Supercorp, Kiss of Life

When I see Kara and Lena, specially in this scene, my heart goes to Ireland, a little city, called Dundalk (between Belfast and Dublin), and I can listen this beautiful, Epic, and romantic song of The Corrs:

“Kiss Of Life”

 White Light, The Corrs’s Album

You're my soundproof room
Where I let it all out
You're never there to judge me
When I'm full of doubt
Held close to your pain
You burn me body and soul
I know heaven will be waiting
When I lose control

And I'm out of my head
Running blindly to you
Caught in the moment with you

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I want someone who I will wake up to every morning and smile. I want someone who I can raise our children with. I want someone to spend our 25th marriage anniversary with. I want someone who I can feel young forever with. I want someone who I can love and trust till the day I die. I want someone who will hold my hand when I am alone. I want someone who I can spend my old age with. If you can’t stay, don’t bother making me love you…
—  Queen Raz