true religion jacket

Welcome the Fall with Class

4 fall outerwear favorites for cozy, casual, edgy, and trendy styles!

With fall’s cooler weather moving in on us, it’s time to switch those tank tops and denim shorts for pieces that give you more warmth! Don’t get too upset about the lack of sunny days though, with the 4 fall outerwear picks below you’ll actually enjoy dressing up for the cold. Check out these fall favorites!

1. Comfy: Forever 21 Fuzzy Knit Sweater

This cozy sweater from Forever 21 comes in gorgeous shades : Tiffany or Navy blue. The choice is yours. It almost like a blanket wrapped around you – what else do you need?  

2. Casual: Charlotte Russe Floral Print Cropped Blazer

Not a huge fan of solids? This floral blazer by Charlotte Russe provides the perfect balance between casual and classy. No work required – it just does it for you. 

3. Edgy: Nasty Gal Champagne Taste Cape Blazer

This cape blazer by Nasty Gal is a total must-have. With its edgy look, it just screams out fall street style! The half-cut sleeves give it a modern feel and make it one of those statement outerwear that you just need to have. 

4. Trendy: True Religion Richie Varsity Jacket

This varsity jacket by True Religion is extremely appropriate especially with homecoming season happening right now. The bare touch of leather adds an extra pinch of style and makes it a great mélange of classic and trendy.

Which of the fall favorites do you like the most? Tell us! Looking for more ideas to wear for the fall season? Be it comfy or trendy, we’ve got you covered with stylish outerwear for fall.