Rumor Willis is definitely one of my top 2 favorite guest stars of all time. She was so professional; so very aware of continuity and lines. She even learned how to use a switchblade for the shoot. Here she is trying to teach Jillian how to use it.

(Photos by Fun Kelly)

  • Karl's Cell Phone

While Karl’s cell phone was stuck inside a mangy dog in “True Dromance”, a lot of people tried to get in touch with him; and a lot of people were unsuccessful.

Here now, in a Workaholics Tumblr Exclusive, a sampling of his messages–

(Special thanks to Evan Ahlgren for his assistance in retrieving the messages from the phone… not the phone from the dog, though, the dog took care of that)

We were thrilled to have Lori Beth Denberg cameo in “True Dromance” as one of The Girl With a Tattoo of a Dragon/Lisa’s celebrity clients.  

It seems you were too, as Lori Beth was trending on Twitter during the episode.

While the guys had to pay $250 an hour to be graced with her presence, we’d have gone as high as $375 (and only that low as we need most of our doseph to pay for Adam’s belly button piercing replacement).

(Photo courtesy of Brian Ferguson)

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“You wanna yell?  LET’S YELL!”

Our Next Episode...

Is the neo-love story/dramedy/low-octane what’s-it-called, known as TRUE DROMANCE.

Official Logline: “The guys cheat on Karl with a new drug dealer.”

Rejected Logline: “What is true love?  Can one ever know?  Can one ever have it for a person they are not in a romantic relationship with, but buy drugs from on a semi-regular schedule?  The schedule would probably be regular if both parties could get together and iron one out, but a lack of effort and calendar software holds them both back.  Perhaps, they are held back by something more…”

Find out more when TRUE DROMANCE premieres Tuesday, June 5th, at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.