The Uninvited Guests

Imagine attending a party and knowing that upstairs, behind a locked door, was the slain bodies of an elderly couple. In early April, 2017, 16-year-old Cassandra Bjorge and her 19-year-old boyfriend, Johnny Rider, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, threw a drug-fuelled house party at the home of her grandparents - Wendy and Randall Bjorge. What the guests didn’t know, however, was that before the party the teenagers had brutally murdered the elderly couple by bludgeoning them with a hammer and baseball bat before slitting heir throats.

Days passed and the bodies remained undiscovered while the teenage killers lived in the house as if nothing was amiss. During this time, the couple planned more murders, including the murder of Bjorge’s mother. On the 9th of April, they attacked Ryder’s sister and her boyfriend with a baseball bat. Luckily, the couple managed to escape and call the police but Bjorge and Ryder had already fled the home when police arrived. While attempting to track them down, police discovered the grim scene at Bjorge’s grandparent’s home.

Police eventually tracked the couple down who were hiding out in an apartment block in Suwannee. After an hour-long standoff, police got into the apartment to find the teenagers had self-inflicted knives wounds but were to make a full recovery. Neighbours were shocked by the heinous murders of Wendy and Randall who were known to be “very respectful people.” They were often spotted walking their dogs and chatting with neighbours. In 2016, the elderly couple won custody of Bjorge, who was known to be a habitual runaway.

Bjorge and Ryder are currently awaiting sentencing. The motivation behind the senseless murder is still unknown.

  • Ruby: Thanks for helping me ask her out, guys.
  • Sun: No prob, lil strawberry
  • Neptune: Thank you for trusting us, despite our track record
  • Ruby: Aw, it's fine, I just hope we are as good a loving couple as you two
  • Neptune: What
  • Sun: What
  • Ruby: What
  • Neptune: Rubes, we're not dating
  • Sun: I mean, I've dated guys...wanted to, at least
  • Neptune: Same, rarely but same. But we're not, well, to borrow Nora's language, "together-together"
  • Ruby: Wha-, but? WHA?
  • Sun: You sound shocked
  • Ruby: You look into each other's eyes, miss each other within seconds of staying appart, always come together, flirt with others together AND AT EACH OTHER. Look, I have nothing against two dudes just being friends, but that's the most homoerotic friendship I've ever seen, and I know how Weiss and I act.
  • Neptune: You don't get it Rubedude. This is true friendship, no, BROTHERHOOD, as I was taught. We have a bond that goes stronger than anything
  • Ruby: Where did you even learn to treat your bros!?
  • Neptune & Sun: Buddy Cop Shows
  • Ruby: ...
  • Ruby: That explains SO MUCH.