anonymous asked:

can u recommend some true crime blogs i can follow pls

No problem!

These are basically all the active ones I could think of that I would recommend and that I would follow. I’ve probably missed a few quality blogs but I tried to stick to ones that actively and regularly post true crime. 

Odd Crime Cases - On January 24 1993, a man named Ronald M. Chroniak robbed a bank in Las Vegas, Nevada, and gave away $100 bills to any bystander that he encountered. When questioned where he got the the money, Chroniak honestly answered “I robbed a bank”, and wished the interrogators a good day.

natural-aphrodite  asked:

I'd like to start mailing some inmates, but obviously I'm under 18 and I'm pretty sure my mother won't condone this. Any pointers? I've mentioned it before but she referenced The Following and playfully dismissed the subject.

Writing inmates is nothing like The Following, haha.  Just keep talking to her, if she feels worried talk to her about the possibility of getting a PO Box.  Truecrimeguru has been doing this for a really long time and so has thedeathmerchant, as has skcentral nothing has happened to any of us.  Truecrimeguru even knew John Wayne Gacy!  So yeah.  If your mom is worried, talk to her about a PO Box.