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it's so heartwarming and endearing and simply beautiful how much you're devoted to bts. you get all of there is to get (dvds, magazines, etc) and you're so wonderfully selfless, you share that content with us. you're truly inspirational and a great person, i'm fondly amazed.

this is so nice, you are so nice ;; it makes everything more enjoyable when other people can enjoy it too! i know we all buy stuff as much as we can, but sometimes life happens and i’m glad i can help, thank you <3

i think one of the ways isak grew during his season is by starting to realize that he can be a positive addition to people’s lives, that he can, in fact, make things better 

things weren’t going well at home for god knows how long, and i can’t help but think that isak took some of the blame for what was happening, because this situation wasn’t something he was able to make better. his mom was going through a very hard time, his parents’ relationship seemed to have fallen apart, his father left, and there was nothing isak could do about it. there was nothing he should’ve had to do about it as their child, at such a young age, but he saw his home become broken, and he saw that there was nothing he could do to fix it. i think isak probably tried as best as he could, by trying to not be an “additional burden” in the household, by remaining quiet and closed off and trying not to add fuel to the fire. but things didn’t work out, and he ended up having to leave home at sixteen, leaving as things still seemed broken beyond repair 

and then you have his friendship with eva, one of his closest friends, and he blamed himself entirely for what happened to her relationship with jonas for over a year. he saw himself as the sole reason why jonas and eva weren’t together anymore, why they weren’t talking, and why the trio of friends they once were had fallen apart. and isak wasn’t innocent here, he did betray eva, but he wasn’t entirely to blame, eva said so herself. but once again, that’s the thing with isak, he blames himself more than he should for things he doesn’t have control over

isak will blame himself, think he’s at fault for other people not doing well. and you see that thinking pattern during the season. you see it in the locker room scene when even tells him he broke things off with sonja, and isak apologizes because he thinks it might’ve made him sad, i’m sorry if because of me you were sad. you also see it in the minutt for minutt clip, when he’s on the phone with sonja, and she has to remind him that it’s not his fault even’s not feeling well, that his mental illness is the reason why he’s feeling that way. he feels a lot of guilt, and sometimes his feeling of guilt is justified because he does mess up, speak before he thinks, and it’s a good thing that he feels remorseful and wants to apologize, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to eskild after what he told him in pride, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to mahdi after he pushed him, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to noora when he thought he might’ve been a little too harsh with her. it shows what a truly good and caring person isak is. but the amount of guilt he feels is sometimes disproportionate, because once again isak would see himself as the guy who can’t make things right, can only make them worse

but i think, or at least i’d like to think that isak has learned to take a step back and see the progress he makes, and realize that messing up is not all he does, see that he can, in fact, make things better, be a good person to others. i like to think he holds himself accountable just enough when he does mess up, enough to apologize and realize he was wrong and learn. but i also like to think that he truly sees what a great friend and boyfriend and person he is, and how it’s a good thing for the people he cares about to have isak in their life. i like to think that isak’s perception of himself is now a far better representation of who he actually is, and the role he plays in other people’s lives

I don’t even know where I went with this.
Enjoy Dad! Loki.

Dad Loki headcanons:

-when you gave birth he totally said the child looked like an asgardian raisin.

-you were so pissed.

-Probably has no idea whatsoever on how to care for a child.

-Tbh he never thought he’d have a child, let alone even be with you, so it’s a whole new experience for him.

-Thinks of the child as a squishy, puny being.

-10/10 probably lets the baby wear his helmet.

-It’s way too big for them, so it’s hilarious to see something so small wear something so big.

-Never thought fatherhood would feel so rewarding to him.

-Dad Loki is super protective.

-Probably less of a narcissist, not as big as a sassy asshole anymore.

-Being a new father is such an experience for him, it tired him out so quickly.

-Can’t change a diaper to save his life. The last time he tried to, the poor child was wearing it inside out and backwards.

-Probably can’t wait for the child to become old enough to care for themselves.

-Who am I kidding, when the baby grows up, he’ll probably miss these times like hell.

-Low key hovers people when they hold the child without realizing it.

-You’ll have to probably point it out to him.

-He’s 100% going to deny it.

-“but Loki, you were basically breathing down their neck”
-“I have no clue what you’re talking about (y/n)”

-When it finally hits him that he’s going to be a dad, he’s probably scared.

-His father was never a truly good father, and he’s not that great of a person so he’ll probably be so scared to care for something so impressionable.

-Gives the baby cute nicknames like little frost giant or snowflake.

-Wears gloves because he’s afraid his cold skin will make the child sick.

-When the child grows up he’d be so proud to see how amazing they turned out.

-Kinda pissy when they get old enough to be in a relationship.

-“I don’t like them”
-“Loki you haven’t even met them yet”
-“I don’t care (y/n) I don’t like them”
-“okay love, whatever floats your boat”
-“what does that mean?”
-“never mind Loki”

-When he meets their boyfriend/girlfriend, he’ll totally act like he has a stick up his ass, this will later lead to you having to lecture him.

-Loki being Loki, he’ll totally deny everything, ending up with him having an uncomfortable nights rest on the designer couch he bought.

-If the child ends up getting married he’s probably going to cry.

-Who am I kidding, he’s gonna cry.

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hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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When you reach the level of obsession when you quote the book without even realizing that's what you're doing since it's such a familiar phrase (I'm not feeling well so I just said "I'm going to bed, where I may die." and then I was like "..wait")

lol that’s perfect. (you’ve reached the right level of obsession my friend) this book truly has some great quotes to use in daily life :D my personal faves are

  • “Bury me beside Mrs. Pentstemmon” when I’m not feeling well
  • “I hope your bacon burns” when I’m pissed at someone
  • “I look like a pan of bacon and eggs” when I look like pan of bacon and eggs
  • “I’m cone sold stober” just. perfect in any occasion

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can i ask you about seokjin being mysterious? can i know your opinion about it? i kinda want to know the other's opinion about it cause he's just so precious for me even though he's not my ub.

So i saw the anon saying how seokjin is the most confusing member bc there’s so many layers of him & i couldn’t’ve said it better tbh. Even tho there isn’t much of his other side that we can see, it’s cool how we can collectively agree that there’s more beyond his cute & bubbly character. I feel like he’d be much more quiet, calm & pensive irl. And i know that he knows he’s beautiful but whenever he says it himself on tv, it kinda feels like it’s just for show. Idk sorry just a random thought

my opinion about jin’s personality is still the same, he’s truly a great actor even to his own life. for example that time when he can’t attend his own graduation because the boys had to attend an award event. remember what jimin said on the vlive broadcast that day, he knows jin must be upset because of that but he will never show it. though jin said he’s sad but he was still smiling to us and smiling when the guys gave him a little graduation surprise party no matter what. i feel like he’s the type of person when he feels something burdening him, he will just keep it to himself rather than showing it off. do you guys notice whenever he’s mad, he’s just trying to look mad because then he will try to make it look as funny as he can. he’s still cover it off with his great acting.

and yes the 2nd anon i agree with you, there’s definitely more beyond his cute & bubbly character. i think there’s a reason why yoongi likes him to be his roommate. remember when yoongi said “we will see the world peace through jin hyung” or that time when he said “jin hyung doesn’t need to do anything, his presence alone calms me” or something along that and i believe yoongi is the no-bullshit person so there you have one fact about jin, that he’s actually a calm person. yes jin acts all noisy and cheery with the maknae line, with hobi, even namjoon, and then when we see him with yoongi, idk in my eyes he’s not that loud like he’s with the others? like he’s much tamer??? yes he nags yoongi alot at times as well but sometimes he’s just.. stood there and watch the others when he’s tired of acting. and the last time jimin also said it too in the vlive broadcast, said jin ever mentioned that he acts all childish for the sake of the youngers and jin immediately said “of course”. jin himself admit that it’s him who match his actions to the youngers’ mentality.

Okay (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“Are you okay?” Izzy asked you as she sat down next to you on the front stairs of the institute.

“What’s your definition of okay? Because I can wake up tomorrow and still go about my day like nothing ever happened but on the inside I will be torn apart”

“You’re not okay then”

“I’ll never be okay again, I’ve lost him for good” You told her. “He’ll never be mine”

That moment where your world fell apart kept coming back to you over and over again. You didn’t want to remember it but it wasn’t going away. Everything was fine until you heard thoses words, it was all coming back once again.

“I’m getting married” Alec said as he stood in the middle of the room

“You’re what?” You asked looking up from your book you didn’t think you heard him right.

“I’m getting married to Lydia” He told you while your eyes finally met.

“Oh” was all you could say. You didn’t know what to say, here in front of you was the boy you loved telling you that you’ll never be his. You thought he loved you too but you guess you were wrong. You felt tears well up in your eyes, you knew that you had to leave before he saw you cry. You got up from the couch closing your book and slowly making your way passed him.

“Where are you going?” He asked “We’re not done here”

“What else is there Alec?” You asked with you voice breaking. Shit you were going to cry.

“Don’t you want to know why? You are my girlfriend after all”

“Why? Yes please explain to me was my boyfriend is getting married to a girl that is not me.” You said to him while crossing your arms “Oh wait your not my boyfriend anymore so I don’t care” You went to turn to leave but Alec caught your arm.

“Please understand why please I love you for crying out loud, you just need to say it for me”

“Say what Alec? That I love you too, I can’t wait to see your guys babies” You yelled. What did he want you to say? Alec shook his head and looked at you with pled in his eyes and said

“Just say that it is okay. I just need to hear you say it.”

Okay? you thought how could this ever be okay but you loved him and would do anything for him.

“It’s not okay to married when your with someone else but your now your single so yes Alec its okay to married her. Have a good life” You said right before you left the room.

“You can’t give up” Izzy told you as you laid your head on her shoulder.

“I’m not giving up I’m just letting him be happy”

“You know why he doing this, you know he’ll never be happy”

“I don’t care Izzy his mind is made up and I’m not going to try and change it” You said

“But you love him”

“That’s why I’m letting him get married, he’ll help your guys family become something again.”

“You know you deserve someone amazing for this. Even if it’s not my brother. You deserve to be happy and I’m not just saying this because you are my best friend. You are truly a great person” Izzy told you.

“Stop before you make me cry” You said. “I had enough tears for one day” Izzy smiled at you and asked

“What do you plan on doing now?”

“I’m not sure, I think healing is first and then what happens after that is all up to faith” You told her.

“Sounds good, you know all we want is for you to be happy”

“I know, and I will be just not today”

“I love you, you’re my best friend”

“I love you too Isabelle”

You knew that at the end of the day, if you still had this Lightwood sibling in your life you would be happy. Times like these all you need is a best friend that will help you mend your broken heart.


Author’s Note: @yoongihowareyousohandsome - Thank you for being patient, grasshopper lmao 

Reina sighed heavily into the phone.

When I said you should try and find your soulmate, I did not mean saying yes to the first guy that asked you out offline. Her concerned tone could be heard through the phone as you shook your head.

I know, but what if I end up regretting this for the rest of my life? You asked. You knew that with Reina, the way to get to her was by playing up the romantic card. She was a sucker for fairytales and happily ever after, she was silent for a moment and you knew you were winning her over. So it’ll be okay. If he’s not my soulmate then whatever, but at least I’ve tried. You murmured, but the pause was longer than usual. Reina? You called out into the silent receiver and finally she spoke.

How will you know it’s him? It was a simple question, but you hadn’t thought about it. Your world was already color, so there was no way that your eyes were going to tell you he was the right guy.

Uhm. You mumbled back. For some reason, you hadn’t gotten that far in your head, now your hands started to sweat. I have no idea. You muttered and you could hear Reina begin to breathe heavily. You opened and closed your mouth, trying to think up ways to identify that this guy was either your soulmate or not, but everything seemed to point to not knowing.

I’m googling it now! She exclaimed into the phone and you shook your head. Most people didn’t have this issue, so now you started to panic. You didn’t want to tell Reina she sucked at research, but she sucked at research. She couldn’t find an answer to a question even if it was right in front of her nose. She sighed into the phone and you knew she had already given up. Nothing is showing up. She muttered and you shook your head.

I’m sure it’s not him anyway. You mumbled. Maybe if we can recount the time it happened? He said he was at the same concert, so if I can remember the exact point that my world went color? You started to think out loud, the walk to the coffee shop was full of you questioning your best friend.

Hobi was on the other side of town, trying to lay low as he snuck out of the dorm. BigHit had allowed them to travel without managers, but they couldn’t go far from the dorm and if they wanted to leave, they had to get permission and tell at least 1 of the members. The only problem was that Hobi didn’t know who to tell. He would usually go to Namjoon, but Namjoon had made him promise not to mention this to anyone, and he looked at the maknae line, who were currently tackling each other for a video game remote. Shaking his head at that prospect, he looked over at Yoongi and Jin, Jin looked like he was lecturing Yoongi about something, but Yoongi seemed so out of it, that it sparked an idea in Hobi’s mind.

Yoongi hyung. Hobi said in a quiet voice, Yoongi raised his eyebrows. Hobi knew that Yoongi really didn’t give a fuck about most things the other members did, so if he simply told Yoongi he was headed to the coffee shop, Yoongi would probably just shrug his shoulders. Uhm, I’m heading out for coffee without the managers. Hobi started and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

Why do we have to tell people that we are going out? I swear it’s like they don’t think we are grown men. Go. He muttered in an exasperated tone and Hobi’s eyes went wide with surprise. That worked even better than he had hoped. He bowed a little as he ran to the front hall closet, putting on his shoes, and slipping out the front door, Hobi let out a small sigh of relief.

He wandered over to the coffee shop, just as you were making your way into the same place. You looked down at your phone, almost running into Hobi, whose heart raced a little when he saw you. You were wearing ripped jeans, but had changed your crop top for a comfortable sweatshirt and slipped on a simple pair of Vans. Hobi looked at you up and down, before opening the door for you. You gave him a small smile, not realizing it was him past the white mask and beanie. You walked into the café, and Hobi tried to calm his breathing. He definitely recognized your face, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up too high as he watched you walk past him and into the small line of customers.

You waited patiently in the line, skimming the menu, then looking around the café and sending out a quick text to HopefulDancer on the private message.

I’m ordering a coffee, text me when you get here. You sent out simply. Looking at the text, you wondered if it made you sound cold, then you started to reevaluate the situation. Maybe this was a mistake. Your mind seemed to tell you as you started to lightly bite you nails. Sighing, you looked at the menu.

Hobi felt his phone buzz and saw the message. He chuckled to himself as he looked from you to the phone. Just to reassure himself that you were truly the right person, he sent back a reply.

Sounds great! Can’t wait! He sent it and saw you look at your phone almost instantly, you seemed to skim the message, then slip the phone back into your pocket, which made Hobi worry a little. Then he looked at the message. Maybe that was too excited. He thought to himself as he looked at the message. He walked up in line behind you, and opened and closed his mouth trying to think of the right words to say.

It was finally your turn to order, as you walked up to the counter.

Uhm could I just get a medium iced Americano? You asked the cashier and heard a voice from behind you.

Make that two. You tilted your head as you turned slowly to look behind you and see the man from earlier. Now he smiled brightly at you. My treat. He said and handed the cashier his card. Your mouth hung open as your eyes went wide. The man from earlier had lowered his mask, now you could see it was in fact, Hobi.

Stephen King’s “A Good Marriage” is a terrific novella because it asks: “How well can you ever truly know a person?”

Why King is such a great writer: He doesn’t weasel out in the end. He’s not ambiguous.

He simply says: “No, you can’t truly know them.”

You know what goes on in your head. But you sure as fuck don’t know what goes on in anyone’s else’s.  Even if you love them madly.

Why I think it’s one of the best things King has written.

It points out something about human nature and privacy. 

Going on two hours of sleep in the past two days and now I’m just sitting here in my cute flat for my London trip getting so emotional because Marcus Junius Brutus is great and I love him

How I found this place...

just going to repost my long post to you…

Hi Jess (jamesandclairefraser), I just wanted to write you some lines. I finally managed to get my own tumblr account (Iwillloveyouforeverandaday —> I just couldn´t come up with something else *lol* I was thinking quite a while how I´m gonna name my blog something that relates to S/C and their love.) Anyways I´m the anon that told you the other day that I promised myself to get a tumblr account IF you ever come back here (german83 anon). Well here I am. :-)

I´m also the anon with the “4th of Jan. theory” the other day…there is actually so much more to my theory but since the “ask” frame only allows limited words I couldn´t write a novel then…well let me explain some more why I think Sam was in LA….first of all Cait had this specific interview, was it Jan. 5 (Thursday)? Sometime around that day when she was asked, if Sam is coming to the GG and she answered “Maybe….I don´t know….” and she laughs it off….so why would she even say something LIKE THAT if she knew exactly that he is NOT in the STATES and definitely NOT attending??? Because he was THERE in LA! There´s no other logical reason to it IMO! Also the anon sighting saying Cait was with a ginger…..and also Cait saying in one interview “we were…” and then cuts off…..So they probably thought about them both attending and maybe outing them right there. Sometime around that time they must have met with their bosses or someone “in charge” and discuss something regarding their relationship and putting a stop to let me call it “faking a sh** show”. I also think their “bosses” or whoever agreed and let them “free” to live their lives on their terms. I also think they thought it through that attending the GG together what cause too much attention so they agreed on a slow reveal and he flies back on Friday or something when he twittered he wants a snack #peanuts  and to be honest, that is something you usually get on a plane. I would bet money on it, he actually was a HAPPY af guy to fly back knowing from now on they are free…a day later we got the twitter fest and him staying up all night for his love of his life. I mean be honest. Would you stay up all night for just a co-worker going all crazy and loved up on your twitter after you just came back from a 14 hours flight??? Usually the answer should be no, unless you LOVE them more than anything!  They wanted to be free and live their lives without hiding and I truly believe that if you hide a relationship for years and can´t be real, it can also break you cos you have to be careful what to say, what to do and that is just not fun at all. It puts too much pressure on people faking to be someone they are not. Just look at the BAFTA´s, that just tells you everything you need to know, I´m still asking myself WHY? Why would someone be so cruel and put strings on such lovely people like Sam and Cait are. I just don´t understand it. If there was some kind of punishment for something, then that person putting strings on them, belongs behind bars. One thing I def. believe that they were forced into this. Cos between their christmas video 2015 and Jan. 2016 there was a 180° change . That would also explain why Sam became so shy and reserved at interviews from last year….he was not allowed to tell the truth and probably he is also not so good in lying or faking something. That´s when a person usually becomes quiet and let other people talk. It would also answer why he answered the question “what is the best thing that happened to you in 2016?” in Leanne Aguilera´s interview from beginning of December in the way he did. Cait answered that she went on a long vacation, you could hear him thinking “oh shit what am I gonna say? I loved that vacation as well…can´t give the same answer….people think we´re only friends…..hmm….shit….what am I gonna say now….arrrghhhhh….????” and there it goes….Sam what was your best thing in 2016? and when it was his turn he´s mumbling something about work and looks at Cait telling her with his eyes….“Babe what am I suppose to say? Can´t give the same answer” I think that´s why she makes fun of his answer, her best thing was away from work and his at work……..I get why Cait said this to him….probably because she´s sneaky thinking “Babe we had so much fun on our vacation and you answer work?! ö_Ö ??? But don´t worry honey, I know you can´t answer this ;-) ”

So that for now on this “topic”

So let me tell you in a shortcut something about me, I´m Sim (33) from Germany (Eastern Part of Germany) the part that tore down walls 27 years ago because they were sick of feeling imprisoned and spied on and wanted to be free.

Anyways I found Outlander in May 2015 that was the first time they advertised Outlander on VOX being aired in June. From the first time I saw the little trailer I was hooked and so fascinated. So after watching season 1 I was in AWWWW and couldn´t wait for the DVD´s to get out, so after these came out I binged watched the whole season again in 2 days…Since I knew it would still be a long time until season 2 comes out I watched probably every single video of Sam and Cait on youtube. Then season 2 came out in April which I watched online the day it aired in the US, from that day on I started reading the books. Read book 1-4, must say I never read such a thick book of 1.200 pages ever before not even to speak of 4 books….well I read book 3 in 2 weeks, which is a miracle speed in my words, reading pretty much day and night….I loved it so much, I probably read the printshop scene 10 times or more….I just loved it so much. So between Jamie/Claire and googling Sam/Cait I was going back and forth….I was just so amazed by their love that they have for each other it´s hard to miss it. I still can´t believe how people can miss it…..THAT is what you call LOVE, their glances at each other, touches, smiles, their locked eyes. Very rare to find in this world and you are lucky if you find someone who looks at you like that and you feel the same way about them. Like Cait used to say “sometimes the stars align”.

So end of last summer I found  your blog and some others (yellowfeather84, queencaitriona, balfeheughlywed, sablelab, mamatumblz, sassynach, wanderingsummerbreeze, cb4tb, samcait4ever, nopromissessassenach, trixen, etc.) which I LOVE reading and enjoy so much….

There is so much positivity here and I love how I found a good place to be informed about my two favorite people Sam & Cait. I´m also amazed how many good people are on here and celebrate the love between these two. Still can´t think of reasons why some higher powers try to take this part of the fandom apart. Just doesn´t get into my head. For me it´s like we are celebrating their love and support them in everything they do, that´s all we do and I find nothing bad about it! When you deleted your blog last November, I was pretty down and mad coz to me you did nothing wrong. You didn´t harass anyone or put shit out there, all you did was trying to put out positivity and love. That´s why I loved reading your blog otherwise I wouldn´t be here coz I hate reading negativity and hatred. That always makes me sick to my stomach and my heart sink. I just remember Ellen Degeneres once said “if you have nothing nice to say, don´t say anything at all and be quiet”. It´s been years she said it on her show and it sticks with me since then…

well another thing that weirdly connects me to Cait and Outlander is that I have been to Scotland once and the day I put my foot on Scottish ground was September 11, 2013 at Glasgow airport. It gives me kinda chills that I found out that this day is her castaversary. I have no idea if she landed in Glasgow on that day as well or just got the job on that day but for me it will be always special that I was there on THAT particular day which started the journey that I´m all into now. I did a 6 day round trip through Scotland and the highlands with my best friend cause I loved Scotland so much and always wanted to go. At that time I didn´t know about Diana Gabaldon´s books and all that. And for the last two years all the pieces fall into place and start making sense and my love of Scotland just grews bigger and bigger.

so that for now. :-) Just want to tell you, you are a great person, it truly shines through, don´t let anyone tell you something else. Sending you lots of love! ´til later!  💖

i downloaded musescore yesterday and this was the first thing i did

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon as your Boyfriend
  • you must have saved South Korea in your previous life if you’re dating Kwon Jiyong
  • But actually, he’s the one who’s hella blessed to be dating you
  • Jiyong is known to have a push and pull concept, he’s just like that
  • Is a very busy person, but will always find the time to be with you
  • That’s how much he loves you
  • Will be very cute with you and would enjoy it when you give lots and lots of attention and affection
  • The type to lazily wrap his arms around your waist and would sleep on your shoulder standing up
  • Jiyong would enjoy making your lap as his pillow!
  • Will bring you to every concert~
  • Loves Seungri to death, but will make him stay atleast 10 feet away from you
  • Jiyong is a perfectionist and a workaholic, so you bet he’ll work 24/7
  • So you always take care of him and make sure that he drinks vitamins and have the right amount of sleep.
  • He’s a spoiled kid, he would like to receive lots of kisses, hugs, and cuddles from you.
  • But the boy knows how to spoil you as well, Hello YG master card
  • He’ll shower you with presents and a loving note to go with it
  • Whether it’s a stuffed toy from France or just a plain local chocolate bar, he’ll find a way to send you these things even if he’s overseas
  • Believes that whenever he writes love songs about people he likes, they eventually break up so he’s really scared to write a song about you
  • Would do his best to keep you safe! Especially from the media :)
  • Has the brightest smile on his face when he leaves for work because you always give him a goodbye kiss :)
  • Despite his image, Jiyong is kind and compassionate~ He’ll enjoy doing charity work with you!
  • Loves kids! So he doesn’t mind whenever you have to babysit a kid!
  • His kisses are always sweet and slow, he would enjoy feeling up your lips first before doing anything further
  • Also, loves kissing your neck and ears
  • Skinship is a given, since it’s Jiyong we’re talking about.
  • He’ll have a protective arm around your body whenever you two are out and would give lots and lots of hugs
  • Dates with Jiyong would be hella fun!
  • Going to dog and cat cafes or roaming the streets of Myeongdong with funny disguises on
  • Is meticulous about his clothes and his living space, but doesn’t mind at all whenever you sleep over.
  • Would constantly follow you around doing actions that annoy you
  • he lives for your annoyed face
  • Is a happy kid whenever you bring him any disney toy
  • Always asks his manager to take care of you when he’s away
  • Is completed different from his stage persona, G-Dragon.
  • So when he met you, he felt relieved that you liked him for him :”)
  • Jiyong is a passionate person and is kind and humble! He’s truly a great boyfriend to have
Rains of Castamere: Northern Style

((Anon asked: Could you write a Ramsay x Reader where the reader is the eldest Stark sister and is forcefully engaged to him (instead of Sansa) after the red wedding. While at first Ramsay only saw her as an asset, he actually falls in love with her (in his own way; the reader does not however). When the actual wedding occurs, they’re about to have the bedding ceremony when the rains of Castamere plays.))

((With having a bit of writers block I’d say this turned out pretty great haha))

((Word Count: 2,058))

((Warnings: Uhhhh violence?))

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