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Sorry for barging into your ask box, but I was wondering: do Nel'eko and her mate have wedding rings or something else to symbolize their union? I'm curious about troll marriage traditions ^^.

Excellent question Anon!

They actually do! I read in a fanfiction piece (forgive me, I wish I could say which one and give proper credit to the author) about how a troll woman wore a nose ring as the real life equivalent of a wedding ring. Nel had made her nose ring and the two matching tuskrings she had gifted to @thewardancer’s Zul'Jawa as her symbol of faithfulness and loyalty to him. All three rings are made of a swirled green and blue Truesteel from timey-whimy Draenor to match Zul’s Darkspear diplomatic attire.

Thanks for the ask!

The return of the 30 idea challenge! Here is number 7 and number 23; your favorite non-epic non-legendary weapon and your “guilty pleasure” armor set respectively.

Here I present Kynal my night elf warrior. One of my favorite weapon models is Withchfury a very elegant and simple two handed sword from vanilla. I always try to get one on any character that can use it as a transmog.

My guilty pleasure armor set is the saltstone chest and leggings from vanilla. These are the quintessential “plate bikini” model.

The crafted Malevolent shoulders and helmet from pandaria compliment it pretty well also. And the truesteel waistguard from WoD.

I’m a terrible person. :)

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The Stage 3 Blacksmith-crafted gear on my warrior Ellawin Ashheart, with Pauldrons of the Touched from EPL Plaguewood quests subbing in due to a dumb design choice on the set shoulders totally killing them for me.

Seriously, I hate 95% of the shoulderpads in this game. They’re large, or gaudy, or don’t match their sets, or make no logical sense, or all of the above.

She’s already wearing 3 crafted items, so the actual set is chilling in her bank. I had a LOT of Savage Blood laying around, plenty of elements, and way too many ingots made on Arkav, so finally just got it done.