true throwback

Once in grade 3 I accidentally called my teacher mom and the whole class started laughing at me. For the next couple weeks a boy teased me about it everyday. Then one day we had a spelling test and the teacher gave me bonus marks and the boy asked why the rest of the class didn’t get them. My teacher looked him straight in the eyes and said

“Because I’m her mother.”

He shut up real quick after that.

See the thing is I want to write poetry for you

about you

about the soul who makes me feel flawless

despite my imperfections

I want to scream to the world how perfect you are

How you make me feel

How you make the world feel

But no words can adequately express

No phrases can suitably admire

Nothing can tell the world how much I love you

Nothing can make the world know how I feel about you

even I can’t know how I feel about you

it’s beyond words; beyond thoughts

You are a messy perfection

my perfection

You are the warmth in my hand

You are the warmth in my heart

You are the warmth on my body

You are the warmth in my mind.

I adore you

When you smile, I don’t care if I didn’t get to see your joy

I care that you got to feel that twinge of something which draws the corners of your lips upwards

even more than I care about feeling your lips against mine

(with my eyes closed because all I want to sense is you.)

I think you’re perfect.

But what’s the point in writing poetry to tell you

When no words can exemplify your exquisite essence

And no phrases can encapsulate you.

story time!

before i start i just wanted to say that this happened years before (2009) steven universe aired which adds the the surreal nature of this.

okay so when i was in second grade i had this next door neighbor with a boy my age and a girl 2 years older than me. we liked the hang out at their house a lot and it was all good. so one day we’re hanging out in the older girl, nicole’s, room. she says to me and her brother “guys i have something really important to tell you” and we’re like “lol okay what is it”. so she takes an amethyst geode from her nightstand and is like “this is me”. me and her brother are so goddamn confused and we’re just like “please explain”. so nicole says “i was walking in the train tracks (gurl why) and i found this piece of amethyst lying there. i felt bad for it since it might get run over by a train. after that i realized that im actually an amethyst”. we were still so confused and i was like “um i’m pretty sure you’re just a person” and she was like “oh no, this geode is actually my ”“true heart”“”. so being the naïve 7 year old i was, i was like OF COURSE THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. so then our girl nicole says “my name isn’t nicole. it’s actually amethyst, but you can call me amy for short”. i kinda just spent like the next 3 years believing that my next door neighbor was the incarnation of a fuckin rock until i looked back at it when i went to middle school. so around the time steven universe comes out i’m just like “nicole you motherfucker where are you” so now every time i watch steven universe i always think of this girl