truffled mac and cheese

i have to say, the scene in please like me where josh has walled tom off in his room for eating the truffle oil mac & cheese and he tells tom he can have some pizza but only under the condition that when tom orders, he asks for extra jalapenos and insipidly pronounces the “j”

and so tom reluctantly does it and josh and claire just die of laughter

was like the most realistic depiction of friendship i have ever seen on tv

just, like, laughing so hysterically you can barely function over something that is objectively so stupid

that was very real

Food Network’s afternoon lineup is just white ladies in the country making different versions of mac and cheese

thank you to the cinnamon snail (vegan nyc-based food truck, catering company & more) for the amazing vegan thanksgiving dinner ❤️ herb crusted seitan, rosemary root vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy & i also had the truffle mac n cheese and mini pumpkin pie !!! they’re amazing ✨✨✨

instagram: @witchy_vegan

Can the Gastro pub go back to hell and take beer cheese, meatball sliders, and pretzels with a trio of sauces with it. This is the laziest rebranding of any concept in the history of eating. It’s literally the same food regular pubs served except with a “trio of sauces” that are all just sriracha and it’s always in an airy industrial space! Gone are the warm woods that made you feel at home while you obliterated your life. Now it’s dark and metallic. You can’t find a napkin. The space is bare. The seating is reminiscent of a music venue. Is that a picnic table? The actual definition of Gastro pub is “What if we served pimento cheese spread in a warehouse?” Every menu is the same. Wait a loaded mac and cheese?!?! No way. Flatbreads! Truffle hand sanitizer in the bathroom! Pork belly! Tater tots! A bastardized version of fried chicken and waffles! And of course the foundation this nightmare is built on: the gourmet burger. All the waiter and waitresses are very excited about the burger. Almost as excited as they are about not forming households and buying property. It’s a special blend. It’s 25 percent bad ideas, 50 percent daddy’s money, and 25 percent lifeless corporate hell! None of the servers can actually describe what any of the food tastes like. “It’s amazing”. These horrible would be actors make orgasmic facial expressions when describing the Mac and cheese and then when it arrives half cooked and cold they’re on their phone across the room. Does anyone want dessert? We have something Smores themed! It’s disgusting and 15 dollars. You’ll enjoy eating it in this gymnasium we’ve scattered light bulbs around. I have no problem with bars and pubs. I’ve ruined my life in them. When I visit them let me experience some nostalgia, some mahogany, a nice looking woman I wish I could be attracted to, not a fat Portland transplant who’s tattoos and stretch marks are competing for the real estate that is her upper arm. And please have regular fucking ketchup.