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Story Time


I was in the grocery store, and I was debated wether to get gummy bears or gummy worms (it’s embarrassing the say how long I was there debating what to get; I was having a mental crisis).

When all of a sudden, this guy accidentally runs into me, and I drop the gummies. He stammers our an apology, and we both reach down it, and our hands touch.

Cue cheesy Hallmark music because we both just slowly look at each other for a few seconds when he suddenly smirks, winks, and says I KID YOU NOT:

“Hey, the name’s Lance.”

I immediately start screaming internally, and this guy can tell, so he gives me FINGER GUNS AND WINKS AGAIN AND JUST SAYS

“Speechless? Yeah, I sometimes have that effect.”



On the radio: Today is Interntional men’s day

My mum: What on earth for??

Me: Idk…I guess they can have their day?? 

 Mum: No thanks. They’ve had their thousands of years. 

 Me: Damn mum. 


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School photos of Randy Stair

On the 8th of June 2017, Randy Stair (24) shot and killed 3 people in a supermarket he worked at in Eaton Township in Pennsylvania, the United States. He committed suicide afterwards by shooting himself.

Randy had recorded videos and kept journals leading up to the shooting, most of which he uploaded online on various social media platforms, including his YouTube channel. Randy expressed his fascination with mass shootings and his desire to commit suicide in some of those documents.

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4 months

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TSK: Chief Complaint: “Stomach pain and rash after eating shrimp”

Cranquis, before entering the roomGI and derm symptoms after consuming a high-frequency food allergen! Better check that BP, hope this isn’t anaphylaxis or angioedema.

Reality: “My stomach was hurting last night, and last week I had a rash on my ankle after mowing the yard, and I was thinking about it and I did eat shrimp 3 weeks ago, so maybe I’m allergic, anyways all the symptoms are gone now, I need a note for missing work today.”

Cranquis, after leaving the room