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Chad Laughlin (Senior)

Chad has know Dylan Klebold since grade school, about 10 years. Chad speaks to Dylan and Eric Harris on a daily basis and is friends with them. Chad has two classes with Dylan. Chad states Dylan and Eric are always friendly to him. Chad has never heard either Dylan or Eric talk about any kind of violence or any of their philosophies. […] Chad runs the Fantasy Baseball and Football league that Dylan and Eric are both heavily involved in. When Chad talks to Dylan it is usually about baseball. […] Chad feels that Dylan and Eric were the most normal of the Trench Coat Group.

Fandom Manipulation

I was talking with @parodiesofuktabloids about the allegedly unnamed band and thinking about that recent post about the Sony guy being SO PROUD of how they manipulate fans for marketing purposes. And how that post ended up with the very true statement that we play into their hands more often than not.

But while Sony thinks they understand us (and they do get that the more we think our boys are the underdogs, the harder we go in support of them), what they do not get is that because we perceive Sony/Syco as treating them like dogs for years on end (and rightfully so), we will not blindly support any other act that they try to push on us. 

The unnamed band, James Arthur, Cheryl, and even Little Mix only got widespread fandom support after Zayn and Perrie split because they overplayed that hand so hard that no one could stomach it. The only real exception is Steve because he’s a wonderful guy that honestly loves Louis and was complimentary of the band long before he met them.

So while yeah, we do play into their hands with our overly enthusiastic support of 1D based on our perception of their situation, they ended up playing themselves.  Because if we thought they were a good team, we’d be a fantastic marketing base for other artists, but as it stands, we’re actively hostile to anyone they try to foist on us.

We can be manipulated, but we’re aware of it, and we only will play along so far. Then we start fighting back.

I’m really hesitant about that Dog’s Purpose video because not only was it PETA that released the video, but TMZ is one of the most unreliable news sources available. I’d wait a few more days until more information is released before jumping to conclusions. 

The shift from thinking, “I don’t feel like that so I must not be like other women” to “That’s not actually how women feel, this is not true statement about women” is small but profoundly life changing.

Blanc & Eclare in New York? Yup that's right.

It’s happening. Since it’s few months in business back in 2014, everyone expected the brand to die out and flop in sales. No one gave B&E a chance, no one gave Jessica a chance because they were so focused on dragging her all for nothing. Everyone said that no one would wear cheap, wannabe fashion designer products. That Jessica would be stuck selling sunglasses and scarfs in little China. That she’s not a real fashion designer and the brand will never grow. But on November 16, 2016, only after TWO YEARS of starting, Blanc & Eclare has 22 expansions (yes I counted) in partnerships, followed by a STORE OF ITS OWN coming soon in Soho, New York! One of the most busiest and booming cities in NY. Can we pop bottles or something? Once again the queen always proves the haters wrong. 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉

David Bruck: Complete Final Statement

« I can tell you I want to discuss some issues I think will be important. » He tells the jurors to ask him to speak up if he speaks too softly.
« Mr. Williams I think spent most of the time focusing on the right issue. Hearing the evidence is so hard and so painful, it’s pretty straight forward.. The issue in this case from the beginning and continues to be.. Why? Why, did Dylann Roof do this? Why was he motivated? What is the reason? What is the explanation? Those questions have to be addressed in your deliberations. You have to understand what was going on in his head. It’s important to consider the intent, it is the key. »  Bruck reads off a portion of the testimony from an FBI agents who interviewed Roof after arrest; asks « Why? It’s an issue of terrible importance. It’s not just a box to check on the verdict sheet… Of course racism is the why.. That’s hatred, alright, and certainly racist, but it goes a lot further than that. He told the FBI he wasn’t ‘delusional’. He gave whole life to a belief… that there is a fight between white people and black people that is being covered up. You have a 20-21 years old young man, basically a boy who gave his life to racism. He obsessed over belief, that this would advance some political agenda, and Williams calls that hatred. »

« What was he going to do after this? He had no escape plan, no where to go, he wrote suicide notes to his parents, he said he was going to kill himself.  He had decided to kill himself, why? Why would he do this? For what? That needs an explanation. All that tells you the depth.. It’s not only that he had decided to kill other people. But he decided to kill himself. What could have left him so convinced that he was in a war and it required the sacrifice not only of other people but of himself?
It was not a breeding ground of extreme racism. So we can write that explanation off. He didn’t learn that ideology from a friend either. He doesn’t have a best friend and doesn’t communicate with people since he doesn’t have a cell phone. He’s took all the pictures by himself.. all alone. He wasn’t part of a hate group like the KKK. He didn’t get this from anyone else he knew.
The racist ideas that he downloaded online are unfortunately and tragically common. Who on the internet said that committing a crime like this would be a good idea. Even people online wouldn’t think it’s a good idea to murder people because of that hate. Nothing could possibly justify any of this. Every bit of his motivation came from things he saw on the internet. That’s the only possible explanation. Siting in his room by himself after dropping out of high school.  The Trayvon Martin controversy made him type ‘black on white crime.’
“I am completely racially aware.” Bruck reads from Roof’s belongings. 

« The FBI did an amazing job investigating this case. Before long, you’re wandering through a forest of stuff. In this case, racism. You have only seen the journal and website Dylann Roof wrote, you haven’t seen the sources though. If someone searches “black on white crime” what one finds obviously, is a cascade of racism. He is simply regurgitating… bits and pieces of stuff he has downloaded from the internet directly into his brain. We can easily give him way too much credit if we don’t consider where the informations came. » Bruck pulls up an image of the book “The Invisible Empire” about the KKK and a picture of Roof with a white pillowcase on his head; demonstrating how he emulated the book. Next photos are of Dylann Roof lighting the American Flag on fire. 

« Everything he is doing is an imitation of something he saw somewhere else. You’re giving him way too much credit if you think he is an original. He was simply replicating an image.
Why did he have to do it? He never answered the FBI agents. And there is never an answer… He doesn’t have an answer. ‘I had to do it’, that’s the explanation. He didn’t know what month it was the day of his confessions. He seemed astonished when he learned he had killed 9 people. There is something wrong with his perceptions. There is something with what he is perceiving about reality. He confessed to the most dreadful crime a person could ever confess to but refused to initial a drawing. He was afraid from the FBI searching his car, taking a picture of his face. What’s that about? He told agents that he sat with them for 15 minutes, when he was really there for more like 45 minutes. He was wearing sweatpants underneath his jeans, why? » 

« You know, we only have one brain,  but there’s something abnormal about one.. » Government objects. 

« Remorse is not a logical emotion when you feel it’s something you had to do. You were looking for signs of remorse and you didn’t see very much of it. I’ll be the first to admit it.  He kept repeating that he had to do it.
Something else to think about, his isolation. Think about the isolation. These pictures… hundreds of them, none of them are a friend. He was so alone. Except there are hundreds of pictures of his cat. Animals are much easier to interpret than humans. » Government objects again.

« Consider where he came from… the whole story of this.. What else might be going on is what I suggest that you should be thinking about. Don’t think there has to be something mentally wrong » Government objects.

« A lot of people know about this crime. Out in the world people are entitled to make snap judgements. Dylann Roof is this or Dylann Roof is that. You have taken an oath to look beyond the surface to think everything through, to question everything. This might be the last time I get to speak to you. It is my job… until I can no longer speak, to ask you to look beyond the surface, to look again, does this make sense… Or is there something more? Is there more to the story? Are you sure? I consider it a privilege to stand here and do this. Approach your task with the same wisdom and the same grace displayed by Polly Sheppard on the witness stand yesterday morning. Ask why Dylann Roof, lost as he is, would do this. »  

Lovers of Books [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by @memento-amare: “How about reader and Jason meet in a bookstore and bond over similar taste in books? Just a note the “friends to lovers” trope would be really cute here, but I am gonna leave that up to you lol“


It’s a true statement to say you’re an avid book lover. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Historical, you’ve read every genre. Though your favorites being classic Literature. You couldn’t get enough of it. So your parents owning a book store was a god send.

Except for when they were out of town, leaving you to tend to the store and it’s customers, most of those being regulars. Very rarely you’d get someone new to visit your parent’s quaint corner bookstore.

It made things rather boring, especially now.

Leaning against the counter, chin resting in your hand whilst re-reading your personal copy of Pride and Prejudice. Hearing the bell above the door ring you called, “Welcome to [L/n] Family Books, if you need anything feel free to ask” not bothering to look away from the page.

Completely unbeknownst to the handsome, blue eyed, six foot, raven-haired male to just enter the store. 

He went on about his business skimming the shelves as you continued on with reading about the flaw that is Mr. Darcy’s pride. Stuck in the book until you were lured away by a deep voice.

“Excuse me” eyes flickering up from the page to meet stunning blue hues. “Oh, uh, sorry.” Setting the book down. “What can I do for you?”

“Don’t worry about it. Do you know if you have any Hemingway?” Shocked a bit at the author. Not many people around his age, which must be close to your own, read the legend unless they were assigned too. “Oh yes of course” stepping from behind the counter.

Heading to the Classic Lit section. “Anything in particular?” you glanced back at him. “Yeah, The Sun Also Rises?” he questioned.

“Ah, a good choice” you smiled stopping in the front of the bookshelves. “You’ve read it?” he inquired.

“I have, I was surprised to hear you request Hemingway. I don’t normally get requests for it for people under 40.” You chuckled.

“Looks like we’re both two of a kind then” he smiled. You reached up slipping the book from it’s place. “I guess so” handing it to him

“Awesome” he smiled whilst skimming the first page. You took the moment to get a full look at him. He had to be at least six foot, and his arms were huge! Damn he looked solid. Eyes immediately catching the white streak that ran in the front of his hair. You couldn’t help but wonder if it was natural.

Realizing your staring you blushed before saying, “I can ring you out whenever you’re ready” making your way back to the register.

“Thank you, uh” he paused where a name would be. “[F/n]. [F/n] [L/n]” holding out a hand.

He took it, “Ah, [F/n]. I’m Jason. Jason Todd”

You smiled before retracting your hand and returning to your own book. Once he was finished he found two more books and came over. You were impressed by the roster. Devil in the White City, The Sun Also Rises, and Martin Dressler.

“Oh wow I love this book” You commented picking up Devil in the White City. “Really no way! I had to get a new copy of it my brother spilled his coffee on it.” He laughed, a genuine smile gracing his face.

“Oh my god I would commit murder” You laughed totaling up the books. “Trust me I came close, my other brothers had to hold me back when he told me” You laughed, not realizing how true the statement actually was.

“Well your total is $21.09“ you smiled as he pulled out his wallet. “I’m going to have to come back here, usually I’d be paying like $30 for three books” handing you the money. Putting it in the register and giving him his change. “You should, it’s not often we see new faces. Everyone has gone online but I don’t get how you can enjoy a book without paper”

“I know right. But I really should go before my family thinks I fell down a well. It was nice meeting you [F/n] I hope it’s not the last time” taking yhe bag before sending you a charming smile. “I hope that too” smiling back before he made his leave.

And it was indeed not the last time you’d see Jason. He started by visiting once a week, then it was twice, then it was every other day. He really had taken a liking to the store and you guys became friends by bonding over books. Often recommending books for the other, you had even helped him pick out a book for someone named Alfred who’s birthday was that week.

Every time he came in when you were there you’d always insist on helping him even though your parents offered.

And today was no different. You were doing some re-stocking in the back when you heard the door chime. “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. [L/n] is [F/n] here today?” he asked coming to the counter.

“Good morning Jason, Yes –” your mother began but you emerged from behind the curtain. “Good morning Jason” you greeted with a smile. Your parents chuckling at the timing. They were well aware of your feelings toward the man, able to tell the first time they saw you helping him.

“Well we’ll leave you both to it. We’ll finish your restocking” Your father smiled before retreating into the back room with your mother.

“So what can I do ya for today?” grinning at him. “Hemingway? Shakespeare?”

“Uh I’m actually not here for books today“ Scratching the back of his neck nervously. 

“Really, what’s up?“ Face contorting into one that of confusion. “I was actually wondering when your lunch break was?” not meeting your eyes.

“Oh” feeling a heat rise to your cheeks. “It can be really whenever” smiling at the ground. Both shy like a couple of teenagers.

“Well uh, would you like to, um” meeting your eyes. “God why am I nervous I feel like I’m in high school” he laughed as you did the same. “Okay lets try again. [F/n] would you go to lunch with me today? You know, like a date?”

You blushed before bashfully smiling at the floor. “I’d love too” meeting his eyes again.

“Great, would you like to go now?” he asked gesturing to the door. “Yeah, sure. Let me get my coat” turning and going behind the counter. Slipping you jacket on and grabbing your bag.

Poking your head in the back room, “I’m taking my lunch break be back soon!” yelling to your parents. “Okay sweetie have fun” your mother called back.

Meeting Jason’s side again he offered you an arm, “Shall we?”

Grinning you linked yours with his, “We shall”

Here is a definitive post as to why Cassandra Shahinfar is the greatest player to ever play Big Brother anywhere in the world:

  • Overall: Queen of the Diary Room.
  • Overall: Lost every single HOH and POV she played in except one.
  • Week 1- Her intro video was literally the best thing ever made. Period. It highlighted and exaggerated her princess archetype to a point of being hilarious all while keeping a bit of sarcastic humor with it.
  • Week 2- She took the International wildcard twist to her advantage and smartly made allies with Tim and Nikki.
  • Week 2- Had never used a washing machine in her life until she was assigned to do laundry in a task.
  • Week 2- She was probably the biggest person in the plan to keep Loveita in the house and evict Sharry and used her persuasion and people skills to get the target off of Loveita.
  • Week 3- “If you don’t use the Power of Veto…’re a dumb betch.”
  • Week 3- Called the HOH a dumb betch and got nominated and used her persuasion and smooth talking once again staying by a 6-5 vote.
  • Week 5- Stood up to the misogynistic boys in the house and stood her ground on wanting to vote Maddy out.
  • Week 5- “I vote to evict………..what’s her name………….blondie……..i’m blanking.”
  • Week 6- “I need more TV time.” Production literally let her have her own show on the TV screen for a whole day.
  • Week 7- Put all of her slop in Tim’s bucket like a good ally.
  • Week 7- Survived Maddy’s HOH without even getting nominated even though she was told her ass was grass.
  • Week 7- “Does my ass smell like grass yet, Maddy?”
  • Week 7- Again used her persuasion and position in the middle to keep Kelsey safe and evict Raul.
  • Week 7- Delivered an iconic feminist speech to Kelsey after Jared got possessive of her.
  • Week 8- Helped get “Cassandra, your ass is grass” Maddy out of the house.
  • Week 9- Had her dad win HOH for her.
  • Week 9- Was the first person to realize the brothers’ game and nominated them.
  • Week 9- “This nomination ceremony is complete, betches!”
  • Week 9- Put up Jared, a person she literally knows from outside of the game, up because it was good for her game and because he didn’t cut his hair.
  • Week 9- “I PROMISE I won’t use the Power of Veto.”
  • Week 9- “I have decided to use the Power of Veto on Tim.”
  • Week 9- *cackling* “I vote to evict Nikki!”
  • Week 10- Smiled and waved at the brothers as they screamed in her face and called her a sociopath among other things.
  • Week 10- Took a bite out of a piece of fake styrofoam popcorn during the POV.
  • Week 10- Almost convinced Tim to use the Power of Veto on her.
  • Week 10- Went from literally out the door and flipped the entire house on its head and got the brothers, people she had just betrayed, to evict Joel instead of her.
  • Overall: Played an AMAZING social game and made friends with (mostly) everybody and stayed in the middle until Week 9 when she made a huge and game-winning move.
  • Will be back for All Stars because of her iconic hilarious personality, one liners and most of all her game.

Apparently REGs/exclusionists/aphobes can not fully comprehend that “A gay ace man and a straight ace man both find women and men equally sexually attractive“ is a true statement

Asexuals do not feel sexual attraction. That is our basis. We do not find people sexually attractive no matter what our romantic orientation is

Someone accused the above statement of insinuating that “gay men [are] as capable of finding women attractive, as straight men. Good job saying gay people are capable of het attraction, lmfao“ which, if you actually read the statement says anything but, considering the entire point is that neither gay nor straight aces find ANY gender sexually attractive

I can not fully comprehend the level of blatant ignorance on asexuality that has to be met to mistake “asexauls do not feel sexual attraction” (the entire basis of asexuality) with “gay and straight men both find women attractive,” but I suppose that has to be expected with REGs/exclusionists/aphobes