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True Steppers feat Victoria Beckham & Dane Bowers - Out Of Your Mind (TOTP performance)

In honour of her reportedly popping her first girlie sprog, I thought I’d post one of the lovely “live” performances from Mrs Victoria Beckham’s back catalogue.

A great pop track from the turn of the millennium, ‘Out Of Your Mind' was criminally beaten to number 1 by Spiller’s 'Groovejet’ featuring the only recently redeemed Sophie Ellis-Bextor (I quite like 'Make A Scene’).

However, despite being the only Spice Girl to not have a #1 solo hit single, this track has the biggest first week sales figure of any solo Spice material, and sold over 180k copies in week one alone. 

If a promo trip to Woolworths couldn’t get her a number one, she never really stood a chance with the rest of her solo output, even though it was better than everyone made out.

From 'Mind of It’s Own’ where VB breathlessly SPOKE lyrics such as “It’s gonna be my tears…you cry” (no singing required), right through to her filthy sex talk in 'This Groove’ or releasing her inner disco diva on 'Let Your Head Go’, she actually released more good solo tracks than Melanie B.

Anyway, here you go. The one that made Jordan/Katie Price get all jealous like. Over Dane Bowers. As if! Bowers or Beckham in his hot blond fringed phase!?! PUR-LEASE!