truly a great person!

You guys … just take in for a moment just what a big deal Jen Cohn and Lucie Pohl doing that proposal is. 

The VAs for Pharah and Mercy not only show support for the ship.

But they help their lgbt fans propose to one another, and support their marriage as well.

That’s absolutely amazing, and it means the world to someone like me, who had to go through a span of several years of being in denial of my sexual orientation, due to my disapproving family and the deep-seated and internalized homophobia I had as well.

So to show them showing support for their fans in that way means a lot, and I don’t think I can properly convey it through words.

We are truly blessed to have these two as the VAs for Pharah and Mercy, and we are truly blessed by the Overwatch VA cast.

I absolutely adore them so much, and they truly are wonderful human beings.

arttyluvzundertalez  asked:

Hey girl! i just wanted to say how grateful i am for how hardworking you are for your series and art! Despite you not feeling so well in health and probably stress (due to dealing with probs more than 1000 rushing or special snowflake kids),you truly are an amazing role model,and a great person worth getting to know. I will support you with all my heart through out your progress of becoming the best animator you wish to become! *even though u already are the best* -with love a fgt <3

love you arty, you massive absolute fgt

anonymous asked:

Why don't you believe Harry is a womanizer? I think he likes ladys a lot. His sister said Harry has had a lot of gf. The argument you give is that Harry is a nice person. Of course I agree, I think he is such a GREAT person. But he can be good guy and a womanizer as well. There is nothing wrong of liking women, if he isn't unfaithful or if he doesn't say he loves them when it is not true. I saw some proofs he had couple of gf before XFactor. Yes, I saw he had a bf, but I discovered it was fake.

Your line of thinking is very problematic to me and I’m going to tell you why.

You can either be a great guy or you can be a womaniser. You can’t be both. It’s like being pregnant you either are or you are not.

You can like women without treating them like commodities. The implication of being a “womaniser” isn’t good. If it was a good thing do you think Harry would react like this when someone said that he was one? 

That is his literal reaction to being called a womaniser. It’s clearly something he doesn’t want associated with him, to the point that even other members of the band defended him against the label.

“Womanizer” by Britney Spears wasn’t a love song. It isn’t a good thing. Being a womaniser doesn’t imply that you at all respect or care about women, which is something that Harry has gone out of his way to ensure he vocally does. 

Which is why everyone is like 

when people call Harry a womaniser. If you truly believe that he’s a great person, those two things don’t align, and you’re believing in something that clearly causes Harry to make that pained look of anguish like he’s about to cry. Not to mention that  in the midst of this womaniser image they were trying to push Harry said that he had only slept with two people, whilst the sun claimed he’d slept with around 400. 

So, either you believe what Harry says or you believe Dan Wootton. Around this time Harry also said

And Louis was all O SHIT WADDUP

Which is why when people call Harry a womaniser I’m going to be like 

Because he has literally done nothing but attempt to convince people otherwise. 

A few words for Misha

Misha is one of those very few people you can call perfect and actually mean it. He gives so much to everyone just a simple smile makes one feel a bit better and that’s the type of people we need in those world. He makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside just by watching him act as himself. And it’s very sad that he thinks he doesn’t deserve our words of kindness but this man deserves all the respect from anyone. This man has been through so much, he’s gone through bullying, self harm, homelessness, and etc. And I mean this from the bottom of my heart, misha is my biggest idol I look up to him and I know so many other people do as well. I hope that later on i can stay as positive as this man does even though he’s gone through a lot. I don’t even have the words to actually say it all because their are no words. Misha overall is just a great person, truly a blessing. He has taught me that there is no limit to imagination, and to never be afraid of who you truly are or you’ll end up like everyone else.

This man is also not afraid to be himself and be out of the ordinary, sometimes I do weird things that make everyone in class think I’m absolutely insane and then I think that this man does even crazier things and still has millions of people looking up to him. So then I think f*ck it i rather be insane than be normal and the same as everyone else. THANK YOU

I’m not crying

I know not many people care for what I have to say but I felt like I had to.

I don’t even know where I went with this.
Enjoy Dad! Loki.

Dad Loki headcanons:

-when you gave birth he totally said the child looked like an asgardian raisin.

-you were so pissed.

-Probably has no idea whatsoever on how to care for a child.

-Tbh he never thought he’d have a child, let alone even be with you, so it’s a whole new experience for him.

-Thinks of the child as a squishy, puny being.

-10/10 probably lets the baby wear his helmet.

-It’s way too big for them, so it’s hilarious to see something so small wear something so big.

-Never thought fatherhood would feel so rewarding to him.

-Dad Loki is super protective.

-Probably less of a narcissist, not as big as a sassy asshole anymore.

-Being a new father is such an experience for him, it tired him out so quickly.

-Can’t change a diaper to save his life. The last time he tried to, the poor child was wearing it inside out and backwards.

-Probably can’t wait for the child to become old enough to care for themselves.

-Who am I kidding, when the baby grows up, he’ll probably miss these times like hell.

-Low key hovers people when they hold the child without realizing it.

-You’ll have to probably point it out to him.

-He’s 100% going to deny it.

-“but Loki, you were basically breathing down their neck”
-“I have no clue what you’re talking about (y/n)”

-When it finally hits him that he’s going to be a dad, he’s probably scared.

-His father was never a truly good father, and he’s not that great of a person so he’ll probably be so scared to care for something so impressionable.

-Gives the baby cute nicknames like little frost giant or snowflake.

-Wears gloves because he’s afraid his cold skin will make the child sick.

-When the child grows up he’d be so proud to see how amazing they turned out.

-Kinda pissy when they get old enough to be in a relationship.

-“I don’t like them”
-“Loki you haven’t even met them yet”
-“I don’t care (y/n) I don’t like them”
-“okay love, whatever floats your boat”
-“what does that mean?”
-“never mind Loki”

-When he meets their boyfriend/girlfriend, he’ll totally act like he has a stick up his ass, this will later lead to you having to lecture him.

-Loki being Loki, he’ll totally deny everything, ending up with him having an uncomfortable nights rest on the designer couch he bought.

-If the child ends up getting married he’s probably going to cry.

-Who am I kidding, he’s gonna cry.

i think one of the ways isak grew during his season is by starting to realize that he can be a positive addition to people’s lives, that he can, in fact, make things better 

things weren’t going well at home for god knows how long, and i can’t help but think that isak took some of the blame for what was happening, because this situation wasn’t something he was able to make better. his mom was going through a very hard time, his parents’ relationship seemed to have fallen apart, his father left, and there was nothing isak could do about it. there was nothing he should’ve had to do about it as their child, at such a young age, but he saw his home become broken, and he saw that there was nothing he could do to fix it. i think isak probably tried as best as he could, by trying to not be an “additional burden” in the household, by remaining quiet and closed off and trying not to add fuel to the fire. but things didn’t work out, and he ended up having to leave home at sixteen, leaving as things still seemed broken beyond repair 

and then you have his friendship with eva, one of his closest friends, and he blamed himself entirely for what happened to her relationship with jonas for over a year. he saw himself as the sole reason why jonas and eva weren’t together anymore, why they weren’t talking, and why the trio of friends they once were had fallen apart. and isak wasn’t innocent here, he did betray eva, but he wasn’t entirely to blame, eva said so herself. but once again, that’s the thing with isak, he blames himself more than he should for things he doesn’t have control over

isak will blame himself, think he’s at fault for other people not doing well. and you see that thinking pattern during the season. you see it in the locker room scene when even tells him he broke things off with sonja, and isak apologizes because he thinks it might’ve made him sad, i’m sorry if because of me you were sad. you also see it in the minutt for minutt clip, when he’s on the phone with sonja, and she has to remind him that it’s not his fault even’s not feeling well, that his mental illness is the reason why he’s feeling that way. he feels a lot of guilt, and sometimes his feeling of guilt is justified because he does mess up, speak before he thinks, and it’s a good thing that he feels remorseful and wants to apologize, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to eskild after what he told him in pride, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to mahdi after he pushed him, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to noora when he thought he might’ve been a little too harsh with her. it shows what a truly good and caring person isak is. but the amount of guilt he feels is sometimes disproportionate, because once again isak would see himself as the guy who can’t make things right, can only make them worse

but i think, or at least i’d like to think that isak has learned to take a step back and see the progress he makes, and realize that messing up is not all he does, see that he can, in fact, make things better, be a good person to others. i like to think he holds himself accountable just enough when he does mess up, enough to apologize and realize he was wrong and learn. but i also like to think that he truly sees what a great friend and boyfriend and person he is, and how it’s a good thing for the people he cares about to have isak in their life. i like to think that isak’s perception of himself is now a far better representation of who he actually is, and the role he plays in other people’s lives

Guess who’s back? owo

//Hiya! Mun here! As you can see, I got my pen fixed! I’ll be able to start updating again!
Thank you all for sticking with me even though I hadn’t been updating in so long ;v;
I’ll try to start replying to asks soon, so fret not!
I will be answering old asks sent by anons, and a selected few that had been asked off-anonymous. Those who want their asks still answered that weren’t on anon, please do say so! Or if you knew you sent an ask, but don’t know what it was, I will be more than happy to show you what you sent.
Even though I’m answering old asks, new asks would still be appreciated, if you want to send them! ( ^v^)b
Anywho, thank you all again. I’ve gained about 450 follows over just a few months, those including the months I was inactive! Thanks so much, it really does mean a whole lot! I can do something special having earned so many followers, so if you want, you can send in some ideas!
I might add some more here later, but for now, I’ll leave off with another thanks. You guys truly are the best! 💙 

Final Chapter: We Have Forever

As promised, here is the second part of my two-shot!  I hope you all enjoy it, it really warmed by heart writing this little fic!  Much love to my canon babies!

~ 10 Years Later ~

“Hey, Lu, are you nervous?”  Levy asked as she came around the table that Lucy was seated at in the guild hall.

“A bit actually.”  Lucy admitted, chewing her lip in thought.  “I don’t really know what to expect, you know?”

“I know how you feel.  It’ll be fine, trust me.”  Levy patted Lucy’s head and smiled down at Lucy.

“Thanks.”  Lucy smiled up appreciatively.  Lucy had been nervous for months, and now that the time had finally come, well, her nerves had skyrocketed to an entirely new level.

Levy bid her farewell with one final comforting pat on Lucy’s shoulder, and went off to scout for Gajeel.  Lucy sighed, she was content and happy, but everything was about to change and she didn’t know how it would go.  Everything had been at peace for so long, it was nice to have the guild so happy, but she had been focusing on one thing for the past four and a half months.  She was happy, of course, but continuously nervous.

Shortly after the war, almost eleven years prior, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla all set off on a hundred year quest.  Of course, it wasn’t actually a hundred year quest, no, the mission itself had been posted on the guild’s wall for a hundred years.  Natsu had been dying to take the request and they were finally able to once all of the chaos was over.  

The mission was difficult, after all, Gildarts was the only one to ever take on a hundred year quest and survive it, so they had taken things cautiously.  It took Team Natsu just over seven years to complete the mission and they all had learned a lot and matured within that time.  The mission certainly lived up to its name as a hundred year quest; only the most skilled mages took on those kinds of jobs, so it was one that Lucy would never forget.  However, that’s the topic of another story for a different time…

Lucy sat in an almost trancelike state at her table, reminiscing about the past, and watching her guild mates in the hall.  Makarov had actually retired about four years after they left for their journey, and Laxus had become guild master. Lucy thought he did a wonderful and had really come around to be a great person; he had truly repented for his past.  He and Mira had gotten close over the years and actually ended up getting married and were expecting their second child.  Freed was to be the godfather and Lisanna was the godmother.  

Within the year that Team Natsu had left, Levy and Gajeel announced that they would be getting married, which Lucy and the rest of the group had hurried back to the guild for their wedding.  They had twins a few months later, Shutora and Yaje; they were nine now.  They were the first to be parents and Lucy had never been more happy for her friends.  Levy had asked her to be godmother to the twins and Lucy had been more than ecstatic to accept.  

Others weren’t far behind; though Gray and Juvia were apart while they were all on the hundred year quest, every time they would stop home at the guild, Gray would make sure he spent most of his time with her.  They had already been dating before they left for their mission, so there was no hard feelings as far as ‘love rivals’ go.  They ended up getting married after they finished the mission; Gray was sure to beat Juvia to it when it came to asking her to marry him- she was ready to propose to him herself.  They had a daughter named Briny, she was going on two now.

Jellal and Erza kept in touch during the seven years and the group had often conveniently run into him throughout that time.  They got together officially about two years after they left, and Lucy had made sure that Erza got the ‘fairy tale’ wedding that she had always wanted.  Though Jellal did not accompany them on their journey, he often made appearances at Fairy Tail, and shortly after ending their mission, Erza announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The guild had scolded her on continuing with her journey even though she knew she was pregnant, but she had assured them that she put him in no danger, and she was absolutely fine.  It almost gave Lucy a heart attack knowing the things that Erza did while pregnant.  Their son, Tenchi, was just going on four now.

It warmed Lucy’s heart to see her friends so happy.  Pantherlily helped with Gajeel and Levy’s twins all the time, he absolutely adored them.  Cana and Gildarts had continued to remain close, and he even helped her out when she volunteered at the orphanage once in a while.  Wendy and Chelia were closer than ever and she often visited Lamia Scale to see her.  

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When you reach the level of obsession when you quote the book without even realizing that's what you're doing since it's such a familiar phrase (I'm not feeling well so I just said "I'm going to bed, where I may die." and then I was like "..wait")

lol that’s perfect. (you’ve reached the right level of obsession my friend) this book truly has some great quotes to use in daily life :D my personal faves are

  • “Bury me beside Mrs. Pentstemmon” when I’m not feeling well
  • “I hope your bacon burns” when I’m pissed at someone
  • “I look like a pan of bacon and eggs” when I look like pan of bacon and eggs
  • “I’m cone sold stober” just. perfect in any occasion

schmidtyho  asked:

hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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{Fanacc}170903 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome: Day 2

Minho with his hearts and winks at the camera

TM: are u ready? Fans: yes TM: are you really ready? *fumbles on his words* Fans: burst out laughing TM : *super shy face*

SHINee hugged the young boys who danced with them during Lucifer! So adorable ~~

During the thank you speech where shinee will introduce the dancers. They introduced the young dancers (3 boys & a girl).TM carried the boy!

Minho during Your Number *dial phone* Mh: are u working tmr? Don’t go let’s stay together *fans screamsssss*

Members scream and makes fun of Minho and he ran to hide and almost ran backstage cos he was too embarrassed!!! They made him do it again!!

Minho : Hi, I am Minho And he went on to promote his new movie (based on an anime)

Key was speaking and Mh interrupted and Key told him that a member is talking so he should focus!

Minho went on to blabber a lot abt the opening and moving stage and lucifer to annoy Key!! This is so funny!!!

The members are teasing Jonghyun by imitating how he said thank you (with actions!)

Key started asking abt sesame street plushies. They didnt know what UFO catcher was until the fans explained! MH imitated the UFO catcher [ cr: @minhoclove ] 

This concert had such a lighthearted feel to it. Shinee kept being their silly selves joking around with each other

So at one point they mentioned the crane games where you had to play to win one of the sesame shinee plushies n Minho started imitating it

I was so close when shinee came across in the cart  they truly are more beautiful in person I had such great seats today

Oh I almost forgot when they mentioned the plushies the cameras focused on some of fans  holding ot5

Something I noticed was that whenever Jinki’s parts came on Kibum with mouth them and this happened both days too

Taemin’s sprout also made an appearance today  lol they tried to fix it but just let it be in the end [ cr: @maira100491 ]

Icb minho is d only one not wearing sleeveless shirt at d end.. lol

Tm throw his mic too high during DG and failed to catch it.

The mood today was lighter than yest.. at least for me. SHINee throwing some random jokes agnst each other.. they keep copying each other’s- Gestures and way of speaking… they even made fun of minho’s last line during YN..

Tm’s face looks like he’s on d verge of crying during winter  wonderland

they  are doing to the moving stage during ‘tell me your name’ which had us all flailing hard ;) [ cr: enzeru_no_innen ]

Taemin’s hair still keeps standing up today, and he said 'my hair is really strong recently’

Jonghyun says he’s preparing a lot of things so please look forward to it

When it was Taemin’s turn to talk T: I’m Taemin J: I think we all know that T: Well self introduction is very important

Key said he really wants the Sesame Street dolls but u gotta go to game centers to get them. Then the rest started asking how to get them

Then Taemin suddenly asked the fans 'Do you guys actually sleep with me (Oscar)?’

Key to Taemin: Excuse me, the dolls are older than you! I grew up learning English with them. Taemin: Oh! They are oni-san then!

The fans said UFO catcher! Then Minho transformed himself into a human UFO catcher [ cr: @ipipie ]

Key scolded Minho for not paying attention to him when he was explaining the LED screen so Minho started mocking Key by imitating him

After Minho messed up the YN phone line he hid his head between his legs and screamed about how embarrassed he was

T: I’m Taemin J: We know 

T: Intro because some ppl might not J: There’s no one

 M: I’m Minho  J: We know   K: …I’m Key    J: We know

This was during a middle ment after SHINee had already done their intros earlier but Taemin felt the need to introduce himself again

When mini SHINee was introed each mini ran and hugged their original version member. Taemin picked his mini up. Everyone group hugged Onew’s

Minho air kissed the audience so Taemin told him he was being creepy. Minho then fake punched Taemin in the stomach lol

Key said he used Sesame Street to learn English [ cr: @fodfran ]

The lightsticks are making hearts on the 1st floor

Everyone has sleeveless shirts except Minho!



Minho and Taemin are whispering into their mics LOL


Jjong was always mouthing Onew’s parts. My heart


minho tried to shoot the signed balls over the net in the back of the stadium but they hit the net and bounced off instead

minkey making silly faces during your number

minho is really really embarrassed after the end of your number… he’s cringing on the stage

minho srsly just ran off the stage he’s like IM OUT BYE LOL

the light stick color changes are helping the whole dome stay in sync w/ encore chant. thank you light stick controllers

minkey are making fun of a pose jjong made when he said “thank you~” cutely

[ cr: keyoemi


yunho held up his light stick and wave so hard before he leave with changmin. ^^

SHINee asking every level shawols ! TVXQ wave lightstick happily [ cr: @huanglaona ] 

minho is being such a fuckin dork today i can’t

taemin was so impressed with himself that he was able to talk so fast and correctly hfjagjglhkdhh

jongho had their arms around each other as they walked off stage just now ;;

key said that he used sesame street to learn english when he was a kid? [ cr: @dhszl ]

—-Minho on the phone: Hello? Got work tomorrow? Cant go (didnt hear this well) Lets be tgt tmr

tm, jh, kb are wearing muscle tee versions of the five shirt it looks so nice :((( minho just has the normal shirt lol

tm jh and kb ran to the main stage but minho stayed at the extension to jump and wave :((



thank you so much for everything, SHINee ㅠㅠ  [ cr: @blancbutter ] 

Okay (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“Are you okay?” Izzy asked you as she sat down next to you on the front stairs of the institute.

“What’s your definition of okay? Because I can wake up tomorrow and still go about my day like nothing ever happened but on the inside I will be torn apart”

“You’re not okay then”

“I’ll never be okay again, I’ve lost him for good” You told her. “He’ll never be mine”

That moment where your world fell apart kept coming back to you over and over again. You didn’t want to remember it but it wasn’t going away. Everything was fine until you heard thoses words, it was all coming back once again.

“I’m getting married” Alec said as he stood in the middle of the room

“You’re what?” You asked looking up from your book you didn’t think you heard him right.

“I’m getting married to Lydia” He told you while your eyes finally met.

“Oh” was all you could say. You didn’t know what to say, here in front of you was the boy you loved telling you that you’ll never be his. You thought he loved you too but you guess you were wrong. You felt tears well up in your eyes, you knew that you had to leave before he saw you cry. You got up from the couch closing your book and slowly making your way passed him.

“Where are you going?” He asked “We’re not done here”

“What else is there Alec?” You asked with you voice breaking. Shit you were going to cry.

“Don’t you want to know why? You are my girlfriend after all”

“Why? Yes please explain to me was my boyfriend is getting married to a girl that is not me.” You said to him while crossing your arms “Oh wait your not my boyfriend anymore so I don’t care” You went to turn to leave but Alec caught your arm.

“Please understand why please I love you for crying out loud, you just need to say it for me”

“Say what Alec? That I love you too, I can’t wait to see your guys babies” You yelled. What did he want you to say? Alec shook his head and looked at you with pled in his eyes and said

“Just say that it is okay. I just need to hear you say it.”

Okay? you thought how could this ever be okay but you loved him and would do anything for him.

“It’s not okay to married when your with someone else but your now your single so yes Alec its okay to married her. Have a good life” You said right before you left the room.

“You can’t give up” Izzy told you as you laid your head on her shoulder.

“I’m not giving up I’m just letting him be happy”

“You know why he doing this, you know he’ll never be happy”

“I don’t care Izzy his mind is made up and I’m not going to try and change it” You said

“But you love him”

“That’s why I’m letting him get married, he’ll help your guys family become something again.”

“You know you deserve someone amazing for this. Even if it’s not my brother. You deserve to be happy and I’m not just saying this because you are my best friend. You are truly a great person” Izzy told you.

“Stop before you make me cry” You said. “I had enough tears for one day” Izzy smiled at you and asked

“What do you plan on doing now?”

“I’m not sure, I think healing is first and then what happens after that is all up to faith” You told her.

“Sounds good, you know all we want is for you to be happy”

“I know, and I will be just not today”

“I love you, you’re my best friend”

“I love you too Isabelle”

You knew that at the end of the day, if you still had this Lightwood sibling in your life you would be happy. Times like these all you need is a best friend that will help you mend your broken heart.

Peepers: my darling precious evil frustrated ambitious little eyeball man

Post S1 analysis

Also it would be nice if you’d read the thing. I like the thing.

A good while ago I wrote how much I liked Peepers willing to put his foot down, when he’s not afraid of Hater, when he’s done with his boss and it shows. And some of you told me “Oh man, you’re going to like Peepers in S2!” And I was like “Ok, fine, we’ll see.”

“The Greater Hater” started with Peepers clearly annoyed with Hater, not caring if he get blasted or not. Okay, good. Then he’s clearly in awe of Dominator’s ship and I go “oooooooh I suspected he’d leave Hater in S2 looks like I was right!” Then he goes off on Hater again and as we all know frustrated Peepers is the best Peepers. So here I was, thinking that Dom was going to be Peepers’ new boss, happy about Commander letting his frustrations out, maybe he’d get some character arc thanks to the switch? …But at the same time I enjoyed that dynamic between Peepers and Hater and I was also kind of sad it was going to end right when it started to get really good?
The episode continued; Dominator managed to trap Wander and Sylvia, enrage Hater and fight him back with ease, while Peepers gets a good look at bot factory. “This is it,” I thought. “He’s going to leave Hater for the new guy for galactic domination.”

And then Peepers saved everyone by wrecking the console and, though I didn’t really know it at the time, became my favorite character.

Peepers got A LOT of character development this season. And, strangely, his character arc wasn’t even that big or prominent. He wasn’t the one who was supposed to face Dominator in one way or another (though he tried, oh boy he tried and ended up with disastrous results). He was a guy who wanted to have universe at his feet, knew he lacked the abilites to do so and had to rely on someone powerful. But now with Hater being distracted by Wander all the time he had to work even more and even harder to fullfil his ambitions.

Aside from the very first episode it didn’t start with much. In “The Big Day” he tried hard to get Hater out of Wander-frenzy, and failed miserably not noticing the whole skullship planned a wedding destruction ceremony. He broke down in tears and that was that. In “The Breakfast” he just served the titular meal multiple times only to get roped into cleaning the mess Hater left in his morning tantrum.

But then “The Axe” happened.
Peepers is fired by his boss, keeps on hoping Hater would rethink the matter, but it seems like skeleton man gets on his own just fine. Peepers suffers through his inner “Grop I’m so sad about life and stuff” song (and I still didn’t got to hear Tom Kenny’s version, come on, when is it going to be released?) gets into taxi and… tries to find a new job in newspaper? What the heck, there are so many villains around, why can’t he just work for one of them? It’s because he truly believed Hater is the greatest, the most powerful villain in the galaxy. And that they could be great again working together if Hater would just let him. And, well, eventually he does, almost to the point of begging. They get back together, Peepers gets a statue, and everything is right in the world.

We also got to see his room in that episode. It’s small, it has a bed, a toilet, a locker and a giant Hater poster. That’s it. And then he can fit all his belongings in cardboard box (along with a plant that I’m sure he stole from the cafeteria to have something to put into box). It just shows how much time and effort he put into his work. No wonder he was depressed about the prospect of losing it all.

“The It”. Oh my grop I absolutely adore this episode. Aside from being hilarious it was great Peepers episode.
Commander is fed up with Hater’s shenanigans and decides to work with what he can. Hater causes a chaos with the game of tag (and also wants to tag Peepers himself, and, well, we can’t have that… cause… reasons… nobody would like to be it anway…) – time to freeze him in coldbrrnte! Nobody wants to be it? Time to use it against other villains!
And we get this nifty montage of evil, ambitious Peepers.
“A true villain turns weakness into a strength!”Thanks, Peepers, that was subtle.
While writers just can’t keep Commander happy for too long and episode ends up with him crying, at this point Peepers understands that while he needs Hater for the empire to work, he ensures watchdogs are working with him anytime skeleton man gets distracted by Wander.

…Though then again does he actually need Hater that much?

Enter “The Cool Guy”. Peepers and Hater’s relationship is actually pretty decent at this point. They seem to have an actual fun playing with toys strategic figurines and planning an invasion at the same time, but Emperor Awesome’s arrival puts a wrench into the whole thing. On Peepers side he worries that his boss won’t get to the invasion on time but eventually gets fed up with waiting – it’s invasion time! Commander goes on how he knows very well what Hater truly wants, mocking his dreams of being popular and tries to lead the invasion on his own. While putting his eye-face on the flags. Though he definitely used Hater’s popularity as a villain to do this.

When he goes off to the aliens about bowing down to their new master and ruler he gets interrupted. And no one, no one will ever convince that he wasn’t talking about himself. He wanted to conquer in his name for once, just to try, maybe he had capabilites, maybe he was enough, maybe he didn’t need Hater after all? But Awesome makes fun of him, of his cuteness, his height, and him being a nerd.
And Peepers, despite the initial failure, responds in truly great manner, making fun of him instead, pointing out what pathetic person he is. However he does that without mentioning the jab at his height. It’s clearly a thing he doesn’t want to talk about.

There’s not much to talk about when it comes to “The Rager” and “The Good Bad Guy”. Peepers continues on being Peepers to who Hater actually listens to, but also gets smacked around by his boss (more about that in relationships analysis). He’s just kind of there. Getting punched by Sylvia who wasn’t even there.

Oh yeah, time to mention his relationship with Syl, huh. Since their moment in “The Battle Royale” they started to get along, somewhat. It’s continued in “The Show Stopper”, “My Fair Hatey” and “The End of the Galaxy”. They found a similriaties in each other, common goals, and at some point even had fun together. Their frenemy thing going on is important to both of them, but especially Peepers, who, so far, didn’t have anyone who he saw on a same level as him.

Before “The Battle Royale” Commander managed to get his boss to the #2 spot on the leaderboard, learned to work with childish Hater and the only real obstacle was Dominator on the first place, destroying planets left and right. After this episode Dom rmeained as obstacle, but in an entirly different way: previously Hater was willing to fight the guy back. But since he developed a crush on her things started to be… complicated.

Peepers, after the fluke of attack in “The New Toy”, where Hater sabotaged every attempt at fighting Dom back using the frostonium, is done. He just wants to get rid of Dominator, wants his boss back on track; he doesn’t even dream of getting S1 Hater, he just wants the things to be what the status quo from the S2 first arc back, when childish, distracted Hater was a person he could work with.

So when Commander gets Hat into his hands he snaps. “The universe will be mine!” He’s entirely willing to leave Hater and conquer the universe – yes, he said universe, not galaxy – by himself. Dude’s definitely ambitious.
Of course after everything blows up and Wander gets his Hat back things get back to normal. Well, relatively normal. As normal as WoY with Hater having a crush on a bigger villain can get, I guess. But it was there, Peepers and his ambitions resurfaced yet again.

By the time “My Fair Hatey” rolls Commander decides to take matter into his hands. I feel like fighting Dominator was pretty personal for him at this point; she was the person who messed up his plans, who made Hater into total fool. He explains his plan to Sylvia in a glorious singing manner, roping her into bringing frostonium onboard Dom’s ship and… well, he successed. Sort of. It’s unclear what has actually happened, but Dom gets ice powers thanks to that and the galaxy is even more doomed. But nobody can accuse the little guy for lack of trying.

In “The Bad Neighbors” Peepers clearly feels guilty and tries to reach to Hater for help. He doesn’t sleep, overworking himself even more than normally, and comes up with nothing. There is a bright spot at the end of a tunnel though – his confidence is back by the end of episode and everyone is free from sitcom shenanigans.

When I finished the series my Screener asked me which arc from S2 was my favorite and which one I liked the least. Without thinking I responded that I the third arc was definitely my least favorite. Before I could mull over my response she said: “oh yeah, it didn’t have enough Peepers in it, right.”

Yeah, Commander kind of disappeared in a last act and took backseat to Wander and Sylvia trying to find ways to beat Dominator. He finally got to appear in “The Robomechabotatron”, where he pretty much laid out his opinion about Hater to Wander (which also meant some Peepers&Wander interactions, yay!) And while I love “The End of the Galaxy” he didn’t do much there. At the beginning he lost all hope, though was later shown to be looking for Hater, probably trying to plan what to do next, if that galaxy was lost. He was extremely happy about getting his compentent boss back, saved Sylvia’s life, got a serious case of heart eyes and it ultimately got back to chasing Wander across the galaxy.

So, Peepers. Ambitious, evil, workaholic Peepers. I love this guy.

While it’s obvious he’s evil, more evil than Hater, I was thinking: how evil is he? Can we assume he’s as evil or even more evil than Dom? (Or Screwball, but let’s stick to evil guys who know they’re evil kay.) People seem not to think so, if only because he exclaimed: “Man, that’s evil!”upon learning her plan of destroying the whole galaxy. First of all he’s fine with destroying few planets. He was planning a tour to do it back in “The Big Day” for flarp’s sake! It’s not about all the people who would lose their homes and lifes in that, no. It’s about his lack of comprehension about this plan.
See, Peepers is ambitious, he wants to conquer, he wants to rule, even if it has to be in someone else’s name (though we all know he would gladly do it alone if he could). Sure when he sees her plan on a giant screen he’s shocked, but then…

…he has this look. It’s not ‘it’s so evil why would she do that to these people’ look, it’s: 'what the flarp, why would anyone do that, what are the benefits, is that her plan, is that why she destroyed everything on her path, better stop her quickly or I won’t have anything to conquer.’ He wants to save the galaxy only to conquer it, he says it himself later in musical episode, and Hater remembers it in the finale, causing the heart eyes.
So, yeah, personally I don’t think Peepers is less evil than Dominator, he’s just more cautious, needs to work with others, and doesn’t see sense in destroying everything; what is there left to rule after all?

So what would happen to Commander in S3? A lot of things, I imagine, I wrote the whole post about my suspcions regarding his future. Also there’s a matter of his and watchdogs’ home planet, that aaparently was destroyed by Dom. We would learn about his background, maybe finally get his first name. More interactions with Hater and Sylvia. Please, please, more interactions with Wander and Dominator. And…

…I'm… just gonna go cry in the corner, okay?

TL;DR: I love this character so much. He’s ambitious, evil, and was supposed to get an arc in S3. Still got a lots of development in S2 and what we got was glorious.