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The Purge truly doesn't understand the motivations of the real human psyche

It acts like if there was a period of time where nothing was illegal everyone would be murdering raping but like there are very very few people out there who harbor secret murder fantasies

Like let’s be real

The minute that clock started we’d all be hitting up our favorite malls, stealing everything we’ve been wanting all year. I wouldn’t murder a person I’d steal a motherfucking $4000 mattress and then stop by Ulta and pick up every shade of lipstick in my favorite brands and then, while I was at it, head to Macy’s and steal the most expensive purses from every brand

And let’s not pretend the guys wouldn’t be at it to the men’d be hitting up the malls with the rest of us ladies, picking up those True Religion jeans they could never afford

And ppl would be stocking up on rice and frozen veggies and other food that won’t perish

Like sure there are people out there who want to murder and rape but let’s be honest they never cared about the laws anyway

The Purge acts all deep like humans all are just dark and evil and violent at heart but in reality we all just crave luxury items and King-sized beds

Gym Mats are a Kitchen Necessity for Prison Meals

“You have to lay on it,” She said as she sucked methadone out of the sleeve of her pink hoodie and placed a few sandwiches in between two gym mats. Somehow, I had found myself on the bench of a jail cell learning how to spice up a frozen cheese and mayo sandwich. I had opted for the PB&J, a rookie mistake. I don’t know why I did it—I don’t even like peanut butter—and it wasn’t PB&J; it was peanut butter and honey. It was a gooey brown substance on frozen bread that resembled wheat but didn’t seem like it should be considered wheat. Was this shit gluten free?

I was going on hour twenty in prison, trying to stuff the frozen sandwich down my throat before I could taste it when she walked in. Her hair was seemingly wet with grease, her neck covered in hickies, wearing a five-sizes-too-small pink belly shirt and sneakers without laces. Her butt-crack and stomach were hanging out of her diamond-studded True Religion jeans. She came in like a storm. She was given four sandwiches from the prison guard before she entered the cell. They had a long embrace before she sat down near me. I guess she was a regular. She threw her sandwiches onto the floor and ran into the bathroom: an open toilet with a piece of wood in front of it to allow for the smallest amount of privacy possible. As we sat there, I listened to her poop and complain about accidentally dropping a cigarette in there. I stopped trying to eat my meal.


I was meaning to share this story, but it’s so utterly ridiculous that I doubted any followers would believe me. But now is a perfect time to share with you all due to the messages tonight.

Okay so at the restaurant I work at this guy was wearing these jeans that had the ripped look to them and one of the holes got caught to his chair or something and it ripped even more. Well he freaked the hell out about it. He was taken to the back so management could talk to him and he was throwing a huge fit.

“These are True Religion jeans they cost over $500,” he screamed.

He demanded the restaurant give him the money right there, but the manager said that’s not how our policy works. He would have to fix the jeans or replace them and then bring us the receipt so we can compensate. After our manager explained that he yelled “YOU THINK THIS IS ABOUT FUCKING MONEY!?” He then took out his wallet and threw a wad of cash in the managers face. 

When someone threatened to call security, he got up in the managers face and formed a fist like he was going to hit him. Then he just stopped, grabbed his money and left. 

Yep, I see some real cartoony rich villain type characters at work.

Thee Barbarian, 23, Saint Louis, MO. 💜

Blazer: Moschino
Shoes: Classic TOMS
Jeans: True Religion
Shirt: ASKS

Submitted by: theebarbarian.tumblr. com

<b> Be confident. <b/>


Edward: Dad? Isn’t it getting a bit cold to be swimming? I mean, it’s officially autumn…

Edward frets more about Jim’s health than Jim does. Losing his mother at an early age is probably a factor in him being overprotective too. Jim finds it touching. Annoying as hell, but touching.  

Jim: The water’s beautiful, son. Anyway, I’m getting out now. Unless you want to join me for a quick dip.

Edward: No thanks. I’m starving. Have you planned anything for dinner? Or do you want me to grill that salmon that’s in the fridge?

Jim: Salmon sounds an excellent idea.

He sticks out a hand and allows Edward to pull him out of the water. Jim’s breathing is slightly laboured. Edward tut-tuts as he hands him his towel.

Edward: You’ve got to be careful not to overdo it, Dad.

Jim: I hardly think a few laps of a heated pool is overdoing it, Ted. Besides, I’ve been neglecting my fitness lately. I’m ashamed of myself. I need to get back into a routine. After Anita comes home I’m going to be joining her on her morning walks. No excuses.

They go inside the house and Edward opens the fridge.

Jim: Jared won’t be having any dinner, he’s at his father’s.

Edward: Really? How come?

Jim: I thought they should be spending more time together. And I also wanted to see this rumoured girlfriend for myself.

Edward: Yeah? And?

Jim: She does exist. And she’s quite striking, if you like that blonde bimbo type. Tall, slim, mid 20s. They seem like a good fit.

Edward: There must be something in the air. Saffy’s got a boyfriend too.

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Aug and Brook short


“Can you get dressed? I’ll pick out your clothes.” I nodded, reluctantly lettin’ ha go. “Yea,” thanking me she kissed ma cheek pushin’ me out of tha closet.

Goin’ into the bathroom I shut tha door before getting into the shower.

Buckling up the Hermés belt I stood in front of the mirror brushin’ ma hands ova ma hair. “How did I do?” I grinned pullin’ ha inta me. “Shit imma make ya ma stylist.”

She picked out a pair of black True Religion jeans a white Givenchy shirt that had hints of red in it. She paired the whole outfit off with my Red Octobers. “No I’m good.”

Pulling at ha curly hair she dropped ha hands from ha hair fixin’ tha shorts she had on. I ain’t gone lie we looked good as hell. She was dressed in black True Religion shorts that looked cut up along, ha ass Sittin’ proper in em lil ass shorts Makin’ me wan’a get behind it. She donned a simple white tank top, ha titties pressed up heavenly against tha cotton tank top that she dressed up with gold accessories.

On ha feet were a pair of red Louboutin spiked ankle boots. I only know this cause she tol’ me. “Ready?” Nodding she grabbed ha purse leanin’ against the door waiting fa me.

Wit ma car keys in hand I threw ma arm around B’s shoulder leading us out of the house.

“Why do you have those glasses on its already dark out?” Rubbin’ ma goatee I glanced at her before pulling out of the gated community. “Cause it’s me babeh.” Smiling turned up the radio and the sounds of ‘Hot Nigga Remix’ came through the speakers.

B grinned before dancing in her seat. She hit the shmoney dance rapping along to Fab before it got to Chris verse “And shawty give me neck till I pass out and she just gettin’ checks cause her ass out makin’ money, gotta be the fast route bitch if you ain’t fuckin’ betta get yo ass out.” She rapped throwing her hands up in the air. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Dis yo shit?” She nodded ignoring my entire existence.

She didn’t acknowledge me until the song went off. “You ‘bout dat life B?.” She grinned and nodded makin a smirk form on ma face. “Yea, we a see.” Chucklin’ she continued singin’ and dancin’ until she turned tha radio down starin’ out tha window.

“Why ya so quiet?” Slappin’ ma hand down on her thigh, she sucked her teeth. “Why you forever touching me?” Pulling up at a stop light I leaned over and bit her cheek. “Cause ya mine forreal na.” She might as well get use to it.

Shaking her head, “ya gotta stop bittin on me.” I couldn’t stop the grin from formin’ on ma face. “Look at’cha pickin up a lil NOLA.” Waving me off, “boy goodbye I been had a accent I just know I how to hide it.” Pressin’ ma foot on tha gas I looked at ha then back at tha road. “Let me hear sum’n then.”

“Naw you good.”

“Imma hea it watch.”

Finally pullin’ up to our destination, B looked at me with a smirk on her face. “How cute of you.” I chuckled opening tha car door reaching ma arm back to grab tha backpack I brung with me.

Gettin’ out tha car I shut it behind me hittin’ tha locks and walking over to Brooklyn’s side. “Wha’ ya said ya want me ta entertain you.”

“You bringing your girlfriend to a strip club is not you being entertaining.”

Throwin’ ma arm around her shoulder I kissed the side of her head walking up to the entrance. “Ya kno y’on care so shut up.” Laughin’ we got passed the bouncers walking inside.

Club Onyx was doing numbers tonight and I was low key ready to turn up with my baby. Looking over at Brooklyn ha eyes were glued to a dancer who was twerking on the pole.

“Why ya staring’ so hard?” She looked at me chucklin’ befo’ we were sat in the VIP section.

Straddling my lap I placed my hands on ha ass. “Let’s play a game.”

“Wha’ kinda game?” I nodded at tha waitress who sat down the bottle of champagne before looking back at Brooklyn. “Let’s see who can get the most lap dances tonight.” I raised my eyebrow, “whatcha mean?”

She bit her glossy lips, “exactly what I said.”

“Ya’on wanna play dis game Gi.”

“I think you’re just scared you’re going to lose.” Running ma fingers through her soft curls I pulled on them bringing her face closer to me.

“Wha I get if I win?”

“Whatever you want.” She mumbled against my lips. “I want sum head.” She shrugged, “whatever you want papí.” I shifted in my seat a little and she smirked hearing my breathing become ragged.

“whatchu get?” She smirked, “Yo tongue on my p-” “and ya lil ass call me nasty.” Grinnin’ she kissed ma lips “I haven’t thought of it yet but just be prepared to lose.” Climbin’ off my lap she grabbed the backpack that was near us taking at least three stacks out.

Standing from the couch she stood in front of me placing her hands on either side of my head. “Have fun but don’t get fucked up.” Staring at her in amusement I pulled the buckle of her Ferragamo belt so she was closer.

“Nah ya’on get fucked up and I prefer it sloppy babeh.” She laughed cutely kissing my cheek. “It’s only right.” Kissing her lips I let her go watching her walk out of the VIP section.

I grinned rubbing my hands together, this should be fun.

Worth the wait - part 3

 Worth the wait part 3

Alright , this is the last part of Worth the wait. I hope you guys like it. I haven’t gotten anymore requests so please let me know if you’d like imagines. I’m new at this so if you have suggestions on how to change my writing, tht would be great! Also, smut smut smut smut warning!!! Don’t say I didn’t tell you :)

Robbie’s point of view

You felt sick to your stomach. You thought for sure Y/N was about to tell you how she felt. The way she was looking at you, the way she was acting. What she told you was not what you were expecting. You had always known that she would be studying abroad, but it always seemed so far off, but graduation was just around the corner and reality was sinking in. My time with Y/N was quickly coming to an end, and I wanted her and needed her more than ever. But I had obviously hurt her with my reaction, I haven’t stopped apologizing since I got back in the car. She was right, I was supposed to be happy for her; she’s my best friend.

 “Y/N, I’m really sorry about how I reacted. I really am happy for you, it’s just a lot to take in…” She gives me a small nod and quickly wipes the tears from her face. Great, she’s still crying. Y/N stops the car and looks over at me. My heart breaks seeing her like this, her eyes red from crying… all because of me. I reach to her and bring her face to mine, and touch my lips to her forehead. “Please, please stop crying. I’m sorry.” I murmur into her hair. “It’s fine, Robbie” she sniffles and pulls away. “I gotta go clean up. Josh is coming by soon and doesn’t have the key.” I get out of the car and Y/N drives away quickly. I drag myself up the stairs and head straight to the shower and let the water cool me off, still thinking about Y/N and everything that had happened this morning, how her body felt up against mine, how close I was to shoving her down by the creek and having my way with her. I couldn’t wait any longer. Friendship be damned or not I was going to tell her how I felt – tonight.

Your point of view.

You finish blow drying your hair and look in the mirror. Your eyes were still a red mess. “Damn it” you muttered. You didn’t want your brother to see that you had been crying. You leaned her head back and dropped some visine in your eyes, hoping it would help with the redness quickly. You couldn’t believe Robbie’s reaction earlier. He was your best friend, he was supposed to be elated when you shared your big news with him. He had been the first one you told and now regretted it. Maybe it was your fault, maybe you should have thought things through a bit more. Sadness washes over you again and you try to block it out. You slip on your favorite worn in True religion jeans and a black deep v-tshirt over your silk bra. Your eyes rest on the heart locket Robbie gave you and don’t hesitate to put that on as well. The buzzer goes off shortly after and you ring Josh in.

“Hey sis- wow, what’s up with your face? Your eyes are all puffy and shit.” You shrug and help him with the multiple bags he’s carrying and close the door behind him. “It’s nothing. I’m fine. I hope you brought some cake.” You say, setting the bags on the counter and starting to look through them. “That bad eh?” He pats your shoulder. “Ugh, Josh I just had the worst morning ever. I’m like all pumped and excited that I got accepted to that school in Paris that I applied to, and when I told Robbie he was a complete jerk about it.” You can’t help but start to cry again. Josh pulls out the Tupperware with the cake in it and hands it to  you with a fork. You giggle. “Congrats sis, that’s great news, I’m so proud of you.. but  how did you want Robbie to react? The poor guy has been in love with you since, I don’t know, forever? You’re leaving, he’s losing his best friend, crush, whatever. You can’t blame Robbie. I’m a little surprised that you haven’t thought about how it will feel to leave him too.”

 You take what your brother says in, stuffing cake into your face. “ I have thought about it. He doesn’t want me the same way I do. He doesn’t love me like that, he would have said something already. It’s better if I leave anyways. Out of sight, out of mind. Anyways, this is super awkward talking about to you.” “ would you prefer talking about it to mom?” Josh asks, clearly teasing. “Josh! No!. Thanks for the food, be gone now” You shoo him away with your hand and you both laugh. “Alright, alright I’m going. But seriously, hear Robbie out. He’s a good guy. I’m sure he had a reason to act the way he did. He doesn’t want to hurt you.”

A few hours later, night had fallen. Robbie hadn’t messaged you all afternoon. You had given up on expecting him to come over for dinner, it was well past 9pm so you put away the food you had made in the fridge and decided to call it an early night. Maybe things would be better tomorrow. You pulled off your jeans and tshirt and put on your silk cami and pj shorts. You loved the way the fabric felt on your skin, and it instantly perked you up as you crawled into bed. You laid in your room quietly, closing your eyes and willing yourself not to think of Robbie when the buzzer went off. You sat up quickly in bed, and the buzzer rang again. You jumped out of bed, grabbing your matching silk robe and pulled it on quickly. “Who is it?” you spoke into the intercom. “It’s me, can I come up?” it was Robbie’s voice. You held your breath and rang him up.

 A few moments later there was a knock at the door. You paused at the door, trying to compose yourself but your throat was getting tight again. Robbie knocked again. You slowly turned the  handle and opened the door, looking at Robbie straight in the face. He looked amazing. His hair was just the right kind of messy, his shirt was tight around his arms and torso and his jeans hung low around his waist. He was holding a bouquet of hydrangeas in his hand; your absolute favorite flower. Your heart melted. “Are those for me?” you smile. You can feel his eyes taking you in, looking hopeful and shy all at once “That depends, will you let your horrible best friend in?” You step aside and let him through, closing the door behind him. He places the flowers on the kitchen counter. “I see you had your way with your birthday cake” he says as he eyes the empty Tupperware in the sink, it still had some frosting in it.  You laugh nervously and he walks up to you and wraps you into a hug. It feels amazing. He nuzzles his face in your neck and rubs your back with his hands. “I’m so, so sorry Y/N” he starts. “about everything. I know I’ve been off lately. I just-I’ve just been struggling with.. with how to tell you how I feel about you, and now we have to deal with you leaving and I don’t want to let you go, ever.” My heart leaps. How he feels about me? I pull back slightly to look at him. His eyes are rimmed in red but his eyes are still a sparkling green, looking right at mine. I see him moistening his lips and my mouth waters in response. “how, how do you feel about me?” I hear myself whisper.

Robbie smiles softly and brings his face down to mine, placing his soft full lips onto my own. I’m paralyzed for a few moments, realizing what is happening. He kisses me harder and I reciprocate, kissing him back slowly, my lips parting as his tongue reaches out for mine. His grip around my waist tightens as the kiss deepens, becoming more urgent and I grip the back of his head, pushing his face closer to mine. He reaches down to my ass and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and I finally break the kiss, gasping for air. “I need you” he breathes huskily, “I need you right now.” He’s carrying me back to my bedroom, my legs still wrapped around his waist, feeling his growing hardness between my legs. I kiss his neck as he sets me down by my bed and he moans softly, looking down at me. He brings his hand up to my chin and kisses my lips again, our tongues sliding in and out of eachothers mouths. His hand starts to make its way down my front, and he unties my robe, pulling it off me in one fluid motion. “If you want me to stop, tell me now” Robbie says quickly “I don’t want you to stop. I’ve wanted this for too long” I confess, and pull his tshirt up. Robbie lifts his arms up and helps me pull the tshirt off. My hands are all over his bare chest, his back. I grip his shoulders and he sits down at the edge of the bed, taking me with him, making me straddle him. I bear down hard against his stiff cock and begin to grind my hips in circles, moaning as the throbbing and wetness in my pussy grows. Robbie groans loudly and rips off my cami, my breasts bouncing infront of his face. With on hand on the small of my back he presses me harder into him and he bends his head down and takes my right breast in his mouth, sucking on it hard, and then biting down on my nipple. His other hand is massaging my other breast and rolling my hard nipple between his finger and his thumb. “Robbie!” I scream out in pleasure, wanting his hard cock inside me more than anything.

Robbie stands up abruptly and pushes me  on my back on the bed. He looks and me and grins as I kneel in front of him on the bed while he’s still standing and start undoing his jeans, and pulling down his boxers until they hit the floor and he steps out of them. He runs his fingers through my hair and I take his dick in my hand, and start pumping it slowly at first, tracing his abs with my tongue, all the way down past his bellybutton until I reach his shaft. I take him all in my mouth at once, or at least try to. He’s so big and thick, and I start sucking, rolling my tongue over his sensitive tip, letting his groans guide me on what to do next. “Fuck, stop. I’m going to loose it” he pulls my head away from his groin and climbs onto the bed. I stare at his naked body in the night light. “oh my god, Robbie, I want you so badly” I cry out. His grin returns to his face and he rubs my breasts again, this time softly, barely grazing them with his palms. My head is spinning with desire, I lie back down on the bed and he kneels in front of me, tracing his hands down my abdomen, he leans down and kisses my stomach and finally starts to pull away at my bottoms and thong in one swift motion. He kisses the inside of my leg from though down to my calf, and then brings my knees up to his shoulders, and I lock my legs behind his head as he brings his head down between my legs and parts my pussy with his tongue, licking and sucking my clit with torturous slowness. I’m squirming with his every move, needing to feel his fullness in me, but he’s taking his time. He looks up at me and smiles with his eyes before plunging two long fingers deep and hard into my wet cunt, slipping them in and out with deliberate slowness. I can feel the strong sensation working its way down my stomach to the tips of toes, I start to loose it, moaning loader with each stroke of his fingers. My breathing is getting more shallow and I finally yell out in pleasure, my walls clenching around his fingers, my hips bucking wildly against his wrist and face. I hear him murmur something but I can’t make out what he said. He sets my legs down and pushes me up further on the bed.

I open my eyes and he is hovering right on top of me, his wet kisses on my neck. I open my legs to him and he places himself between them. I reach down to his ass and gently coax him towards him “Now” I gasp. I can’t take it anymore. I finally feel his tip at my opening, and he pushes through. I gasp at the pain at first, he’s so big. “Robbie, go slow for a bit, I’ve never…” my sentence breaks off as his mouth covers mine. He pushes his dick completely into me and thrusts slowly. Rocking himself in and out of me. I don’t know who’s moaning loader. He continues kissing me as he fucks me slowly, looking down at my breasts as they move with his rhythm. He places one hand on my hip and begins to pump with more urgency, fucking me harder with each thrust and I feel my orgasm start to build again. “Uuugh, Y/N” he yells into my neck, still pumping faster and harder until the whole bed is shaking with the force of his thrusts, and I come with a gasp, my orgasm more powerful then the first, my pussy clenching at his quivering cock in me. He lets out one final grunt and collapses into me, and I feel his warmth spread in my instantly. He lies on top of me for a few minutes, as we try to control our breathing. He finally props himself up on his forearms and kisses me gently. “I love you. I always have.” I wrap arms around his neck and look at his face. His hair is a mess, and he’s all sweaty and is smiling from ear to ear. “I love you, Robbie” you say as you pull him into another kiss.

The end! 

detroitbuilt5168  asked:

Have you ever built a bagger or will you ever?

I have a Street Glide just because I designed them for Harley.

But the whole Bagger craze is just the lamest shit ever. When white boys start copying what Black guys do on Crenshaw? It’s just never good. Picture a Whiteboy wearing some True Religion Jeans and a Affliction shirt with his hat on backwards rolling in a bright lime green 86’ caprice with 30” rims. That guy is a Fuckin Asshole correct? Now just because they are on bikes doesn’t make it ok. In fact most of my black homies from the Hood think that shit is lame also. They’ve switched to sport bikes.