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Sal, carrying a stick figure drawing of Larry: LOOK! LARRY I DREW YOU!

Larry, turning away from a perfectly detailed portrait of sal: YO GOOD JOB DUDE I LOVE IT!

a doodle for you, and @sansy-fresh… 

Submitted by the ever-talented @cheapbourbon

So, I opened up my inbox to see this utterly gorgeous piece of art. I think I stared at it for roughly five minutes before I managed to pull myself together enough to make even a token attempt at coherency.

It’s their expressions. Bourbon, I don’t think I’ve see another artist that captures expressions quite the way you do. Cash is so hurt, and Twist looks so compassionate. Just two broken boys, trying to put themselves back together again.

Goodness I love this more than words.

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What are Sans, Papyrus, and Gasters dirty little secrets and/or guilty pleasures? From as many AUs as you'd like please~

*cracks knuckles* Time to dish up some dirt on my muses/roommates, yo.

UT!Sans: ……he’s a fuckin Homestuck. 

Not even ironically. He discovered the comic like, a year and a half ago and has been a closet fan ever since. Its just weird and convoluted enough that it kind of resonates with him. Long evenings are spent deleting every mention of MSPaintAdventures from his internet history and cache before one of the others finds out. Every day is spent in fear of someone finding out and forcefully outing him. that’s the kind of internet shame you can never leave behind you.

UT!Papyrus: Papyrus doesn’t really have guilty pleasures in the traditional sense, because once he likes something he generally has no real shame about liking it. He’s the Great Papyrus. He’s very cool, and therefore by extension the things he likes are cool. But as for dirty secrets…..Papyrus is terrible with names. Like. Its really awful. I do have some backing in canon for this, he refers to Napstablook as “Spooky Bloo Bloo” and Flowey as “Flowery”. He cannot keep people’s names straight unless he sees them almost every day and is constantly using ways to get around it, usually referring to people as “YOU”, “FRIEND”, and “HUMAN”. It took him over 8 months to get all the nicknames straight around the house, especially since he was too embarassed to ask. He still has no idea what HT!Papyrus’ nickname is and at this point is too ashamed to ask.

UT!Gaster: LIterally no shame about any of his interests or habits. Open book. Its mor a process of horrific discovery than him hiding anything from you. The man EATS THE KIT KAT WITHOUT BREAKING IT AND CHEWS ON ICE THIS HOUSEHOLD IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE

UF!Sans: His first crush was on Captain Kirk from Classic Star Trek and if anyone ever mentions that he will not hesitate to

UF!Papyrus: (*cough* Hot  Topic Frequenter *cough*) He watches makeup tutorials to unwind at night. He doesn’t even use much makeup outside of a little eyeliner when he wants to look extra menacing but something about them relaxes him. Also RuPaul Drag Race is his SHIT and when he has the house to himself he’ll get a bottle of wine and watch it, mouthing off to his least favorite contenstants like they can hear him. Red walked in on him once and nearly got impaled.

UF!Gaster: He can’t cook to save his own life. This doesnt seem so abnormal  but Fell places a lot of emphasis on competency so it embarasses the hell out of him. Red and Edge basically were raised off of the bags of chisps from the lab vending machine. Fell burns toast, but will staunchly deny there is any problem, and then will force himself to choke down his own inedible food just to make a point. 

US!Sans: Closet vandal. You can’t be well behaved and responsible all the time. He and US!Alphys like to get on their leather jackets and go wreck some shit. Usually just abandoned gas stations and stuff. If they ever end up doing property damage to stuff people are actually gonna use Blue will usually leave a note and some money, but yeah, they’ve ended up running from the cops more than once. They also like to go to seeedy bars and pick fights on thsose nights. For Blue, these nights are kind of a release. They get out a lot of his more hyperactive nergy and also give him a chance to misbehave a little with relatively few consequences. the only one who knows is Black, who caught him when he was trying to sneak back into the house one night. In exchange for his silence Blue agreed to let him come with next time

US!Papyrus: He has a couple of stuffed animals that he still pulls out of the closet on bad nights. Not even Blue knows about these (okay, he does, but he’s not supposed to know). He’s had them since he was a baby and just never really got rid of them. They reek of cigarette smoke at this point but he just is way too attached. Part of the reason he knows how to sew is they kept falling apart and he needed to figure out how to repair them on his own. Came in handy, he can stitch up his and Blue’s clothes now, but still, no one must know.

US!Gaster: Again, not a whole lot of shame in his interests. But he is extremely susceptible to jumpscares in movies. He doesn’t know what it is, he’s not that jumpy in real life, but even if its completely predictable he will jump three feet in the air whenever one happens. It embarasses him, especially in front of his kids.

SF!Sans: Both he and Blue play a lot of fighting games together but his real passion is dating sims. Even the really bad ones. He is a resident experts on all the cliches but HOLY SHIT he cannot get enough of them. Living that drama lifestyle. Also he likes shitty reality TV.

SF!Papyrus: Man can take apart a car engine and put it back together again in under an hour but he can’t drive for shit. It stresses him the fuck out and he walks literally everywhere. He tells people Black has the convertible and just walks or teleports when he can. When he does drive its a constant mess of running red lights, sudden braking, and turns taken way too fast. 

SF!Gaster: Alphys got him hooked on Korean Dramas and now that’s what he watches when he think Rus and Black are asleep. Its the closest he’s gotten in a while to crying. 


flowerhoying: was there any particular reason behind having Scott start moving before he was actually shocked and brought to life?

alon_isocianu: GREAT question!!! Because making a Superfruit video where Scott was motionless for 75% of the time would make it an art film and not a music video.

Tony Daniels

- Announcer during the intro [no background music], Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (Capcom)

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Anyone of your choosing reacting to finding out their Crush wash there favorite jacket or neckwear and realizing it smells just like them.

I meant to do one with Tale in there but then my hand slipped and suddenly I had three Fell related stuff,  whoops

US!Papyrus: He freaks out internally when he can’t find the jacket, and he’s ready to give up on everything for a while because god damnit he loved that hoodie. When he finds out that you just took it to wash it he’s so relived. You really had him worried there for a while. It did need a wash though, and it’s a kind gesture, but tell him next time alright kid? When he puts it on he’s immediately hit with your scent and for a few seconds he’s a little confused. Until he realizes that you washed it with your detergent. And now he’s blushing instead. He’ll keep discretely sniffing it for the next week or so. And even though he wont admit to it, he’s a little sad when the smell goes away. Now he leaves the hoodie out unsupervised whenever you’re over in case you’d decide to wash it again. 

UF!Sans: When he realizes that you’re the reason he couldn’t find the damn thing he’s angry. Mostly because the stress of not finding it is crashing over him, but also because he’s not used to kind gestures like that. And he usually acts mad when he’s flustered. He’ll be so tsundere about it. Acting like this is all such a trouble for him, it didn’t need washing (it so totally did, he never takes it off and he tends to sweat when he’s nervous) But when you’ve left and he actually puts it back on his eye sockets go out because he was not prepared for it to smell like that. He’s a blushing, flustered mess. And he pulls the hoodie up until it covers his face so he can smell it better. He keeps telling himself it’s because it smells clean. But everyone knows that’s not true. 

SF!Papyrus: He’s the one who keeps it together the most. He thanks you properly for washing his jacket for him. He’s not used to people doing things like that for him, since he’s often the one who does it for others. So it’s a nice change for once. But he’ll be telling you over and over that you don’t have to look after him like that. It’s nice and all but he wouldn’t want to be a burden on you. He’s secretly enjoying the scent more than he should, but he’d never let that show. It’s just very reassuring to him and he’s trying to get you to tell him what detergent you used so he can get the same one. It might be a little weird. But he’s neck deep in a crush so can you really blame him? 

UF!Papyrus: He is furious. It doesn’t matter that he has a massive crush on you, you do not touch his stuff without permission. And why would you just steal his scarf and wash it? He has his own washing machine, and it’s not like he’d ever let the scarf get properly dirty. He washes it religiously at least every month, just like every other outer wear he uses. He’s a very clean person, after all. But when he’s done chewing you out for touching his stuff, and he actually puts it on he just sorta…. stiffens. He’s standing there straight as a lampost trying to act like nothing happened. He is so embarrassed that he let himself get affected by the scarf smelling like you. And he’s denying any reaction that he might have had to it. The next few days he finds himself absent-mindedly sniffing it. Every time he catches himself doing it he blushes and just mutters how annoying you were under his breath. He waits a little longer to wash it next time though. Just until the scent is completely gone. 


Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst looking pretty & patriotic in the Reek Havoc Tee Dress and Black Ball Hi SF.

Photos: Cecilia Alejandra

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i was wondering if i could request a part two of the ask where S/O is sick and confesses? And they explain that they were serious when their fever goes down? Thank you!!

Aw sure thing friend♡

Ut!Sans(Classic): Sans gives you the exact same look he gave you the first time except instead of patting you on the head and brushing it off, Classic ends up looking at you with widened eyes. Sans will apologize for thinking you were just joking with him. Since you’re serious be prepared for the flustered skeleton to ask you out on the spot. Sans, could feel his soul beating quickly as he takes your hand. The blue-faced skeleton leans in slowly as he tells you how much he loves you as well and how he’s thankful you weren’t just ribbin’ him. All jokes aside, Sans leans in for a kiss letting the passionate kiss do the talking for him.

Us!Papyrus(Stretch): Oh…ohh…his cheekbones turn orange. Wow, he feels like a dummy- is it just him or is it warm in here? Stretch is more embarrassed that he didn’t catch on sooner…looking back, that explains a lot of things. Once he’s focused, Stretch gently takes you by the hand. If you want to give this dating thing a try….then he’s all for it. If he was being completely honest, this was something he’s been looking forward to for a while. Tibia honest, Stretch confesses to have been checking you out for while now, but he wasn’t quite sure how to go about his feeling as he isn’t exactly very smooth at that. Stretch gently pecks you on the cheek wrapping his arms around your waist as he pulls you to his chest. The skeleton insist on showing you just how happy you make him.

Uf!Sans(Edge): He blushes, so that wasn’t just fever talk? Edge is happy! Excited? He didn’t know how to explain how he was feeling but he didn’t want the feeling to go away. You’d better not be joking because Edge is defiantly going to hold you to that confession of yours just like he did before. Edge doesn’t hesitate to ask you out right then and there. He’s already thinking about the things he’s gonna do for you and to you now that you’re finally together. Despite how bold he is though, Edge was expecting this to be some kind of joke…heh even now having you by his side seems too good to be true.

Sf!Papyrus(Rus) He was right! Rus is more than excited at your confession as he pulls you into a really tight hug. He kisses your forehead telling you how he thought you weren’t serious at first, but is relieved that you were. The skeleton explains his very strong feelings of love to you before scooping you up and heading to the sofa. Since you two are a couple now Rus wants to cuddle with you properly. He sits you in his lap pulling your back to his chest. Rus plants soft kisses on the back of your neck as he wraps his arms around his waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. He still feels like this isn’t real, as if, this was a dream. Honestly, if this was some kind of amazing dream, Rus hopes he never wakes up.

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All you said its fan interpetation of what survived the curse (like everything) and belle's wrong perception of people she hardly knew at the time. Back then she believed gold was this good man who wouldn't betray her like he did. Never did the cast, producers and the show itself said sf is true love. But cs? Yes, everyone did. From the show itself to the cast, producers etc. Even after the test both the characters of emma/hook said it. spin it all u want its just your headcanon. Sf aint tl

It’s not a fan’s interpretation it’s stated on the fucking show you walnut.


Your opinion of the ship is no more relevant than mine of CS for what the show says.

The show says Swanfire was True Love.