The Stage 3 Blacksmith-crafted gear on my warrior Ellawin Ashheart, with Pauldrons of the Touched from EPL Plaguewood quests subbing in due to a dumb design choice on the set shoulders totally killing them for me.

Seriously, I hate 95% of the shoulderpads in this game. They’re large, or gaudy, or don’t match their sets, or make no logical sense, or all of the above.

She’s already wearing 3 crafted items, so the actual set is chilling in her bank. I had a LOT of Savage Blood laying around, plenty of elements, and way too many ingots made on Arkav, so finally just got it done.

Hair appreciation post! Shortly I’ll be saying goodbye to my grey locks for a dark brown, thought since I’ve loved this hair for so long, and it really is ny favourite, it deserved a post.
The only reason I’m going brown though is because I’ve finally run out completely of the dark grey colour I’ve been using (thanks a shit tonne #fanciful for discontinuation of #truesteel!), and I’m honestly sick of not being able to go swimming or get caught in the rain, and spending 2 hours plus washing and drying my hair because of the demi-permanent colour.
I’m taking back my time, and my $40 or so a month in hair colour costs.
But I will forever love and miss the grey. ❤👵
#greyhair #grayhair #thegreyglammovement #greyhairdontcare #goodbye

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The return of the 30 idea challenge! Here is number 7 and number 23; your favorite non-epic non-legendary weapon and your “guilty pleasure” armor set respectively.

Here I present Kynal my night elf warrior. One of my favorite weapon models is Withchfury a very elegant and simple two handed sword from vanilla. I always try to get one on any character that can use it as a transmog.

My guilty pleasure armor set is the saltstone chest and leggings from vanilla. These are the quintessential “plate bikini” model.

The crafted Malevolent shoulders and helmet from pandaria compliment it pretty well also. And the truesteel waistguard from WoD.

I’m a terrible person. :)

For the original 30 idea challenge go here!

deeafrotailmistress  asked:

7, 8 + 30 for Nel'eko! <3 <3

7. Describe your OC’s clothing. Do they dress to impress? Do they wear pieces of armor or animal skins/hides? Do they have a lot of jewelry?

Oh this is a fun question! Nel can usually be found in her blended Zandalari and Darkspear mail armor. She calls it her second skin for a good reason and appreciates each piece of the ensemble, including her very unsettling rush'ka mask. (You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been told how creepy it is oocly!) When the lady manages to give herself a break from her armor, she loves ratty trollish robes. They are so comfortable and even better, as she is still nursing her son, easy to work around and do what she needs to in them. Sometimes she wears some tattered pants and tops but robes are by far her go to comfy clothes.

Surprisingly Nel isn’t one for too much jewelry! She has a truesteel nosering through her septum in honor of Zul that she made herself, loops in her ears and a very precious sapphire and bone necklace she wears daily that she was given by her mentor when she presented her son, Ajira, to him for the first time. She never takes any of these off, and treats these few pieces like they are part of her body.

8. Does your OC have any piercings or tattoos? If so, is their a story or meaning behind them?

Aside from her ear piercings, her most significant one is the nosering she has that I mentioned before. I read somewhere of a troll woman having a nosering as an equivalent to us humans having wedding rings and loved the idea so much I had to incorporate it (just wish I could remember where so I could give them credit).

Nel has no tattoos as of right now but she does have a strange series of markings that looks to be of Zandalari origin that spans from the base of her head to the small of her back. I have some very early art of it but may need to tweek it some so it looks more of trollish nature. These appeared shortly after she had been infused with fel taint and it does mean something but no one knows for sure just what yet. They are getting close to finding out through!

Ah! I forgot one!

30. Is your OC misogynist/sexist? Do they have an opinion on the position of female trolls in their tribe?

Nope, no issues of sex and sex-oriented rolls for this lady. She greatly admires her fellow tribeswomen and is happy to see them strive for what they want in life, just as she does the same for her tribesmen. If a woman wants to be a warrior, or a hunter for example, then they should! She herself wasn’t planning on being a mother but she is so happy to be one, so if another woman doesn’t want children, that’s perfectly fine. Nel’s very open-minded and even the topic of homosexual pairings doesn’t bother her at all. People ought to be happy in her book so who is she to deny others of that?

Thanks for the ask!