Lokkiir had returned to his home, if you could call it that. A rotting tomb, a destroyed library of torment. His blood red eyes scanned the single room of the underground crypt he called home.  Everything had fallen into disrepair, just the way he liked it. His mighty runeblade slung across his shoulder, he looked at the various piles of things he owned. A large pile of various armor, made from various materials, saronite, steel, truesteel, thorium, so many others. A huge pile of little wicker twigs, perfect for making dolls, perfect for making new homes for souls. His bed, if you could call a stone slab bearing a base relief of some ancient knight, posed for his final repose. He laughed out loud, staring at the shadowed corners of the tomb. “I see you hiding in there, you little shit.”

A specter came forth, looking like the death knight but flushed with color, his long hair golden blonde, his skin awash with life and vigor. The specter spoke, “You always come back here Lokkiir. You always find me in the shadows.” The life of a specter set his ghostly feet on the floor, his clothes bearing the markings of Silvermoon, his green eyes showing no hint of malice and insanity. “Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”

The death knight stared at his reflection, a shadow of what he once was. “You shush you silly dead living man. I traded you for power, you know that. Would I do it again?” The pale man rubbed his chin as if he was deep in thought. His manic smile spread across his face. He wiped his head around in circle, windmilling as he spoke. “You bet your sweet little bottom I would. Look at me now! I would never betray everything like you did, you bad man you. You watched as your people died and you ran away you little bastard.” The Beast, as he called himself, flexed his muscles, dark power flowing over his form, his straw blonde hair still windmilling around. “You sold yourself out and look what came of it? Me! I’m stronger than you will ever be. You would cry, like you did when I murdered your mother and brother. You deserved it you know, you betrayed everyone but signing that bargain.”

The death knight sat on the tomb, propping his soul bound sword against the side. “You would betray everyone. Stitchy, that weird black eyed girl, The Master, Ilyea, everyone.” Lokkiir laid down on the stone relief of the knight. “Now leave me alone Lokkiir, you are a bother.”

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The Fury of Northrend

Name: Tiberiaus Meridian Winterscar

Nickname: N/A

Title: Lord, Warden, Knight-Commander

Class: Human Templar

Job/Specialty: Warden of the North

Face Claim: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Sex: Male

Eye Color: Sea Green

Hair Color: Blonde/Brown mixture

Hair Style: Cut short and styled somewhat, if not helmet haired

Age: Early 30’s

Height: 6’2

Weight: 210lbs

Orientation: Heterosexual

Body Type: Muscular, Powerful

Tattoos: None

Scars: Plenty of scars lining his whole frame from years of war. Deep scar running down abdomen.

Casual Wear: Traveling leathers and comfortable cloths. Usually a furred cloak as well.

Formal Wear:  Mixture of ceremonial scaled mail and rich blue leathers and white cloths.

Battle Gear: Segmented, blessed truesteel plate.

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Confident noble, accomplished military commander with an air of friendliness about him. He is a kind man with little bias or prejudice. Typically an extremely jovial man who finds humor in everything, tends to act somewhat ridiculous in order to conceal his more serious, dangerous side.

Hobby/Interests: Smithing, herbalism. Enjoys steamy romance novels and history. Avid Dungeons and Dragonkin player, and collector of miniatures battle figurines.

Mental Troubles: Doubt, increasing paranoia though it is minimal at the moment.

Father:  Vardus Winterscar (deceased)

Mother: Naireen Winterscar(deceased)

Sibling(s): Velana Winterscar(deceased) Meris Winterscar (Alive)

Other Family: Kaldor ‘Achlys’ Winterscar (Alive), Rathven ‘Marcost’ Winterscar (Alive), Caedryn ‘Varcost’ Winterscar (Alive)

Financial Status: Extremely Wealthy

Relationship Status: Interested in someone

Current Residence: Winterscar Hold, Frozen Vale, Northrend


The Stage 3 Blacksmith-crafted gear on my warrior Ellawin Ashheart, with Pauldrons of the Touched from EPL Plaguewood quests subbing in due to a dumb design choice on the set shoulders totally killing them for me.

Seriously, I hate 95% of the shoulderpads in this game. They’re large, or gaudy, or don’t match their sets, or make no logical sense, or all of the above.

She’s already wearing 3 crafted items, so the actual set is chilling in her bank. I had a LOT of Savage Blood laying around, plenty of elements, and way too many ingots made on Arkav, so finally just got it done.

The return of the 30 idea challenge! Here is number 7 and number 23; your favorite non-epic non-legendary weapon and your “guilty pleasure” armor set respectively.

Here I present Kynal my night elf warrior. One of my favorite weapon models is Withchfury a very elegant and simple two handed sword from vanilla. I always try to get one on any character that can use it as a transmog.

My guilty pleasure armor set is the saltstone chest and leggings from vanilla. These are the quintessential “plate bikini” model.

The crafted Malevolent shoulders and helmet from pandaria compliment it pretty well also. And the truesteel waistguard from WoD.

I’m a terrible person. :)

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