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From living a life of luxury to great poverty, the case of Margaret Clement, “The Lady of the Swamp,” is one of Australia’s greatest mysteries. Margaret’s father had been a director and a large shareholder in the Victorian gold mining company responsible for the Long Tunnel mine at Walhalla. He sent his daughters to expensive private schools and provided for them the very best that life had to offer. He purchased Tullaree, a mansion surrounded by paddock. He stocked it with sheep and cattle.

After he died, the left the abode to his daughters as well as a hefty sum of money. Two of Margaret’s sisters were married by now, so she and her older sister, Jeannie, travelled around Europe with their inheritance. They eventually settled in at Tullaree. However, as the money dried up, the mansion soon fell to disrepair. Weeds started to grow around the once-lavish house and swamps started to surround it when drainage channels silted up. Their once luxurious clothes were now replaced with tattered old clothes. They withdrew contact with the outside world and lived a life of seclusion in their swamp. When Jeannie died, Margaret became completely reclusive. All she had for company was her little dog, Dingo. 

In May of 1952, it was discovered that 72-year-old Margaret had disappeared from her swamp. No body was ever uncovered. Rumours swirled around the town. Was she murdered? Police wanted to drain the swamp, assuming she had fallen in accidentally and drowned. Townsfolk disagreed, Margaret knew the swamps like the back of her hand. She often waded through them with no issues. Two weeks before her disappearance, three men drove into Buffalo asking for directions to the house where “the lady of the swamp” lived. Another theory was that she was killed by Stan and Esmie Livingstone who had purchased Tullaree but allowed Margaret to live the rest of her life there.

The fate of Margaret Clement still remains a mystery.

RPG Maker Horror Games - Endings:

Witnessed a lot of endings in my Let’s Plays, about half and half when it comes to the protagonist or another main character lead to their demise or a happy ending for everyone/most people. So here’s my list of videos if you want to see a specific ending but don’t want to play the game to get to that point, to keep everything as canon as possible, there are no demo endings included:

Misao (Bad Ending)
Misao (Normal Ending (Aki))
Misao (True Ending (Aki))
Misao (Normal Ending (Akito))
Misao (True Ending (Akito))

The Witch’s House (Normal & True Endings)
The Witch’s House (No Save Playthrough)
The Witch’s House (______ Ending)

Mad Father (All Endings with All Gems)

Ib (Fan-made Ending)
Ib (A Paintings Demise)
Ib (Welcome to the World of Guertena)
Ib (Together, Forever)
Ib (Promise of Reunion)
Ib (Memory’s Crannies)
Ib (Forgotten Portrait)
Ib (Ib’s All Alone (All 4 variations))

Paranoiac (Bad & True Endings)

The Sandman (Good Ending)
The Sandman (All Bad Endings)
The Sandman (Sandman Playthrough - Good & Bad Endings)

Goodbye Rebeca (All Endings)

The Crooked Man (Ending)

Mogeko Castle (Normal Ending)
Mogeko Castle (All Deaths, Bad Endings and True Ending)

Mermaid Swamp (Yaobikuni)
Mermaid Swamp (Forever Deep)
Mermaid Swamp (Secrets)
Mermaid Swamp (Underwater Dream)

It Moves (Ending)

Ao Oni (Ending)

Amayado Bus Stop (True Ending)
Amayado Bus Stop (Happy & Bad Endings)

Blank Dream (Bad Ending)
Blank Dream (Normal Ending)
Blank Dream (Yuzu’s Good Ending)
Blank Dream (Ryotaro’s Good Ending)
Blank Dream (True Ending)

Infectious Nightmare (Bad Endings)
Infectious Nightmare (True Ending)

The Dark Side of the Red Riding Hood (All Endings)

The Boogie Man (Precious Box)
The Boogie Man (White Dream)
The Boogie Man (The Boogie’s Fine Tonight)
The Boogie Man (Happy Dream)
The Boogie Man (Come Rain, Come Shine)

Akemi-Tan (Normal Ending)
Akemi-Tan (True Ending)

Re:Kinder (Bad Endings)
Re:Kinder (True Ending)

Bevel’s Painting (9 Endings)
Bevel’s Painting (True Ending)

Shiro no Noroi (Bad Ending)
Shiro no Noroi (True Ending)

Black Sempai (True Ending)
Black Sempai (Normal Ending)

Libretta (Both Endings)

Red Book: Discordia Tales (Ending)

The Gray Garden (True Ending)
The Gray Garden (Bad & Normal Endings)

Yume Nikki (Ending)

Re;member (The Wish That Did Not Reach)
Re;member (The Distorted, Conveyed Feelings)
Re;member (True Ending)

Paranormal Syndrome (Ending)

Paranormal Syndrome 2 (Ending)

Black Winter (All Endings)

Sukutte (Ending)

Wizard of White Box (All Endings)

Pilgrim (Ending)

Dreaming Mary (Normal & True Endings)
Dreaming Mary (Both ??? & Happy Endings)

Mikoto Nikki (All Endings)

Cloé’s Requiem (Normal and Bad Endings)
Cloé’s Requiem (True Ending)

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (All Endings)

Pocket Mirror (Bad Ending 1)
Pocket Mirror (Bad Ending 2)
Pocket Mirror (Normal Ending 1)
Pocket Mirror (??? Ending)
Pocket Mirror (Normal Endings 2 & 3)

Shuutai Headless (All Endings)

Underworld Capital Incident (Both Endings)

The Wedding (All Endings)

Prom Dreams (Normal & Bad Endings)
Prom Dreams (True Ending)

Mad Father (Steam) - (All Endings)

Friendship (All Endings)

.flow (All Endings)

Forest of Drizzling Rain (All Endings)

Ghost School (Bad Ending)
Ghost School (True Ending)

Hello Charlotte (Steam - EP.2) (All Endings)

CaNDLE (All Endings)

Nightmare of the Snow (All Endings)

Angels of Death (Ending)

Coffin of Ashes (True Ending)

Desert Nightmare (Ending)

Corpse Party - Rebuilt (Best Ending)

Qrown (Both Endings)

Dreamfarer (All Endings)

Happy Birthday (Both Endings)

The Hanged Man (All Endings)

Forest of Animals (All Endings)

Shoujo Gidan (Ending)

Alice mare (All Endings)

Space Funeral (Ending)

LiEat (Bad Ending)
LiEat (True Ending)

LiEat II (True Ending)

LiEat III (All Endings)

End Roll (All Endings)

Amort (Ending)

Hansel (Both Endings)

1BeatHeart (Ending)

Misao: The Definitive Edition (Bad & Normal Endings (F))
Misao: The Definitive Edition (True Ending (F))
Misao: The Definitive Edition (Normal Ending (M))
Misao: The Definitive Edition (True Ending)

Purgatory (Bad Ending)
Purgatory (Good Ending)

Karma (All Endings)

MEMENTO (Good Ending)


This blog will be continuous with updates as time goes along! (Not sure how useful this would be for you @pinkuboa, but I’m sure one or two times you might of been asked about endings to certain horror games). :)


EDIT 1 (01/09/16): Added Cloe’s Requiem’s True Ending, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Pocket Mirror, Shuutai Headless and Underworld Capital Incident endings.

EDIT 2 (28/12/16): Added The Wedding, Prom Dreams, Mad Father (Steam), Friendship, .flow, Forest of Drizzling Rain, Ghost School, Hello Charlotte (Steam - EP.2) and CaNDLE endings.

EDIT 3 (18/11/17): Added Nightmare of the Snow, Angels of Death, Coffin of Ashes, Desert Nightmare, Corpse Party - Rebuilt, Qrown, Dreamfarer, Happy Birthday, The Hanged Man, Forest of Animals, Shoujo Gidan, Alice mare, Space Funeral, LiEat, LiEat II, LiEat III, End Roll, Amort, Hansel, 1beatheart, Misao: The Definitive Edition, Purgatory, Karma and MEMENTO endings.

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Cheating Rfa boys please! Angst angst angst omg and mc becomes stone hearted afterwards

Ask and you shall receive~

◉ Yoosung

  • He said he was staying late with a study group at the library
  • You carefully packed some of the dinner you just finished cooking into a small tupperware container to bring to him
  • He’d been a little distant lately, and you knew it must be the stress of his studies
  • So why not surprise him by bringing some food to keep him going?
  • He always loved your cooking
  • It was one surefire way to get a smile out of him
  • You were surprised to see the library this busy at night.
  • Lots of students hustling around with their faces pressed in their books
  • Out of the crowd you finally spotted him sitting at a table
  • The smile fading from your face as you drew closer. He was sitting cheerfully with another girl.
  • Their hands together, fingers intertwined on the table top.
  • Then Yoosung leaned in and kissed her
  • Your heart stopped
  • And your feet were still moving although you weren’t paying attention to where they were taking you
  • You ran into a book cart and fell
  • Dropping the tupperware and spilling the food
    • “Ouch!”
  • Yoosung looked up to see you on the ground trying desperately to pick up the food
  • Your hands were shaking and it was hard to see through the tears
    • “MC?!” Yoosung ran towards you
  • You wiped your eyes and stood up to meet him
    • “I thought you might be hungry…” you felt the tears begin to stream down your face again
    • “MC I…I-I’m so sorry-”
  • You shoved the food at him and ran off, leaving him standing there speechless
  • Packing was a blur for you
  • But what hurt the most was that Yoosung hadn’t even bothered to come home right away
  • You had enough time to look over the place twice and make sure you didn’t miss anything
  • And now you stood outside with your bags in hand
  • The door opened to reveal Saeyoung
  • You broke down and dropped your things at the sight of him
    • “Woah! It’s going to be okay…” he hugged you, “let’s get you inside. Don’t worry, I’ll grab the bags okay? Then you can tell me everything.”
  • You followed him inside

◉ Jumin

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have to work late tonight’
  • That’s what he texted you
  • But standing there now in the doorway to his office
  • Watching him kissing a woman as she sat on his desk
  • You could see that wasn’t true
    • “Really swamped with work tonight, I see,” you clutched your phone in your hand and your eyes were beginning to swell with tears
  • Both of them jumped
  • And the woman hopped from the desk and ran past you
    • “MC, what are you doing here?” he straightened his tie as he turned to you
    • “Watching you cheat on me, apparently,” you spat back
  • He tried to approach you but you took a few steps back
    • “Don’t even try to touch me,” you warned
    • “This was nothing. Just me closing a business deal, that’s all-” he tried to explain
    • “You’re really something else, Jumin Han,” you were crying now against your will, “well don’t worry. This is the last time I will ever interrupt a ‘deal’ again. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • You wiped your cheeks and turned heel with a sniffle
    • “MC get back here so we can talk about this”
    • “No! You don’t get to order me around. Not anymore. Don’t look for me at the penthouse, I’m never going back. Don’t try and find me.”
  • You held in your emotions until you were fully out of the building
  • And let yourself sob once you made it around the corner
  • You didn’t know where you would go
  • But your only care at the moment was getting the image of them together out of your mind

◉ Zen

  • Some of the cast were snickering
  • You had shown up to his rehearsal with iced coffees to surprise him
    • “He’s in his dressing room,” one girl finally spoke up
    • “But he might be a little pre-occupied…” another guy laughed and got elbowed
    • “That’s his girlfriend, right?” another one whispered
  • You were feeling a little uncomfortable
  • But thanked them anyway and hesitantly made your way to his dressing room
  • You wished you hadn’t
  • You opened the door to see Zen and another actress, both of them had their shirts off and were kissing heavily
  • Your heart sank at the sight and you froze
    • “Can we help you?” the girl broke this kiss to talk to you
  • You couldn’t speak
  • And when Zen made eye contact with you, you ran
  • And Zen trailed after you
    • “Wait! C-Come back! I know this looks bad-” he called
  • But you kept on walking, trying to stop crying
  • The rest of the cast were now grouped around to watch what was going on
    • She came on to me! What was I supposed to do?” he cried
  • You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him
  • You had pulled the lid from the coffees and threw them on him
  • The whole cast was a chorus of “oOooooOOOoo”
    • “You’re an asshole!” you sobbed
  • Zen was now dripping wet with a blank face
    • “An ASSHOLE! And I’ll never forgive you for this. Have a good life, Hyun. We’re through.”
  • You erased all of the photos of him in your phone
  • Grabbed all of your things from the apartment
  • And ripped yourself out of all of the couples photos around your place
  • And from then on
  • Anytime you saw his face on a magazine you turned it around on the stand

◉ Saeyoung

  • You didn’t normally look at his phone
  • But it was buzzing and he was in the other room
  • You figured it was Yoosung asking to come over and game
  • But it wasn’t
  • And your hand started shaking
  • Tears were dotting the screen as you looked down at the text messages
  • Saeyoung came out to see you crying
    • “Hey what’s the matter?” he sounded concerned
    • “I miss you so much, babe. I keep thinking about the other night-” you choked as you read it out loud to him, “who is this?” you looked up with tearful eyes
    • “Shit…” was all he could manage
  • You dropped the phone
    • “The other night. Like, when you told me you had to work late and wouldn’t be home? That night? And you kissed me when you came home…” your voice trailed, “I think I’m going to be sick”
  • You stood up from the couch
    • “I’m so sorry. Please, I don’t know how this all ended up happening…I just-what are you doing?”
  • You had brushed past him and made your way to the bedroom
  • Quickly throwing your essentials into a small suitcase
  • The clothes you couldn’t be without
  • The box of personal items you held dear
  • All the while Saeyoung was staring at you
  • Not sure what to say or do
  • Throwing on a coat you walked past him once more without even a glance
  • Stopping for a moment and feeling in your pocket
    • “There,” you threw your phone at his feet, “now you can’t trace me, right?”
  • You pulled the door open
    • “Please…I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried
    • “No. I don’t want to hear it,” your voice was cold and you turned to face him with tear-stained cheeks, “and I never want to see you again, Saeyoung.”
  • And with that you walked away

 D O W N   I N  S W A M P L A N D   M I X  |  L I N K

  1.  Run Through The Jungle // CCR
  2. When The Levee Breaks // Led Zeppelin 
  3. Cast That Devil Out // Abbe May
  4. Smoke It Down // The Growl
  5. Bad Things // Jace Everett 
  6. Death Letter // The White Stripes
  7. Sure Nuff N Yes I Do // Captain Beefheart 
  8. Hobo Low // Seasick Steve 
  9. The Flame // The Black Keys
  10. Love me Two Times // The Doors
  11. Shuffle Your Feet // Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club
  12. Tupelo // Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  13. Superstition // The Kills
  14. Swampland // The Birthday Party 
  15. Voodoo Idol // The Cramps
  16. Deep In The Woods // The Birthday Party
  17. House Of The Rising Sun // The Animals
  18. Red Right Hand // Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  19. Restless Sinner // BRMC
  20. Spoon // Mazzy Star 
Sherlock’s Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #14

(Sort of…)

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sherlock Holmes.”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Notes: So we’ve reached the end! It’s been a week since Valentine’s, and this fic has been made as a special, extra gift to you all! Thanks so much to all of you who liked, reblogged, commented and followed. You are all amazing! Feel free to leave requests in my ask.

Warning: Physical fighting

(Also, this is really quite long!!) @wefracturedmotivation - for you!!

Originally posted by deliciousdeathexperts

Part One

A whole week since Valentine’s, you had still successfully avoided Sherlock Holmes at all costs. As you left his room that fateful day, John following suit, you could barely look the consulting detective in the eyes without blushing - or your heart racing.

You had grabbed your coat in a haste before racing out of their flat, and hadn’t visited since. What John told you struck something within you but you weren’t ready to face it just yet, even if you were bound to run into Sherlock soon with your current job.

As you sat at your desk, right hand on your cheek and a pen repeatedly hitting the mahogany wood, a hand rapped on your office door.

“Yes?” You answered monotonously, and a figure moved to peer inside the room.

“Remember the case with the missing 18 year old girl and her father’s friend?” You nodded. “We found a body, but the man’s nowhere to be found.”

You looked back at Lestrade with pure boredom and raised your eyebrow. 

Not my area,” You mocked, before questioning your boss, “why are you telling me this? Lestrade, you know I don’t -”

“Sherlock is coming to inspect the body.”

You sat there blinking in complete silence. It was at this point when he winked at you, your heart launched into panic mode, and your brain lost it’s primary function. You stood up with a loud bang on your desk and papers flew to the ground. Lestrade chuckled and retreated, while your vision flew around your room looking for an escape. Running to the door, you whisper-yelled out to him as he walked away.

“Lestrade, I’m not here! Got it?

His hand flew up, displaying the ‘ok’ sign and you let yourself breathe a sigh of relief. This moment was ruined, of course, when you heard Anderson and Sherlock arguing down the hall. Your head whipped to the side and your eyes widened. Making a break for your office, you closed the door behind you quietly and locked the door in a rush.

You could feel your heart beating against your rib cage and placed a hand on your heart to calm your breathing. God, you were acting like such a child again. Why couldn’t you just face Sherlock like an adult? He didn’t even know you were in love with him and you couldn’t even fathom why he made you so nervous - it was never like this before! Dammit, John…

Wait… John!

You strode to your purse and grabbed your mobile to ring the detective’s companion. He answered after three rings.

“John Watson speaking.”

“Are you with Sherlock?” You sat down in your chair.

“Y/N? No… I’m with Mary. Is everything okay?”

You shook your head vigorously. “Why did Michael break up with me? You never told me.”


“Come on, John. I need to know before I make any rash decisions.” 

You leaned forward on your desk, biting your nails. The line went silent and you could hear John’s soft breathing through the speakers, when he began to answer your question.

The two were walking briskly down the streets of London when John stopped in his tracks, and Sherlock made a double take as soon as he realized there was no longer someone beside him. He stopped to look behind him and found John with his mouth open. 

“Is that… Is that Michael?” Sherlock’s companion pointed towards a man, and Sherlock turned his head to look in the distance. 

Resembling Y/N’s boyfriend a little too closely was a man currently locking lips passionately with a woman - who was clearly not Y/N. Both of their eyes narrowed, before John scoffed. 

“And he has the decency to do that in public? That bastard! Let me go show him exactly who he messed with.” 

John barely made it a step forward when Sherlock’s hand flew out to stop him. 

“No, don’t. You’ll just make a scene.” The detective shook his head. “Follow my lead… Hey, Michael!” 

They had approached Y/N’s boyfriend calmly and collectively, as the man caught red handed turned around to the familiar voice, until…

“What happened to not making a scene?” John yelled, as Sherlock launched himself at Michael’s neck. With a grunt he grabbed his friend by the waist to pull him away, but Sherlock shook him off.

“Y/N is the best thing that ever happened to you, you arse!” 

The two flew to the ground where Sherlock delivered a punch to Michael’s jaw, who rolled over to be on top of the detective and throw a hit of his own. 

“Screw it,” John muttered, “might as well finish this scene before it gets worse.” 

John grabbed Michael by the jacket, hurling his body off of Sherlock and onto the wall. He grabbed Y/N’s boyfriend by the collar and gave him a threatening glare.

“You do not cheat on our best friend and then precede to beat the living crap out of Sherlock, you hear me?”

Michael spit blood out of his mouth, onto the pavement beside John’s shoe. “The bastard attacked me first!”

“The lack of IQ Y/N’s boyfriends have is astounding,” Sherlock groaned while wiping under his nose and sniffling, “Maybe you shouldn’t have shagged five other women when you’re dating someone like Y/N.”

“How…” Michael’s eyes widened like a deer in the headlights, and he stopped struggling against John’s hands.  

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. It’s obvious. I mean… Look at you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Michael continued with a growl, struggling and attempting to slide himself out of John’s grasp.

Sherlock stood up, wiping his hands down his coat. Looking at his reflection in the glass of the store in front of him, he ruffled his hair and raised his collar before fixing the glove on his right hand. He looked up to Michael through his eyelashes.

“It means that if I see you with Y/N again,” Sherlock smirked and straightened himself up, “I won’t hesitate to show her what a real man is.”

“He said that?” You nearly yelled before slapping a hand against your mouth. Sherlock’s voice could be heard dangerously close to your office, and you didn’t want to risk anything - until his voice carried away and you could hear it no more. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Of course he did.” John replied, “I just don’t think he knew how much he meant it.”

Someone knocked vigorously at your door and your hand dropped from your chin. You were struck still in your spot as John repeatedly called your name.

“I know you’re in there!” Anderson’s shrill voice projected into your office. You fell back in your seat with a groan and rolled your eyes.

“John,” You whispered, “I’ve gotta go. Talk to you later!” 

Hanging up, you walked to your door and unlocked it before opening it forcefully.

“Anderson, for the last time, if my door is locked it means…” You stopped mid-sentence as your eyes met icy blue ones, and the intimidating form of Sherlock loomed over you. Your eyes flitted over to Anderson, before meeting the detective’s once again. His lips began to form words. 

Then you slammed the door in their faces.

Momentarily freaking out, you raced back to your desk and sat as calmly as possible in your chair. Smoothing down your skirt, you crossed your arms in front of your chest and cleared your throat. Focusing on your breathing, you made sure your pulse slowed down and Sherlock wouldn’t be able to detect anything. Another knock resounded into the silent room.

Your voice wavered, “Come in!” 

Sherlock stepped into the room and kept his strong gaze drawn on yours as he tilted his head back to address the other man.

“Thanks, Anderson, but we won’t be requiring your services anymore.” 

Before Anderson could take a step into the room, Sherlock closed the door and twisted the lock. You swallowed as the consulting detective took a step closer towards you.

“H-Hey! Didn’t expect to see you here today! How are things -”

“Are you avoiding me?”

You sputtered a response. “What? I mean… What? Why would you say that?”

“Ever since you had that private talk with John, it’s almost as if you can’t bear seeing me.”

“That’s not true, I’ve just been swamped with work! Donovan’s been a bitch to file cases with, and then I get home late and grumpy and -”

“Are you afraid of me?” Your mouth snapped closed and your vision focused on the papers in front of you. “Your heart rate has significantly increased since your eyes met mine and you can’t even look at me when I’m talking to you.”

Finally raising your head to look up at his tall form, you looked into his eyes that appeared to be incredibly despondent. Your heart nearly dropped, and any feelings of anxiety dissipated. 

“Scared of you? No, no, I just… John told me about what happened with Michael, and it’s been a lot to take in so I wanted more time to… process.”

“I shouldn’t have done that. I know you really liked him and I only scared him away, but that bastard,” Sherlock paused and closed his eyes.

“Sherlock? It’s okay. Look, I was… planning on thanking you.”

His eyes snapped open and looked at you with shock. “You’re not scared? That’s… Frankly quite mindless of you. I beat someone up, what if I hurt you? I thought your IQ would be much, much- “

You giggled. Sherlock stood there expressionless, as slowly and progressively you lost it to laughter. You brought a hand up to your smile, covering it out of habit, as your laughs calmed down. 

“Oh, how I missed you.”

A smile made its way to Sherlock’s face as the two of you stayed there enjoying the other’s company. It was a nice change from the absolute panic you felt whenever his presence came near to you this past week. He broke the silence, startling you with what he said next.

“I apologize for ruining your Valentine’s Day.”

You tilted your head. “Oh please, it was already ruined when I went outside and saw all these disgusting couples rubbing up on each other,” Smiling at the man shyly, you admitted something that you needed to get out in the open, “besides, John really reminded me that I wasn’t alone. I thought I had no one to celebrate with, but I had this amazingly smart and handsome man by my side the entire time.”

“Like who?”

“You,” You breathed out, and looked at the man expectantly. 

With what John had told you, and the detectives current behaviour, you began to feel hopeful. You examined Sherlock’s expression, who by now, had made his way to your side of the desk and sat down on it’s edge. He had suddenly regained all ounces of confidence back. 

“Hmm,” he drawled out, “I think I like the sound of that.”

Smirking, you thought for a minute before asking Sherlock. “You know, to make up for my terrible Valentine’s Day, maybe this day,” you gestured out with your hands, “could be our Valentine’s.”

Sherlock leaned down closer as you leaned up forwards. He nodded, when his eyes moved down to your lips. You could feel the warmth of his body reach nearer, but your hand came up to push on his chest before anything could happen. 

“Don’t you have a body to examine?” You asked.

He smiled. “I have one right here.”

Your lips met his as his hands came up to cup your face. You put every emotion you held in this past week into the kiss, running your hands through his soft hair. You began to giggle against his lips and pulled away to wrap your arms around his neck. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sherlock.”

His smile slowly increased and he placed his forehead on yours. You delivered a quick peck on his lips before moving to look into his eyes.

“John mentioned how oblivious we were to our feelings. When did you…”

Sherlock pulled you forwards into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head.

“When I thought that I almost lost you.”

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Ooooh art prompts! Could I maybe get 31 for Jenny x Clara?? 😍Or bridal carry for ten x Rose? Dealer's choice :D

Hey there darlin! You can view it here. And if such a thing interests you, you can see a bridal carry I did for Tentoo x Rose here! Thanks for your patience while I finally got around to your prompt! <3

actually you know what i really care about is genderfluid gavroche

  • cocky confident trans kid gavroche, who knows that whatever their gender is on a particular day it’s still Cool and Badass and Valid 
  • eponine fighting tooth and nail to make sure that they’ve got puberty blockers since the thought of puberty terrifies them
  • all the amis making sure that gav feels safe and can express their gender feelings and frustrations and be validated 
  • (they’ve unleashed a terror… ‘gav do u need a ride home’ ‘nah don’t worry i’m riding the down with cis bus’… bahorel beaming with pride)
  • shutting down transphobes in true gavroche sass fashion
  • gavroche swamped in handmedown clothes, in various combinations depending on how they want to present; they’ve got a whole trove of clothes borrowed from any and all the amis (except jehan because listen. gavroche may be a raggedy helterskelter of a kid but they’ve got standards)

Giant Barb (Catlocarpio siamensis)

Also known as the Siamese Giant Carp, the giant barb is a critically endangered species of carp (Cyprinidae) which is known only from the Mae Klong, Mekong, and Chao Phraya river basins in Indonesia. In the wild, giant barb are often seen in big pools along the edges of large rivers, they will also seasonally enter smaller canals, floodplains and flooded forests. Young giant barb are also seen in smaller tributaries and swamps. True to their common name, giant barb can grow to large sizes. With adults growing up to 3m (9.8 ft), making them the largest Cyprinid in the world! 

Currently, Catlocarpio siamensis is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, as it faces major threats from habitat loss and over fishing. They have experienced a drastic decline in current years, with very few barb living to maturity in the wild.  


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Cypriniformes-Cyprinidae-Catlocarpio-C. siamensis

Image: Lerdsuwa

Herpetophobia in Science

I’m taking a graduate course in freshwater macroinvertebrate ecology. While completing one of the assigned readings, I was pretty surprised by the following passage (from a 1991 edition textbook). Keep in mind this is not only coming from an ecology text, it’s an ecology text focused on invertebrates—some of the most detested and underappreciated organisms on the planet! 

“While it is true that southeastern alluvial swamps … are infested with alligators and poisonous snakes, they are otherwise extremely beautiful ecosystems … “

***UPDATE: I e-mailed the authors regarding this quote and I’ve been informed me that it has been revised in later editions of the book.