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Bucky Barnes aka Badass (or love is eternal)

You know what I loved about Civil War?

Despite hundred of (amazing) different fics trying to imagine the Bucky/Steve reunion, none of us imagined what we got.

We (the collective fandom) tried to imagine a broken Bucky struggling to reconciles his recovered memories and his past as the Winter Soldier, having dramatic PTSD. Or simply trying to even just remember who he feels likes he should be (while suffering dramatic PTSD). And of course, Steve, knight in shining armor that he is, is supposed to be there along the way, helping during every moments of the Journey to Recovery.

Very few fic took the opposite direction: Bucky remembers who he used to be, but decides it’s not him anymore and therefore he doesn’t care about Steve no more because Steve belongs to past-Bucky. (Of course, until he’s exposed to Steve again, and realised the error of his ways because- true love.)

Instead, Bucky remembers his WW2 period and his Soldier period, assimilates both, has no trouble forging a current identity out of this mess while still liking Steve, is aware of his partial non-responsability in his crimes while still being very aware he’s the one who committed them, and is hiding to a) protect Steve, the population and himself from being used this way again b) recovery tiiime in his own time (the man know his needs and limits).

Phew! Man…

I’m blown away.

1) Talk about mental, moral and general resiliency. He probably has PTSD and and a terrrible time; but for all the horrors that happened to him, he got his shit seriously together.

2) I love how this outcome was a total evidence for both of them. The dialogue in Bucky’s appartement was like:

“-Come one, you know I’m here as a friendly. You saved my ass back there, so you know we’re friends. Don’t even front.

-La, la, la. I can’t hear you!

Buckyyy, stop it! Yes, you do hear me!

(Sulllen face. Internal dialogue: “Stevie, why you can’t play pretend for five fucking minutes. I swear! It’s OK to suck at this when we were five but you got seventy years to practice. How are you still so bad at it?!?!”)

Armed forces breaks in.

Steve and Bucky fight in tandem like WW2 was just yesterday.

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And (here’s my favorite part) Bucky has no trouble or a second of hesitation to use Steve’s body as a weight to throw off his opponent!

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He’s 100% sure Steve will:

-not fight him

-get what he’s trying to do

-follow throught

-be strong enought to still come out on top.

And Steve goes throught it because he’s that confident in Bucky right back.

In short: 2 partial deaths, 70 years of sleep, murders & atrocities, one epic fight and fucking showdown, one near drowning + rescue, plus some years incommunicado later, Bucky and Steve still trust each other like it’s day one!

It’s fucking amazing and I love it!!!!

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True love is forever!

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(Yes, thank you Disney for Unrealistic Expectations. That asides, it’s such a nice, cool story! Friendship for the win!!!)

(I love them like rlb)

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That was probably the wrong answer…

If Danger Days taught me anything it's to...

Never give into societies expectations of who I should or shouldn’t be

Never stop trying

Not be afraid to fight for what is right, and stand up for myself no matter what

And most importantly, its that I need to stay true to myself no matter what