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He`d be really impressed with your will to do good and become better at your skills so he`d definitely cheer you on. Like whenever you felt beaten down or out of motivation he`d do his best to get you up again. Also takes care of you when you`re done for the day and praises you so you know just how proud he is of you for your hard work.

“You did amazing today baby. Lay down, I`ll massage your legs.”


He might be a bit more concerned. I mean, he`d be super proud of you for putting this much work into your job and is definitely your biggest fan. However he`d always be a little concerned that you might overwork yourself. That`s why whenever you`re done with a practice he`d make sure you rest a lot. Also the type to send you random messages through the day asking if you`re okey.

“No y/n. You already worked super hard today. Now you go and relax in the bath. I`ll get some dinner ready in the meantime.”


She would be so stunned. This would make her fall in love with you all over again. She`s the type to be impressed with hard workers and has a special place in her heart for those types and seeing you taking your job so seriously and working hard for what you want would be amazing to her. Does anything she can to help you. Wether it be by training with you or helping you relax after.

“You`re amazing! I know I say it a lot but it`s true.”


Big time rolemodel. She`d look up to you. The fact that you are so strong willed to do good at your job and taking the initiative to get there would be a motivation for her. Like she`d find herself a little tired at dance practice and ready to give up but then she`d remember you and how motivated you are and it would give her the energy to pull through. The type to do spoiling trips where you two go out 1 day every month and just do whatever you two want.

“It`s spoiling day! You worked so hard this month. Work hard, play hard.”

What you are reading is a shortened version of a poem by a lovely woman:  thealgerianbrit.

The full poem: 

“Mother of the children they called her.

Fatima Al Fihri was a woman with a vision.
The daughter of a wealthy merchant, Fatima and her sister Mariam were children of the Maghreb.
The Ancient land of Numidia.Their family travelled from modern day Tunisia to Fes, Morocco.
The deserts of North Africa were not the only thing making them reach out in thirst.
These sister countries engulfed the Al Fihri sisters with passion and a thirst for knowledge.
Shoes, handbags nor celebrity gossip drove Fatima.
She smashed all stereotypes of women of the Orient.
Islam was her religion. Spouse-hood was not her goal just yet.
There was a depth in this woman.
A depth that matched the deep maroons of the Fes hats.
Her vision was allowed to grow and become cultivated because of the Islamic society Numidia fed her.
Her father her biggest fan.
Fes, one the most influential cities in the Muslim world along with Tlemcen, Algeria, was renowned for centuries as the centre for religion and culture. Fatima was a beautiful catalyst.
859 rolled around like a Maghrebi carpet being laid out for royalty.
Fatima founded the oldest academic degree-granting university existing today, the University of Qarawiyyin in Fes.
Fatima inspires to seek for change.
To seek awareness of the world you live in.
Islam gives it to women and it leaves you spell-bound.
A foremother for all Maghreb women.

Daughters of Ancient Numidia.”

I personally believe in God, but not in religion, and I find this beautiful. Fatima was a muslima and it was part of her identity as to many muslimas today. She is a true rolemodel, whether you believe or not, and a good example of women being capable of being leaders. Dear Muslima, do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise :).

Also a quick reminder that muslims are welcome on this blog:) 

-x HaouariHouse

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Thank you Misha Collins for being you. Thank you for being a true rolemodel and inspiration to many people. When I interviewed for my job I was asked who my hero was and I named you. I told them of YANA and Random Acts and Gishwhes. Thank you for leading by example and never being afraind to be just who you are. You bring people courage to be themselves and you inspire them to carry kindness in their hearts everyday. Much love from Denmark - Karina

added you <3 <3 your submission is so sweet!! <3

Okay but monsta x take their role as ‘idols’ so serious. 2016 has been a fucking hard year for them from being misspelled multiple times (like seriously?? Mosta x, moista x?? it’s not hard to write their name), having their choreography stolen without getting credits and being disrespected in many other ways to several schedules and comebacks and so many mv filmings??? They worked so hard this year and achieved so much. I’m sure not only sweat was shed in their practice room or their dorm, also tears. Probably many tears because all of them are so damn sensitive. And through all this trouble they always.. ALWAYS manage it to smile. They always have those real smiles on their faces. No fake ones. And their eyes are full of love and passion. They are true rolemodels and I’m so proud to be able to call myself a fan of them.

Alan Rickman was my biggest idol, favorite actor, my platonic love. Carrie was one of the most awesome women I’ve ever seen, a true rolemodel and a terrific person (she even liked some of my tweets, I mean, what other princess does that?). I’m not sure if they ever met, but I did this as a tribute. Rest in Peace, Alan and Carrie. My Hald Blood Prince and my Princess Leia.

May the force be with you, always.

I've been reading a lot of complaints about the new Fifth Harmony single cover because it is sexual, controversial, whatever they want to call it.

1. Women are way too often portrayed as “sex objects” just because we are wearing something that shows skin. As many can see, Fifth Harmony has found new confidence.
2. A year ago, Camila barely posted pictures of her. Most of the time, none at all. Dinah and Lauren were hated for being “overweight.” Normani was said to be “untalented” or was discriminated for her race and skin color. Ally felt under appreciated. Look at them now.
3. What they are wearing in the “BO$$” single cover is fine. Boys on social medias are shirtless or almost naked. Vine videos of them “grinding” and all those other things are the ones that are suppose to be called as sexual. We don’t see the girls doing any of those things do we?
4. There is a line between being slutty or sexual and sexy, the girls are on the sexy realm. Their new music is meant for teenagers who are maturing and young adults.
5. They are 17-21 year olds who are helping girls become more confident in their own skin. This goes for men too. Based on a fact, 54% of girls within the age range of 13-19 year olds are not comfortable with their own body. 41% of boys in the exact same age feel the same. Overall, more than 90% of teens don’t feel comfortable in their own body. Isn’t there something wrong with that?

Stop objectifying all women. Fifth Harmony are a good influence in our generation. Teaching people how to be more confident and happy with themselves. They are good influences who are trying to make the world a better place. They’ve been told by fans that they make them happy when no one else can, they’re the reason they’ve stopped self harming, they’re the reason that they are more confident and that they are a symbol of hope for them. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what a true rolemodel is. waakeme-up ssweet-dispositionn showhimyoudaflyest allybrookeofficial normanikordeiofficial

I’ve also noticed this: none of Fifth Harmony’s songs have said anything about sex. Let alone swear words. Instead, they cover songs that show women empowerment. Songs like Independent Women and their own song, BO$$. As seen in the behind the scenes making of the BO$$ music video, it is clearly stated that it was directed by a woman. Also, there is a scene where the girls are hand wrestling with strong men. They are showing that women can be strong and confident but beautiful at the same time. In such a judgemental and hateful world, these 5 amazing ladies encourage confidence and power. Not to mention, their Clean&Clear campaign showing real beauty from within and not by looks. Also, they’ve done so many free meet and greets, shows. Visited hospitals to make people happy. They make sure to put fans first. To make them happy.

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EXO-L are really harassing ELF right now, so I and a group of other EXO-L who can be mature about all this are trying to follow up all the hate messages with apologies. We're sorry SM manipulated MAMA to the point that even we as a fandom were embarrassed to watch. I watched the stream, and I hoped in vain that Super Junior were going to get Best Male Group. EXO did NOT deserve that award this year, and most of us reasonable EXO-L know that. Our boys worked hard, but we were not our best in 2014

OMG THANK YOU!!! Can I just say Thank you and I Love You!

I think this conflict has gotten to a ridiculous point.. I KNOW that this isn’t EXO’s fault. THis is clearly MAMA and SM’s doings. And ALL ELF’s aren’t bashing on EXO, we’re just mad at how EXO handled it all. At least That’s how I see it…. I just wished that in some way EXO could have shown that they know that SUJU were the real winners. Like including them in the thanks, I mean SJ have been nothing but supportive hyungs to them. But they didn’t and that’s okay. 

BUT SOME EXOTICS are rubbing it in ELF’s faces and stuff… And we are kinda hurt right now so we respond angrily too, and that’s wrong too but that’s just how it is. But getting this message made me SO HAPPY!!!



I’ll also apoligize for anything any ELF (or me) might have said out of anger <3