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He was atop the garrison when he spotted the elder of the Qiao sisters, riding alone. This worried Boyue, for the last time this happened, it was because Xiaoqiao was lost.

But what would bring the elder sister to come to Shu?

He rode out to her, his brown mare next to her own as he asked, “Hello my Lady, is there something the matter?”

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Daqiao was simply walking home to the Sonozaki house, that is until she saw a somewhat unfamiliar face. Then a sudden flashback came to her. “Isn’t Xiahou Ba’s fiancee? U-um excuse me! Are you Lord Xiahou Ba’s fiancee?”

Daqiao sat in her chair, awaiting one person to come home. All she wanted was to be with him, that’s all she ever wanted. “Sis… he isn’t coming back…” Xiaoqiao whispered in her ear. 

“Shut up…” Daqiao hissed at her sister. She refused to be believe it. He couldn’t have gone… No way…

“But sis…”

I SAID SHUT UP! JUST BE QUIET AND GET LOST!” Daqiao screamed out. Never it would happen, it wouldn’t… Could it? Xiaoqiao walked off quietly and allowed her sister some peace.

“It’s all my fault…” Tears started to drip, it dripped onto the wooden floor, the floor they once shared. The roof they once lived under. She got up and walked out their bedroom, no, it was now only hers. Everywhere she walked, everyone gave their condolences.

She missed his funeral, because, she wouldn’t believe it. All she could do now was wait… Wait for him to return, she give him a smile and hug as they would always.

However, that was only a dream, and one day you have to wake up from them, but you can make them last, in eternal rest right?

truedaikyo replied to your postI love your outfit, Lady Yinping. It suits you perfectly, not forgetting cute to boot. However, have you ever considered wearing something… sexier? You know, like a haltneck dress and high heels? I’m sure Xiahou Ba would love you to try it.

“Uh, Lady Guan Yinping…. Have you ever considered increasing your skirt length?”

“No…? Why? It’s at an appropriate length; it reaches just the tip of my fingers.”