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I get how you feel...Europe is completely ignored but tbh even if they come here my country would definitely not be the one visited. I try not thinking about it really. As long as there are fancams of those moments, I'm good 😊

true2~ it’s okay as long we get a daily dose of em’ 💪🏻😛💯 ((bcs nothing is enough and im such Trash -with a capital T))

“Az igazi gáz, hogy az igazi gazig az igaz igáz.”
~ Saiid (poet/MC/slammer from the hip-hop duo Akkezdet Phiai)

Translation from Saiid:::
And what really sucks is that until real deep shit, you’ll be the subject of truth.


The quoted sentence is at 2:33::: (100 Thousand poets for Change – Slam Poetry contest 2011)

° °

1) real; authentic
2) right; very; true

1) true
2) truth (also as ‘igazság’)
3) That’s right! (as ‘Igaz!’)

igázni; leigázni – to subjugate; to subdue; to conquer
igázni – to “use the yoke”
iga – yoke

1) weed (not marijuana)
2) nefarious; rascally; scoundrelly
3) rogue; rascal; villain (also as ‘gazember’)

1) gas
2) It sucks. (as ‘Ez gáz.’)
3) awkward; embarrassing
[e.g.: That was akward! – Ez gáz volt.]
[e.g.: Gáz vagy! – You are embarrassing.]

I hate how people use the scene from 3x05, in which Bellamy calls Clarke out on her shit, AGAINST the ship. Look at the things he says to her and tell me it wasn’t all true.

1. Chose the grounders over her own people. If you quit being bias, and look at it from the perspective of her people, and take into account that 2 seconds later Clarke is reffering to herself as one of the grounders “we did our part, L/exa and I” ITS TRUE

2. Turned her back on them when they came to rescue her. TRUE

3. She left all of them. TRUE

4. Telling her she’s not in charge here? TRUE. Why let her act like she’s in charge when she decided to abandon them. 

5. People die when you’re around. TRUE. Also this is my fav because people have the biggest cow over him saying this to her…meanwhile they’re busy referring to her as “Wanheda: commander of the death.” 

6. She was willing to let a bomb drop on his sister. TRUE 

7. Then she goes and makes a deal with the same person who left them in mount weather to die and forced them to kill everyone who helped them. TRUE

You can talk about Bellamy being too harsh all you want but further on in the season we’re seeing that even MORE of the delinquents have this exact same opinion about Clarke. 

Octavia said “You haven’t BEEN here”

Jasper saw her for all of 5 seconds in the last episode and was already fed up.

And lastly, take a step back and think about the people in your life who call you out on your shit and keep you grounded. A loved one, a friend, usually someone you’re close with who cares about you. They’ll never let you walk around with your head in the sky when you’re actually being an idiot. And later on you think “damn, I’m glad they called me out on that.” 

Tumblr is hella overly sensitive and I’m tired of seeing this scene used to call Bellamy “emotionally abusive.” After all this Clarke had it coming, she needed to be pulled down from her “Mighty Wanheda” pedestal which she was propped up on in Polis and she had to be reminded by her own people that you cannot be “mighty” when you are actually in hiding.