Jules and I walking our Dachshund “Gutter” when she was younger. These are the moments that remind me of how thankful I am to be alive and to have my family. #blessed #tbt #truetoit (Gutter was found in a gutter when he was a puppy and we raised him until we found a beautiful farm for him to retire and chase rabbits all day. He is now twice as big and twice as happy!) Thanks @ginle for helping us find a great home for him. Bring him down anytime for a visit please!

A throwback of me when I was about 9. I visited Vietnam with my cousins and found this little puppy in a hole all by itself at the beach. Took him home and washed all the bugs and fleas off him and became his friend until I had to go back to the states. The neighborhood kids adopted him. I wish I could have seen what he grew up to be. #truetoit #tbt #bonsaikennels