true religion shorts

Aug and Brook short


“Can you get dressed? I’ll pick out your clothes.” I nodded, reluctantly lettin’ ha go. “Yea,” thanking me she kissed ma cheek pushin’ me out of tha closet.

Goin’ into the bathroom I shut tha door before getting into the shower.

Buckling up the Hermés belt I stood in front of the mirror brushin’ ma hands ova ma hair. “How did I do?” I grinned pullin’ ha inta me. “Shit imma make ya ma stylist.”

She picked out a pair of black True Religion jeans a white Givenchy shirt that had hints of red in it. She paired the whole outfit off with my Red Octobers. “No I’m good.”

Pulling at ha curly hair she dropped ha hands from ha hair fixin’ tha shorts she had on. I ain’t gone lie we looked good as hell. She was dressed in black True Religion shorts that looked cut up along, ha ass Sittin’ proper in em lil ass shorts Makin’ me wan’a get behind it. She donned a simple white tank top, ha titties pressed up heavenly against tha cotton tank top that she dressed up with gold accessories.

On ha feet were a pair of red Louboutin spiked ankle boots. I only know this cause she tol’ me. “Ready?” Nodding she grabbed ha purse leanin’ against the door waiting fa me.

Wit ma car keys in hand I threw ma arm around B’s shoulder leading us out of the house.

“Why do you have those glasses on its already dark out?” Rubbin’ ma goatee I glanced at her before pulling out of the gated community. “Cause it’s me babeh.” Smiling turned up the radio and the sounds of ‘Hot Nigga Remix’ came through the speakers.

B grinned before dancing in her seat. She hit the shmoney dance rapping along to Fab before it got to Chris verse “And shawty give me neck till I pass out and she just gettin’ checks cause her ass out makin’ money, gotta be the fast route bitch if you ain’t fuckin’ betta get yo ass out.” She rapped throwing her hands up in the air. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Dis yo shit?” She nodded ignoring my entire existence.

She didn’t acknowledge me until the song went off. “You ‘bout dat life B?.” She grinned and nodded makin a smirk form on ma face. “Yea, we a see.” Chucklin’ she continued singin’ and dancin’ until she turned tha radio down starin’ out tha window.

“Why ya so quiet?” Slappin’ ma hand down on her thigh, she sucked her teeth. “Why you forever touching me?” Pulling up at a stop light I leaned over and bit her cheek. “Cause ya mine forreal na.” She might as well get use to it.

Shaking her head, “ya gotta stop bittin on me.” I couldn’t stop the grin from formin’ on ma face. “Look at’cha pickin up a lil NOLA.” Waving me off, “boy goodbye I been had a accent I just know I how to hide it.” Pressin’ ma foot on tha gas I looked at ha then back at tha road. “Let me hear sum’n then.”

“Naw you good.”

“Imma hea it watch.”

Finally pullin’ up to our destination, B looked at me with a smirk on her face. “How cute of you.” I chuckled opening tha car door reaching ma arm back to grab tha backpack I brung with me.

Gettin’ out tha car I shut it behind me hittin’ tha locks and walking over to Brooklyn’s side. “Wha’ ya said ya want me ta entertain you.”

“You bringing your girlfriend to a strip club is not you being entertaining.”

Throwin’ ma arm around her shoulder I kissed the side of her head walking up to the entrance. “Ya kno y’on care so shut up.” Laughin’ we got passed the bouncers walking inside.

Club Onyx was doing numbers tonight and I was low key ready to turn up with my baby. Looking over at Brooklyn ha eyes were glued to a dancer who was twerking on the pole.

“Why ya staring’ so hard?” She looked at me chucklin’ befo’ we were sat in the VIP section.

Straddling my lap I placed my hands on ha ass. “Let’s play a game.”

“Wha’ kinda game?” I nodded at tha waitress who sat down the bottle of champagne before looking back at Brooklyn. “Let’s see who can get the most lap dances tonight.” I raised my eyebrow, “whatcha mean?”

She bit her glossy lips, “exactly what I said.”

“Ya’on wanna play dis game Gi.”

“I think you’re just scared you’re going to lose.” Running ma fingers through her soft curls I pulled on them bringing her face closer to me.

“Wha I get if I win?”

“Whatever you want.” She mumbled against my lips. “I want sum head.” She shrugged, “whatever you want papí.” I shifted in my seat a little and she smirked hearing my breathing become ragged.

“whatchu get?” She smirked, “Yo tongue on my p-” “and ya lil ass call me nasty.” Grinnin’ she kissed ma lips “I haven’t thought of it yet but just be prepared to lose.” Climbin’ off my lap she grabbed the backpack that was near us taking at least three stacks out.

Standing from the couch she stood in front of me placing her hands on either side of my head. “Have fun but don’t get fucked up.” Staring at her in amusement I pulled the buckle of her Ferragamo belt so she was closer.

“Nah ya’on get fucked up and I prefer it sloppy babeh.” She laughed cutely kissing my cheek. “It’s only right.” Kissing her lips I let her go watching her walk out of the VIP section.

I grinned rubbing my hands together, this should be fun.


Steal Her Style: Leslie Knope dressed for “an early nineties-themed roller skating bash”

True Religion Overalls- $358.00
J.Crew Short Sleeve Baseball Henley- $49.50
Larose Paris Wool Baseball Cap- $175.00
Sure Grip Purple Outdoor Roller Skates- $199.00
Movado “Museum” Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch- $995.00
City Council Chambers- $978,000

Total cost: $979,776.50