true white history

‘liberal’ is the most meaningless word in the dictionary. History has shown me that as long as some white middle-class people can live high on the hog, take vacations to Europe, send their children to private schools, and reap the benefits of their white skin privilege, then they are ‘liberal’. But when times get hard and money gets tight, they pull off that liberal mask and you think you’re talking to Adolf Hitler. They feel sorry for the so-called underprivileged just as long as they can maintain their own privileges.
—  Assata Shakur
I wish that I could go back in time. Before it happened. Before we happened. Tell you all the things we did. All we had. Watch the disbelief in your eyes. Tell you how we ended. How we’re nothing now…
—  oh what I’d do, to have just one more day with you

drew’s disney’s descendants auFlorian, Prince of Dorwood, son of Queen Snow White, the Fairest of Them All, and Prince Ferdinand the Forgotten

The northernmost kingdom in Auradon, Dorwood is noteworthy for having the highest dwarf population of any of the kingdoms, largely because of the diamond mines. Dorwood is almost entirely set within the Black Forest along with the Seven Jewelled Hills mountain range, beyond the Seven Falls. The Dorwoodish coat of arms is a white dove on a juniper field, and their words are “Constant and True.”

Queen Snow White’s history is known throughout Auradon, and she is one of the most beloved rulers of all time. She emerged from a dark time in the history of Dorwood, following the deaths of the beloved King Frederick and Queen Rosamund and then the iron-fisted rule of the vicious Queen Grimhilde. Queen Snow White and her consort, Prince Ferdinand, son of King Wendell and Queen Virginia, tried previously to unite the Nine Kingdoms in conjunction with the royal family of Caravell, but ran up against a wall with King Stefan of Fairedge. As such, they were very eager to assist and promote the establishment of Auradon when King Adam and Queen Belle took up the fight and were instrumental in its success the second time around. Although they were shocked and fearful of King Beau’s declaration, having depended on the magic of the Isle of the Loss to protect them from the wrath of Grimhilde, Queen Snow White understood where his heart was and was more than happy to send an ambassador to the summit to more thoroughly discuss and analyze the situation.

The eldest of Queen Snow White’s three children and the heir to her throne is Prince Florian, a humble young man with a courageous heart. Despite his slender frame, Florian is a capable warrior, using sword, lance, and shield to deadly effect. Florian has a restlessness about him, perhaps a gift from his father, and when he learned of a maiden captured by a dragon, Florian left home to seek out this idyllic adventure. Arriving at the castle, Florian learned that it was actually a dragon that had been captured by a maiden, and when he freed the dragon, it transformed back into the young man he had once been, a prince of the Southern Isles called Franz. Their marriage was a happy one, blessed by the queen herself. Prince Florian has two younger siblings, a sister called Winifred, married to Rodolf of House Schneider, who has an infant daughter named Winter, and a brother, Frederick II. Florian has a calming presence at the summit, often finding a peaceful compromise between two heated parties, and he himself is kept calm by the presence of his husband.