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Believe it or not, but this actually happened in real life between me and @unu-nunu-art at the last Convention.

And to make it even more awesome, I was cosplaying as Ink and she as Error (she also sewed a Paperjam puppet). Neither of us knew how to play the infamous Pocky Game, but hey, at least we tried (and failed).

Error Sans belongs to
Ink Sans belongs to

Oh, and nice detail to add - I got the Pocky from the Blueberry and Lazy Carrot that accompanied us!

Little Sherlock being all: “Mycroft, I need to go up to the roof to watch Santa.” And teenaged Mycroft feeling very sentimental- after all, it is Christmas Eve- and not wanting to ruin The Fun for once… so, he actually gets the ladder and they clamber up together, out of sight from their parents.

And Sherlock watches Mycroft stagger around and yelp “Sherlock, careful!” when they’re on the roof, and Sherlock laughs, “Don’t worry, I know he’s not real, I just wanted to come up here. It seemed cool.”

And Mycroft is just the picture of Outrage: “You little horror, you know what I’m like with heights!”

Why Phichit Couldn’t Have Taken Pole Dancing Classes With Yuuri: the Meta(TM)

tfw u r Neglecting Responsibilites and u write a meta instead smh

please note this is not to be taken seriously lmao

oh BOI

We all know Phichit is Yuuri’s One True Bro™. The two went to college in Detriot together, trained together, FaceTime’d multiple times together. They’re supportive of one another and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Because of this background, it can be assumed the Phichit has seen Yuuri drunk before, which is further supported by his face in this screenshot:

Look at his smug face. He looks like he already knows how Yuuri gets when drunk. His expression is a giant, “#tbt to college lol that was wild” face. A giant “oh i know exactly where this story is going” face. A giant “i can’t wait to hear the rest of this story” face. If Phichit has seen Yuuri drunk before, he knows Yuuri’s a sexual drunk, which would warrant that smug look.

That look is entirely gone when Chris shows him the videos of Yuuri pole dancing (yes, videos. Viktor said “i still have videos of what happened” in the line beforehand. to which christophe responds “i do, too”):

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