true stories 1986

Deborah Feingold     David Byrne     1983

“I have something to say about the difference between American and European cities, but I forgot what it was. I have it written down at home somewhere.” David Byrne, “True Stories”  1986


True Stories (1986). Directed by and starring David Byrne. Co-starring John Goodman, Swoosie Kurtz, and Spalding Gray.

Roger Ebert began his review of the film by writing “There are more than 50 sets of twins in David Byrne’s ‘True Stories,’ I learned by studying the press notes, and perhaps we should pause here for a moment to meditate upon that fact. A hundred twins are not going to make or break a movie, and the average audience is not going to notice more than a fraction of them. Consider the state of mind of the person who decided the film should have 50 sets of twins.”


Talking Heads “Puzzlin Evidence” from the visionary David Byrne movie True Stories(1986)