What’s your excuse?
Months ago I tried this move and failed miserably. I never tried it again until today… Im constantly reminded in life that we always have a chance to fix or do better at what we have failed or messed up. Never give up and always keep the faith and hope alive in everything.
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Meet my new workout buddies … Me, myself and I. I can always count of them for a good workout! #armyofone
I came across a workout program by @frank_medrano on the @officialcutandjacked web page today and found a hell of a lot motivation ! @frank_medrano is a beast at calisthenics and a major motivator for me these days!
Took a swing at his back workout and it floored me but it felt good!

Big ups and shout out to @d_stinto for #Flag_Fridays . I love the concept !
@chz_monopoly_xxxg @willy_beamen @siren0616 @marisainda @mankofit all deserve shout outs for being the awesome people motivating thousands !

Last but not least ! Big shout out to my close fitness clique ! @sealyvision @elleboogiee @therealmiamazin @kellycfletch @callmecdot and the rest of my #trueformfitness fam!