The other day I heard a big ol’ womp above me while I was working on the aviary. I looked up to see a massive black raven had landed and she just skipped along the top of the aviary frame, grabbed my can of cherry-lime essence carbonated water, and took off. She didn’t even look at me.

friend: why don’t you ever visit your family?

me: I don’t like being around them.

friend: That’s horrible! Why would you say that?

me: They support Trump and I can’t attend one family get-together without getting yelled at because I’m not racist and transphobic like them. In fact they made me cry on my 17th birthday because they ganged up on me because I said police brutality against black people was a real thing.

friend: oh…yeah fuck them

  • a straight: im gonna add pink into my rainbow to try n make it look less like it's a pride thing
  • a Gay™, emerging from the bushes: you fool. the original pride flag's first stripe was pink. you've made it even gayer than before.
  • the straight, desperately trying to erase the pink: nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
πριν 9 χρονια περιπου
  • εγω: Μαμα,θελω μια βαλιτσα.
  • Μαμα: τι την θες;
  • εγω: Θελω να φυγω...
  • *πριν απο δυο χρονια*
  • εγω: Μαμα,εχουμε βαλιτσα;
  • Μαμα: θα φυγεις;
  • εγω: παντα αυτο ηθελα...

I went to the cinema to see Spiderman: Homecoming, and there was this scene when Ned discovered that Peter is Spiderman, and Peter just stood there only in his underwear, and aunt May came in, and then we had this shot of Ned sitting dumbstruck on the bed and Peter panting heavily in his briefs looking rather frightened, and I just choked and said, “that’s gay bro”, and the man sitting next to me patted my hand and said, “it is, fuck”, and that’s why I love cinemas.

If you think Christian life is easy, you are mistaken. It’s raining outside today, you know? And it’s raining inside me too. I haven’t talked to God in a while. I haven’t been close with Him for a while. And it’s messy and terrible and sad and it made me feel so gross about myself. But you know what? God forgive me, it’s good to feel like that from time to time. Because the best thing about it is slowly coming back to God. Slowly asking for His forgivness slowly falling in love with him anew over and over again. I’m very blessed I have a Father who’s quick to forgive. And I pray one day I will be quick to ask for forgivness.

SM: I’m giving you my two weeks notice.

PM: What?! I never saw this coming! I don’t understand why you’d want to leave! Can’t you put it off until…I dunno…October?

SM: That’s literally 10 months from now.

PM: …

SM: …

SM: No.