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Nickname: Frej or Frejsen

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 161 cm/5′3

Time right now: 23:04/11:04 PM

Last thing I googled: Hoyt and Jessica from True Blood, because I’m a sucker(se what I did there heheh) for their relationsship and I wanted to watch their cute moments in season 7 heheee. 

Favorite Bands:

Kpop: Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, BTS, Seventeen & GOT7

Non-Kpop: Young The Giant, The Head and The Heart, Kodaline, The Band Perry, The XX Fleetwood Mack & The Smiths 

Favorite Solo Artists:

Kpop: Jay Park, GD and T.O.P

Non-Kpop: Owl CIty/Adam Young, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Madeon & John Mayer

Song stuck in your head: We Know The Way by Opetaia Foa’i from Moana or Vaiana (or whatever it is called now)because it’s cute and so is the movie

Last movie I watched: Rock of Ages, a kinda rubbish musical that I kinda love because it is so rubbish, hehe. 

Last TV Show I watched: Bones

When did you create your blog: I don’t even remember anymore, but I think it was sometime in higher secondary 

What kind of stuff do you post: Pastel everything and nerdy stuff

When did your blog reach its peak: Did it ever? But I once got a cute message that my blog was someones aestetich and that was really nice!

Do you have any other blogs: I have one called @drfandomshizz for all the non-pastel nerdy stuff I want to post​ ^^

Do you get asks regularly: No, but I would love to get some!

Why you chose your URL: It’s my middlename Sif and then my name, Freja, backwards 

Following: 97

Posts: 1852

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, I even have a scarf and a patch for my bagpack 

Pokémon Team: Team Instinct for the win!!!

Favorite colors: Black(like my soul) but I do appreciate pastels quite a lot 

Average hours of sleep: I sleep 5-6 hours on weekdays and normally 8-9 in the weekend, but i have been playing a lot of Uncharted multiplayer, so I haven’t even been getting that much sleep lately. 

Lucky Numbers: 8 and probs 13 too

Favorite Characters: 

Books: Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bones, Diana from the All Souls Trilogy, Elizabeth Bennet (and my Darling Darcy for that matter)from Pride and Prejudice(fav book ever btw), Charlie from Perks <3 <3 <3 and Liv from The Never Sky trilogy, and pretty much every other badass lady you have ever read about in a book 

Series/Films: Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (i know it’s kinda trash, but that series raised me) Daenerys and Jon from Game of Thrones (bc ofc they are perf) Erik Northman from True Blood (i guess Hoyt is kinda an honourable mention bc i luv him so), Jareth (aka Bowie) in Labyrinth, Goo Joon Pyo from Boys Over Flowers (favourite K-Drama evaaaa) and sooooo many more

What are you wearing right now: The Simpsons boxers and a T-shirt about Dan Howells butt hehe

How many blankets do you sleep with: One, I’m a true viking!

Dream job: Lawyer, and maybe one day even a diplomat!

Dream trip: A trip to Seoul!!!!!!!!!! And then a 3 year pitt-stop in Aspen, so i can snowboard!

I tag (you don’t have to if you don’t want to): @captainnattyworld @sherlock-and-stuff @dont-even-know-99 @thedrawingzombie And everyone else who wants to try and join this tag, since i don’t even have 20 people to tag hehe


Thinking about starting ships again! Send in my askbox a short description of yourself, which fandom (Criminal Minds, Supernatural, True Blood, Doctor Who) and I will ship you?

anonymous asked:

Do you take requests for edits? Would you make a nefflix one for me if a gave you the title and fc?

Yes, I take requests but the Netflix series is a personal thing between me and my friends / fav writers / fav fics so that’s not really something I do on command, sorry. :/

If you want a graphic for a show / fic etc just leave me some ideas / info and I’ll probably get around to it.

If you wants a gifset for a show I do:
Peaky Blinders / Hannibal / Vikings / True Blood / FDTD

*** Please remember I retain the right to deny/refuse any request.

What if..

I’ve been thinking.Imagine if this show was truly violent.I mean,with true blood and such.
Like,it already turned dark now,didn’t it?All those actions and near-deaths..Not making it look how it truly would is just because of the kids who watch it as well.
Watching S4 brought this feeling out of me several times.I love how it turned out either was,but just imagine how it could look like if!
Thoughts about this?

I just watched that Tarzan movie with the dude from True Blood.

I was not expecting the movie to bring in the historical bullshit of King Leopold.

I liked how all the Africans were able to do the same things Tarzan did instead and we got to see different folk.

Also how the fuck is Samuel L. Jackson’s near 70 year old ass able to transform into looking so young?

anonymous asked:

1, 3, & 4. Btw, I saw it. 😉

*sweats* what are you talking about? 

1 Talk about the first ship you ever had.

 I wouldn’t say this is my first ever ship,(im sure i had them as a kid) but its the first one I ever paid attention to and shipped hardcore. Like when I knew what shipping was. Bill and Sookie from True Blood. First ever OTP. (second one was darylxcarol. I watched TWD before SPN)

3 What’s your current OTP?


4 What’s your current NOTP?

Forever samifer and sabriel. I can’t stand those ships, but idc if people ship them.

I ran Roxyann today in some mixed rain and snow. My knee is still a little tender on the downhill so I took it easy.
It was fun going to the race yesterday. I love the feel and vibe even if I am not racing. It was truly awesome to see @ariavie and Matt there. I connected with a few people I have not seen in a couple of years in the running community.

It should be great running weather by the time I get back from AZ. Not to mention biking…. I should be fully mended by then.

I am watching True Blood and Deadwood now. I guess that is my current mood.

Hey Guys!

This is a new Imagines Blog.
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As well as Celebrity Imagines.

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No Smut.


Anna Paquin busts TV stereotypes as Bellevue's flawed female lead

A female lead unlike what we typically see onscreen is what drew Anna Paquin to star in CBC’s new crime drama Bellevue. 

“Annie is kind of everything that you don’t normally get to see in female characters in mainstream TV or films,” said Paquin, who leads the eerie new series as police detective  Annie Ryder — a single mom who’s a bit of a misfit in her community because of a strange and troubled past.

“She makes choices that are a little bit risky and sometimes a bit dangerous, but it all comes from a really deeply, passionately connected place of wanting to do her job and wanting to have justice be served and wanting to take care of her town,” the Oscar-winning actress, known for HBO’s True Blood and the X-Men films, told CBC News.

“She makes mistakes along the way and that’s not something that women on TV get to do without being kind of a bad guy a lot of the time.”

Show co-creator and writer Jane Maggs describes Annie — who risks her own safety to discover the whereabouts of a missing transgender teen — as "a brazen bull in a china shop, with loving but dysfunctional family relationships.“

Instead of "a typical TV stereotype,” Maggs said she wanted to create “a strong, unique female lead; someone I might know in life.”

So, Annie is a cop with a complicated personal life: she's struggling to come to terms with a dysfunctional romance, her father’s suicide 20 years ago, as well as a person who’s been stalking her since she was a child. 

The impressive cast includes Allen Leech (Downton Abbey) as Annie’s sometime-boyfriend and father of her young daughter, as well as Canadian actor Shawn Doyle (House of Cards) as her boss, the chief of police.

Striving for authenticity

The eight-part series, which features Paquin in almost every scene, is set in a small Ontario town hit with hard times after its mine has closed. Being from a small town herself, it was also important to Maggs that both Bellevue’s characters and its portrayal of small town life felt real. 

That Sadie O'Neil — the actress who plays Bellevue’s missing teen Jesse Sweetland, the town’s star hockey player and an NHL hopeful — is transgender herself helps to create a more nuanced portrayal of an already complex character, according to Paquin.

“I don’t think there’s probably anyone better to embody that than somebody for whom that experience reflects their own,” said Paquin, who will also be seen in CBC-TV’s upcoming series Alias Grace.

Jesse “isn’t the stereotype in any way, shape or form…Just because she is transitioning into being a girl does not mean that she isn't also a really great athlete, that the two are not mutually exclusive, and I like that this kind of show shows the range of human experience.”

Bellevue is shot in Quebec, mainly in the town of Thetford, with its slag heap mountains from a defunct asbestos mine. For co-creator and director Adrienne Mitchell, "the hauntingly beautiful asbestos mountains evoke this idea of a looming shadow over the community’s life.“

The idea was to explore "what it would be like in this kind of a small town if the hockey hero happens to be a person who is grappling with their gender identity," she explained. 

"That kind of [spun] it in an interesting direction and was a lovely echo to explore how a small town deals with differences.”

Bellevue debuts on CBC-TV on Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

Belle sat silently in the library. This full moon didn’t spark any crazy feelings inside the vampire seeing as she kept up with her need for blood. True her sexual side came out but that was easy to alleviate. She had stayed fairly dormant in this town since her arrival and hadn’t meet many. Her social skills really did need work. So she sat near the front of the library on a Sunday hoping someone would stop in to chat. 

Nicole Kidman: "Nicht jede Frau ist glücklich in ihrer Ehe"

Die neue HBO-Serie “Big Little Lies”, die am 19. Februar in den USA anläuft, bringt geballte Star-Power mit sich. Neben den Oscar-Gewinnerinnen Reese Witherspoon (40, “Walk the Line”) und Nicole Kidman (49, “Moulin Rouge”) sowie Jungstar Shailene Woodley (25, “Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter”) spielen auch Laura Dern (50, “Der große Trip - Wild”), Alexander Skarsgard (40, “True Blood”), Zoe Kravitz (28, “Die Bestimmung - Divergent”) und Adam Scott (43, “Parks and Recreation”) mit.

Darum geht es

In der Miniserie geht es um die drei Mütter Madeline (Witherspoon), Celeste (Kidman) und Jane (Woodley), die in wunderschönen Häusern am Meer leben und ein scheinbar traumhaftes Leben führen. Doch schnell stellt sich heraus, dass der Schein trügt und sich viele dunkle Geheimnisse hinter den verschlossenen Türen verbergen. Die TV-Serie, die sieben Folgen umfasst, stammt aus der Feder von David E. Kelley (60), der unter anderem “Ally McBeal” kreiert hat.

Spot on news sprach mit Nicole Kidman über ihr Serien-Debüt, das ihr laut Branchenberichten angeblich 350.000 US-Dollar (rund 330.000 Euro) pro Folge einbringen soll.

“Echter Fan von Reese”

Kidman wusste, dass die Serie auf dem gleichnamigen Bestseller von Liane Moriarty (50) basiert. “Es passiert selten, dass du ein Manuskript in die Hände bekommst, das auch nur einen starken weiblichen Charakter zeigt. Und dieses Skript hatte gleich fünf starke Frauen. Das hat mich sofort begeistert und motiviert”, so die Schauspielerin.

Außerdem setze sich die Serie laut Kidman mit “sehr wichtigen Themen unserer Zeit” auseinander. “Das hat mich ebenfalls magisch angezogen”, sagt die Oscar-Gewinnerin weiter. Hinzu kam, dass sie sich als “echter Fan von Reese [Witherspoon] outete, diese Frau ist einfach eine echte Macht. Egal, was sie auch anpackt, sie drückt es mit allen Mitteln durch”, schwärmt Kidman. Witherspoon fungiert auch als Produzentin der Serie.

“Nicht jede Beziehung ist das, was sie zu sein scheint”

Doch nicht jeder Drehtag sei einfach gewesen. Kidmans Figur wird zum Beispiel in einer Szene misshandelt. “Das war kein leichter Arbeitstag”, erinnert sich die Ehefrau von Country-Sänger Keith Urban (49, “Ripcord”). “Ich bin an dem Abend nach Hause, hatte überall blaue Flecken und musste in der Badewanne weinen. Wohlwissend, dass viele Frauen dieses Martyrium jeden Tag erleben müssen”, erzählt die Schauspielerin.

Doch es sei wichtig, dass “auch wir im Entertainment-Bereich heute mit solchen Serien die Finger in die Wunde leben, das auch wir zeigen, was sich hinter den Kulissen abspielt. Nicht jede Beziehung ist das, was sie zu sein scheint. Nicht jede Frau ist glücklich in ihrer Ehe. Zu lange haben wir diese Thematik nicht behandelt und besonders in Hollywood unter den Teppich gekehrt”, erklärt die 49-Jährige.

Die Folgen von “Big Little Lies” sind parallel zur US-Ausstrahlung in der Originalfassung auf Sky On Demand, Sky Go und Sky Ticket verfügbar. Voraussichtlich ab 6. April 2017 werden die sieben Episoden immer donnerstags um 21.00 Uhr wahlweise auf Deutsch oder Englisch auf Sky Atlantic HD ausgestrahlt.

Foto(s): © 2016 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. / Sky

Reasons With Propelling Authors

Coin a passel in turn pinch only by two fingers
Taste linger
Cardiac value blood pumping true to the word
As true as one gets lied to of it
Sore from sights is the man who grows tired of his hands
Why read the palms if they only make the future and not tell it?
The fortunes of a fortune-teller
The cookie and paper of dishonesty
The birth of disinterest and finding peace with living
As all that could be would there have a moment for meaning
Derived from the self
Shelved with experience and what causes happiness
For the given end-game to the journey
A travel is good enough but there has to be a goal post
You have to walk somewhere
There’s only a story I can share rather than my insane ramblings
I met a man at the tavern about a week ago
Drunk at the farthest of tables with paper and tobacco ash littered to his work
His gesture and hand told me to come over
We talked a bit and he offered drink
Though I could not focus that through his work he could only give a scowl
My body went limp and my cheek was glued to the table surface
I heard a chuckle and was forced to listen without being able to speak

“Finally, a chance to speak. To tell someone worth it.
I’ve been gifted with the ability to know the human experience
well enough to create fantasy that mimics reality and others
of their own will make it to be true.
I make novels to warn others and inspire the innocent for the better.
My dream was to be the most amazing writer. Not for myself.
I met the love of my life. Nenas. She taught me something important.
I wasn’t a writer to become anything. It was just to lead me through life.
What I had was happiness. My regret was my inability to keep it.
I was foolish, and allowed life itself to take that from me.
The others grew more questionable of my work and considered it
heresy to have it even uttered. A danger to the beliefs and rulers.
A crusade was slowly being formed against me.
I was forced into house-arrest. The love of my life was stressed with this
along with her own worries.
I caught her with another man to make that bit of a story short.
Suddenly, the one thing I actually thought gave me meaning to live
the one who wanted me to forget my passion and move on
made me think I was nothing more than the blanket paper I write on.
That I was replaceable and nothing about me mattered.
A cruel human, something I thought she never could be.
I’m pretty sure I was wrong, but I learned of so at the wrong time.
I watched soldiers of the crusade to protect against the dangers
of their own destiny I tried to warn against slaughter her.
I could have saved her but my heart wanted her to die. To feel the pain I felt.
Like it would be revenge and that, in death, she could understand.
I think the tears in her eyes before it all trying to find me
means I was mistaken about everything and just unforgiving
Now it is just me who is alone and hurt. I don’t deserve this passion.
There isn’t much left to do but to leave a real warning.
Not the people who wont listen and humanity itself.
A person who will, down the line, make some kind of difference.”

He got up from the table, leaving everything he had
Including me, still there

“I grow tired of this world. It no longer needs or wants me.
I’m done mourning over my own faults. It is time to make peace.
Take that and live better. Teach the people after learning yourself.
Teach who you think needs it. Even if that means no one.
Just walk carefully and remember to enjoy your life.
It’s the only thing you truly own.”

He left
I never saw him at that bar or town again
and was stuck with his book and forced to carry it for the longest
Half of it was blank
The rest were love letters written in a way where I could read it
and learn about various skills and insights to someone’s life
I wanted to finish the book but could not
There was neither a person nor thing which I loved
I think that was what I was being warned
My life was the journey and it was blank
No inspiration
Nothing worth giving myself a reason to think this was all worth it
That I was deserving of it
I’m sobering up now and can’t remember who I am
I look across the building and see two people in the far corner
One looks passed out on the table and the other is just talking to himself
for a long fucking time god damn
Rub my eyes
I’m serving drinks to people
Alcohol is in my eyes aaagghhhh
What is this infront of me?
I miss you so much my beloved Nenas why did we kill each other
Dear god why were my mind not of stronger
God why be unfortunate to allow this
The tears well but I must see I must finish
I’m at a table with several armored soldiers around me
The town will be flooded with blood and fire by the night
To protect the name of the lord an he who is glory
against fake testaments
of fake kings and history
The candle went out give me a moment
I’m not entirely sure who I am at this moment
but I know whatever I am writing right now and what I plan to do from here
I fear somewhere down the line I lacked something
and caused a continuous line from here to be fucked

Morbius, The Living Vampire

“Breathe.  Breathe deeply.  I want you to smell the blood draining from your body.  You can smell it, can’t you?”

The laughter is so forced and hollow.  The laugh of a mirthless, hateful being.  Mocking laughter.  It is all the more offensive because it is true.  The scent of blood is so strong.  So overwhelming.  As is the hunger.

It’s just before 5am on a Sunday. No rational person should be awake right now and yet here we are. The sun hasn’t even threatened to rise yet.  There is only the darkness of the early morning.  No birds, no sounds of life.  The only car on the road is a Royal Blue 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda, one of the few indulgences in the life of Dr. Michael Morbius.  He found it on eBay when looking for seat covers for his previous vehicle and bought it on a whim for $45k.  It took a chunk of his savings, but what was he saving it for? He was fairly certain retirement wasn’t an option.

Though he had achieved a degree of success as a hematologist, his career had long since diverged from his intended desires to something less noble.  There was a time when the Hippocratic Oath was something he believed in and felt strongly about.  There was a time when he wanted to make a difference.  There was a time.

The thrum of the Cuda engine filled his head as much as the darkness filled his eyes.  There was nothing else but pulsing night.  He refused to let his mind wander these days. He didn’t dream any more. Discipline was key.  He was stalwart.  Steadfast. He was a monster.

When he had started his residency all those years ago, things were so much different.  It felt like the world was different.  Maybe it was.  Back then monsters didn’t exist.  The sun still shone brightly.  He was a man who helped people.  

His nature was to be a forthright man.  He was firm and authoritative but not unreasonable and never condescending or arrogant.  At least that’s how he saw himself.  Growing up, his mother had worked as a nurse and he had experienced more than on awkward encounter between his mother and a cocksure doctor who talked down to her. He never wanted to be that kind of man. Instead he became something worse.

Empty streets passed by the windows of the Cuda.  Empty buildings. Empty world. His chest felt tight, he palms cold.  He had taken this drive many times.  Each time was worse than the last.  He hated it. He was on his way to murder someone.

It had been just over six months ago. He was in his office working late, finishing neglected paperwork. The door opened without a knock. Hadn’t it been locked?  He wasn’t sure at the time.  He knew now it had been, not that it mattered.  A locked door was a childish contrivance.

He’d lifted his head. The man in the doorway stood tall. Tall and menacing.  He wore non-descript dress pants, Italian shoes and a light jacket over a simple blue dress shirt.  His hair was close cropped.  His eyes a pale blue, like a frozen lake.  And his flesh was ashen and deathly.

The man who was not a man knew more than he had a right to. He knew Morbius’s family.  His history.  His life.  He knew Julia.  His wife. The beautiful woman who tolerated all of his quirks, his long hours, his insufferable colleagues and his inability to remember important dates.  How long ago that all seemed.  

“Doctor,” he had said with a voice like oil, seeping into your flesh and making you feel dirty.

“Can I help you?”  His voice wavered.  He felt fear in his gut.  Why?  It seemed silly.  Back then it seemed silly.  In that moment.  He was just a man, wasn’t he?

“Oh yes, you can help me. It is the blood, you see.  The blood is sickness and I need a cure, doctor.”

Morbius stared at the man, his fanatical tone causing the doctor to immediately lean back in his chair.

“If you need an appointment, please call my secretary –“

“I need you, doctor. Together we may yet surprise the Daywalker.  I need your expertise to make me like him.”

“I don’t under-“

The words died on his lips. The man was in the doorway and then as if time skipped a beat he is practically on top of Morbius.  His hand is frozen and feels like a vice.  It grips Morbius’ jaw with crushing strength, choking the breath from him.  He lifts Morbius as though he were a ragdoll.

“I will make this simple for you, doctor.  You will do as I say, when I say, without question, or you will watch as everyone you have ever known dies screaming your name.”

His arm rose.  Morbius rose.  The man’s thumbnail pressed into Morbius’ cheek, sliced flesh, burrowed inside. Morbius screamed, a strangled and muffled whimper against the man’s hand.  The cold, dead thumb pierced his cheek and crushed through his molar, pushing the tooth from his jaw as though plucking corn from the cob.  Blood filled his mouth, spilled over the man’s cold hand as he stared up at Morbius’ limp form.  And as Morbius watched with wild eyes, the man opened his mouth to catch the drops of falling blood as they spattered against his tongue. And his long, curved fangs.

The man dropped Morbius to his desk the way anyone else would drop an old coffee cup.  He crushed his laptop and scattered papers before rolling off to the floor, cradling his broken face. The tooth tumbled over his lips and landed on the floor, shattered and bloody.  The man simply adjusted the cuffs of his shirt.

“I trust, doctor, our working relationship will not be problematic.”  

Morbius groaned, lifted himself.  The man stepped away, investigating Morbius’ degrees on the wall.

“What do you want?” Morbius sputtered, his jaw painful as blood dripped over his lip.  The man didn’t bother to turn.

“Have you heard of Blade?” he said.  Morbius furrowed his brow as he clawed to his feet, slumping back in his office chair.

“Blade?” The word triggered some memory, somewhere in his mind.  A news story from years ago. An incident in a club and a manhunt.  But not or a man.  A vampire.  A vampire who killed other vampires.

“He was one of those people. Like a mutant or something. Spiderman or the Avengers.”

“No, doctor, not like Spiderman. Not a silly man in pajamas quipping at circus sideshow acts who fancy themselves criminals.  He is a vampire.  But not just a vampire – he is something more.  He has our strengths but not our weaknesses. He walks in the sunlight.” The man turned then.  His expression hardened.  His eyes narrowed.  Rage.  He seethed.

“This…thing, walks in the light! And for generations, since time before time, we have cowered in the shadows like animals.  I refuse to be a prisoner in shadow, doctor. I will stand in the sun.  You will make it happen.”

Morbius stared at the man – the vampire – dumbfounded.  His request was madness.  How could he ever do such a thing?  What would that even entail?

“I –“

“Don’t understand? Don’t know how to help me?  It is the blood, doctor.  The blood makes us as we are.”  He reached into his jacket then and pulled a USB key from his pocket, tossing it on Morbius’ desk.

“Read the files.  We have researched much and learned much. The genetics of a vampire are complex. But the blood is key.  Our blood. Blade’s blood.  Human blood.  You will unlock what our scientists have been unable to solve or you and your loved ones die. You will tell no one or they die. You will be at my beck and call or they die.  Do you understand now?”

Morbius swallowed hard. Madness.  Utter madness.  The vampire raised a hand, brandishing a smart phone.  He turned it on without looking and a video began to play on the small screen.  The footage was dark at first and then a flash of light.  There, on the screen, was Julia.  Chained to a wall, wet and dirty.  Her breathing was ragged, she shook as though freezing.  

“Oh my God…” the words were a hissed whisper.  The vampire smiled.

“I am the only God you need concern yourself with, Dr. Morbius.  Read our research.  Allow that beautiful brain of yours to develop an approach to our treatment. The sooner you succeed, the sooner you see her again.  Alive, and in one piece.  The longer you take…I cannot vouch for the self control of those who are watching over her.  Our hunger is strong, doctor.  

Suddenly the creature was simply not there.  A blur of movement and then nothing.  Morbius sat alone with his blood and his pain.  And a USB key.  He grabbed his phone and quickly dialed 911 before pausing, his finger hovering over the little green icon that would connect his call.  Julia.  What would happen to her if he called the police?

As if he had spoken the question aloud, a text alert appeared on the phone.  An image.  Julia’s face, her eye angry purple and swollen shut.  Morbius set the phone down, taking a handful of tissues from a box and pressing them to the hole in his cheek.

He sat in silence for minutes that stretched on like hours before packing up his things and leaving the hospital.  He sutured his own wound and passed it off as an accident in the kitchen when anyone asked. For two days he had no contact with the vampire as he poured over the data it had provided him.  Bloodwork from dozens of different sources, dating back decades.  Information clearly obtained from skilled physicians in immunology, virology and more. Despite himself, Morbius was fascinated. The blood of the vampire was distinctly unique and completely alien in many ways.  It was virus-like, a living thing it seemed.

Video clips on the key showed samples of the blood interacting with colloidal silver, with sunlight and with samples of human and animal blood.  The cells decayed rapidly in the sun, protein chains unravelling like threads pulled from a sweater.  The silver caused malignancies, what appeared to be gross mutation and impeded cell growth and reproduction.  But the blood, the human blood, it attacked.  A human blood sample lasted mere minutes in the presence of vampire blood.  The virus-like cells would attach to a human sample and a complete RNA rewrite would occur.  The human blood cells were taken over, replaced, by vampire.  In minutes.

The vampire came for him that night.  He had brought a car, driven by a silent man with paper-white flesh and yellow eyes. They drove across town to an industrial district, beyond an old security fence into a massive complex of warehouses with broken windows and chained doors.  They stopped at a non-descript building, seemingly identical to all the others, and the vampire took Morbius inside, where a lab awaited him.  A lab with subjects.

“You will need samples to work with.  I have provided everything my team has said you will require.  Your work will be done here.  If you require anything further, you are to tell Varney.”

The vampire gestured to a slender man in a lab coat.  His hair was long and tied back in a pony tail, his eyes were deep set and surrounded by wrinkles.  He smiled, his fangs visible, and reached a hand out to shake.  Morbius didn’t take it, and the vampire simply let it drop as though it had never occurred.

“A pleasure, Dr. Morbius. I have studied your work extensively and was the one who recommended you for this position. I will work as your assistant during this process.”

Morbius frowned.  “Do you have experience?”

The vampire chuckled and shrugged modestly. “I did work with Antoni van Leewenhoek for some years. Shall we begin?”

Varney lead him into the lab area, a massive space simply in the center of the otherwise empty warehouse. Desks, tables and a bevy of expensive and rare diagnostic tools and machines filled the space.  Some of the technology was so cutting edge his own hospital didn’t have it yet.  Some were things he had never even seen and others were practically antiques.  It was as though he had entered a medical museum.

The back wall of the lab area was where the subjects were housed.  People. In cages.  Men, women and children in archaic looking cells.  Most appeared dirty, bedraggled and clearly sedated.  Morbius came to learn they were more often than not homeless or in the country illegally.  The sort of people whose disappearance would mean little to most.  People who didn’t get on the news for missing dinner.

The first subject was an average-sized man with thick, black hair and day old stubble.  His clothes were torn and bloody, his jaw swollen and one of his arms broken.  He stared at Varney and Morbius with unmasked hatred mixed with fear as the vampire approached his cell.

“I would like to show you what little progress I have made so far, doctor.  With a serum I have devised from a sample of Blade’s blood, you will see how the interaction between human and vampire blood is quite illuminating.  I am able to temporarily sheath the vampire cells in a protein barrier that allows for limited light exposure, but it does break down quickly.  It does not replicate the blood of the Daywalker, however, which, you will notice, is not so dissimilar from human blood.”

Varney unlocked the cage and grabbed the man inside by the leg.  He screamed and tried to fight but Varney’s strength was inhuman.  He may as well have been selecting a rat from a tank.

“Please, do we have to do this?” Morbius asked.  Varney smiled, a curious expression that seemed sorrowful and amused at once.

“We do, doctor. Remember what is at stake.”

“But I cannot kill one person to save another.”

Varney nodded, holding the man down on a gurney and lashing him in place with restraints.

“I do understand your plight, doctor Morbius.  I am a real doctor, though I was trained long before much of the science you now know. Do no harm is a fine credo, but how often is it true?  Human doctors weigh and measure life all the time.  How many new pills reach the market after killing a handful of people with side effects during trials?  It is the price of progress.”

The vampire busied himself preparing a syringe as he spoke, cleaning a site on the man’s arm and drawing blood.

“But it’s not right.”

“No, Dr. Morbius.  But it will happen with or without you.  The only difference is whether you and your loved ones die as well.  You have no choice, doctor.  He will not let you.”

“Who is he?”

Varney looked at him then, his eyes cold and distant.  His expression was stern.

“The one who will kill you. Now look here.”  He turned away then and directed Morbius to a computer screen hooked up to a microscope.  Blood pumped from the man on the gurney into a vessel and then slowly piped down into the machine.  On the screen, red blood cells wooshed and swirled.  Varney adjusted the settings and then inserted a line into his own arm connecting to a different machine.  A split screen showed both blood types before the vampire pressed a yellow button.  A yellow plunger deployed and a clear liquid injected into both chambers.  The screens became abuzz with activity.

On the left screen, the human blood mixed with what looked like white blood cells.  At first the interaction was barely noticeable but as time passed it became clear that some of the new cells were breaking down the old cells.  On the vampire side the reaction was much more energetic, with the white cells and red cells attacking each other.  While the red cells seemed to kill some, the white cells would frequently envelope the red.

“You see, doctor.  The Blade serum tries to implement vampirism on the human host but only in the most rudimentary way.  The cell decay is nearly non-existent and the replacement is rare, on the scale of one in 10,000.  In this way we believe Blade is actually incapable of reproducing as other vampires do. But see here with my blood – both samples react violently and the Blade cells encompass my own in a protein layer. However, as I said, this is short lived. The reaction is almost an emulsification like water and oil.  Soon they will separate again.”

“What is the effect of the protein barrier?”

“Humanity, doctor.  Or as close as we will ever get.  The ability to walk in light, if only temporarily. While the sheath lasts, the blood will remain stable.  But if you leave a sample in direct light, it will decay in short order.  Larger samples will combust.”

“So you need me to stabilize the protein,” Morbius said.  Varney nodded.


“Then what are the human subjects for if the serum comes from Blade?”

Varney looked at the man strapped on the gurney and then his sample on the screen.

“We use them as a baseline. His blood before and then, after we turn him into a vampire, his blood after.”  Morbius’s breath caught.  He stared at the man on the table, struggling weakly in his bonds.

“You will turn him? I don’t understand.”

“You will.”  Varney flicked another switch and removed the line from his own arm.  Another set of switches and the machine attached to the man reversed. Blood pumped down the IV line in his arm.  Within seconds the man’s body stiffened and seized.  He growled in his throat as his back arched against the bonds, his teeth clenched and eyes shut tightly.

“I am now introducing my blood into his system.  I find this method simpler than biting.  Less cleanup,” Varney said.  The man thrashed and screamed.  The bonds of the gurney strained and stretched.  Varney produced a pair of thick sunglasses and put them on before pulling a small, black remote control from his lab coat.  He did not speak as he stepped behind a large tinted screen.

“You may wish to avert your eyes,” Varney said before pressing a button on the remote.  A light above the man strapped to the gurney turned on. Not particularly bright, but glowing blue and bathing the man’s whole body.  For a long moment nothing at all happened.  Varney watched from behind his screen and Morbius watched both the man and the vampire.  But slowly the man began to writhe harder, his growls becoming more desperate.  A smell filled the room, an oily smell like overcooked bacon.  Tendrils of smoke rose from the man’s body seemingly at random and his flesh began to redden.  The first blister appeared on his forehead, then more followed.  The forehead blister popped but instead of liquid a small gout of flame erupted.  Then more, some beneath his clothing.  The man screamed as his shirt caught fire.  Morbius took a single step and was stopped, Varney’s grip on his wrist like iron.

“Please just watch, doctor,” the vampire said.  The man screamed louder as fire engulfed his body.  In moments he was nothing but fire and then, just as quickly, it burned itself leaving a charred husk of remains.  Varney pressed another button on the remote and the light turned off.  He removed his glasses.

“You see, ultraviolet light makes short work of vampire physiology.  With the serum active he would have lasted perhaps five minutes. Our best results have been seven minutes.  We need to make it indefinite.”

The ensuing days were a blur of numbers; serum versions and blood samples and innocent victims.  The vampire who forced him into this position was a regular figure, watching but rarely speaking.  Morbius never learned his name.  In truth he didn’t want to know.

Varney proved a competent assistant.  He probably could have managed most of the work on his own, but as time progressed Morbius did notice a lack of the ability to think creatively in the vampire doctor.  He met Morbius’ new ideas with openness but also a degree of awe that seemed unscientific, as though thinking outside of the box was difficult for him to master. In a way it made sense.  If Varney was being truthful and, from the things he said Morbius did not suspect otherwise, then the vampire was nearly 500 years old.

Two weeks had passed with no progress.  The serum itself was little more than a synthesized plasma.  The entire mechanism of how it worked was completely foreign to Morbius.  Blood was supposed to behave a certain way, but vampire blood, and Blade’s blood, were working with a whole different set of rules that didn’t ascribe to any medical science he could understand.  Was it even science at all?  If a vampire was a monster, a beast from stories come to life, what did that mean? Beings like Thor defied known science, were vampires the same way?

On the night of the 21st day the vampire who had enlisted him into this endeavor stopped Morbius at the warehouse door.

“I have something to show you.  Come with me,” he said.  Morbius obeyed without speaking.  The vampire lead him to the far end of the warehouse, a massive stainless steel door, the kind you’d see on a restaurant freezer.  “Open it.”

Morbius looked at the door, then the vampire.  The door was clean, shiny silver.  The handle thick and polished.  He hesitated only briefly then pulled the door open.  A light inside buzzed to life.  Morbius’ legs shook, gave out.  He fell to his knees.  The vampire simply walked away.  He said nothing.  Did nothing. Just left.  Inside, Julia’s tattered remains were frosted over with a thin layer of ice crystals.  Her arm was still shackled to the wall at the wrist.  But the shoulder was not attached to her body.  It lay in pieces, connected by nothing more than a frozen blood slick. Only her head was clean, placed at the head of the remains, eyes still open but frozen and fogged over, looking at him.

“No…” his voice was a whimper.  He scrambled forward, across the ice, at once wanting to try to save her, salvage her but also repulsed by what they had done.  He could not even hold her.

“You said….if I helped you…” his words so quiet.  “You said…” Louder now.  “You said I could save her!” he raged.

“I said you needed to be quick, doctor,” came the voice from across the dark warehouse.  “You should have listened.”

“It’s impossible!  You can’t…it can’t work like that!”

“It had better work like that soon, doctor.  Your mother and father are next on the list.  If we run out of people you care about, then you will die and we’ll find another doctor.”

Morbius felt his stomach knot.  His face flashed hot with rage.  He forced himself to look at her again, her broken body and what they had done to her. There was no way he could have saved her.  No way he could have finished any work in such a short time.  They must have known.  They did know.  They never planned to free her at all.  They had no intention of freeing him from this either.  Success or failure, he would die.  They would all die.

Morbius staggered to his feet, slamming the freezer shut behind him as he lurched back to the work area. Varney averted his eyes, busying himself with samples.  They finished the day with barely a word between them.  And the next.  And the next.

Two months had passed with nothing.  Then Morbius arrived to find the body of his mother nailed to the wall with railroad spikes. Two more months and so too his father. He was told the next victims would be his sister Alyssa and her family.  Her husband Paul, a firefighter.  Their children Sarah and David.  Sarah was only 14, David 10.

The police had come to investigate Julia’s disappearance at first.  And then, suddenly, evidence she had left Morbius.  A credit card trail showing she had bought a plane ticket and left the country.  A mysterious attorney who claimed to have spoken with her on the phone.  All set up by the vampire.  A bullshit smokescreen.  And when his parents vanished, their house was sold.  Their accounts showed they had purchased a property in the islands.  They’d retired.  Friends and family were at once furious and confused.  Morbius played along, claiming ignorance.  If any of them knew, they would become victims.  He could tell no one.  He was a prisoner without a cell.  

And now, as Morbius drove to the warehouse in the darkness of the early morning, his mind raced for an answer.  A way to stop the vampire, and save himself and what remained of his family.  He had been making progress on the serum, had found a way to stabilize the protein sheath for a longer period of time, but nothing substantial.  The vampire blood was so aggressive.  If there was a way to slow the red vampire cells so the white serum cells could do their work…

Morbius braked hard. That was it.  They had spent all this time working on the serum as a way to alter the blood when they needed to work on the blood to alter the serum. Help the serum fight the red blood cells and overpower them.  An autoimmune blood disease, like hemolytic anemia.  Make the blood fight itself then use the serum.  It was the only semi-plausible idea he had come up with since this started.

At the warehouse Varney was ready with another sample round and more subjects, which Morbius quickly brushed aside.

“Can you get me a chemical compound?” he said in lieu of introduction.  Varney looked mildly confused but nodded.

“Whatever you require.”

“Phenylhydrazine.  Get me phenylhydrazine as fast as you can.”

“We can have it in several hours,” Varney assured him. “May I ask why?”

“An idea.  I want to give a subject a serious case of anemia.”

“Vampires cannot get sick with human diseases, doctor.”

“No, but a human can before he becomes a vampire.  And during that transition we may be able to alter the blood enough for the serum to take hold.”

Varney smiled a toothy smile, showing the points of his fangs.  He nodded.

“I see.  A novel idea.”  He pulled a cell phone from his coat pocket and dialed, quickly rattling off instructions about the substance and where to find it.

Morbius began scribbling out some notes as he waited for the phenylhydrazine, researching dosing and hemolytic anemia.  It wasn’t the best way to achieve such a goal in lab conditions and there would be side effects but at this point it couldn’t possibly matter.

It was the unnamed vampire with the blue eyes who brought the chemical to them, less than an hour later. “Am I to assume we’ve made progress?”

“Just an idea,” Morbius answered.  

“A single idea can alter history. Do you understand the process Dr. Morbius is about to undertake, Varney?”

“I do,” the vampire assistant said deferentially.

“Very good.  Then proceed.”  Varney looked at the other vampire and hesitated.  No words were spoken but Varney’s shoulders seemed to slump.

“I apologize, Dr, Morbius.”

“For what?” he asked, preparing the phenylhydrazine for injection. Varney took his wrist then and Morbius’s eyes widened.

“I truly have enjoyed our time together.”  The vampire yanked him forward, using his other hand to catch and spin him in midair, slamming his body down on the empty gurney.  His head crushed against the stainless steel.  A sensation of wet warmth spread under him as Varney tightened restraints.

“Please…” Morbius began. Varney’s expression was grim as they made eye contact but he did not stop.  Once the restraints were in place, the vampire set the syringe against Morbius’ flesh, inserting the needle and depressing the plunger.  The chemical burned its way into his arm and throughout his body.  He groaned and thrashed, pain spreading everywhere.

“How long?” the vampire asked.  Varney began preparing an IV.

“Minutes.  That dose of phenylhydrazine is fatal.  It will either succeed or fail within the next 15 minutes I should think,” he said.  The other vampire nodded as Varney plunged a second needle into Morbius’ arm.

Nothing in his life had prepared Morbius for the sensation of the vampire blood entering his body. The pain of the phenylhydrazine destroying his red blood cells was swept aside.  Instead, the feeling of freezing overcame him; the terrible burning cold of being out too long in winter, of holding ice too long in your bare hand. It seared his insides, filled his skull like icy fire and threatened to burst from his very pores.  He screamed.

Pain wracked his body. His muscles spasmed with an electric intensity, each one alive with pain unlike anything he had ever felt.  Was this death?  The vampire cells eating away at his human blood, making him into a monster?

“And now the serum,” he heard Varney say over the sound of his own agony.  He was right.  They had never planned to free him.  His parents had died for nothing.  Julia had died.  For nothing. For this monster.

A second wave of pain, then. Liquid razors biting into his insides, barbed wire being dragged between bones, wrapping tight around internal organs. He choked, vomited and felt his mouth fill with blood.

“What is happening?” the vampire asked.  Morbius’s body jerked and seized.  An audible snap filled the room as his back bent and broke as though made of twigs. The pain was all consuming.  His body was gone, there was only his mind and the pain now.  Fire. Ice. Steel. Lightning.  Agony heaped on suffering. He vomited blood like a geyser.

“I do not know,” Varney replied.  “The phenylhydrazine is reacting too violently, I have never seen this before.”

The vampire stepped forward, leaned down close to Morbius’ face.  Beyond the pain Morbius felt his presence.  His breath caught as he tried to focus on the vampire, tried to see him, scream at him, rage against him and make him feel this pain.  

“Breathe.  Breathe deeply.  I want you to smell the blood draining from your body.  You can smell it, can’t you?”

He laughed.  Morbius breathed in and the smell of blood filled his senses, mingled with pain.  And then something new.  Hunger. Need.  He looked at the vampire then, his features calm as he laughed and laughed and laughed.

The restraints gave way as though made of tissue.  The laughter seemed to hang in the air.  The smell of blood became thick and tired.  Even the air jellied, slowed to an unearthly crawl.  Nothing moved except Morbius.  He lunged.  The pain had faded away like steam rising through the air, only faint wisps left throughout his body.  Now he was energized, powerful.  He felt alive in a way he never had before.  His heart raced, and he could hear the blood rushing in his own ears.  

Fangs bit into the vampire’s throat.  Slowly, painfully slow, Varney’s eyes widened in shock.  The vampire’s hands moved as though in mud.  No, they were not slow.  It was Morbius who was so much faster.  Time seemed almost frozen around him as he pulled the vampire’s throat out with his teeth and then removed its entire head with his hands.

Time started again. Morbius stood still.  At his feet the vampire body twitched.  He dropped the head to the ground.  Blood dribbled from his mouth.  With his tongue, he traced the outline of the two fangs in his mouth.

Varney stood motionless.

“Aren’t you going to run?” Morbius asked.  Varney shook his head.

“No, doctor,” he answered.

“You want to die?”

“No, doctor.”

The two stared at each other for a beat, silence stretching on.

“Free the subjects, Varney. Your work is done.”

“Yes, doctor.”

Morbius headed for the door as Varney unlocked the cells.  Outside, the first rays of light crept to the horizon.  Morbius stared east for a moment, then sat down on the hood of his car.  The black of night softened to blue and purple and then pale reds, oranges and yellows began to appear.  Through a crack between buildings, the first rays of sunrise hit him square in the face. He flinched, instinctively.  The sensation was not pain, but discomfort. He felt himself tiring, weakening. His skin grew hot.

Holding a hand before his eyes, Morbius watched with a detached interest as a sunburn set in. The skin darkened, tiny blisters formed. So, not a true vampire nor a Daywalker. Something new entirely.  

People, former subjects, began to run from the building.  Some paused upon seeing Morbius, fear taking hold anew.  He was their tormentor as much as the vampires, wasn’t he?  He was a monster.  And if he could have he would have told them they were wrong, that he was forced to do what he did, that he was not a monster.  Except that as each one ran out, he could hear the blood pumping in their veins, and smell it on the air.  And he wanted it.  So badly did he want it.

His skin continued to burn as he drove off,  heading down side streets and trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. Eventually he made his way to an abandoned factory and hid himself away in the shadows, waiting for night, when he would decide what to do now.  Not a man. A monster.  A living vampire.  

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Writes 'Donate blue blood' on Vampnohara with a blue marker.

      “Funny. You think that running joke is still veRY FUNNY INDEED.”
                 “Think that running joke is still veRY FUNNY INDEED.”
    “But it’s not. I demand true red blood. The best bloOD TO DRINK….”
                “I demand true red blood. The best bloOD TO DRINK….”

    “Maybe my angel of chaos will provide a betTER BLOOD SUBSTANCE.”
          “My angel of chaos will provide a betTER BLOOD SUBSTANCE.”
 “Then a fool such as yourself or your kind couLD EVER GIVE TOWARDS ME.”
        “Fool such as yourself or your kind couLD EVER GIVE TOWARDS ME.”

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true blood, tvd ?

I’ll do true blood because i haven’t watched tvd since s3 aired and my only opinion of that show is elena/elijah would have been iconic

 all-time ultimate fave character:

sookie! even tho she makes awful choices 

a character I didn’t used to like but now do:

hmmm idk

a character I used to like but now don’t:

pam i hated the way they wrote her in s5-7

a character I’m indifferent about:


a character who deserved better:

all of them really but TARA in particular 

a ship I’ve never been able to get into:

sookie/her self hate

a ship I’ve never been able to get over:


a cute, low-key ship:

sookie/godric (i know it’s a total crack ship but it could have been an interesting dynamic)

an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:


a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:


my favourite storyline/moment:


a storyline that never should have been written:

sookie constantly forgiving bill for all of lying/fuck ups! in the end it made her look like a door mat….rip sookie’s characterization 

my first thoughts on the show:

wow rogue looks so cute as a blonde

my thoughts now:

i wish i could men in black myself and forget i ever watched it #teamsooric

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man with a planموسم الاول حلقه13
mech-x4موسم الاول حلقه5
the pathموسم ثاني حلقه5
outsidersموسم ثاني حلقه4
riverdaleموسم الاول حلقه4
powerlessموسم الاول حلقه3
superior donutsموسم الاول حلقه3
legionموسم الاول حلقه2
doubtموسم الاول حلقه1
crashingموسم الاول حلقه1
big little liesموسم الاول حلقه1
bellevueموسم الاول حلقه1