i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)

TRUE COLORS - An Ink x Error Fanfiction (general information)

Welcome to the guide post of my Fanficiton called “True Colours”.

In this post I will gather general information about my story. If there will be many questions this will turn into a FAQ-post, so it will be updated if needed.



Normally I’m not much of a shipper, but Ink x Error kinda hit me hard. And as I couldn’t find a decent Ink x Error fanfiction out there (if there is one and I missed it I’m highly sorry, I didn’t search for long as the most stuff out there seems to be poorly written smut), I decided to write what I wanted to read myself:

This is the story how Ink and Error become a couple (is this a spoiler?) while staying as true to their original personalities as possible

Of course I had to change some things, but without those minor changes they aren’t shipable. Also I added some “story” around them, as I prefer it if stories don’t take place inside a bubble :’) 

So yeah, there is an actual plot (it’s rather long) and everything is progressing veeeeerryy sloooow. As you might imagine, those two dorks need to go through a lot of change before they can become the devastating cute couple we know and love. And sometimes life isn’t working in your favour either…

Although I tried to include as much canon as possible, keep in mind that I interpreted a lot of things! If you wonder what is canon and what not, ask me, I kept track of pretty much everything I used as a reference.

This whole story was highly inspired by the amazing blog @ask-glitch-and-squid 

Ink belongs to @comyet / @myebi

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

(I won’t tag other characters here as it would be a spoiler.)

And most importantly: this story wouldn’t be as good as it is now without my AMAZING BETA READER @azy-arty You made it so much easier to work on this story it’s a blessing ;__; <3



The first chapter can be found HERE.

All chapters will be published on my profile on Don’t repost my work somewhere else!

You can find my profile here or just look for me as “Greatnini” on AO3.

I will inform about every new chapter on my tumblr page.

The post which links to every single chapter that was already published can be found here: Index



I think this story is suitable for everyone at the age of 13 or beyond.

There won’t be smut, there will be violence, some chapters can get under your skin if you’re sensitive and there might be one, or two (or more…) scenes that evoke quite some emotions. At least I try to achieve that. (My beta reader @azy-arty says I’m feeding off her tears).

If you have a soft soul - be warned! But generally: enjoy!



I will try to post at least one chapter a week. 

But university is starting soon and this story is rather long, and sometimes I need to connect two or more chapters to each other, so I have to write THEM ALL before I can post a single one of them. I really don’t want to go back and delete chapters to reupload them. And I have a life. But the whole story is already planned from beginning to end, so I will pull through with it!



Of course you are! It would be a great honour to be honest. 

Just link back to my tumblr page, my A03 account or this post! 

As a tag you can use #truecolors!fanart (or #truecolors!dub if you make a dub? Don’t know if people wanna make dubs out of it :’D) than I will be able to find it more easily :>

If you are left with questions: Go and leave me an ask!


True ColOrs or True ColOUrs???

I use both to tag my work - #truecolours and #truecolors because “color” is the more common version here in the Internet, but the story is written in BE. I know, confusing. 

Go with whatever feels natural for you.



I am really giving my best to avoid any mistakes and thus I check my texts over and over (and over and over) again, but let’s be honest: I won’t be able to give you a flawlessly written story. My aim was to improve my writing/language skills with this story - one of the main reasons behind this project. (Please remember that English isn’t even my first language).

If you find something and you have the strong urge to inform me, go ahead and tell me, I will correct it. (Just…don’t be a dick about it.)

Spelling and grammar is easy to correct for me even without help, but sentence structure and commas are a different thing. (God damn I can’t even remember the rules for commas of my native language xD) Nevertheless I won’t be lazy and try my best to present the best English possible.



Hugo at 1:12:15

True Colors

Growing up with a family that had/has the idea of “homosexuality is bad”, “homosexuality is a sin”, I got really confused of who I was and am. Since Kindergarden I started to realize tha I liked boys…like a lot, and at that time I didn’t mind at all; I started to grow up and that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t accept who I was, beacuse since I was little they taught me to dislike homosexuality, many people bullied me calling me names. I wanted to get rid of all the titles, so I started to try liking girls and the rumor that I was dating one. Time went on and I knew I couldn’t hide away all my life who I truly was/are, tough times came, I struggled everyday with myself, until one day I said outloud when I was alone: “I’m gay”. It felt so good as those words left my mouth, it felt like I freed myself from a cage. I fell in love with a boy, a boy with a heart of gold and a pure soul. Till this day I’m still struggling for who I am, since I tried to change who I was in the past because of my family/society…so I tell you this, don’t change your bright, beautiful colors for NO ONE, be who you are, love who you want; it is YOUR life not theirs, don’t make the mistakes I did, keep your true colors, right now I’m re-painting mine. ❤ Love you all!


“Your eyes are like two ponds, so deep. I’m afraid if I dive there, I couldn’t come back up … And your smile, even the sun he is jealous and does not come out from behind the clouds because he knows being not able to shine like you…” 💙💖

And then Branch, does not know what romance…. Yhea, for sure…🤗😍
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Perfect pixel-art with specular and bump lighting in unity

Here’s how I do the lightning and pixel-art textures for MegaSphere.

I assume you have a general idea of how unity and photoshop work. If not, its pretty easy to figure out, let’s go!

First, create your object base texture

In photoshop, start new document and create your object.

I suggest to go with a sprite sheet right away for your objects, instead of putting objects into separate files. Less files means less hassle with file import settings, maps, materials, performance optimisations. Make it pretty big (I start at 256x256 pixels), and you can adjust it later.

This is the base texture of our future object. I use a slightly modified metal barrel from MegaSphere as an example. I used restricted palette here, with some shading, but how your sprites will look is up to you. I feel some shading and depth in texture map itself add to the look of sprites in game.

I assume you already started a 2D project. Save your main texture PSD into your unity project. Find or create “Assets” folder, save it there or start organising like a grown-up and create a ‘Sprites/Objects’ folder.

In a new separate file, create the depth map for your object

This file is the data that tells the shader how to light your sprite.

Create a new document with exact same size as base texture file (don’t forget to resize it too, if base texture changes).

To make a depth map you need to think about your object in 3d. Pixels that are further from the ‘viewer’ are darker. Those closer to ‘viewer’ are brighter. There’s no color, just grayscale and transparency. Here’s how my barrel depth map looks:

Barrel is a cylinder so middle is closer, sides are further. Basically a horizontal gradient: black to white to black. I added 1px horizontal ridges, mirroring those in texture itself. The triangle window would be the insides, so its black.

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