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When you reach the level of obsession when you quote the book without even realizing that's what you're doing since it's such a familiar phrase (I'm not feeling well so I just said "I'm going to bed, where I may die." and then I was like "..wait")

lol that’s perfect. (you’ve reached the right level of obsession my friend) this book truly has some great quotes to use in daily life :D my personal faves are

  • “Bury me beside Mrs. Pentstemmon” when I’m not feeling well
  • “I hope your bacon burns” when I’m pissed at someone
  • “I look like a pan of bacon and eggs” when I look like pan of bacon and eggs
  • “I’m cone sold stober” just. perfect in any occasion

Sometimes I think and wonder how much of an extraordinary person Lily Evans must have been….I mean, her characterization doesn’t have much to go on, but really, if we analyze it, it’s obvious that she captivated the attention and admiration of so many people; Slughorn adored her, always admiring her cheekiness, bravery and wit + her inexhaustible intelligence. I mean, she really must have been truly a great person for James to chase after her for so long and never find himself capable to shake his feelings for her. Lily Evans was an explosion of personality; she was charming, clever, intelligent, cheeky, kind, caring, vivacious, and seemed to run more on emotion than logistics, despite the fact that she was very smart. I think it’s safe to say that her death was at least a little bit of a blow to her professors and people she met even in mere passing. Remember what Slughorn said from HBL: “Liked her?” said Slughorn, his eyes brimming with tears once more. “I don’t imagine anyone who met her wouldn’t have liked her….Very brave….Very funny….It was the most horrible thing….” She was radiant and always affected the people around her in positive ways. Lily Evans is everything someone should aspire and hope to be. She’s such a wonderful, lovely character and I desperately wish there was more that we knew about her.

Stephen King’s “A Good Marriage” is a terrific novella because it asks: “How well can you ever truly know a person?”

Why King is such a great writer: He doesn’t weasel out in the end. He’s not ambiguous.

He simply says: “No, you can’t truly know them.”

You know what goes on in your head. But you sure as fuck don’t know what goes on in anyone’s else’s.  Even if you love them madly.

Why I think it’s one of the best things King has written.

It points out something about human nature and privacy. 

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i kid you not, i want frederick so bad and with my green orbs ive summoned Cecilia 4 GODDAMN TIMES

at least you’re not as bad as that dude who spent $5,000 trying to get Hector but still didnt LOL
and he has like six 5 star Lyns LOL

i downloaded musescore yesterday and this was the first thing i did

Truly powerful people have great humility. They do not try to impress, they do not try to be influential. They simply are. People are magnetically drawn to them. They are most often very silent and focused, aware of their core selves. They never persuade, nor do they use manipulation or aggressiveness to get their way. They listen. If there is anything they can offer to assist you, they offer it; if not, they are silent.
—  Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation

“Now you have my attention” – Widowmaker

For my amazing friend @starshipsorceress. You always listen to me complain about how bad I am at blending and try to give me tips so I thought I’d test them out. I’ve never played Overwatch, but was determined to give this a go because you enjoy it. You are a truly lovely person and one of the few great things that happened last year was getting to know you, so here’s a little something from me <3 <3 <3 

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Just wanted to say that I think you're a truly special, wonderful, strong, great person, and I'm so grateful to have had to opportunity to read your words. I know so many people feel the same. No matter how many others try to demean you or tear you down, please please PLEASE remember this. <3

Thank you anon. Really needed this message. 

my first impression of papyrus was that he was quirky, goofy, and tried way too hard, but y'know… there’s something about seeing someone have so much love not only for himself but for others as well that just sells it
he might not be the best at everything, but he can prove that he is indeed a great and cool person
papyrus, you are truly great
I want to hug him

It just seems to me that “personal” in art, if really pushed, is the most valued quality & what I want so much to find in & for myself. “Idea” painting is great if it truly belongs to a person, however fails when it is externally acquired. I must drop that from my mind, leave it behind.
That shadow is superfluous.
I must really learn to forget anything & everyone and let it just take its course on the canvas
—  Eva Hesse journal 1964, Kettwig, Germany
7 Days~

2 - 11 - 17

7 more days until our sunshine turns 23!!! >-< <333

There are so many reasons why he deserves a lot of love and why he is a truly great person! Every day until his Birthday I will be listing reasons why he is great! ( Should I do this with al members >///\\<??)

Rap Monster: “If I’m fire, J-Hope is water. he’s good at ‘turning off’ my bad habits. He’s really sociable so he’s good at mixing with others and our group members.”

J-Hope is truly a very important member and without him it won’t be the same! Give love to our friendly rapper! Peace~


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Horace: I think the purpose of life is to find our own purpose.

Horace: We landed on the moon. We tamed lightning. We built machines that can fly the average person anywhere!

Horace: Truly, such a great civilization must be on its way to inventing TANGIBLE MEANING

Pig: I just got the newly invented light-up shoes

Horace: *sigh* I thought they already had those…

Pig: They did, but these make laser sounds.

Pig’s shoes: PEW PEW