true stories about me being an idiot

A post of mine about Luke being 23 and liking 16 year old Annabeth is going around and there is an alarming number of people commenting on it saying “well it was Percy’s perspective and he’s an idiot so we don’t really know” …………ok so you want to establish Percy as an unreliable narrator?? In that case he made everything up, nothing in the books is true he can’t be trusted.


This person visited my blog over one hundred times to send view all my personal posts, photos, and my about me in order to abuse me. But, that’s not the scary part.

This person changed their story at least three times throughout the abuse, initially claiming on another persons blog to be a person with severely hemiplegic cerebral palsy and trying to continue that on my blog while not knowing that spastic was a medical term. Then, they bragged about being able to out run me in a wheelchair. Then, they said they were a (presumably straight given the homo and transphobia of their responses) woman. Then, they tried to insult me be saying they wouldn’t approach me or view me in a romantic context. But, that’s not the scary part.

They abused me for two and half hours, growing increasingly irate that I wasn’t being upset by it. My sarcastic responses and trolling made them angrier and angrier, they pulled more stories out of their ass about dead grandmothers and that I was the one being abusive here. But, that’s not the scary part.

The claimed to be disabled themselves while calling me “quad”, “idiot”, and “moron” and “insane”. They couldn’t figure out how a person with my kind of cerebral palsy could function without a wheelchair while they apparently didn’t need one. But, that’s not the scary part.

The scary part is the isolation the ableist feels from the true reality of a disabled persons life, even if they themselves are also disabled. I need a cane and sometimes a walker to stand for long periods of time, and to carry heavy loads. I can’t tie shoelaces and need assistance cutting food. I still need help dressing sometimes. I am indeed a quadriplegic, I have spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I have autism. I am mentally ill.

But, I’ve also done five mile runs. I’m extremely agile and have won wrestling matches just by being smart about dodging and doing a hopping “boxers stance” so as to not need any mobility devices. I’ve never done a pushup in my life, but I’ve done sections of 50 and 100 sit ups. I’ve played hockey and jumped over hurdles and high jumps for fun. This is not something impressive to me, it exists just fine along side the difficulties. It is a bit contradictory, but if the world has room for alcoholic priests and pro life gun nuts then it certainly has room for me.

To people like my anon, its still the 1930s. Disabled people are still locked in the attic to keep in line with the Ugly Laws. We are still taken away from our parents at birth and locked in institutions. We still have no potential.

To people like my anon, there are certainly no disabled geniuses and no paralympians, just as there are no quadriplegics that can stand unassisted for a moment or two to take a selfie.

 Any disabled person reading this is all too aware of what happens when sections of the population are deemed to be without heroes and without every day citizens.  To an ableist, even a disabled abelist, we are an alien species like some sort of insect. Who feels bad for stepping on a bug?

What stands out for me the most is that as an apparently disabled person, my anon felt the need to define themselves in opposition to me. They are a good, college attending, cisgender, white, American as apple pie cripple. They are most certainly not a radical on government benefits. They are in college, they are making someone of themselves!

If you are reading this, anon, know that you don’t have to fit in to able bodied standards to be successful. You don’t need to be a little less crippled then me to be someone, you are already somebody just as all disabled people are somebodies. I hope nobody who reads this ever feels the need to abuse someone like me ever again.


1: OMG the parallel of Henry running away from Regina and now from Emma is killing me in the best way

2:Queen Regina was dang sassy this episode you go gurlll

3:SQ will Always be endgame cuz hood just nope, that doesn’t stop me from having major feels when seeing Regina act all cute teenager in love and stuff- she’s still my baby okay+ after Emma’s face was all why are you like this tell mehh ? just you wait Emma, she will be all over you in no time.

4: the Charmings and Regina in Snow’s room being all we have been best friends for 20 years …I mean do you understand how far we have come ?! The 2 main couples are destroying my feels people!

5: Queen Queen’s face when she closed the door that didn’t work BAHAHAHAH much funny Lana- she is so done oh and did someone whisper Narnia ?!

6:Zelena not casting the curse I KNEW IT we all screamed.


8: Emma burning the witch was epic gheghe

9:Hook fuck you forever yah stupid ass *Regina voice* how dare you put Henry’s life in danger

10: Henry concerned about his mom = feels

11: Regina being sad when snowing said goodbye = more feels

12:Snowing was too much feels for me in that moment- oh god no my idiot babies :’(

13:OMFG Emma looking relieved when Regina woke up and SMILING AT REGINA AND HENRY’S MOMENT gave me life

14:Regina and Henry breaking the curse with true love I FUCKING CALLED IT - now tell me again how ouat is not about the story of Emma Regina and Henry and how they found their happy ending with each other I DARE YOU.

15:Regina: YOU DID IT - Emma: IT WASN’T ME IT WAS YOU </3 swen I am alive again


17:Dang Neal don’t scare me like that boy whut dafuq

I really believe that OQ is gonna make Emma realize that she has feelings for Regina- if not I’m so done - OPERATION SWAN-MILLS IS BACK ON !!

pleasant-cub  asked:

Why do you have the feeling "Sebastian was human" BS is going to happen? You're scaring me, t'hy'la! I'm going to be SO MAD if that happens

Let’s look at the story. Manga. 

We have two supernatural being. Demon & Shinigamis. 

Everything else, being witches, being werewolves, vampires, zombis, or anything else, has been scientific stuffs. Explained by science. Even if it’s “fake science” as zombis, it’s still science, in Kuroverse. 

And now, not even shinigamis are purely magic, they used to be humans. I’m starting to believe Yana is even going to pull of something scientific for the rest of the explanation to shinigamis. 

I mean, apparently, she has to explain everything via science, even if its a supernatural story and we actually don’t need it. By some reason, she believes we do. 

I believe, maybe, this is why I’m distancing of Kuroshitsuji. I mean, the same reason as abyss described in this post, except I’m not seeing them in a positive light. I came here for supernatural stuffs. And now were getting science and war? And I’m excited, I really am, I want a war and see the implications of a early first world war, and how Sebastian and Ciel would be implicated but… I dunno, I guess I’m just somewhat disphoric about the stuff. I guess it wasn’t what I waited of this story. Maybe. Or maybe I’m just having this break because I’m into Tokyo Ghoul and watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and my heart can’t stand fangirling about too many things at the same time. 

So, I’m trully believing they are going to pull off a Sebastian being human before bullshit. Because that’s the course the story is taking, apparently. Eh, I hope it’s not true. lmao. But yes, I feel we should fear it. We totally should fear it. 

I mean, not even Sebastian being oblivious about how human world works is something valid, William didn’t seemed to get it, BOC!William is totally idiotic about everything, leaking information and talking about spoky stuff in front of humans. So Sebastian could be the same.