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Interview with  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on how Stephen Dillane found out about Stannis’ Death.  If you don’t already despise the Ds, maybe this will convince you!  Stannis got no respect on screen or off!

“The main characters will get a phone call, usually. [laughs] … A lot of people also just find out when they read the script. I don’t think anyone finds out at the actual table read. For some reason I think Stannis — Stephen Dillane — he found out in his trailer, reading the script, I think because they made a mistake, apparently. They forgot [and said], Are you going to call him? No I’m going to call him. OK! So he was like, Are you… what?! I guess I’m not the chosen one, but the red priestess said it was me! But … other than that they’re pretty good in telling people. “  

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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Meeting Yoneda Kou’s UKEs - The dialogues (x)

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I miss you, Autumn. You’ve been gone for so long. I love you and I want you back. I miss the sound of your rain pounding against the roof and windows of my house. I miss your colorful leaves. I miss your cold weather. I miss wearing warm clothes when you are here. I miss Halloween. I miss seeing and smelling pumpkin spice everything everywhere, even though I don’t like pumpkin spice. I want you so much, Autumn. I can’t wait to see you again in a few months.

Give me all the happy ending, ‘soulmarks are a real, legitimate thing with no underhanded tricks’ soulmate AUs!

A soulmark world where homophobia was never a thing, because it couldn’t be!

A world where aromantic people are matched with their perfect partner in crime!

A world where asexual people are matched with their perfect brotp!

A world where two people meet and instead of their timers stopping, they sync up and start a new countdown (or their tattoos match but a new part of the design suddenly develops), because they’re poly and there’s someone else (or multiple someone elses) out there for them! Or poly people who meet a single soulmate and realize something’s missing, but keep quiet until their partner says one day “Does it seem like something’s missing to you?” and both their marks start counting down together in sync.



Karen Carney has agreed a two-year contract with Chelsea Ladies

‘I am thrilled to have signed for Chelsea Ladies.  The team won the Double last season to establish themselves as the top club in the country and I am excited about the prospect of helping to build on that. It is the right point in my career to begin a new challenge and having spoken to Emma we share the same ambitions and I firmly believe this is the place to achieve those goals.’

Ahh, getting a load of messages about this so I’ll address it here: Ashton apparently confirmed that it was 85% untrue on his personal SNAPCHAT. But we shouldn’t need any of them to confirm; there’s no way in hell half (and notice I say HALF) the stuff in that piece of shite was true.

UPDATE: Snapchats seen on @5sospinkspeakers + are probably fake.