aaaannnd Morty ends up getting a crit and knocking out the gaseous morty (happened to me twice already)

but anyway, here’s my final team of Mortys, i beat the game and now im just looking for all the Mortys to finish my MortyDex



Major deity in Hindu lore, who was believed to be the complete and perfect eighth incarnation of Vishnu the Preserver. In some various beliefs, he was even the Supreme Being incarnated into human form. He ruled over the divine, love and beauty.

Every year during the month of Śrāvaṇa (July-August) his birth is celebrated on the eight day of the Hindu lunar cycle, in a festival called Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna was often depicted with blue skin, though some portrayed him with black or simply dark skin. His skin was said to be so blue, that he resembled a Jambul fruit, whose symbol was plastered on his right foot.

According to varying Indian epics, Krishna was born on the 27th of July in the year 3112 BC as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. On the day of Devaki’s wedding, a divine voice came from the sky and proclaimed that her eighth son would kill her brother, Kamsa.

When Kamsa learned of this, he threw his sister and her husband in prison where Vishnu who incarnated himself into Devaki’s unborn eighth child. The sage Narada confused Kamsa by telling him that the one to kill him could be the first or last son, leading him to kill six of his eight nephews.

Luckily, Vasudeva escaped prison with his newborn son, Krishna. But whilst Vasudeva was taking his son away, he was trapped in a storm near a raging river. Terrified, the man stepped into the swirling waters only for them to subside. Then the great snake, Shesha rose from the water and used his hood like an umbrella, stopping the rain upon them.

Vasudeva then gave his son to his kinsman Nanda, who gave Vasudeva his daughter in return. This daughter was the incarnation of Durga and she taunted Kamsa before disappearing from the world whilst Krishna was adopted by Nanda and his wife, Yasoda. At some point, the pair also adopted his brother, Balarama.

He was brought up in the town of Gokul where Kamsa sent the demon, Putana to kill the boy. Disguised as a nursemaid, Putana attempted to feed the boy poisoned breast milk, only for the life to be sucked out from her. Another time he was attacked by the demon, Shakatasura who disguised himself as a cart. When Yasoda had to leave Krishna alone for a while, she placed the boy under the cart so that he would be safe. Shakatasura attempted to crush the infant but the boy used his toe to throw the demon to his death.

Later, the whirlwind demon, Trinavarta dragged the boy away into the sky. Eventually the whole town was covered by a veil of dust and Yasoda wept, because she could not find her son. As the demon flew into the sky, he soon realized Krishna was growing heavier, but could not take the boy from his shoulders. Krishna grew so heavy, he was equal to a mountain causing Trinavarta to fall to his death.

One day, a vendor came to town intended to meet the boy she had heard tales about. Every day she called out in praise to him, but he never appeared. Just as she was contemplating suicide, the boy appeared with grains in his hands. He had picked the grains to pay her with, but many had fallen from his hands leaving only a few. The vendor humored him and allowed him to take many fruits. When the boy was gone, she discovered that her basket was filled with precious stones and jewels, in return for her kindness.

Because demons always appeared in Nanda’s hometown of Gokul, Krishna suggested to his adopted father that they take the villagers and go to Vrindavana. There the boy grew up with tales telling of how he stole butter and shot pellets at milk pitchers. One day, his mother hid the butter in a high up place so that her son could not reach them. But Krishna was cunning and with the help of his friends, found the butter and began eating it. When his mother returned, she was so mad that she punished him with her hand. Later, the boy became a cow herder playing songs for the beasts on his flute.

Countless other demons fell before his feet. He slew the calf demon, Vatsasura by slinging him by his ankles into a tree. When his friends entered the mouth of the snake demon, Aghasura, Krishna went inside himself and grew to enormous size which suffocated the beast.

Along came the giant crane, Bakasura which swallowed him whole. But Krishna’s body burned with a furious heat and the crane spat him out. To make sure Bakasura could never hurt anyone again, the boy tore off his beak. He was attacked by the sky demon, Vyomasura who disguised himself as a cowherder. But Krishna was not fooled and wrestled the demon like a lion, crushing him into the ground.

Whilst collecting fruits in the forest with his brother, he was attacked by Gardabhasura who took the form of an ass. Balarama threw the demon so far it crushed half the forest and died. He also slew the other bull demon called Vrsasura when it frightened his friends. One day his adopted father was on the verge of being eaten by a monstrous snake, but Krishna arrived just in time. When the boy touched the snake with his feet, it became the demigod, Vidyadhara who had been cursed into that form.

The demon, Sankhacuda attempted to kidnap some of Krishna’s female friends so the boy chased him down and crushed his head, which was shaped like a conch. He tamed the snake demon, Kaliya who had been poisoning the Yamuna river. When Kaliya coiled around him, the boy stayed put for two hours, until he saw a vision of his family’s deaths. Then he grew so large the snake had to release him and then danced upon the hundred and ten hoods of the demon with the weight of the universe. Luckily, Kaliya was saved by his wives who prayed to Krishna and he became docile.

The demon bull, Aristasura attacked the village and was so large and terrifying it nearly caused an earthquake. The people prayed for Krishna to appear and he did, wrestling the bull to the ground. When it stood back up and charged again, he broke it’s horns and kicked the demon to death. Then Kamsa sent forth the demon horse Keshi whom Krishna killed by plunging his arm inside the beast’s throat and inflating it, causing the horse demon to suffocate.

At a festival for the god Indra, Krishna questioned why they worshiped him for bringing the rain when it was a natural process. The villagers agreed and when Indra found out he sent a torrent of rain to flood the village for seven days and seven nights. Krishna responded by lifting the hill of Govardhana and using it as a barrier over the village. After this, Indra accepted defeat and bowed down to Krishna.

More demons appeared, like the elephant Kuvalayapida whom he slew easily and took back a tusk. When his teacher, Sandipani Muni lost his son to the conch demon, Pancajana, it was Krishna who ended the demon’s life to get the boy back. When he could not find the boy, he took the demon’s body and blew upon it and a lord of death Yamaraja appeared. With his help, Krishna returned the boy to his father and took the demon’s body as an instrument called Pancajanya. When a washerman taunted the boy, he grew angry and with a single strike from his hand, separated the man’s head from his body.

As a young man, Krishna returned to his true home, slaying the wrestlers Kamsa had ordered to stop him. When Kamsa tried to have his own father and his brother in law killed, Krishna beat him to death, ending his reign of tyranny forever. He then reinstated his grandfather as king and became friends with a man known as Arjuna, his cousin. He and Arjuna helped the god Agni burn down the forest of Khandavaprastha because the snake king, Takshaka was a friend of Indra’s who lived in the forest and invoked Indra to stop him. Using his Sudarshana Chakra, Krishna defeated Indra once more and burned down the forest with his friend.

When another king, Jarasandha found out that his son in law, Kamsa had been killed he sent his armies to attack Krishna but was defeated seventeen times. On the eighteenth time he sent the demon Kalayavana and his army of thirteen million soldiers and Krishna fled to build the city of Dvārakā. Then Kalayavana came back and Krishna tricked him into entering the cave of Muchukunda, who woke up because the demon had kicked him, thinking he was Krishna. When Muchukunda awoke, he looked into the eyes of the demon who simply burned into ashes in an instant.

As the king of Dvārakā, he had many wives, the first of which was Rukmini. At her request, he kidnapped her away from the evil Shishupala, whom she was to marry. Her brother was a friend of Kamsa’s however and wanted revenge. Luckily, Rukmini managed to get Krishna to spare his life by shaving her hair off and Shishupala would later be beheaded by Krishna.

His second wife was Satyabhama who was the daughter of Satrajit who owned the jewel of Syamantakamani. He refused to hand over the jewel to Krishna for safekeeping and instead he gave it to his brother who was killed by a lion whilst hunting. It was taken by Jambavan who gave it to his own daughter, Jambavati. Then Satrajit accused Krishna of stealing it, so he set out to clear his name. Following the trail of the dead lion, he found Jambavan’s cave and fought for either twenty seven, twenty eight or twenty one days until the jewel thief realized who he was. Then Krishna took the jewel back and received the hand of all of Satrajit’s daughters in return. Afterwards he also married Jambavati, sometimes known as Rohini.

The fourth wife was Kalindi who he found while bathing in the Yamuna river. The two fell in love quickly and traveled to Indraprastha before returning home to Krishna’s kingdom to be married. The fifth wife was Nagnajiti who he married when he defeated seven bulls with a noose, because her father would only let the one who tamed the bulls marry her. Then on the way back home they were attacked by the princes who had lost the challenge, but they were repelled by Krishna and Arjuna’s armies.

Mitravinda was the sixth wife, married when he defeated her brothers in battle and the seventh wife was Bhadra who chose him as her suitor. The eight wife was called Lakshmana and whose hand he won in an archery contest that Arjuna purposely lost. At some point the demon king, Narakasura stole away over sixteen thousand or sixteen thousand one hundred maidens. Krishna saved them by killing the demon as well as Mura with the help of his second wife and married every single one of them.

In the story of the Tulabharam, his second wife was tricked into almost giving away Krishna to slavery. If she could not find something precious that weighed more than her husband, she would lose.After swallowing her pride she sought the help of Rukmini who saved her husband with a single leaf that weighed more than anything in the world. Krishna would also steal the tree of Pārijāta at his wife’s request or because she was jealous of Rukmini’s retrieval of one of the tree’s flowers by the sage Narada.

Other beings like Banasura, Salva, Pakundra, the king of Kasi and his son, Sudaksina as well as the demon brothers, Dantavakra and Viduratha all fell before him. It is even said he saved a king who had been turned into a lizard. Banasura died when Krishna’s grandson, Aniruddha was taken by his daughter Usha. Afterwards, Krishna let the pair marry.

With his three ultimate weapons, the Brahma Danda, the Pashupatastra and the Vaishnavastra, Krishna took part in the Kurukshetra War as Arjuna’s charioteer. After the war he was cursed to die in thirty six years by Gandhari whose sons had all died. After thirty six years had passed, Krishna was killed by the hunter Jara, who thought that his exposed left foot was that of a deer. After he had succumbed to his wounds, he ascended.

Krishna was so renowned he had over one thousand names and over eighty children before he died. He has appeared in other religions such as Buddhism and a sect of Islamic lore called Ahmadiyya who appointed him as a saint and prophet of God. This is also true of the Bahá'í Faith and some scholars even believe that the Greek known as Herakles was really Krishna.

Sometimes he is merged with his friend Radha to become the Supreme Being, Radha Krishna.

But, like, what absolutely kills me about Cameron’s release is that she was really putting her all into this. She literally asked to be brought down into NXT. She sacrificed being on the main roster and being on Total Divas, the easiest route she could’ve continued on, just to be better and stronger for the company. I still remember, the time she was away for a while, how she documented working out and getting her body into the perfect shape for WWE. And then she started showing short snippets of her training. Until finally she posted up a video of a full sequence of moves with her trainer and she did so well! Like, the improvement was so much

And then she posted up that video of her literally crying because all she wanted was a chance. She was begging; sucked up her pride and begged for a chance. Not only that but she was proving her own. There aren’t many times you see a wrestlers true struggles at the forefront but she let us all in for that. Cameron loved working with her fans and helping them and it showed. Especially through her anti-bullying campaign and her prom dress/makeover contest she did. And that was all on her own! Cameron was often times seen as a bimbo-esque type character, vain and mean, but she was nothing of the sort in real life and that showed so much. 

And then she goes ahead and she starts wrestling in NXT house shows and everyone always talks about how much she’s improved. People who went to NXT house shows always supported her. Hell, she held her own in a televised match with Asuka and Alexa Bliss. And she was also taking some acting/improv (I believe) classes to better herself in that department too. All WWE had to do was put her in a storyline and it all literally would’ve worked out on it’s own. Cameron had the perfect recipe for her own revival but WWE said ‘fuck that’ and released her anyways. 

You know, I remember looking at her twitter and she was talking to some fans. It was last week, I believe, and she said all she wanted to do was be back in the ring. And when someone had asked her why she wasn’t, all she mentioned was ‘if you guys only knew the struggle’. It just goes to show that WWE really doesn’t care about how much drive a wrestler has. They just care about how quickly they can make money out of a wrestler instantly and not in the long run. 

All I know is that Cameron is a smart woman. She’s intelligent and her resume is impressive as hell. She’s also made sure to put her name out there a lot, so it’s not like she isn’t gonna be able to hold her own. But it’s just highly depressing that no matter how much you show you want it, WWE won’t even give you that chance. Whatever she decides to do, whether that’s working within wrestling or out of it, I’m definitely going to support the crap out of her! She’s is the epitome of getting off your ass, sacrificing the good things and working as hard as you can for whatever you want.   

Cody Hawk shares a funny story about Dean.

 "I will give you one funny story. Once, while prepping for a match, we were standing in this dimly lit room. Jon was talking and apparently decided he needed a drink. He reached for a bottle of water and began to chug. Suddenly, with a disgusted look in his face, he stops chugging as he was realizing it wasn’t water, but rather a random bottle of dip spit. Needless to say it wasn’t what he was expecting. He raced out the door and immediately threw it up. However, approximately five minutes after that, he still climbed in the ring with me and we kicked the crap out of each other in one of our epic battles. Sign of a true professional wrestler: Five Star performance no matter what!!“

Pro wrestling is more than just that stupid question - “is it fake?”. Pro wrestling is an art form! It enables one to become stronger and better, then to travel the world and become a star. Its what you put in. Its about passion and heart, skill and uniqueness. Every wrestler has their goals - sometimes we win or sometimes we lose. For some pro wrestlers winning a championship title, does not define a winner in their eyes. We pro wrestlers want to master our craft and find the true wrestler within us - that why we live in a suit case, search far and wide for that person - That pro wrestler! Its now time for South Africa to witness Pro wrestling as the developing art, its turning out to be all over the world!  - Nathaniel Govender