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him because it meant finally breathing after holding my breath a minute too long. Because it meant coming back to life with energy bursting through my veins the moment he touches my skin. Because it meant waking up from an endless dream. Because the feeling of his lips pressed against mine could change my world and make everything brighter, louder, faster and alive.
—  written by:

okay but malum is so good to us like they never disappoint i love being malum trash

Dear Pisces:

The dreamer that dreams a thousand times in a day and still gets lost in their own dreams. You prefer it that way since getting lost in your thousand dreams is much better than having to deal with the cold reality of a boring dull world. The simple things have meaning for you, the little objects holds more weight than it seems, and you know the words people mean to say are hidden beneath the sounds people iterate over and over again. You know above all else that there’s something more than what people see and hear. Your perception is the clearest that’s only clouded by the bothersome reminder of what some call “living”- they don’t know what it truly means to be alive.

I must say, Clarke, this internet is truly fascinating

Clarke hasn’t seen Lexa since she discovered this new technology … 


Do you think that Cassandra’s more dead than alive? I don’t know, kid. She kinda comes and goes.