The most extreme of all possible video game trees.

In documenting video game plants, I noticed a single common flaw shared by all: there’s a distinct lack of the stuff that makes games great!

Specifically, I’m talking about neon-green soft drinks consumed in tandem with orange-powdered corn triangles. You know the ones. From what I understand, it’s impossible to be a true gamer without them!

I decided to fix this. Using a copy of SpeedTree (thanks for the copy, guys! I bet you didn’t expect such an x-treme usage!) I took one of their default templates and… improved it. Leaves of bottles, bark of iridescent orange dehydrated cheese powder.

It’s perfect.

I could cry.

The ultimate in mega-corporate-branded game experiences.

I… I don’t know how I can ever cover another game again. As of today, VGF is just going to cover this one tree every day, until tumblr shuts down.

April Fools (2014)

On a soft-drink related note: you might want to check out the very real story of a few awesome devs standing up for themselves.