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“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015

i feel slightly bad for the cast and crew of la la land bc could you imagine thinking you won best picture and then its like “haha punkd” that mustve been a tough blow i’d cry
but i feel way too good about moonlight being the true winners so it doesn’t even matter

anonymous asked:

I don't have a tv what happened?

They announced the wrong winner for Best Picture at the Oscars! They announced La La Land and the true winner was Moonlight. The cast and crew of La La Land were celebrating on stage with Oscars in hand when they were told that they actually lost. And honestly….. it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

So I’m watching the Oscars with the s/o about 40 minutes behind so we can fast forward commercials and boring shit. I’m avoiding social media because of spoilers I’m getting more and more nervous that La La Land will win. I’m starting to panic and prepared to be angry. The s/o starts freaking out after checking an alert on their phone. I’m like “what” I get told to keep watching. We get to the last award La La Land wins I flip out and shut the tv off the s/o shouts and grabs the remote and tells me to keep watching. This is where I pause and look at them. I ask “Yo are you trying to tell me this is going to be some Ms. Universe Steve Harvey shit?”. The s/o is cackling, I unpause and watch it unfold. I legit almost fell of the bed when Moonlight is announced the true winner for Best Picture. That was a roller coaster ride.

Congratulations to all involved with the film. Congratulations to the black LGBT community. Well deserved.


True Winner Awards 

Best Leading Actress in a British Drama Series: Caitriona Balfe (Outlander)

Best Leading Actor in a British Drama Series: Sam Heughan (Outlander)

Outstanding Drama Episode: Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander)

Best British Drama Series- TIE: Happy Valley and Outlander