truer words had never been spoken

The wrong number || Ch. 5

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||chapter 4||

Genre- Angst

Description- After the argument you stop answering Jungkook’s calls. Unfortunately, he has never been the type to give up easily. 

Word count- 1,423

Jungkook knew he had made a mistake. The minute the phone had gone off, the had realisation of what he’d said, hit him like a truck. It brought him to tears, he never meant to go that far. Since the argument- which had been the day before- he had tried calling you twenty times. Even though you’d ask him not to call you, he couldn’t stop himself. He would never be able to stop himself from talking to you. 

“Look, Jungkook,” Jimin said, “give her a chance to calm down, after what you said, it’s going to take some time,” he reasoned. As much as he hated to admit it, Jungkook knew Jimin was right. What he said was not something that could so easily be forgiven. The fear of losing you was weighing on him, he had really messed up. 

“I know, I know, you’re right-” Jungkook began.

“I’m right! Wow, I never thought I’d hear that come from your mouth, you must be really upset-”

“Aaaand I take it back-”

“No, you can’t take it back now, you’ve already said it.” Jimin grinned, widely. “Seriously though, just leave her alone for a while, she’ll come around, you’ll see.” He gave Jungkook a reassuring pat on the back and got up of the sofa.

Jungkook stretched himself over the couch. He was emotionally exhausted. From the beginning, when he first spoke to you, he knew that you were different, that you would the one girl that was always going to be on his mind.


~Jungkook’s POV~

I couldn’t believe she was standing right in front of me. She was even more beautiful in reality, everything about her was perfect. I couldn’t believe she was really here. 

“I’m finally here, see?” She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. My body went stiff.

“I’m so sorry for whatever I said, so sorry, please just don’t leave me.” She smiled up at me.

“I would never leave you…besides could I leave you, when I love you?” I had been dying to hear her say those words since the beginning, to hear her finally tell me she loved me felt so surreal, like I was dreaming. But I knew I would never be able to make her understand just how much I loved her. 


Jungkook woke up with a start, sprawled on the sofa. It was all a dream, his heart sank. 

Of course, it was all a dream, she’s never going to be by my side, it was just wishful thinking. Neither will she ever say those words, I’m so stupid.

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone going off. He lunged for it from the other end of the sofa. His mind went straight to hoping it was your call; answering so quickly that he didn‘t even bother check the number.

“Hello!” he exclaimed, sounding overly excited.

“Hi!” It was Eunji. His hopes had been crushed once again. He felt as if nothing was going his way, and that the whole world was plotting against him. 

“Oh, hey,” he said his tone dropping. He didn’t mean to sound so unenthusiastic, he didn’t want to be rude; however, he couldn’t bring himself to even smile, let alone sound cheerful.

“What, were you expecting someone else’s call?” she asked, suspiciously.

“No, never mind, so what’s up?” he asked trying to sound interested. He heard a squeak from the other side, that caused him to jump slightly.

“Well, yesterday, I got a phone call from my mum and dad- and guess what?”


“They said they’re coming to my wedding, they’ll be arriving to Korea in a week! Can you believe it! I’m so excited and happy!” she exclaimed. Jungkook was happy for her, she finally got what she wanted- though he couldn’t stop thinking about never getting what he wanted- and hearing her talk about her wish coming true made him feel increasingly worse.

“And guess what? she continued, the spark in her voice still there.


“My baby sister’s coming too! Oh, I have to introduce you to her, she’ll love you- well not literally.” Jungkook froze. There was no way he was comfortable enough to meet another girl, especially since the only girl he had been thinking about in the past few months was you. 

“Hm- well I’m glad you’re happy,” he said, trying to pretend he hadn’t heard the mention of her sister. 

“I want you to be happy too, are you okay?” she asked, concerned. 

“I’m fine, seriously. You start preparing for your wedding, and cheer up now, you’ll have your parents,” he said, trying to sound a little bit more energetic.  

“I will, I was thinking about going dress shopping in a week, so my sister and mum can go with me when they get here. But anyway, thanks for everything, I don’t think any of this would have been possible without your advice… you really are a lucky charm Jungkook.” 

“I’m not but It’s nice that you think so. Bye.” 



After spending another hour wallowing in his misery, Jungkook decided to get some fresh air, hoping it would take his mind of everything. He sat down on a bench, in front of small vegetable stall. He watched people walk by. Unluckily for him there seemed to be a large number of couples out today, walking hand in hand, whispering sweet words to each other. He felt a knot in his stomach, he knew that he would never get to experience this. He would never know what holding your hand felt like, what your skin felt like on his. He sighed, from the moment he had first heard your voice he had known that you would change his life.

A phone call awoke from his deep contemplation. When he saw whose number it was, he answered at the speed of light. 

“Hello?” he asked, trying to keep his voice down even though he couldn’t contain his happiness. 

“Hi,” You answered quietly.

“Listen I’m so sorry for everything,” he began frantically, “I don’t know what I was saying, just please, please don’t leave me-”

“You don’t need to say sorry.” You said. The truth was you had really been at fault not him. You made him feel guilty even though you had been the one who had started the argument, who had insulted him and his parents; he shouldn’t have been the one apologising- you should. 

“What, why? Look please, don’t say that, I’m begging you, don’t leave me-”

“Wait, you don’t need to say sorry because it was all my fault. I was riled up after arguing with my parents and then-” you paused for a second, “I argued with you for no good reason, it’s all my fault not yours.” You fell deadly silent.

“No, but I shouldn’t have said what I said after, I am sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” You replied wanting to end the conversation. You knew the argument had been stupid and escalated too far too quickly. You wanted to forget that it had ever happened, “Anyway, I called you to tell you some good news-”

“What is it-”

“Guess who’s going to be on a plane to South Korea in a week?”


“Yes, Seriously! My parents came around after I had that argument with them, when I came home my mum broke down… and well I guess they had discussed it while I was gone and… yeah! I’m so happy!” You had never been happier then when your parents had told you the news. Finally, you and Jungkook would meet each other and not have to talk over a glass screen.

“Me too!” I don’t even know what to say!” It wasn’t a lie Jungkook was truly speechless, after everything that had happened he was at a loss for words. 

“Say you’ll stop bothering me about it now?” you requested. 

“Ha, fine, I will- I won’t even need to mention it now.” A smile was etched on his face, and it wasn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

“Good, also I have something else to say, that I probably should have said sooner.” Your heart started beating ten times faster. These were words that were long overdue.

“What’s that?” Jungkook asked. 

“I love you.” He’d finally heard it. The one phrase he had been dying to hear for so long. Now it was confirmed that you felt the same. He loved you and you loved him.

“I love you too,” he replied quietly. Truer words had never been spoken. 

Freebatch fic submission #2

Untitled Freebatch Lying Detective Hug Scene Ficlet
A ficlet for CMA anon who requested it :)

A deep breath.


Steel yourself. Find your center. Block everything else out but you, Ben and the scene. You can do this. You’re a god damn professional.

Martin found himself repeating every self help mantra and cliche he could think of to help himself get in the moment, but nothing was truly working. This was an important scene; it was a pivotal emotional climax for both characters and, in his opinion, the most moving and authentic moment in all three episodes. John would have to open himself up, flay himself at the feet of the best friend he had beaten up in a previous scene. A friend he was blaming for the death of his wife. A friend that he was in love with in a desperately unspoken way.

Even though Mark and Steven had blindsided them by not finally ~going there with John and Sherlock. None of the three scripts had a love confession. A kiss. Something. Anything. The natural conclusion of the story they’d been telling for years was inexplicably absent.

He was still bitter. So was Ben. So they’d resolved to make this scene count at the very least. To show something of the love and connection between Sherlock and John that had been slowly built up over several years, even if the writers had decided to take a bizarre U turn at the end and scrub all that beautiful character development away.

He’d have to be utterly vulnerable here–openly weeping even–while being cradled in the arms of the man his character loved

Played by the actor he loved. Who he was currently secretly shagging.

And of course this would all be done with his current ex life partner and mother of his children, in the same scene, playing his deceased wife come benevolent advice giving ghost.

It was all just enough to truly fuck with his mind on an unprecedented level. And it took a lot to fuck with Martin’s mind, but this was convoluted enough to be the plot of some telenovela.

“It’s ok. Just take a deep breath. You’re gonna be great. You’re always great. You know you are.” Ben had reassured him earlier as they’d broken for lunch. He’d pulled him aside, sensing Martin’s anxiety levels rising by the way he was viciously stabbing his lunch with his fork, and took him into a secluded part of the set to rub his hands up and down his arms and whisper soothingly into his ear.

“I know…”

“Well aren’t we cocky there?”

“I wasn’t finished you cheeky bastard.” Martin had huffed, smiling despite the knot of tension that made it feel like there was an invisible ball lodged at the base of his throat. “It’s just….this is a big scene. It’s gotta be just right considering….well….considering how the rest of the relationship arc played out. I just….it’s gotta be just right. Plus you know how much I hate crying onscreen. I can’t turn it on like you Mr. I-Can-Turn-It-On-Like-A-Faucet.”

Ben had smiled warmly as his hands clenched around Martin’s arms, pulling him flush to his chest before wrapping fully around his back. “You’ll be wonderful. And I’ll be right there the whole time ok? Right there with you.” He’d rested his chin on top of Martin’s and the two had stood there like that in silence.

“I think they know.” Martin had said suddenly, realizing this was probably where most of his anxiety was stemming from. “Amanda and Mark are close and I think…..I think she’s told him. About us. I’ve noticed….looks. And Steven has made a few remarks that…..”

“To be fair,” Ben had interrupted. “I think everyone has known for a long time. Even before anything had ever….happened. It was always pretty obvious.”

Martin had just sighed and burrowed his head into the crook of his arm as if looking for an escape.

“Is that what’s really bothering you?”

“It’s just such an awkward mess isn’t it? And now we have to go out there, the three of us, and pretend that it’s not. Pretend there aren’t hurt feelings, and that we all get along so fucking well and that every single person watching us isn’t whispering behind our backs.”

“Oh they most certainly are. But let’s go give them a performance so amazing that it changes the conversation, ok? If at least for a little while.”

Martin had smiled as he felt a pressure on the top of his head. A kiss that said everything was going to be fine. A kiss that said I love you.


And now here they were, on set, surrounded by crew, lights hot, camera rolling, Mark and Steven huddled in the corner chatting quietly, while Sue was going over some technical aspects with Nick Hurran.

“You’re gonna be fine.” Ben mouthed to him as he looked up from where he was briefly going over the script.

Martin nodded. He could do this.

He saw Amanda enter the set out of the corner of his eye and she strolled over. The two of them embraced and chatted amicably for a few minutes–in the stilted, overly polite manner that all newly split couples did–and he tried to ignore the swooping feeling in his stomach when he saw Mark look up and shoot her a pointed look from across the room.

Block it all out. All of it. Gone.

He closed his eyes briefly, took a few deep breaths, and when he opened them he saw nothing but Ben, standing on his mark and looking at him with nothing but love and encouragement in his eyes.

And he finally felt at peace.

“You guys ready?” He heard Nick call out and he saw Ben look to him and raise his eyebrows in question. Martin nodded in return, moving over to his mark, and watched as the Sherlock mask slipped over Ben’s features.

“Yep ready.” Ben called out, and everyone sprang to life.


The tears were hot as they rolled down his cheeks. They almost felt like they were burning tracks into his skin and his stomach wanted to lurch in sympathy. He had done emotional, crying scenes before but it had never felt so raw, so visceral. The tears had come easy to him this time. He hadn’t expected it, but as he cupped his face in his hands he knew he wouldn’t have to work hard to get them to come. All the anxiety, sadness, tension and joy of the last few confusing months—more like years—of his life coalesced into something profound and, for the purpose of the show, spellbinding.

On set, in front of a dozen cast and crew, and under the guise of being John Watson, he found himself having something of a catharsis.

“It’s ok.”

He felt the warmth of Ben’s body moving into his personal space.

“It’s not ok.”

He felt Ben pulling him to his body, his obscenely large hands coming up to grasp his neck and stoke up his arm to his shoulder. His head was rested gently on top of his, and though they hadn’t practiced this, he found it was exactly the same hug Ben had given him backstage. It was so natural, so them.

It was bloody perfect.

“No but it is what it is.”

Martin pressed further into the warmth of his solid form, taking all he could get before they yelled cut. Truer words had never been spoken–it is what it is. Their relationship. Their secrets. The awkwardness and mess and everything.

But it would be ok. They had each other.

Thank you for getting this to me so quickly! It’s wonderful and makes The Hug Scene even more emotional. CMA Anon, here you go!

The day after the attack  pt.1

A/N - I saw someone’s blog (sorry i can’t remember who it was} about how they thought Magnus and Alec would be more open with each other after saying their i love yous. I wholeheartedly agreed and wrote this. It might be a tad gushy but oh well. 

Magnus and Alec had no idea how long they stood outside the Institute wrapped in each other’s arms for. The world had dropped away. They were unaware of the near constant stream of traffic going in and out of the doors or the looks they were getting. All they cared about was each other.When they finally, reluctantly, let go of each other, they still stood looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Something had changed between them and they both sensed it. Magnus spoke, breaking the silence.“Perhaps we should go inside” he said softly. He still held Alec’s hands in his, slowly rubbing the back of them with his thumbs.“Yeah, you’re probably right. It’s pretty bad in there and I want to check on Izzy” Magnus went to drop his hands but Alec grabbed one back.“No,  no more hiding, besides, I’m not ready to let you go just yet” he said and he came closer to him brushing a soft kiss to his lips. Magnus had to fight to hold back tears at the realisation that Alec no longer cared what anyone else thought about their relationship and they mounted the steps, hand in hand. In spite of the death and destruction around them and the gravity of the situation, he felt something warm open up inside him. With those three simple words and one small action Alec had turned on his heart light and it was radiating through him. So this was what real love felt like? He thought. It was almost scary to feel such a strong emotion.They reached the Op Centre to find that most of the bodies of the Down Worlders had been removed. Clary and Simon were standing around a table with Aldertree who gave them a quick look as they walked in. If he noticed their joined hands, he didn’t acknowledge it. Clary and Simon looked very comfortable with each other.  The vampire had his arm draped casually over Clary’s small shoulders and she had her arm wrapped around his waist. Jace was standing on the opposite side of the table from them. His face held a deep scowl and it seemed to be centred on Simon and Clary. Cleary, something was up with him. Magnus felt Alec grip his hand tighter for a few seconds. He had seen it as well, sensing his parabatai’s dark mood. He looked to Magnus and he nodded knowing that he wanted to go and speak to Jace. Alec let go of his hand, and went to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him over to the other side of the room. Clary and Simon looked up as Magnus approached them. Clary went straight over to Magnus and threw her arms around him. It took the warlock by surprise. So much emotion in one day was very overwhelming. “Woaw, Biscuit. What’s all this about?” he said, peeling Clary from his body.“I’m just so glad you are alright. We were so scared that you were still inside the Institute. Magnus, Alec almost died thinking that you were in here. I’ve never seen him so upset.” Tears were running down her cheeks.“Believe me, the feeling was mutual. Not knowing if he was dead or alive nearly ended me as well. I’ve never felt so powerless in my life.” He said, looking over at where Alec was talking to Jace. He smiled softly at the man he loved, so grateful that he had come out of the attack unhurt.Clary looked at Magnus. His face radiated so much feeling, she wanted to blush.“Do you know what’s going on with Jace? ” Magnus asked, concerned.“I think he’s feeling really bad about activating the sword. Magnus, he was ready to sacrifice himself to destroy it. When the opposite happened, it was a shock. For all of us.”“Has he told you what happened between him and Valentine?”“No, not really. I came onto them just as he had over powered him. I had to stop him from driving a seraph blade into his chest. I’ve never seen him so angry.” Clary said, wrapping her arms around herself. Simon came over to them and pulled Clary close. She smiled up at him.“Simon, I’m so glad to see you. Not everyone gets their throat cut with a seraph blade and survives to tell the tale” Magnus put out a hand and Simon gave him a goofy grin and instead of shaking it, he pulled the warlock into him, trapping Clary between them. She let out a muffled squeak. Magnus gave a start himself before pulling back, releasing a slightly ruffled Clary.“Well, this certainly has been a red letter day for emotions. I don’t think I’ve been hugged so much in my entire 500 hundred years” he said, straightening his jacket.“I thought you were 800 years old?” Simon said, looking at him suspiciously.“Yes, well, age is just a number really” Magnus said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. Clary and Simon exchanged a smile.Alec came back over to where they were standing, Jace had left the room. The first thing he did was put an arm around Magnus’s waist and pull him closer. Magnus looked up, giving him that same soft smile Clary had seen earlier. Alec smiled back and bent his head and kissed him lightly. Clary had just grabbed a bottle of water from the table, taking a mouthful. She turned back to see Alec and Magnus and choked in shock, spraying water over Simon’s blood stained shirt.“Geez Clary, are you ok?” Simon was patting her on the back trying to ease her coughing. Magnus and Alec looked at each other, colour rising in their cheeks.“Wow, guys, clearly almost losing each other really had an effect on you two” she said.Alec gave her a lop sided smile.“Yeah, well, it changes your perspective, that’s for sure. It makes you realise who’s important to you”“ Truer words have never been spoken, Alexander” Magnus told him and he reached out to place his hand gently to his face. Alec turned his head and kissed his palm.“I can’t believe you two” Simon said. ”You’re so sweet your giving me a tooth ache”“Clary, I’m sorry for what I said earlier, about activating the sword. I was so out of my mind about Mags, I couldn’t think straight. I don’t blame Jace either. He had no idea what was going to happen when he touched it. This is all on Valentine.” Alec frowned, Clary was grinning up at him.“I’m deadly serious, you know” he said. Magnus was giving him a disbelieving look as well. What was up with these people?“What…….”“Awwww, you guys have pet names already, that’s so cute” Clary gushed.“Pet names? Wha…………” Alec started to say frowning, he went over what he had just said and his face paled.“Oh” was all he said. Magnus as mildly scandalised as he was, couldn’t help but give a chuckle and laying a spiky haired head on Alec’s chest, gave his stomach a pat.Can’t beat them join them, he thought.“Come on beautiful boy, let’s go and see your sister” he said and after Alec turned a deeper shade of pink they headed for Izzy’s room. Magnus could still hear Clary lamenting how cute and adorable they were as they hit the hallway.“You didn’t have to encourage her” Alec said, before they entered Izzy’s room.“Sorry, couldn’t resist. Blame the endorphins” Magnus told him and they opened the door after Alec gave a quick knock. had thought the same thing and wrote this. It might be a bit too gushy but oh well.

A Music Affair: The Honeymoon - Part 1

Here it is, guys, finally! I’m so sorry for the delay, but I was doing my final exams and once I was done with that, I went back to writing this 2nd chapter to you all. This is a sequel to The Wedding and it’s just the first part, leading up to the 2nd one which I’ll post in a few days. Hope you enjoy it and please send me your feedback!

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Amelia exclaimed out loud when she read the ‘delayed’ sign beside their flight number.

Owen and Amelia had literally ran through the airport to get to Gate 9, where they were supposed to get on an airplane for their honeymoon in Hawaii. But, seeing as  there was no one lining up to get to the plane, they looked up to the TV above the gate and saw that it had been delayed,. They figured it was probably due to the weather conditions, they thought.

What frustrated Amelia the most was that she and Owen had almost had a huge fight that morning over them being late.

“Amelia, for Christ’s sake, why didn’t you pack those yesterday?!” Owen asked by their bedroom door, starting to get annoyed at her taking so long.

“Because I forgot, Owen!” She answered, getting even more annoyed than him, hating to be rushed, whilst she ran around the bedroom putting a hair brush and her curling iron inside her luggage. “Okay, now a coat…”

“Why the hell do you need a coat for? Hawaii is hot.” Owen stared at her, confused.

“Well, what if is chilly at night?” She went through her coats in the closet.

“Oh my God…” Owen sighed, getting even more impatient.

“Owen, you’re stressing me out!” Amelia exclaimed, grabbing the first coat she saw and putting it inside her luggage before closing it.

“Amelia, the car is already waiting for us and we’re gonna lose our flight if you take any longer!” He raised her voice at her, taking a deep breath to control himself.

“Okay, fine! I’m ready! Are you happy?” She picked up one last thing from the bedside table before storming through him and the doorway, intentionally hitting his feet with her luggage, looking incredibly mad.

“I’m thrilled!” He yelled back at her.

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Danse Sensuel

A bit of a gift for @chioink, whom I thank for putting the idea into my head. I’m a bit preoccupied with Or The Highway, but there may be more coming! 


 "He’s stunning.“ Truer words had never been spoken.

 In the faint red glow of the electric lamps lining the brocaded walls, the dancer looked half a specter, writhing and twirling and beautiful.

 "Isn’t he?” Kastor didn’t sound particularly impressed, tugging at his tie.

 Quite the opposite could be said of Damen. His attention had narrowed into a single spotlight, at the center of which was a golden-haired young man, dancing to the beat set by the group of drummers in the brothel’s far corner. The men were clad in smart black suits, a match to the brothel’s owner, who sat not far away, a beautiful young boy tucked against his side.

 The dancer was far more impressive than any of the room’s occupants, even his fellow courtesans. His hips were draped in a swathe of deep blue silk, low-slung and lovely, his wrists and ankles and arms and fingers and throat adored with bands of gold, sapphires woven into his fair hair, a perfect match for the brilliant blue of his eyes.

 Damen’s attention was so riveted that he didn’t even notice the younger, willowier blonde step up to his side.

 "Aimeric,“ Kastor said, and Damen finally shifted his gaze, though only momentarily.

 "Kastor.” The younger blonde, Aimeric, stepped up to Kastor, their chests nearly touching, though he was a good six inches shorter than Kastor. Unlike the other courtesan, the silk he wore was a rich, deep red, and there were rubies in his hair and piercing his ears, bringing out the green in his sharp hazel eyes. His hands, pale and slender, came to wrap about Kastor’s muscled arms, his eyes dark. He sunk his nails into the silk of the jacket, nearly possessive. “Wanna fuck me tonight? Laurent’s getting tired of you.”

 "Isn’t Jord meant to be buying out your contract?“ Kastor asked in return, his voice cold.

 Aimeric didn’t seem bothered, flicking his wrist and saying, "He will in due time, I’m sure.” When Kastor’s hands came to his hips, dark, calloused hands on pale, silken skin, he seemed to mind even less. A smirk playing at his lips, Aimeric lifted his hands to tangle slender fingers into close-cropped curls.

 "Kastor?“ Damen’s voice was soft, and Kastor’s eyes rolled before the came to him.

 "Which one do you want?” It came as an irritable snap.

 "Is this your first time here?“ Aimeric added when Damen hesitated.

 "It is.”

 "Go for Ancel.“ He jerked his chin to a pretty redhead who was currently seated on one of the pedestals flanking the brothel’s entrance, red light from the lamps playing like fire in his hair. "He’s–”

 Damen cut him off, “He’s not my type.”

 "Who is?“ When Damen’s eyes drafted to the blonde dancer, Aimeric rolled his eyes, "Ugh, Laurent.” He said it like a curse.

 "They call him the Prince,“ Kastor said, his eyes shifting from the pretty blonde in his arms to the prettier one dancing across the room. He spun within a circle of pillows, all occupied. Potential customers drank him in like the delicacy he was. "He’s the star.”

 "You spend enough time here to know who’s the star?“ Though Kastor’s responding stare was unamused, and though Aimeric rolled his eyes again, Damen smiled to himself. As his dance ended, the Prince, Laurent, spun, swift feet carrying him closer, out of the circle of pillows. "He’s coming this way.”

 Eyes wide, Kastor’s attention shifted. “Laurent,” he said.

 "Kastor.“ His voice was the sound of ice cracking in an Arctic sea, beautiful and deadly, a prelude to disaster. He sounded only the slightest bit winded. ”Aimeric.“ It sounded scornful, and Aimeric didn’t even dignify it with a response, merely pressing himself tighter to Kastor’s chest. Laurent’s attention, though, was on Damen. "Who’s your friend, Kastor?”

 "He’s not my friend.“ Both Laurent and Damen shot him a withering look for that, and Kastor amended, "He’s my half-brother.”

 "Is that so?“

 "It is.” Damen was surprised at the softness of his own voice, and Kastor rolled his eyes at him, though Laurent’s lips quirked up into a little half-smile. “My name is Damen.”

 "I don’t really care about your name.“ It was true, Damen had no doubt. "I care about your money.” Leaning in, Laurent tangled one hand into Damen’s tie, pulling him down to eye-level. The other hand slid into Damen’s jacket, down around his waist, pulling him close. His fingers dug into the white of Damen’s button-down, possessive, as Aimeric had done to Kastor. Perhaps it was a learned behavior. “You do have money, don’t you?”

 Breathless, Damen replied, “Of course I do.”

 A smirk: “Of course you do.”

 Turning, using Damen’s tie as a lead of sorts, Laurent led him towards the back of the room, and Damen was suddenly aware of the multitude of eyes on them: Kastor and pretty Aimeric, the club’s owner and the tiny, beautiful boy nestled against his side, the men at the circle of pillows, where fire-haired Ancel was now twirling, all sharp, mostly jealous. It was oddly satisfying, being at the center of so much envy.

 The door against the far wall of the brothel was made of a deep red wood, reaching the silk-draped ceiling, carved with swirling nots and snarling animals and lithe figures writhing together.

 With his fist still curled around the black silk of Damen’s tie, Laurent met deep amber eyes with sapphire, saying, his voice low and soft, “Come.”

 With the hand knotted in his tie, with Laurent’s hooded eyes on his, with the sounds of the brothel’s other patrons getting their money’s worth all around him, Damen was already halfway there.

"Into The Storm (And What Lies Beyond)": a Fallout 4 fic: chapter 1

FALLOUT: Sole/Hancock

“You and me together? This world ain’t got a prayer.”
When he said those words, she knew truer words had never been spoken.


At first, a lot of people are apprehensive; but those who knew the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 well enough, trusted that she knew what she was doing. Even so, she understood that perhaps they made a strange sight; a small, curvy woman with a Pip-Boy and a vault suit accompanied by a ghoul dressed like someone from hundreds and hundreds of years ago? Yeah. She understood the curiosity.

Perhaps it was the fact that she was clearly happier than she had been in months when he was around, and it had nothing to do with the Chems they used together. Despite his constant mumbling about how she could do so much better, have someone so much better looking, she was happy. It never crossed her mind to even LOOK at anyone else.

The annoying thing about the wasteland, she pondered, was that she had to constantly be trigger ready. There was no such thing as being able to casually walk home hand-in-hand. Affection was saved for safety. Or at least, physical affection. His words always made up for their environment.

They were heading back to Sanctuary to report success on the little mission Preston had sent them on, and to stock up on supplies. She was short on foodstuff, or rather, anything that couldn’t be hunted in the wasteland. She wanted more carrots and corn. If she had to shoot another radstag…

The storm came out of nowhere, and she had loaned her hazmat suit to Preston. It took her lover a little longer to notice the storm; radiation didn’t affect him the same way as a non-ghouled human.

“Shelter would be a good idea.”

She nodded her agreement, already checking the map on her Pip-Boy. They had cleared an abandoned farm a few weeks ago, and that was the closest. She hadn’t had time to direct settlers there yet, so it was still just the farmyard and a tiny house. But it would do.

“This way.”

She was feeling the effects of the storm by the time they arrived. Rummaging in her pockets for the farmhouse key, she let him check the perimeter of the place, barely finding it in her to check the two-room house for any enemies. It was as they’d left it. She was grateful when he finally hurried in and barred the door behind him.

The farmhouse was little more than a shack, in truth. It had a tiny bathroom, and then the main room with a table, a bed, and a couple of rickety chairs.
The cooking station was outside, little more than a fire pit and a pole for the roasting of meat.
Satisfied that the place was cleared, she sank down onto the bed. Her lover busied himself lighting the lanterns; one on the table, one by the door, one in the bathroom. That room had no windows, so there was no threat of unwanted guests taking them by surprise.

On his way back, her lover glanced at her Pip-Boy. Checking her vitals.

“You. RadAway, now.”

Huh. Her rads intake WAS a little too high. Annoyingly, he watched her intensely until the RadAway kicked in, and a little color returned to her face.

“Why do you keep leaving it so long before you take that stuff?” Depthless black eyes peered at her in curiosity.
She ducked her head, suddenly feeling foolish and embarrassed.
“I keep thinking. Maybe if I take in enough rads. I’ll become… Like you.”
He shook his head.

“Not the way to do it. We ever find the drug I took to go ghoul? Then you’re all good. But getting yourself exposed to rads in the hope you turn? Fuckin’ stupid idea.”

As if to accentuate that thought, he eyed the empty RadAway bag.
“How’s your vitals?”

“Better.” She showed him, knowing he’d just bug her about it if she didn’t.

“Good. Real good. Well, this storm isn’t going away for a while, so. May as well try and sleep. I’ll keep an eye out.”

Maybe she slept for a little while, but it wasn’t long before she was jolted awake by the bitter cold that came with a radiation storm.
She hoped the storm hadn’t hit Sanctuary, and that if it had, everyone had holed up safe.

“John?” She rarely used his first name.

“Right here, sunshine.” The pet name he called only her fell from his ruined lips with ease, “what d'you need?”

“’M cold,” she managed through shivers.
He cursed under his breath, clearly having forgotten that radiation storms were cold.

“One second.”

In the dim lantern light, she saw him strip off his coat and hat and hang them neatly on the back of the closest chair.
“Scoot over.”

He pulled her tight against his scarred chest, smiling slightly at the sigh of relief she made when he did so.
“You’re always warm.” She mumbled, fingers splayed across his chest, tracing the grooves and scars lovingly.

“Increased radiation levels.”
He remembered talking to the doctor in Goodneighbor about the potential problems with being with a human long term. Sure, he’d had casual sex with human women in the town before, but never anything long term. And the idea of hurting her? It frightened him. So he had been extremely relieved when the doctor had told him that it would all be fine. That they were probably an extremely rare occurrence, but that it did happen. Either way, if they’d been having a lot of sex, he always made her take RadAway, just to be sure. It was a habit now, just like she refused to touch him if she had even the slightest amount of Rad-X in her system. No matter how many times he told her it didn’t affect him, she still took that precaution.

“Still cold, love?” It hadn’t escaped his notice that she was still shivering slightly.

“A little,” she admitted, pressing a soft kiss to one of the more scarred spots on his chest. A small shiver that had nothing to do with the cold ran down his spine.

“Y'know, there are other ways to keep you warm besides just cuddling…” A suggestive smirk graced his lips as he spoke.

“Thought you’d never ask,” she muttered, and then her mouth was on his. The flicker of surprise that always raced through him when she kissed him was there again, but only for a moment. Every time her soft, warm lips met his, he always wondered when he’d wake up. Had he died sometime? Was this some form of heaven? Maybe she was just crazy, although deep down he knew the truth. She was no longer the young suburban housewife with a law degree. She’d seen and done too much. She was a different person now, and the person she was now? Suited him perfectly.

Usually, foreplay was a large part of the sexual aspect of their relationship. But when she was so cold and kissing him so fiercely? Yeah that wasn’t going to happen.
Together they managed to get her out of the damn suit she wore. It wasn’t the original one from her Vault, but one from another Vault they’d looted together a while back. To be fair, he didn’t classify it as stealing per se. After all, in his mind, she was entitled to every fucking thing she could take from Vault-Tec. Bastards.

He remembered the first time he’d slept with her. That day had been the most daunting, more terrifying than even becoming a ghoul. It wasn’t just the visible parts of him that were damaged, and he had been concerned that she would change her mind and leave. Probably screaming. Not that he’d ever had complaints before. But she had been different.

So of course it figured that she would react the exact opposite of his fears. After, she had blushingly told him he was the best she had ever had, a fact that still fed his ego.

He was kissing the spot where her neck and collarbone met, teasing her entrance with the tip of his length. It occurred to her briefly that that was the only smooth skin on his body. Any train of coherent thought faded away when he slid into her slowly. When he gently bit down on her collarbone, she moaned softly.

In her opinion, she didn’t tell him often enough how much she loved the feeling of him inside her. Simply put, he felt different - better - than a non-ghouled human. The scars and grooves in his skin had given everywhere an interesting texture. One scarred, long-fingered hand brushed her hair from her face briefly, his ruined lips meeting hers in an impassioned kiss as she wrapped her legs around his surprisingly slim waist, pulling him deeper inside her.

He chuckled against her lips, pulling away to smirk down at her.
“If you wanted it harder, you only had to ask, love.”

“Please?” She half-whined it at him, practically pouting. How the fuck was he meant to resist that? He could barely resist giving her anything as it was.

“Anything, sunshine,” the term of endearment was almost a groan against her lips as she kissed him fiercely, his mouth and the raging storm outside muffling her moans as he thrust harder and deeper. Sometimes, he had the most vulgar mouth in bed. Not this time. This time he wanted to be sweet. To show her how much he loved her.

“Mmnnn…” She sighed, “so close…”

He knew. He could tell. “What’re you waiting for? Go ahead and come for me, love.”

Her eyelids flickered half closed, a breathy moan escaping her lips. His name - his first name - fell from her tongue like a prayer as she tightened around him, fingers clawing the sheets like a wildcat.
It was always the way she moaned his name that got him. Every damn time. He groaned against her impossibly soft lips as he came undone inside her.

“Sorry if we didn’t go for long,” he chewed his ruined lip.

“That was perfect. It’s always perfect. Every single moment when I’m with you,” she sighed, resting her head on his chest.

“Never gonna get tired of you saying things like that,” he stretched, “you warm enough now?”

“Yeah,” she blushed, “much warmer… Thank you John.”

“Ain’t nothing,” he shrugged, “now get some sleep, love. We’re still a while away from Sanctuary.”

“Goodnight then.” She pressed a soft kiss to his chest before nestling closer to him and drifting off to sleep.


She woke facing him, the lantern-light illuminating every scar and line on her lover’s face.
Cautious of waking him, she reached up to touch his face gently. One eye, then another, opened lazily.

“Morning, sunshine.”

“Hey there.”

“Storm’s over. We should head out soon.” He told her.

“Yeah,” she sighed, “we should.”
In truth, she was in no rush to leave this place, where it was peaceful and they were alone. Perhaps he sensed that.

“What’s on your mind, love?”

“You think we’ll be okay? Getting home, and… And just in general?”

“Sure,” his depthless eyes were clearly adoring as he looked down at her, “you and me together? This world ain’t got a prayer. And trust me, I am never leaving your side.”

She smiled up at him, knowing as he said those words that truer had never been spoken.

“I love you, John.”

“Love you too, sunshine.”

He’s Old News: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

A/N: Y’all know by now that these are never my own gifs, and I owe the world to the people who write them! Anyway, this is an Anne Nonnie request for jealous Reid (ooh lala) but I got caught up in homework so excuse me, sorry, it’s coming in now! - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A

Warnings: Jealous Reiddddd 


There seemed to many different kinds of Spencer’s. No, not literal different bodies of your boyfriend flaunting themselves all over the place, but the personalities, oh the personalities. 

He had this way about him of changing his mood on a dime, depending on what was happening currently.

Ever since you two had started dating, you had seen happy Spence, angry Spence, grumpy Spence, sleepy Spence, sad Spence, and many more Spence’s that you learned to love. It wasn’t like he was multiple people in one body, but that he was one body with the emotional outreach of multiple people, yet he rarely showed it to the world.

Today he was a happy Spence, his hair cut short and tussled just the way you loved it (that was another outreach, his many hairstyles). He had decided on sunglasses, and his watch was over his sweater, contrary to what others would think. 

You had wanted to go out and just spend time out of the house together, after he asked you to move in with him, it gave the two of you more time to do things as a couple, although you both decided that personal space and decisions were a massive necessity. 

It had been cool this morning, so cool that it almost drove both of you away from having your day out, but he put his brave face on (one of your favourite faces) and took your hand in his, fingers intertwined, and lead the way out of the house.

It was pure coincidence that brought you to the path that you were on, a well worn one that traveled through the woods, one yellow line dividing it for the direction in which you were heading, and clear signs posted to be aware of cyclists. 

Neither one of you felt like having a dog was a good idea, because you were so busy all the time, but planned on looking at the shelter a few weeks down the road, when life settled down. For now, you were stuck desperately staring at the dogs all around you, and hoping that they got close enough to ask the owner to pet them. 

As you follow the path, footsteps almost synchronized, and they would be if his legs weren’t so long compared to your own, you breathed in everything around you, and basked in the moment. 

Being able to walk with him, hand in hand, at the slowest possible pace through the park was magnificent, and the fact that the sun was trying it’s damnedest to warm up the otherwise grey day made it that much better. 

“So, what do you say about making an appointment to go to the SPCA in three weeks?” his voice carries in the wind, but it feels like every word he says is meant directly for you. 

“I thought we said two weeks?” you give him the look that you know he can’t say no to, and he tries the best he can, looking at his shoes and playing with your fingers, avoiding your facial expression. But soon enough, when he has to look at you, he sighs. 

“You get me with that every time” he whines, and you stretch up to press a soft kiss to his lips. “Better?” you joke, and he nods, “Better. But you know, statistically speaking, the Labrador Retriever is the most registered dog with the American Kennel Club, what do you think about that?”.

“If we’re on the statistics side of things, the most popular male dog name is Buddy, and for females it’s Bella.. I don’t want a popular dog”. 

“I agree, I mean, we’re not popular, or regal, and we don’t have supremely popular names either, in fact we’re just a little bit different”. Truer words had never been spoken about the two of you as a couple, but you loved it. 

“I like big dogs, don’t get me wrong, toy breeds and small dogs are awesome too, but something about us just whispers “Too small already”” you laugh along with him, and he nods vigorously through his laughter. 

“I do too, I like sturdy dogs, you know? Like Bernese Mountain Dogs, or Mastiffs! Those things are huge” his gestures make the discussion all worth the while, and as you round the corner, discussing gigantic dogs, you almost walk right into a young man who’s jogging. 

For a split second, you think you’re really going to hit him, and you flinch, jumping aside into Spencer. He slows down, and stops, breathing hard while he plucks his ear buds out and tosses them against his sweat ridden shirt as he leans over, hands on his knees, catching his breath.

“Whoa, I thought that line was plenty bright, you need to be careful about which side you’re on” Reid has his hand on your shoulder, and you’re surprised to hear the words come from him. 

“My bad guys, I totally lost track of where I was going and I need to be more careful” as he straightens out, your blood runs cold and your head starts spinning. 

“Y/N, is that you?” he says, wiping the sweat from his face and staring at you, taking a few steps closer. “Yea.. Yea it’s me, Spencer, this is my ex-boyfriend, (INSERT EXES NAME HERE), and uh, this is my boyfriend Spencer”. 

Your ex extends an arm, rippled with muscle, and they shake hands, both of them staring one another up and down. 

“So, Spencer, what’s your deal?” you shake your head, the battle has already begun, and Reid just stares back from behind shaded eyes. “I’m a behavioral analyst with the FBI, and your deal would be?”. 

“I’m a jack of all trades you could say, if you are what you say, you should be able to just analyse it right out of me”. The smug look on his face is enough to make you cringe, and Spencer’s jaw bone tightens. 

“He’s a handyman” you fill in the gap, trying to help the matter subside, but are wrapped up in a hug when your ex comes forward. “I miss you, what’s been up with your life beautiful? Are you doing okay?”.

It’s your turn to bite down tightly, and you almost catch your tongue as he lets you go and you think of what to say. “I’m doing incredible actually, life’s been really busy at work, but I’m doing good, and I moved in with Spencer about two months ago, we’re actually deciding on a dog breed currently”.

You smile the brightest you can, and he nods, pushing his hair back. “Well you know Calypso, she’s been wild without you there, but I think she’s getting used to it”. 

Spencer’s face has dropped into a pleasant one, the best he can muster, and you nod, “She’s a good dog, take good care of her. Good seeing you, but we really have to go”. 

He shakes both of your hands, and with that, tunes the world out once more and is gone from sight within seconds. Spencer watches him go, a sort of frustrated look about his face, before he pops his glasses back on.

“That was him? That’s the ex?” Reid’s eyes are wide, and you shake your head. 

“Yea, that’s him” you go to grab his hand and he pulls it away, worrying you. “What’s wrong? What did I say?” with a shake of his head, he looks down into your eyes and smirks. 

“Promise me something” is all that he says, and you look at him, puzzled. “What do you mean?” you reply, and he shakes his head once more. “No questions, just promise me something, okay?”.

You agree to what he, most obviously, will not let you get away without agreeing to, and he smiles widely.

“Promise me that I have no reason to be jealous, and that I’m clearly better” you fight back the want to laugh, and he just continues to stare into you until you compose yourself. 

“I, Y/N, promise that you, Spencer Reid, are the best out of anyone I know, you don’t have to be jealous, and you’re clearly better.. You’re really humble too, and you have a better physique”. Tagging on your own ending, he rolls his eyes, and lowers his hands from his chest so that you can take the both of them.

“I love you” he mumbles, breath hot against your lips as the two of you block the pathway to seal the promise with a kiss. 

“And I, you, the better looking, smarter, and overall best boyfriend I’ve ever had”. 


Here u go anon! (idk if this is what u wanted but this is what happened ?)

Summary: Famous!Dan is stressed and Phil comforts him.

Word Count: 1k 

I am so in love with blue neighbourhood


He knew what Phil would say if he were here, he’d crack the jokes hiding the concern behind his raised eyes. He’d weave his hands through his (once curly) brown hair and say it’s alright. And it would be. Because Phil Lester was made of starlight. 

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Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 8/?)

1. Oh god, I had repressed forgotten where I left this off: Christian is acting all submissive and shit. WHY.
2. Ana about Christian: “The image of a powerful man who’s really still a little boy, who was horrifically abused and neglected, who feels unworthy of love from his perfect family and his much-less-than perfect girlfriend … my lost boy … it’s heartbreaking.” – it’s pure and utter shit. Also, do you see how she sees herself in comparison to him? *vomits*
3. Ana: “This is about me not being good enough for you. It was an insight into your life, and I am so scared you’ll get bored with me, and then you’ll go … and I’ll end up like Leila … a shadow. Because I love you, Christian, and if you leave me, it will be like a world without light. I’ll be in darkness. I don’t want to run. I’m just so frightened you’ll leave me …” – OMG STAHP IT WITH THIS
4. It goes on with the self-loathing. It’s like reading Bella’s point of view from New Moon. God. No. Why can’t writers write strong female characters. That say fuck it all and are enough for themselves. Ugh ugh uggggghhhh
5.I gasp. Oh my Fifty!” – I shudder. Oh my god! Stop it with this. This is literally all there is in Ana’s head. It’s the most annoying shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.
6. Ana: “I don’t want to hurt him, physically or mentally.” – and here lies the difference between Ana and Christian. Need I say more?
8. Christian: “I’m a sadist, Ana. I like to whip little brown-haired girls like you because you all look like the crack whore—my birth mother. I’m sure you can guess why.
10. THE
11. FUCK

12. If you’re not out the door right this second, Ana, kittens will die. No seriously, this is serial killer behaviour.
13. Ana: „Then it hits me like a wrecking ball.” – kind of like when Christian hit you, right?
14. Ana: „This is so fucked-up” – truer words have never been spoken ever, in the history of the world ever ever
15. I have to give him props for being honest with her. A book and a half after. But it’s cool. It’s fiiiiine noit’snotnoit’snotnoit’snot
16. Ana: „Perhaps we’ll be okay. I want us to be okay.” – HAHAHAHAHHAA OH YOU SWEET SUMMER CHILD
17. Christian: “Marry me,” he whispers.” – HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
18. This is just like those people who had the fight of their lives, literally telling each other how many things they hate about each other, then one of them proposes like that will fix things. Or one of them cheats and then proposes to the other. Sure, cause marriage is the key to world peace. *slams face into palm*
19. What even is this. Am I watching a soap opera? This is SO BAD.
20. Ana has a decent reaction for once and starts laughing her ass off. Poor girl needs a laugh, fuck knows I needed one after all the shit I’ve read. I didn’t know 50 shades of crap was a comedy. But it’s a fun discovery. It’s like: this is crap, but it’s funny crap, you know?
21. Ana: „I’ve known you for about three minutes, and there’s so much more I need to know. I’ve had too much to drink, I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I want to go to bed. I need to consider your proposal just as I considered that contract you gave me.” – I’ve never been more proud of Ana than I am in this moment. But, how can someone be so stupid some times, and rational/logical/smart when the plot demands it. Oh.
22. They’ve known each other for what, 4 weeks? 5? Sit on that for a bit.
23. Ana: „My subconscious has thrown her empty bottle of gin on the floor and is sitting up in her armchair, glaring at me in horror.” – can I get in on that gin? I’ll supply a bottle of my own. Alcohol has become mandatory in order for me to finish this book.
24. It’s like all the drama in the world has been dumped in this chapter and I’m just here in my corner rolling my eyes over and over again and perfecting the art of the facepalm.
26.Shit—a nightmare!” – this is the kind of quality writing one has come to expect and not be at all surprised when reading this „marvellous” piece of crap literature.
27. Post-nightmare sex.

28. „Fuck. I can’t do this. Not now.

“Christian … Stop. I can’t do this,” I whisper urgently against his mouth, my hands pushing on his upper arms.

“What? What’s wrong?” he murmurs and starts kissing my neck, running the tip of his tongue lightly down my throat. Oh …

“No, please. I can’t do this, not now. I need some time, please.”

“Oh, Ana, don’t overthink this,” he whispers as he nips my earlobe.”


30. This reads like a rape scene what the fuck
31. He’s letting her touch him in the “forbidden” areas and suddenly she wants to have sex. Oh, I’m sorry, she wants to make love.
32. No. Just no. I am 9000% done with this shit.
33. Christian: “You can still say no. You can always say no” – I’ll just ignore the fuck out of it and emotionally trick you into wanting to have the sex with me.
34. Ana orgasms when he asks her to, because HE needs that,  even though she says in her monologue 2 seconds earlier that she can’t. Christian is the ultimate dick to Ana.
35. This is the most fucked up sex scene I’ve ever read. Someone hold me. Bring chocolate.
36. It’s not tender and sweet and it doesn’t make you feel for the characters. It’s supposed to, but it doesn’t. It’s rapey and fucked up and so so wrong I can’t even right now.

37. This is how you know you’re reading Fifty Shades: you can’t believe it can get any worse, and then you turn the page. 
38. I need a fucking break.

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Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

anonymous asked:

I think it became very plotty once she arrived. They had to force everything with her. Hopefully, when she goes, it will go back to "normal" misery.

“normal misery” - truer words anon, have never been spoken. haha. sob.


Sunshine | Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Fluff 
Word count: 1,127
Member: Jeon Jungkook 

Love is knowing somebody’s flaws and weaknesses and still wanting to wake up next to them in the morning  

Honestly, you never fancied being the first person to wake up, you never fancied waking up at all. Mornings most definitely weren’t your cup of tea, in fact, you quite hated them and just wanted to bury your head back in your pillow every time you felt the consciousness starting to wash over you.

But there were some rare, rare days where you really didn’t mind it at all. The rain kept falling soundly against the roof and as the light pushed its way through the blinds and against the messy sheets that laid twisted over your bed, your eyes fluttered open in that typical morning grogginess, a soft yawn leaving your mouth and for a second, just for a second, you almost let that grogginess turn into a bad mood.

If it weren’t one of those rare days.

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Scarlett Holmes, I Presume? - Part IV

(x) (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)

“You kissed my Mummy.”

“Wha- how do you know that?”

They remained frozen on the spot for several moments, just taking in the slight change three years had made on their appearances; Sherlock wanted to tell Molly how grateful he was for all she’d done, how much she and Scarlett meant to him but mostly he felt compelled to apologise endlessly for not being there and his general awful treatment of her.


“I know what you’re going to say,” she sighed, wriggling her hand free and turning to heat their meal, “…don’t apologise for something that wasn’t your fault.”

Sherlock nodded in defeat and chose to stare at the ground; no matter what anyone told him, Sherlock would never forgive himself for leaving Molly to go through all that on her own. Molly whistled as she prepared and halved the lasagne dish, gathering the champagne on her way to the living room.

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My Sassy Boy [Chen]

A/N: Thanks for your request, anon! Here’s a fluffy scenario for you. :)

Request: Soulmate AU - Chen

The words scrawled on his wrist weren’t particularly interesting. Are you going to eat those fries?

The words scrawled on your wrist were even less interesting. Yeah. I’m saving them for later.

Luckily your relationship with Chen was anything but boring. You were currently regretting that fact very much.

“It hurts,” you whined, jerking your arm away from Chen’s grasp.

“Keep still!” he snapped, grabbing your arm and moving it back toward him. “I have to wash out the tattoo so it won’t scar.”

“You looked that up on the internet. You don’t actually know how to take care of a tattoo.” You felt the tears well up as Chen dabbed delicately at the tattoo on your shoulder. “How’d you even convince me to get a tattoo anyway?”

Chen wasn’t as calm as he outwardly showed, revealed by how his fingers trembled slightly as he finished drying the tattoo. “I don’t remember. We got really drunk.”

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It’s been awhile. I know…you’ve missed these…LOL

It did not surprise her that he was behaving like a baby.

She thought it was pretty frickin adorable, actually.

So she didn’t mind playing his nursemaid, because if anyone deserved some babying, some needed TLC - it was her man.

Even though she did tell him that this was going to be the likely result of not getting the flu shot this year.

But alas. Maks was sick with the flu, & while Larisa came & went, it was Meryl he wanted. Meryl he needed.

And wasn’t that just fucking great.

She had just reheated some of Larisa’s chicken soup. It was an old Ukranian recipe, and it was delicious. The older woman had demanded that Meryl have some as well when she had prepared it in Maks’ kitchen, declaring that “you don’t have to be sick to have some soup.”

She had added, “And he won’t eat it until he sees you eating it. My Maks is stubborn, & won’t admit to being sick & needing some soup.”

Truer words had never been spoken.

He had suffered through intensifying coughs & sneezes before he even admitted he felt off-kilter. It took him nearly passing out at a business meeting with his father & Alex before he even admitted that he wasn’t a hundred percent. Meryl had been in the U of M library when she got the frantic call from Alex, telling her that Maks needed her.

She was on the next flight out.

Maks had almost tore Alex a new one when he found out that he had called Meryl, furious that Alex made Meryl fly out for a “trumped up cold.” He was threatening to make Alex pay for Meryl’s flight when Meryl had had it.

“Maks! He called me because he loves you. And at least he had the decency to tell me that you haven’t been feeling well for almost two weeks! And you almost pass out in a business meeting - how can you ignore all the signs?!?!? And Alex will not be paying for my flight, Maksim! If anything, you will be paying for my flight, because this wouldn’t have happened if you had just listened to me & gotten that stupid flu shot!”

She would’ve continued to rag on him…if Alex hadn’t cleared his throat.

She whirled around, temper flairing, “What, Alex?”

He smirked. “Um, thanks for the defense, Mer…but. Um. Maks is passed out.”

She whirled back around towards the bed, to find out, that Maks had indeed, passed out.

She sighed in defeat.

"Don’t be pissed at him.”

She looked at Alex, eyebrows arched. “He just chewed you out. And you don’t want me to be mad at him?”

Alex smiled, rocked back on his heels. “I would’ve done it, ya know. Pay for your flight.”

She looked at him, bemused. “Yeah?”

He nodded. “Anything to get you over here. You have no idea, how scared shitless we all were. We were going over ideas…and he just keeled over.” He drew a deep breath. “He was burning up. Thank frickin God for Nicole. She was the only one who remembered that he complained about fighting off a cold a couple of weeks ago. We had called the paramedics, cuz Maks was just…passed out. He was already coming to when the ambulance came. He had a fever of almost a hundred & two…& still wanted to continue the meeting.” He chuckled. “Larisa & Sasha were almost out of their minds with worry, & they both blew up at him for not taking caring of himself. That car ride back to Jersey was fun.”

And now, here she was, 2 days later, ladling soup into a bowl for her very sick man.

She loved it.

She placed the bowl of soup on the tray she had prepared, complete with orange juice and a roll. She was hoping that she could convince him to eat more than 4 spoonfuls of soup today.

She went up the stairs, being careful not to spill any of the soup or the orange juice. She walked into his bedroom. She found him sitting up against the headboard, looking miserable.

And absolutely gorgeous.

Her heart literally pinged with love for him.

He looked over at her as she walked in with the tray, his eyes never leaving her form as she placed the tray on the nightstand. She was wearing his clothes, and even though they were a thousand times too big on her, he thought she never looked sexier.

Stupid frickin flu.

“Time to eat, Maks,” she said softly.

“I’m not hungry,” he replied petulantly, a frown marring his perfect features.

He’s adorable, she thought.

“C’mon, Maks. Do you want me to get in trouble with you mother? Cuz she’ll tear me a new one if she sees I can’t get you eating…”

"No,” he corrected. “She will not, in fact, tear you a new one. She will, on the other hand, tear me a new one for not eating & giving you trouble.”

"She wouldn’t! You’re sick!” Meryl exclaimed.

“Oh yes, she would,” he muttered darkly. “Sick or not. Congratulations, princess. You’re the new favorite.”

She shushed him, though he could tell she was secretly pleased. Maks knew that his family - blood & extended - could be intimidating. The fact that they not only welcomed Meryl, but also loved her (though not ever as much as he did, thankyouverymuch) was a gift. She filled all the empty spaces, all those open crevices that he always thought would remain empty.

Until her.

He watched as she swirled the soup with a spoon, blowing softly on the hot liquid. They had not slept in the same bed together since she got to Jersey. Even though she had gotten that damned flu shot (which he could now admit was probably a fucking great idea), they both (though more him than her, truth be told) didn’t want to risk her getting sick.

But…he missed her. Missed holding her in his arms, even though he was still weak and utterly miserable from this stupid flu.

“You got your flu shot, right?” he asked gruffly.

She looked up at him. “Y-yeah.”

“So there’s no chance of you getting sick? Being here with me?”

Her face clouded with confusion. “I-I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think so.”

He grabbed one of her hands, started rubbing the knuckles. “I miss you, Meryl,” he said softly.

And she understood.

It always amazed him how she always seemed to.

Her face softened, and she turned her hand so their finger entertwined. “How about we make a deal?” She started rocking from side to side, tilting her head to the side. “You eat half of this bowl, and I’ll stay here with you.”

All night?”

His voice…though joking, held…something.

She cupped his face in her hands, rubbed his red nose with her pale one. “Forever.”

He smiled for what felt like the first time in months, and kissed her forehead. “Done,” he whispered.

She giggled softly, and turned to grab the bowl. “C’mon then, baby. I’ll even feed you…”

Wifi Soulmates - Youtube

Apparently this didn’t submit before, so here it is again 
Ok so here’s a soulmate AU for you. Basically when you turn 18 a symbol appears on the back of your wrist. It’s like the wifi symbol, but just the outline. When the eldest of the two turn 18 it’s completely blank. When the younger turns 18 both have the circle filled in. The other 3 bars show you how close you are. Blank=distance apart the two were when the second turned 18. First bar fills in when they are half that distance apart. Second bar at a quarter the distance and the final bar is within 100meters if each other.


Dan was a massive fan of amazingphil. He watched all his videos, followed him on everything possible and tried to get the vlogger to notice him. It never seemed to work though. But still Dan kept trying. He especially kept trying after his 18th birthday.

The 21 year old had posted a video the day after titled ‘It’s not the new haircut’

At the start of the video Phil stayed abnormally still. Not even waving his hands about as he usually did to express what’ve was saying.

“Hey guys!!” Began the video. “So you might be thinking whaaaat?! Two videos in one week, Phil what’s going on?! And ok ok you got me, something is going on.” He smiled letting his tongue stick out ever so slightly. “Well you see, something’s changed about me. Can you guess??” he paused, then “Yes I have had my hair cut but it’s not that…nope I don’t have new glasses…do you give up? Well surprise” Phil lifted his hands into view to show the circle filled in on his symbol. “Yep that’s right, my soulmate is now 18. It happened yesterday, so if any of you guys turned 18 yesterday just let me know.” Phil smiled widely, winked and laughed “as if I’d be so lucky to have one of my few viewers be my soulmate. Anyway. I just wanted to let you guys know, I hope your happy for me, and I’ll see you allying my next video next week. Byyyeeeee!” Phil formed a heart and brought it toward the camera.

Dan had just sat staring for the last part of the video. Not really believing it.

And ever since then he’d been trying even harder to get Phil to notice him. It wasn’t like he could just announce it because (1) he wasn’t even sure they were definitely soulmates and (2) if they were he wouldn’t want everyone knowing about it.

After several months and no success Dan decided he was going to change his tactic.

He booked a ticket to Manchester.

His parents weren’t too happy about the idea of him going to Manchester by himself. But he was 18, Dan could do what wanted. He was sure that they would have been more than happy about it if they knew the reason, but he didn’t want them getting their hopes up, it still might all come to nothing.

As Dan rode the train he watched his symbol. He’d worked out that if the first bar didn’t fill in when he got to Birmingham he may as well just go home.

But sure enough it did.

And then the third filled in at Stoke-on-Trent.

Dan was so nervous as he pulled up to the platform. He had no idea how he was going to find Phil.

He found the nearest Starbucks, ordered and tried to calm down.

Dan got out his phone and started scrolling through his twitter feed. His heart picked up speed as he read, @amazingphil 1minute ago. ‘Don’t know if it’s worth leaving my house to go get Starbucks’ and a little further down @amazingphil 3minutes ago, ‘Really fancying some posh coffee right now’

Dan quickly typed out a reply ‘Starbucks is always worth it!’

And for the first time Phil finally noticed him. Re @danisnotonfire ‘truer words have never been spoken or typed, I guess’

Dan’s heart was racing faster than his legs ever had. Is this the Starbucks Phil would go to? Dan had no idea if there were others in town. He just kept refreshing his twitter feed making sure Phil hadn’t posted a picture of a steaming caramel macchiato or anything.

Dan looked up and noticed the black haired blogger a little ways if across the street. When he looked down again his final bar had filled in.


AN. This is just a one shot. Though I have also written and submitted a second fic on this same AU it’s titled ‘Wifi Soulmates - University’

If people really like these, I may write more in this universe, suggestions would be welcome. And obviously if anyone else wants to use this idea in their own work feel free to

Girl Meets Graduation (Rucas One Shot)

‘Girl Meets Graduation’ Synopsis: It’s time for new beginnings. With graduation, the gang will be heading off to high school. Things will change, especially when Lucas is faced with the toughest decision of this life.

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