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When you first started drawing, did it look like shit? Sometimes I find if I draw something semi-good, I can never recreate the magic on another piece. That's why 90% of my stuff is frontal aspects. When I'm screwing around I can grind out some masterpieces. But when I actually try its just ...*poof* nothing good. What tips do you have for a struggling artist?

Hello, my friend! Of course when I started drawing things were rocky! It’s hard to get something to look the way you want it to, but it’s the dedication that will help you! If art is what you love to do, you will always push yourself. Sometimes you will ragequit, but we all do sometimes. Never give up, that’s the best advice. <3

Also, take a look at this… A blog filled with my older art. 4-6 years old. Look how far I’ve come. :)

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