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can u recommend some true crime blogs i can follow pls

No problem!

These are basically all the active ones I could think of that I would recommend and that I would follow. I’ve probably missed a few quality blogs but I tried to stick to ones that actively and regularly post true crime. 

Odd Crime Cases - On January 24 1993, a man named Ronald M. Chroniak robbed a bank in Las Vegas, Nevada, and gave away $100 bills to any bystander that he encountered. When questioned where he got the the money, Chroniak honestly answered “I robbed a bank”, and wished the interrogators a good day.

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Do you have any fav blogs that are like yours that you can recommend? I would be grateful

Hello! There are loads and loads, but I’ll just name a few of my personal favourites:

@anatomicdeadspace, @crime-files@truecrimehothouse, @richard–trenton-chase, @abyssofdisease@adeadlyinnocence, @reallifeishorror@hausoftruecrime, @fletchermarple@coma-kidd, @bundys-rumpkin@congenitaldisease, @truecrimedaily, @theblooodcountess, @bundyspooks@truecrimecarnage, @insane-in-the-memebrane, @truecrimeinvestigation, @sociopathic-compulsions@ruincus, @criminalprofiler, @truecrimemaniac, @truecrimeandcryptids, @coolthingoftheday, @curiousandinterestingthings, @babettebombshell, @luciferlaughs, @fromrussiawithcrime, @truecrimecreep@edmilk-kemper, @crime-blog, @fishingforalbert, @truecrimerip, @devilishcuriosities, @murderousminds, @fromthehandsofquacks, @malformalady, @misstruecrime, @dahm-its-jeff, @insidious-whispers, @fuckyeahtruecrime, @mypointofnoreturn666, @truecrimeguru, @unexplained-events

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hey would you be willing to name a couple of other true crime blogs, preferably that are as good as yours lol.

@thedeathmerchant @truecrimehothouse @bundyspooks @luciferlaughs @adeadlyinnocence @anatomicdeadspace @abyssofdisease @truecrimedaily @truecrimeguru @themoorsmurders @theblooodcountess @truecrimeandcryptids @truecrimeinvestigation @truecrimecreep @theconcretemama @reallifeishorror @unexplained-events @cryptid-wendigo

These are my favourite blogs that write original true crime stories. I know there are SO many more but it’s early and I cannot think of URL’s for the life of me! I have a bigger list under my blogs tag but I think it’s probably outdated.

If you have a true crime blog and write your own content, then feel free to like or reblog this post and anon, you can look through the likes/reblogs!

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Do you have any blogs to recommend for true crime that don't glorify the killers? I've found far too many who call them cute and obsess over them and stuff like that, and it really bothers me. Basically, any other blogs like yours that don't "fangirl" over the people they blog about?? You and congenitaldisease are two of the only ones I've found that are really good regarding that.

There are a ton, honestly.  I have a hard time keeping up.  But some are @ruincus, @fletchermarple @thedeathmerchant @abyssofdisease @skcentral@thecriminalcollection @nerualc @criminalprofiler @crimescenephoto @coldcasearchive @adeadlyinnocence @fuckyeahtherealkiki @on-this-day-in-crime @truecrimeguru @coldbloodedkiller @oddtruecrimefacts @brainscanner  @killer-junction @murderousminds @juvenileparricide @everythingtruecrime and a ton more but I’m a space case and honestly can’t think of them off the top of my head right now.  If you’re a blog that isn’t a hybristophiliac blog or a blog that doesn’t focus on just one inmate, please reblog this.

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Favourite Blogs?

@truecrimehothouse @thedeathmerchant @congenitaldisease @theconcretemama @bundyspooks @u-gun-b-ded3 @edmilk-kemper @ruincus @allthingsserial @eeriie @truecrimeguru @truecrimerip @truecrimeinvestigation @kipkinkel @oddtruecrimefacts @bowlcut-hell @bowlcutworshipper @twenny-wunn @findingyourinmate @saintreb @monsterserial@dollmeat3@fromrussiawithcrime @reallifeishorror @adeadlyinnocence @pennsylvaniaparanormal @anatomicdeadspace @paranormaldaily @bundyphilia @crimemotel @theblooodcountess 

I’m sure i’m forgetting a shit ton 

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Hey, I'm a new true crime/paranormal blog (as in I LITERALLY just made it half an hour ago) and I was wondering if you have any blog recs that I can follow? Your blog is my entire life btw x

Hey welcome to the fam, this is a list of some of my favourite blogs:  congenitaldisease, thedeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, anatomicdeadspace, themosthorror, eeriie, fuckyeahtherealkiki, adeadlyinnocence, obscene-minds-and-crimes, criminalprofiler, , neuralc, jtsar, luciferlaughs, fuckincriminal generichorrorblog fuckyeahnightmares, malformalady rocketman1984  bundysbrunette truecrimeprincess rebsgoddess, truecrimeguru oddtruecrimefacts psychopathvevo unexplained-events murder-and-lee, ruincus, cryptid-wendigo , thecryptocreep.

As always, if you’re a crime/horror blog and I forgot to add you to this list, please reblog or shoot nightcrawlercreeps a message so they can follow you!

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Hi! Your blog is awesome just found it. What other blogs do you recommend ? Thanks!

Thank you!

thedeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, bundyspooks, anatomicdeadspace, luciferlaughs, abyssofdisease, teddiddlybundy, malformalady, adeadlyinnocence, fletchermarple, serial-killer-files, truecrimefiend, unexplained-events, proletarblues, truecrimeinvestigation, nowt-here, neuralc, paranormalstoriess, spoopythings, dance-0f-the-damned, welcometothe1jungle, sweet-killers, cryptid-wendigo, evilparadise, crime-and-killers, truecrimeguru, skcentral, bitsapark, bizareismm, eeriie, themosthorrror, fuckyeahtherealkiki, obscene-minds-and-crimes, generichorrorblog, capableofcannibalism, dahmersfishisnamedalbert, amandabel1man, richard—trenton-chase, bundy2dope, goodbyeyoulizardscum, sugarsquared, psychopathlair, absence-of-conscience, ripmefromeartofuckingear, thespacegoat, jeff-dahmer, graveyardgardenslayer, fuckincriminal, theleftnippleofrichardramirez, criminalprofiler, bundys-babe, lovelyloathsome, amemoirofmurder, jtsar, shotsofdylan, mortifed-homocides, mixedoffender, itscuriouslymorbid, tell-me-what-to-swallow0, rnanifestation, dahmerandbundy, jeffdamner, themosthorror, whatwoulddahmerdo, love-blood-rhetoric, surrealserialkillers, thecadaverousprotrait, stop-dahmertime, murderers, kubrickiller, the-hand-that-masturbates, killersandkemper, coffin-club, kruelkruella, twerkingonyourgraves3, edmundkemp, nightimares, gore-wh0ore, hitlers-whore4, normal-p-eople-scare-me, youreastronomical, newtownshooting, the44caliber, sexyultraviolence, dahm-its-Jeff, theexasperatedartist, pichushkn, serialkillers-shootings-murders, ted-bundy, tedbundysbff, british-velvet, monstar-virus, whorrorfying, death—to—pigs, burnlelle, jeffsheart, alex-pichushkin, stop-dahmertime, exhale-satan, chxrles-starkweather, kyrxt, fckbundy, truecrimes, foreverbitchgasm, bundysocks, g0spel-0f-rage, john-wayne-gacy, do-it-for-the-thrill-of-the-rush, jonbenetsramsey, bloodyserialkillers, killers-lie, juvinileparricide, spoopythings, themadnessinmyhead, ruthellis, bundysbrunette, madkid-journals, truecrimeprincess, ohhowpeculiar, bundyofjoy, misstruecrime, truecrimecreep.

I am DREADFUL with remembering URL’s but tried to make this list as long as possible. All these blogs are similar to mine in one way or another and are active! The majority are true crime. If I forgot you, or even if I don’t follow you but you have a blog similar to any of these/mine, like/reblog this post and the person who asked the question can check them all out!

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Is there any blogs that you could recommend to me? Maybe ones that are like yours or ones that you follow yourself?


thedeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, anatomicdeadspace, teddidlybundy, teddiddlybundy, adeadlyinnocence, obscene-minds-and-crimes, malformalady, neuralc, purgefluid2, welcometothe1jungle, sweet-killers, evilparadise, crime-and-killers, pvnkbundy, truecrimeguru, skcentral, bitsapark, bizareismm, eeriie, themosthorrror, fuckyeahtherealkiki, bundyspree, capableofcannibalism, psychopathlair, dahmersfishisnamedalbert, amandabel1man, richard—trenton-chase, g0spel-of-rage, bundy2dope, goodbyeyoulizardscum, thespacegoat, jeff-dahmer, graveyardgardenslayer, theleftnippleofrichardramirez, criminalprofiler, bundys-babe, scentofcadaverine, lovelyloathsome, amemoirofmurder, jtsar, shotsofdylan, mortifed-homocides, tell-me-what-to-swallow0, generichorrorblog, love-blood-rhetoric, thecadaverousprotrait, stop-dahmertime, kubrickiller, kruelkruella, gore-wh0ore, normal-p-eople-scare-me, youreastronomical, childadam, the44caliber, sexyultraviolence, dahm-its-Jeff, pichushkn, serialkillers-shootings-murders, sweetdeffectt, ted-bundy, tedbundysbff, monstar-virus, whorrorfying, death—to—pigs, burnlelle, jeffsheart, alex-pichushkin, stop-dahmertime, exhale-satan, kxyrt, death-beautiful, givemetheurljeffreydahmer, ruthellis, bundysbrunette, metzgermesiterr, worship-the-witch, serialkillersbabe, truecrimeprincess, the-ken-and-barbie-killers, serialkiller, cassyeatscockroaches .

I’ve tried to include as many true crime blogs as possible so if I left you out it’s not because I don’t like your blog but i’m dreadful at remembering URL’s and checking out new blogs, so I’m sure there are many more. If you’re a similar blog, then like this post or reblog it!

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are there any other blogs like yours that you can recommend to me ? i just found yours and i'm in love, i've been scrolling for about 10 mins now lol

i have a long list in my faq but I presume your’re on mobile and can’t access it: 

congenitaldisease, thedeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, anatomicdeadspace, fletchermarple themosthorror, eeriie, fuckyeahtherealkiki, adeadlyinnocence, obscene-minds-and-crimes, criminalprofiler, kyrxt, neuralc, jtsar, death—to—pigs, luciferlaughs, fuckincriminal generichorrorblog fuckyeahnightmares british-velvet malformalady rocketman1984  bundysbrunette truecrimeprincess truecrimeguru oddtruecrimefacts psychopathvevo unexplained-events vodkadoom criiminality

I know that most of these are active crime/paranormal blogs but a few may have been deleted or have changed their blog style. I needa update the list so I’m glad you asked!

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Can you give me some tumblr accounts that are like yours?? Thank u x

officialdeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, bundyspooks, anatomicdeadspace, luciferlaughs, thekillinggame, cryptid-wendigo, psychanddeath, oddtruecrimefacts, fletchermarple, themosthorror, ohdynophpbia, adeadlyinnocence, criminalprofiler, truecrimeinvestigation, truecrimeguru, abyssofdisease, sluthotel, theconcretemama, unexplained-events, bundys-rumpkin, truecrimecreep, viiciious, truecrimecarnage, fromrussiawithcrime, optimisticbulldog, thewallsofconcrete, ruincus, u-gun-be-ded3, truecrimerip, theblooodcountess, lonesometides, charlestonchurchmassacre, insidious-whispers, dahm-its-Jeff, deathistheultimatefreedom, coldcasearchive, crimestomakeyousquirm, myrahindley, coma-Kidd, truecrimeandcryptids.

Also check out goldenprairies for brilliant photography and unsettlingstories for fantastic fictional creepy stories!

If you run a similar blog, please feel free to reblog this and the asker can check out the reblogs too! There’s so many more but I’m drawing a blank with URL’s, sorry!

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What are some ideal blogs to follow that are like yours?

@truecrimehothouse @thedeathmerchant @anatomicdeadspace @bundyspooks @luciferlaughs @adeadlyinnocence @criminalprofiler @unexplained-events @psychanddeath @cryptid-wendigo @abyssofdisease @truecrimeguru @fletchermarple @truecrimemaniac @fromrussiawithcrime @truecrimecreep @truecrimerip @moody-bundy @ruincus @maneating-orchids @thecriminalcollection @truecrimeandcryptids @allthingsserial @dahmersbeer @crimesandcuriosities @bizarreismm @eeriie @proletarblues @thewallsofconcrete @theconcretemama

There’s an awful lot more but these are the ones that came to mind first. If you fall into this category, feel free to reblog this!

FAQ/About Me (Just to be pretentious)

This post is just a reference for questions I get asked on a regular basis. NB: This isn’t finished, I still need to add some things.

A slight disclaimer: With many of my Spooks posts, I do not claim they are real or not fabricated in any way.  However, I usually tag these posts with things like “myth” “hoax” or “urban legend” to clarify. I simply post them because I find them scary and think my followers will enjoy them. So please don’t come up in my inbox calling me a liar etc., because I’ll just ignore it.

About me: name is Sophie, I am 20 years old and live in the North-west of the UK. I am currently working in retail. I have a dog called Minnie who is so pure and i love her. That’s about it really. I’m obsessed with dogs, cats, birds of prey,  animals in general, spooky stuff and serial killers :)

Sign: Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, and Leo rising and Taurus Midheaven (I like to look at things logically but I love astrology ngl)

About this blog:

-This blog mainly serves as an educational aid for those interested in criminology, psychology, parapsychology and cryptozoology. I do not, in any way shape or form, condone or particularly enjoy the act of murder nor violence, and I acknowledge that some posts may be seen as being disrespectful to any victims or survivors by others, although this is never intended. I am not part of any “fandom” for serial killers- they are not people to be admired or glorified. I am simply here to educate and inform people interested in the things found on my blog.

 What are some blogs you’d recommend?

-to name a few: congenitaldisease, thedeathmerchant, truecrimehothouse, anatomicdeadspace, themosthorror, eeriie, fuckyeahtherealkiki, adeadlyinnocence, obscene-minds-and-crimes, criminalprofiler, , neuralc, jtsar, luciferlaughs, fuckincriminal generichorrorblog fuckyeahnightmares british-velvet malformalady rocketman1984  bundysbrunette truecrimeprincess truecrimeguru oddtruecrimefacts psychopathvevo unexplained-events murder-and-lee, ruincus rebsgoddess

What are some true crime books you’d recommend?

-  The Stranger Beside Me, The Phantom Prince, Talking with Serial Killers, Jeffrey Dahmer: A father’s Story, Life Means Life. The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer  Criminal Shadows, The Psychopath Test (not so much about killers, but psychologically relevant) Real-Life Monsters, Inside the Minds of Serial Killers: Why they Kill, The Wisdom of Psychopaths, The Lost Boy

Will you follow me back?

- Basically, If your blog is similar to mine, (true crime, gothic, horror, paranormal) I will definitely follow you back. However, I follow a lot of blogs (it’s well into the thousands) and I like a wide variety of things, so to answer plainly, if I like the stuff on your blog, I’ll follow you.

Why didn’t you answer my ask?

Either I get asked the particular question too much, or it’s already included in my FAQ. I also refuse to answer asks that are rude, that bad-mouth other bloggers, or asks that might offend others.

How come you unfollowed me?

If I unfollowed you, assume that it was for one or more of the following reasons: You were racist, homophobic, ignorant, or otherwise derogatory toward anything or anyone, you simply posted stuff I didn’t blog about and had no interest in, I got the impression you were one of those people who tries to be “edgy”, if you post animal mutilation, or if you post porn. (any kind)–I unfollow people all the time, as I’m sure you do, and I don’t think either of us should lose sleep or be concerned over something so silly.

Why do you glamourise serial killers so much????

-I really don’t. The true crime posts you see on this blog are purely educational, and serve as historical reminder of the biggest names in criminal history. You’re seriously ignorant if you look at my blog and see any type of romanticism of true crime.

Who is your favourite serial killer and why?

-Whenever people ask me this, I’m pretty wary of the word “favourite” because this would suggest that serial killers are people worthy of praise, and this is something which I always discourage. I know that’s not people’s intentions when they ask, of course, but I don’t want people to think I have a favourite killer. However, I am most interested in Ted Bundy, Edmund Kemper and Ed Gein at the moment. Ted Bundy because I think there is a lot of material on him, so this makes it easy to study him. He was also the first serial killer I ever became aware of, and the first one I looked into. Edmund Kemper fascinates me because he seems completely normal, and he seems to accept full responsibility for his crimes. He even turned himself into the police. And Ed Gein because he is so morbidly interesting, and he is a key part of popular culture. (Texas Chainsaw, AHS etc.)

anonymous asked:

I love your blog!! Mainly because you have such good captions for your photos which I love reading! I follow a few crime blogs but not many talk about the actual crime, more so post photos and such. Do you recommend any blogs similar to yours? I think y'all always be my favourite though. Especially because your so nice to everyone! I always see you either add comments to reply to asks and your just lovely! Thank you!!

Thank you very much! I’d say the blogs most similar to my own are:

@truecrimehothouse, @thedeathmerchant, @bundyspooks, @luciferlaughs, @anatomicdeadspace, @fletchermarple, @adeadlyinnocence, @pennsylvaniaparanormal, @reallifeishorror, @darkinyourroom, @abyssofdisease, @truecrimeguru, @criminalprofiler, @cryptid-wendigo, @fromrussiawithcrime

I could list blogs forever but I’d say that these ones are the ones I check most frequently and post their own content as opposed to just reblogging!