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Found this book at the thrift store a couple of days ago. Buying it was a moral imperative.


Back cover: Misunderstood  vampire Sterling O’Blivion was working at a dance stuido in Chicago when the Rysemian starships landed and things began to change for the better. For one thing, the aliens could take any form they chose, human or otherwise, and Sterling fell head over heels for the one called Benaroya, who was presently disguised as Virginia Woolf. For another, Sterling got a neat new job as chief spokesperson for the aliens’ front operation selling the Famous Men’s Sperm Kit.

After seven hundred years, Sterling had begun to think the joy was going out of life. Now she had the chance to turn into Mr. Spock, to dance with Abraham Lincoln, and to fall wildly and truly in love. It was just the sort of romp an aging vampire needed!

(Published in 1984)

First page:

Aquarius Debunked: Myth #2

People keep calling Aquarians “humanitarian.”

It’s true, in a way. 

Aquarians do charity work. They’ll feed the poor, help build shelters, and give a homeless person a dollar.

But they’ll make sure someone’s taking pictures, put it on their resume, casually mention how they helped make the world a better place, in every single conversation with everyone they meet. 

If you ask what they’d do if they won the lottery, they’ll say, “I’ll use the money to make the world a better place” (build a hospital, donate to PETA, whatever). They’ll say it while they watch you carry an armload groceries into your house, without offering to help. 

There’s no glory in helping with the little things. You can’t put small acts of genuine kindness on a resume. Where are the cameras? Pfft.

They’ll offer to travel the world with you- because they need someone to take pictures of them to put on Instagram. They need to appear popular and well-traveled, but they have no genuine interest in taking in the sights, making connections, or having fun. 

It’s always about appearances.

An Aquarius would rather project an image of being happy and fulfilled via their facebook profile, than experience actual happiness and fulfilment. They’d rather appear to be humanitarian than actually help people from the heart. They’d rather appear popular than have any real friends. They’d rather appear to have a perfect relationship than find true love. 

It takes less time and effort to construct a pretty lie than to build something beautiful and true. So, I get it. (I don’t respect it.) But I get it.

We are currently in the age of Aquarius. One glance around shows that everyone displays the behavior described here to some extent. People are allies because it’s the cool thing to do, not because they care. People stay in friend groups just to fit in and appear well-adjusted, not because they’re actually friends. Etc.

Those with prominent Aquarius in their birth chart (esp. rising) just do this more than the rest of us.

The evolved Aquarius is a true rebel and revolutionary. The evolved Aquarius does things for only one reason: because they want to. Not to help others, and not to help themselves, but from pure, genuine, internal motivation. This form of Aquarius is exceptionally rare. You’re more likely to come across the sheep than the lone wolf manifestation of this sign.

So… For the love of god, stop calling Aquarians ‘humanitarian’ when they honestly couldn’t give a fuck, unless it makes them look good.

[Myth #1]

Today is my birthday...

…but it’s also an international holiday.

(Seriously I love the fact that I share a birthday with my absolute favorite episode in any anime ever, even sharing the same year! It moooooves me to tears. Absolutely moooonumental. I couldn’t ox for a better birthday present.)


GUYS!!!! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have a sound bar (the bottom left circle). 

Holy shit y'all… if this is true, this is revolutionary for deaf gamers. I’m sure they aren’t the first to do this ever, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I want to see more of this from major companies!

How To Order the New Utena CD and (Hopefully) Get the Bonus

To get the bonus, you have to order from Diskunion… which doesn’t ship internationally. So if you don’t live in Japan and it’s important to you to try your best to get the bonus content, you should use a proxy service–CDJapan has one; you just have to make a request for “Barubara Waiseishi Mokushiroku - Arusenoteryusu Zettai Fukkatsu to Orpheus Zettai Meian - w/ Disk Union tokuten CD.” You should do this ASAP as the extra content is limited-time.

The tokuten CD (the bonus) has 3 extra tracks: Missing Link, The Inversion of Me and My Room, and a new one that was written for a Banyu Inryoku musical but not used (so this is the first public release of the song). Also, these three are all the original performances by Seazer himself.

Using a proxy service costs extra, so if the bonus content isn’t especially important to you, you could probably save around ten dollars (just my immediate guess) by ordering directly from a site that ships internationally, like

Enjolras x Reader: Stutters and Blushes

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own Les Mis.  Other than that, enjoy!

“We deserve the same rights as the upper class!”  Enjolras declared as the people at his feet cheered.  “We are all equal in the Lord’s eyes and have the right to be treated as such!”  The roar of the crowd was deafening.  You were standing to the side with Eponine, watching the rally in quiet interest.  The nationalistic passion surrounding you was quickly dispersed, however, with the familiar sound of hooves against the pavement.  Heads turned and bodies scattered as the guards dealt with the rally.  Eponine pulled you into an alley and you circled back to the café.

“So,” You said as you walked alongside your friend. 


“You and Marius,” You teased.  “How’s that going?”  Eponine flushed red, and you laughed.

“I don’t think he sees it,” She admitted quietly. “I don’t think he’ll ever see it,” Your grin faded and you wrapped a sympathetic arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Pony.  God works in mysterious ways,”  She smiled at you as you walked through the café doors.

“Thanks, Y/N,” You smiled before splitting off indirections, Eponine approaching Marius, and you sitting down with Grantaire and Combeferre.

“Gentlemen,” You said with a smirk as you said down.  Grantaire took a swig and slammed his bottle on the table.

“And she graces us with our presence at last!” He slurred.

“You’re drunk.” You said with a laugh.

“And you’re pretty.”  You looked at Combeferre.

“How long has he been like this?”

“I…I don’t even know,” He snickered.  “Hey, hey Grantaire.  How long have you been like this?”

“Like what?”  Combeferre waved his hand at Grantaire.

“Like…this!” They both burst into obnoxious laughter.  Realizing they would both be toddlers for a while, you stood up and looked for someone else to sit with.  You wandered around until you spotted Enjolras, sitting by himself and going over some papers.  You sat down across from him.

“You did great today,” You told him.  His head snapped up and his eyes landed on you.

“Oh! Uh,” He floundered for a minute as his face turned red.   “Hi, Y/N,” You circled the table and stood next to him, studying the papers.           

“What are these?”

“Um, well, these are just some plans for next week’s rally.” He said softly.  You nodded and read them.  “Listen, I’ve got to go.” He said suddenly.  “Bye Y/N!”  He gathered his paper and left in a frazzled rush.  You watched him disappear into the crowd.  Shaking your head, you sat down at the table and looked out the window.  Someone sat down and you looked over at Courfeyrac.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?”  He raised an eyebrow.  “Enjolras,” You elaborated.  “On the stage he’s so confident, but as soon as we get back it’s nothing but stutters and blushes.”  Courfeyrac snickered. 

“You’re serious?”


“You think he’s always like that?”  You nodded.

“He is,”   Courfeyrac laughed louder.

“What are you laughing like that?”

“It’s you!”


“Look at Enjolras,” he pointed to where Enjolras was talking to Marius and showing him his documents.  “He’s not stuttering and blushing right now,” You studied him.  It was true; the revolutionary had the same attitude as when he was on stage.  You raised an eyebrow, and looked at Courfeyrac.  “You make him nervous.”


“Yes!  Don’t you see?”  You shrugged.  “Y/N, he’s head over heels for you!”  Your heart sped up.


“What do you mean, ‘really?’  He never stops talking about you!”  You found yourself smiling and you looked in Enjolras’ direction.  He was already looking at you with pure adoration on his face, but as soon as your eyes met his face  turned a deep red.  He smiled shakily before quickly turning away.  After a few moments he looked back.  You were still looking at him.  You smiled and his eyes brightened, albeit cautiously.  You nodded slowly, and his face brightened with a smile.  You both stared at each other from across the room, until Marius tapped Enjolras’ and he was forced to turn back to his work.  You watched him for a few more minutes.

He was smiling for the rest of the night.

Thanks to asometimestroubledmind for requesting this one!

Who is this Peter Beinart writing at The Atlantic against antifa? He is a fucking ignoramus. Claims that antifa is “illiberal” because it may move on from attacking fascists to attacking others “someday…who knows?!” NPR has been using him. I just listened to him making crap up about the origins of antifa and its intentions. Awful journalism.

His claims about antifa deciding who has the right to assemble and speak are fiction. Journalists are pissed that antifa participants don’t want cameras in their faces and don’t trust the media. I’m sure that’s part of what this is about. However, as liberals always do, he complains and expresses fears about true social transformation, revolutionary action, direct democracy, say, over reformism, which he understands.

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