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A Korean student that I tutor was having trouble saying the word ‘girl’ so we practiced using it in a conversation today. She asked me if I like girl groups and who I think is the prettiest *hah, still laughing about it XD* and I said with no hesitation, “You know Twice right? I think Twice’s Mina is gorgeous.”

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If we're talking funny translations: in the Polish version, Sailor Saturn became Sailor Satan. Also, in the anime, Usagi was either "empty head" or "moon bun". (Sailor V was the greatest tbh, all names that had any meaning to the plot were translated, Minako was singing Polish Top 10 from that time, it was awesome)

Sailor Satan strikes again

This is really interesting though! I actually just went to a talk about how, when you’re translating, you need to think about not just the individual words, but the cultural connotation and idioms of the target language. It’s really up to the translator: do we make fun of Usagi for her oddly shaped hair, her empty brain, or her love of food? 

And in the end… he did the same to her that they all did so many times before him. He used her as a placeholder for what he really wanted; almost as if to pass the time. Then when what he wanted came along; he dumped her like garbage at the side of the road; not a word; not a second thought. And that’s when she realize she had been falling in love with him… but to him.. she was nothing more than entertainment when he had nothing better to do.

~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #244


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