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At Your Service - Jughead Jones

request where the reader is dating jughead & has a service dog bc of her anxiety and none of them know, bc she never brings him anywhere, until they go to her house unexpectedly one day and they see her with the dog and she tells them why she has him and jug is kinda upset that he didn’t noticed and she tells them that she didn’t want them to treat her differently so she hid it and just a bunch of fluff between them

Had to do a little research for this once because I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually know service dogs for anxiety were a thing, but IT’S AWESOME! Hope I did it well!

Jughead x Reader

Warnings: - teensy bit of swearing <3

Words:  3,361 (they’re getting longer fam)

In memory of my dog Pebbles (2006-2013)

You hadn’t been in the best place before you’d moved to Riverdale a few years ago. You had faced constantly bullies at your old school, who would use anything whether it be your appearance or your broken family as a reason to taunt you. Your brother had been arrested thanks to drugs when you were 11, causing the existing tension between your parents to grow. They had split a year later, and all the stress had began to pile up.

When you moved away with your Dad out of town, you’d felt even worse about leaving your Mum behind. You hadn’t seen her since.

You began to have issues sleeping, endless nights spent staring up at the ceiling in panic. Frequent headaches and a loss of appetite took your issues to your local health provider. You just needed to know that you weren’t going crazy here, that the rest of your life wasn’t going to be consumed in fear, uneasiness and self-doubt.

That was the moment where you were diagnosed with ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’.

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I'm so giddy now, like, bless your soul. I don't mind I you're not that familiar with the comics so no worries. I haven't had the chance to read them in ages myself anyway. So, would it be okay if I just simply requested some relationship/dating headcannons with my boy Abe? Like x reader style? Thanks fam! :))

Of course!!!!
- Okay so based on Abe’s past relationships, there would be a lot of secret, and not-so secret, glances to you from him
• He thinks you’re distracted with a book or with other agents, but every so often you’ll catch Abe staring at your face, your hands, your lips, other places…..
• For the most part, Abe loves to watch your face when you do something cute or engage in a favorite activity
* He loves your smile and is fascinated by your joy

- When the two you first met, as Abe does with everyone, he tries to get an impression of who you are
• Once he developed feelings, Abe refused to go inside of your mind without permission
* Even if you let him, he’ll keep asking until you get a little annoyed
• Now that the two of you are couple, he’ll only go inside your mind when you’re frustrated to bring you back to reality

- If you work in the more office-y part of the BPRD, Abe’ll try to drop by everyday you are there, multiple times a day, to hang out and relieve stress
• Whenever he goes out on missions, the two of you say goodbye as if it’s the last time you’ll see each other (BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE)
* Long kisses, holding each other’s hands, and heartfelt whispers that you love each other and that you’ll see each other again
• On the first mission Abe went on after you two got together, you said goodbye sweetly
* As he started walking away, you grabbed him and turned him around, kissing him deeply before letting go: “For luck…. and in case you don’t come back….”
* He hugged you tightly and whispered: “For you, I will always come back”

- If you are one the field agents, you two are inseparable
• Although he is excellent in the field, you and Abe make each other stronger
• On your first mission together, he was in front of you the whole time, protecting you from getting involved in any monsters or fighting
* At first it was cute, but it got to the point where you couldn’t do your job
• On one of the later missions, the two of you were arguing about you actually doing something: “Abe, I can actually help you instead of hinder you.” “That may be true, (y/n); but I refuse to be the reason why something happens to you when I could have prevented it.”
* He kept shielding you until he ended up getting hit (he was to busy trying to prevent you from going head in into an infestation of bug-hybrids)
* You finally grabbed his face and kissed him, letting go when you heard one of the hybrids behind you
* You shot it right between the eyes and looked back at Abe: “I hate to break it to you, but if you keep protecting me, you’ll end up dead.” “I realize that now.” “Ugh, I love you”
I realize that this got a little long……

I DON’T CARE! I hope you liked these because I had SO MUCH FUN writing it!!

Please request more stuff if you feel like it! (Smutty things???? 😏😂)



Spoilers for Yuki Yuna a the Hero ( 結城友奈は勇者である Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru ): 

I found this clip from the series and watching it again made me cry. It is such an emotional series and I continue to love it even now, can’t wait for the Prequel movie and sequel series to come out. 

I see too many people say that the girls in Yuki Yuna end up killing each other, but that isn’t true. Yes, they fight each other, but then again friends get into fights too. There is a reason behind the breaking down which made it all the more emotional. It isn’t a girl randomly flying off the handle, or being pitted against each other. It is about them saving each other through their love and friendship. I will continue to support this series no matter how many others disliked it. 

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You used to be realy active and nice and freindly, and now it seems like you only reblog art and talk to your blogger freinds who you write MEL with. You ignor asks and you ignor fandom memes. What happened to suporting smaller bloggers? What hapened to you? Its like you got populer and just forgot about your old friends.

Hi Anon-

TBH, this message took me by surprise.

Let me try and unpack your Ask a bit because I feel like perhaps I hurt feelings or did something wrong unintentionally. I also could go into all the things happening in my life on the other side of this screen, but you don’t need a bio (and I don’t think I should have to write one either).

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Deal With The Deity

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Characters: Jimin x Y/N 
Genre: Angst
Length: 2118 words


“Can’t you plead with the deity? Compromise or something, so that the two of you get to live..?” Namjoon was desperate - you hadn’t seen him this desperate in a long time, which meant that he was extremely worried for you.

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Bright CH. 4

Genre: College!Au, Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin X Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: When college started to shift from ‘new and frightening’ to ‘exhausting and mentally draining’ you were somehow dragged into a duo of friends that made everything seem brighter.

Parts: Intro, 1, 2,

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Totally agree with you about Boruto taking responsibility for his actions. Whenever he messes up he immediately apologises, accepts the punishment and betters himself by treating others well. He's such a good boy :)

right!!!! like boruto isn’t a perfect kid. he’s stubborn, he’s a show off, he breaks the rules, he bottles his true feelings, he finds (well, used to) ways to cheat, he lashes out in frustration. there are several reasons behind his actions however we can’t simply condone it. but has he acknowledged he was wrong in every instance so far and redeemed himself for it? absolutely.

that’s what i love about him. he’s rebellious and impulsive but he’ll hold himself accountable for his action and has always sincerely apologised. he’s welcoming to everyone he meets, treats them with kindness and won’t hesitate to help those in need even if it means bending the rules.  like, he crashed a train into the hokage monument just so he wouldn’t be late to the first day of school because shikadai told him to and he covered up for denki when receiving the punishment. the only reason why he fought iwabe was in denki’s defense. he accidentally put chouchou in danger, saved her life, apologised for it afterward and praised the girls’ strength. he immediately jumped into a deep lake to save the life of a boy he only just met the day before. at the end of the boruto movie he became understanding and appreciative of his father’s job, apologised multiple times to his friends and publicly announced he would start working hard and be more of a team player. i’m happy that he owns up to his mistakes and grows from them while being committed to being caring and helping everyone.

TL;DR boruto is a chaotic good boy with the kindest and purest heart and i love him

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I know you've said in the past that you aren't particularly shipy but I wanted to ask your opinion of this non canon ship. So what are your thoughts if you have any on Rosalie/Leah as a pairing?

I could get behind it so long as it takes place in a universe where Emmett had died. I actually really like Em/R (I think there’s something really interesting in that he’s so big and brash and loud but somehow he also was able to help Rosalie learn to trust again. I think it says a lot of good things about who Emmett is underneath the ‘dudebro’ exterior. I also love the dynamic that SHE saved HIM) so I don’t want a scenario where “Emmett doesn’t exist” or they break up for some reason, especially if it makes Emmett the bad guy, because i don’t think these scenarios do justice to the relationship Em/R have/had and I’m a firm believer that a person can have more than one “True Love” and that a past love doesn’t lessen your current/future ones, and vice versa. 

So I could get behind Rosalie/Leah as a ‘second chance’ love story after the loss of Emmett. I think it would have to be a really slow build, though, because both Leah and Rosalie have a lot of prejudices against the other’s species. Leah (not unreasonably, considering how their presence screwed up her life) hates vampires, wouldn’t even eat the food Esme made for her, so to go from that to having a vampire as a romantic partner is going to take some time and growth on both their parts. Rosalie’s attitude to the wolves, or at least Jacob, is likewise not good. But they have a lot in common, are both kind of isolated even within their ‘family’ groups (Leah being blamed for not getting over Sam, Rosalie being blamed by Alice and Edward for a lot), they both were betrayed by people who were supposed to love them (Sam/Emily, Rosalie’s fiancee and arguably her parents for pushing her into the King marriage), they both are “bitchy” but loyal and protective of those they care about, they both have struggled with issues of fertility. They both aren’t fans of Bella. They also both had/have little brothers. 

I sort of imagine them very slowly starting to become friends, but neither being willing to admit they were friends with a leech/mutt for awhile, let alone being willing to admit to themselves they were falling for her. But I think they would have a deep understanding of each other’s struggles and could eventually find some real happiness together. Rosalie’s mourning Emmett and feeling disconnected from the rest of the Cullens; Leah wants to get on with her life and leave Sam/the Pack behind. They get each other. 

And have snarky adventures and don’t take shit from anyone. 

Which brings me to my last request–NO IMPRINTING. Let them just fall in love the normal way. Rosalie resents not having a lot of choices and possibilities in her life, so let’s let THIS be a choice they BOTH get to make rather than another supernatural thing forced on them. 

Kiss me cause you can

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Iwaoi

Summary: “What did you just say?,” Iwaizumi asked, his eyes widening as the fear grew and turned cold and heavy in his chest.

“I just dared you,” Yahaba said offhandedly, like he was commenting on the weather, “to kiss Oikawa-san, Iwaizumi-san.”

A/N: I was surprised by the number of people that wanted an iwaoi continuation of that one kyouhaba kissing booth fic so here it is! Iwaoi is a pairing I’m not too confident about, but I hope you enjoy! *nervous sweating*

EDIT: Part 3 (matsuhana)   

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Hundreds of girls aggressively wave their phones in attempt to preserve the image of my boyfriend and his twin brother Ethan. I have to admit they looked godly under the dazzling lights and their confidence boosted from the screams from their adoring fans. I stand towards the back of the venue remaining close to security so that they could lead me away quickly after the show. I allow myself to zone out while looking at Gray, and that’s when a pretty girl with sleek blonde hair shouted in my direction. “Is this you?” she glares at me while handing me her phone. Completely puzzled she rolls her eyes and points at the screen. It was a picture from the last city the boys had taken me to, however; the picture captured a private moment between Grayson and I while we waited outside a restaurant. We were both bundled up in puffy winter jackets and my arms fit securely around his waist, and he had his arms slung around my shoulders. I glance up hesitantly at the girl as she makes a sweeping motion with her finger. So I do as she says and the next photo is of Grayson kissing my nose, and then in the following picture he has is head tucked into my neck in attempt to warm us both up. She begins to smirk as my hands tremble due to the impending anxiety attack rising in my body. “See, this is when it gets interesting. The next photo shows you in the front row of the twins Dallas show, and you seem to be very fanatic.” She continues “So here’s how I see the situation, you are a whore.” I almost drop her phone before she snatched it from my sweaty palms.“Wait why-” I manage to stutter out before she continued her accusations. “Because I also have this picture as evidence that you also have been slutting around with Ethan too.” I feel an expression of shock and misbelief flood my features before she shows me a picture of Ethan’s girlfriend hugging him outside a hotel. The only resemblance we both bore was brown hair, and apparently to her that meant it was me. But before I could explain myself to the girl she finished by stating “If you don’t break up with Grayson then I will leak all this.” Then she rushed off before I had anytime to reason with her. Looks like I now have an obsessed stalker who wants to see my relationship fail for no true purpose. I slowly walk towards security so as to not draw attention to myself, and ask them to lead me behind stage earlier so that I could “rest”. More like hide from an awfully dedicated fan. A few minutes later the boys finished up and proceeded to run off stage. Normally at the end of each show I attended I would hug Grayson despite his sweat and overly rushed manner. But when he picked me up and spun me around he automatically realized something was off. “Y/n you better tell me what happened.” He demanded as his chest heaved and his arms tensed. I sigh before explaining the predicament. At each pause his face softened and he moved in closer to me. “I am going to tell them” he mumbled and involuntarily clenched his jaw. “Tell who? What?” I ask leaning into his much larger frame. He chucked, “If you let me finish then you’ll figure out.” I give him a soft smile and a little nod to tell him to continue. “Ethan and I are going tell the fans that we are off the market.” He said while wiggling his eyebrows. I push against his chest and begin blushing profusely. “Are you sure?” Gray then laid his head in the crook of my neck and murmured a small “Yes, lovebug” before sucking on a small portion of my neck. “Baby don’t do that, people will see” I gasp out not really wanting him to stop. He grumbled out something indiscernible
before pulling away and admiring his mark. “That’s the point” Grayson repeated. His hand then slipped into mine as he pulled me out onto the stage. He made a motion towards the sound people to turn his mic back on and at that point the fans took notice and begun to rush back
into the venue. Ethan then also ran back on stage to see what the commotion was. “Hello Beauties, I want you to meet my lovely girlfriend!” Grayson exclaimed pulling me into a huge embrace. Ethan looked aghast before motioning for his girlfriend to also join us, and stating that they were dating as well. The crowd went absolutely insane and almost instantly the notifications and follow requests flooded in. Once safely in the hotel room Grayson held me tight and ignored all the different social media post regarding our relationship and just enjoyed the time out of the spotlight.

There wasn't a reason but the wind still swept in

How desperately can you seek
The quiet spaces
Without even warmth or wind
Sky or scents
They were true
Each drop and intention
Even if the words drifted
Over currents, along the bay
So many phrases flowing by
Breaking with the force
Of trying to remember
Somehow to convey
The places that
Now ripped or churned up
There was a map
It detailed only dirt
Where a small pocket of hope
Had been stowed
There hadn’t been a reason
For leaving anything behind
As if planting silver could take away the sting
So cold and tight
A different type of coast
To carry whispers out to sea

“Where were you?” Your boyfriend asked.

“Oh I went out for a run, I didn’t think you’d be back so soon.”  You said walking into your apartment.

“Yea, they let us out early cause our trainer was feeling sick.” Johnny pulled you into a hug both of you sweaty and sticky.

“Babe as much as I love you this is uncomfortable, and we both smell.” You said.

“Sorry. Also you’ve been working out a lot lately. Why?” He sat down on your couch.

“What do you mean why? Obviously I’m working out to be healthy.” You said with a smile.

“I mean ‘why’ as in, why are you doing it when you also train at the same time. You’re going to over work yourself.” He said in a caring tone.

It was true you were also a trainee with your boyfriend at SM, but they pressured you so much to lose weight, to work harder; you kind of caved into the pressure. You were always easily swayed, they convinced you to dye your hair purple one time specifically for a special performance, and while your weren’t fond of the specific tint you complied anyways. You originally didn’t even want to be a trainee, but they street-casted you and convinced you to try out.

You knew if Johnny heard this news he’d be annoyed with the fact that you were losing weight because of the company, he knew how you just went with whatever they said. He wanted you to stand your ground at least once.

“I’m fine, I’m eating, I’m sleeping; I’m breathing. Speaking of eating I’m hungry. I’m gonna go take a shower and then we should go get some food.” You said.

“Can I join?”

“Hell no.” You smacked his arm, he always made little comments like that and you always blushed.

You quickly took a shower and washed your hair as it smelled, once you got out your phone rang.

“Hello?” You answered.

“Y/N, I need you to get down here quick Yinah is sick and we don’t have enough time to rearrange the dance, we need you to replace her for the showcase tonight.” It was your choreographer.

You sighed. “All right. I’ll be right there.”

You quickly got dressed, and started heading out the door.

“Where are you going?” Johnny asked.

You were hoping he’d be asleep.

“Babe look I’m sorry. They need me at the company Yinah’s sick and they need someone to replace her.”

“And you said yes?” He asked annoyed.

“Well what was I supposed to do?” You asked him.

“Tell them no, that you’re busy. Y/N it’s your day off you don’t have to work.”

“But I already promised them-”

“Did you forget what you promised me?” He asked a little angry. “That it was just gonna be us today after I got done with practice?”

“Johnny, I’m sorry.”

“Just forget.” He said.

You felt bad, because you did this to him often, cancelling plans between the two of you to go and do something for the company.

You rushed out the door and headed to the SM building.

Hours later after the successful showcase ended, the one you weren’t even supposed to be a part of, you headed home hoping to see your wonderful boyfriend waiting for you and he was. But there was this look I his eyes that made you feel so uneasy.

“Hey.” You said in a soft voice.

“We need to talk.” He said lowly.

He’s never said that before, so you really didn’t know what to expect.

“Okay.” You said sitting next to him on the couch.

“I think we should break up.”

You were taken aback, “Johnny I’m sorry if it’s about today-”

“It’s not just today Y/N. It’s every freakin day. I know you love me and I know you care for me, but it’s too much you’re not paying attention to me. And I can’t just sit back and let it happen.”

“I’ll do better Johnny just-”

“You always say that… but nothing ever changes Y/N. I think it’s best if we end it now before we’re really too busy and start cancelling our dates, our time together; our love for stupid schedules.”

You were a little bit speechless, I mean yes you were a little unpredictable when it came to planning out the day and yes you’d break promises to him often, but you didn’t think that he’d break up with you because of it, if you would’ve known it was bothering him this much you would’ve tired harder. Gained some courage to say ‘no’. You didn’t want it to end like this.

“I’ll miss you.” He gave you a kiss on the forehead and left you to be by yourself.

Which was a hard thing to accept… you being all by yourself.

It had been two weeks, since you’re break up with your ex-boyfriend. It hurt you that he was an ex.

Training was harder than ever because you could never stay focused. You were always making the littlest and stupidest mistakes. Let’s not even discuss your voice, it was wrecked from all the crying. And every time you saw Johnny everything hurt a little more. The way he ignored you, like you didn’t even exist.

“Y/N!” You’re choreographer yelled at you… again. “I honestly can’t deal with you right now, you’re making the same mistake! Just go! Go before I kill you, because are driving crazy little girl!”

You quickly got your stuff and left the practice room, if you had stayed any longer she might’ve slapped you.

You sighed to yourself as a small tear fell down your face, nothing was going right for you right now.

“I can’t believe he did it.” You overheard someone say.

“I know right, I thought he loved her.”

“And if anything I thought she’d break up with him if the company told her to, not the other way around.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You looked around the corner to see Taeil and Doyoung taking about you.

“Repeat that.” You said walking over to them.

“Y/N, Um…” Taeil looked away.

“Repeat what you said.” You sternly told them. You were no longer upset you were now angry.

“Y/N, it’s not really our place to-”

“Fine then I’ll go confront him myself.” You interrupted Doyoung. “Where is he?”

They both stay silent for a moment, until Taeil asked, “Who?”

“Johnny! Who else would I be looking for?” You snapped.


“Where is he?” You weren’t playing around.

Taeil sighed. “In the eating area.”

You quickly walked over there with Tweedledee and Tweedledum following behind you. Which one was which? You didn’t care you’re only focus was getting to the café as quick as possible.

You opened the door to see Johnny, Jaehyun, Ten and Taeyong all sitting around laughing while eating. Taeyong quickly noticed you coming and tapped Johnny as a warning. He stood up once you were in front of him.


You slapped him, in anger.

“The hell was that for!?”

“Why’d I have to find out from these two,” You pointed behind yourself to Taeil and Doyoung. “the real reason why you broke up with me?”

“I…” He paused for a moment. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Stop. Stop lying to me Johnny. Look me in the eye and tell me our company didn’t force you into breaking up with me.” Said waiting for his response, which never came. “So it is true?”

“Yes.” He said looking down quietly.

“Coward.” You spat walking away. You didn’t even want to be there anymore you just wanted to go home, but someone pulled you, stopping you in the hallway.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” You knew who it was by his voice. The voice you used to crave to hear every day, that now only brings you pain.

You ignored him and removed your hand from his grip. “Y/N.” He called again.

“Just leave me alone Johnny. You’ve already done enough damage.” You solemnly said.

“Well what’d you expect me to do?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Practice what you preach.” You turned your body to face him. “You went on and on, how I never stand up for myself, how I just do as I’m told. But then here you are just as obedient as I am, maybe even worse.”

“Y/N, you know if you were in my position you’d do the same.” He defended himself.

“No. I wouldn’t. In fact, I didn’t.” You could tell he was confused by your last sentence. “Three months ago, the company told me to break it off with you, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago did they give up on the idea. That’s why I’ve been cancelling dates all the time, that’s why I’ve been so unavailable. I knew if I made them happy they would drop the subject entirely and just leave us be, but I was wrong. About that and about you. I thought to myself ‘there’s no way in hell Johnny would ever hurt me like that if given the opportunity so why would I hurt him?’. I was wrong.” You felt like crying but held back on your tears.

“Y/N, please…”

“Please what?”

He walked closer over to you.

“I’m sorry, can we please just go back to the way it was?” He asked hopefully.

“I don’t know.” You said honestly.

He softly grabbed your hand. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“It doesn’t look like it.” You were being stubborn because of how hurt you were.

“I messed up, and I know that. You know that. Fuck the whole building knows, that I’ve messed up with the one girl who makes me happy.” You were so caught up in this conversation who didn’t notice the audience that came with it. “Now I’m just hoping she’ll give me one more chance.”

You bit your lip, “One more.” You said in confirmation.

He pulled you in for what felt like the best kiss you’ve had so far, his hands were tightly tugging on your waist, he was needy. While yours were tangled in his hair, it didn’t last long because the ‘oohs’ that was coming from the audience reminded you two that you were in public. He pulled away just to snuggle in your neck.

“God, I love you.” He whispered. He didn’t mean for his confession to slip and he definitely didn’t expect a reply back.

“I love you too.”

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I really hope you guys like it, and sorry for being so inactive. Admin Aussie and I have both been sick this past week~ ^^;

~Admin Clue 

667-7  asked:

Can you please do a SITS headcanon where the guys want a breakup from the MC since they have got new and famous girls?

I can try dear! Here goes!!!!!!!

Kyohei:  It broke your heart when you walked in on the scene, he hadn’t noticed you yet, he was to busy sucking face with “the girl next door” The lead singer of the group that were supporting Revance on their world tour. You unconsciously sniffed back as tears choked you. He shot his eyes open and turned to face you, his arms still around her. “____” He whispers almost inaudible.  “I am sorry.” He says and steps towards you. “I knew this would happen.” You say stepping away from him. “I knew it, i knew you would leave me as soon as something better came along, and she has it all, the looks, the body, the fame. I bet it was the fame that did it for you, right Kyohei? You could never stand for being with a lowly unknown screen play writer. “ You say gripping the necklace he had given you only weeks before. “Well if this is what you want then fine.” You say with a stronger voice. You rip the necklace from your neck and throw it at his feet, he looks down at it and when he looks up to look at you again you were gone.  Running down the corridor you heard him call your name, but you didn’t look back, you never did.

Iori:  You had had a good day, but it all came crashing down when you got home and Found your beloved sat on the sofa, legs folded, his arm around a blonde girl sat next to him. You swallowed hard and approached him slowly hoping it was just a Iori lookalike, it wasn’t, your worst fears had come true. “____” He said nodding towards the chair opposite him. “Please sit down.” You complied and sat with a thud into the chair. He began to talk but you didn’t listen you were to busy eyeing up the girl who was desperate to not make eye contact with you. “And so we can no longer be together.” You heard that bit and shot him a look. “That’s Emiko Nanahara. The model from your music video last month.” You state pointing a finger to the blonde. “Yes, that’s why we are together now, its better for me to be with a fellow artist rather than a nobody. Better for me and Emiko.” You stand and slap him across the face. “You deserve each other, you lowlife piece of shit.”  And with that you stormed out and never went back to the house.

Nagito: Nagito took you into the recording room and sat you down, it was soundproof in there and he knew the others wouldn’t be able to listen in on what he was about to do. He was about to break your heart and he wasn’t exactly pleased about it but he had to do what he needed to stay at the top and that wasn’t being with a plain Jane type of girl with no prospects at fame. A little harsh but that’s how he thought of you now.  He had tasted how it was to be seen with a famous girl and wanted that from now on. He sat you down and began. “____, about the papers this morning.” He said taking your hand in his own. “It’s okay Nagito i know it wasn’t true, i trust you 100%.” You say with a smile running your thumb over his knuckles. “It’s all true.” He says lowering his head. “What?” You question, pulling your hand away from his grasp, eyes burning with unshed tears. “Tell me you’re lying, it’s one of your jokes, tell me it isn’t true.” He looks you in the eye and his lip begins to quiver. “I am sorry but i can’t be seen dating a no one anymore, it isn’t helping my career.” That was the moment he physically saw your heart break. And he couldn’t look at you anymore. He felt a cold item be placed in his open hands and looked to see the ring he gave you, he looked up at you and saw the tears run freely down your face. “I never want to see you again.” You say and slowly turn and leave. He hung his head in shame and stayed in the recording room for a while to gather his thoughts.

Kota: “I am sorry to have to do this to you _____, but I have met someone else and she is someone and she is going places and she can take me with her and you just can’t provide that kind of career path for me, so it’s over. I am leaving you for an actress from my new drama, Please don’t make this any more awkward than it has to be, just pack your things and go.” Kota repeated this quote over and over again to himself in the mirror, was he being to informal? You had been together for over a year and he was just dumping you like that, out of nowhere really, for his own selfish reason.  He took a deep breath and practiced his break up again in the mirror, unbeknownst to him, you had come in the room quietly to surprise him when you got back from the interview with Nagi and Taka early.  You stood behind him shell shocked and just blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. You heard Kota exhale loudly. “Is that true?” You say through blurry eyes? “Or are you running lines with yourself again?” Kota’s eyes widen and he turns to face you. “Did you hear all that?” He asks. “Well there’s my answer i guess.” You say dropping the cat plush you had picked up for him that morning as a surprise, tears falling you spin on your heel and leave through his bedroom door, he made no attempt to catch you, he just let you silently slip from his life.

Takashi: You continued to knock on his door repeatedly, he must have fallen asleep with his headphones on again, typical. You knock one more time, respecting his privacy, before you try the handle and the door opens, only to reveal your worst nightmare. Takashi entangled in the sheets with another woman, clothes strewn across the room all over, discarded underwear lying at your feet.  “Taka?” You question so quietly you questioned yourself as to whether you had spoken at all. He heard you though he throws himself off the bed and stares you down. “____, I didn’t want you to find out this way, I was going to tell you.” He stammers trying to hide his junk with a cushion. “I have been seeing her a while, I just couldn’t find the right time to break up with you. “ “break up with me?” You say eyes narrowing at him. He simply nods looking at his feet, feeling something hit his head then dropping to the floor he looks up at you only to see a look of pure anger and disgust on your face. “If it means that much to you to not be seen with the likes of me, if its that important you be with a famous girl, that’s right i know who you are!” You shout at the girl “then go right ahead, but remember this is your fault and i won’t come crawling back to you.” You yell storming from his room, he blinks a few times and looks down at the item that hit him, it was the solid silver charm bracelet he got you at Christmas, he picks it up and looks at it fondly, you were gone from his life, for good.


There we go i hope you liked it, thanks for patiently waiting for this story!! I know updates have been few and far between recently but i am getting there!!!! Love Coral. xxx

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It's December, and Marinette and her Romeo

It sure is December, friend!

And you look like you’re in need of some entertainment! So let me recommend some fics to you!

Lucky Us by PrincessKitty1
-AU- Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

The Seven Labours of Alya by spitfire402
Alya has a visit from her favourite superhero. Ladybug is tired of Alya chasing her civilian identity and has a challenge for her, seven days, seven tasks if Alya can do it Ladybug will reveal her true identity, fail and she has to close out the Ladyblog. 

A witch’s familiar by mirawohoo (metawohoo)
In which a married businessman neglects his son and sleeps with his personal assistant. (Also in which that assistant is doing her best)

Consolation Prize by mesozoic
There’s a reason we rehearsed this: Marinette bungles up a very important sentence. 

Until I lose count by Baneismydragon
Adrien hadn’t planned on kissing Marinette. He certainly hadn’t planned on doing it more than once. He DEFINITELY didn’t plan on doing it repeatedly while hiding behind the comfortable anonymity of his alter ego. But some habits are very hard to break, especially when the more times you do something, the less you want to stop.

Wow! Look at all that wonderful content to enjoy! Amazing!
Why don’t you read them and leave a super nice review for these amazing content creators! I’m sure you’re very busy, but it’d be a totally nice thing to do :D 

Smile For Me

Title: Smile For Me
Pairing: Reader [N]/Ryan Haywood
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,900
Summary: You had a bad day, no, make that a bad week. It’s all a little bit too much for you so you somehow hold it together until the AH office is empty before you break down. As much as you didn’t want anyone to see you like this, you can’t bring yourself to wish Ryan hadn’t forgotten his keys.


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We should take the time today to remember how Satoru Iwata changed the course of Nintendo.

He became President in 2002, and began showing his vision with the Wii, released six years later. You all remember, right? Everybody, everybody was shitstorming the Wii. Why? Because it wasn’t as flashy or powerful. But soon the numbers came in, and everybody saw the true genius behind the scenes. Iwata wanted a Nintendo for everyone. He was proud that children and adults alike were picking up the system, even if for niche reasons. Nintendo was giving everybody a reason to game.

Eventually, he decided to break away from the model altogether. No big flashy E3 showing, just a digital event that still did its job and did it well. He was aware of the internet’s vast collection of memes and jokes. Not only did he recognize them, he made a few just by being off the wall. This is a man who stood on camera, dapper as you please, with a Luigi cap on while Shiggy Miyamoto waved a vacuum around behind him. Hell, this was the man who deemed to dedicate a year to one of their characters. This was the man who staged a battle with memetastic President Fils-aime to support Smash. THis is the man who let the team behind the Muppets work on last year’s E3, and the Robot Chicken team the year before that. This is the man who decided to open up a stream holding a banana bunch pensively for literally no reason other than to hold a banana bunch pensively. This is the man who brought back the Nintendo World Championship.

The cat suits, the come-out-of-nowhere moves, the fun. The pure and simple fun that he brought back to Nintendo. The Big N no longer exists as part of the petty console wars; it stands above to simply be itself and nothing else.

We cannot ask for Miyamoto, Reggie and Takeda to try and be him. Nobody can last long in forcing themselves to be in another’s box. We can only hope they stay mindful of his vision in the Nintendo they create from here.

Thank you, Satoru Iwata. Thank you for all the laughs, thank you for all the hype, thank you for all the fun and, above all else, thank you for following your dreams no matter what the media ever said. You are truly one of the greatest minds and most earnest souls gaming has ever known.

tails & talons - for what a day is worth

Because I had to write something for Valentine’s, right? ;)
Dedicated to ALL my beautiful friends!! forgottenwhispersxo n-a-d-h-i-e blamedorange blanania melllllly kkumri approvesport phantombones okerii and many more! And all my other followers! :D <3

This is part (2) of my Florist/Tattooartist AU drabbles x)
read more: here

One whole day. That was how long Lucy had not heard from her new work neighbour. She had tried to brush it off, tried to not keep an eye out for his rosy hair whenever the bell above the shopdoor jingled.

It was only one day, after all. He would repay her with some coffee, right? He had said he would.

But today was the conceivably worst day for him to pay her a visit: it was the busiest day of the year, after all.

Valentine’s Day.

With a rather displeased sigh, Lucy pulled a red ribbon around the big bouquet of roses in front of her. They should be picked up in about five minutes.

Days like these always reminded her of her own - nonexistent - love life. It didn’t help that she worked in a flower shop. She had brought this upon herself, had she not? Like some form of cruel self-punishment. Lucy sighed again.

The petals exuded a nice, soft smell, and she closed her eyes as she inhaled deeply. At least some good things came from this day - for what it was worth.

Seeing others happy and in love was not a bad thing either, after all.

The little chime above the door rang again, and Lucy was quick to tie the ribbon and curl it at the ends with her rusty old pair of scissors.

“I’m coming!” she called, rushing out of the little preparation chamber with the bouquet in front of her face.

When she brought it down on the counter, however, she did not see whom she had expected to. The man on the phone had sounded like he was in his late thirties, at least, but the man in front of her definitely was not.

No, he was around her age. And she knew exactly who he was.


Surprised, her eyes dropped to the two cups of coffee in his hands. A small smile spread across her face.

"Didn’t think I’d forget about ya, did you?”

The smile on her face turned into an excited grin, but as she felt her cheeks flush what most likely was the colour of the roses in front of her, she quickly picked them back up to hide her face.

“So, uh, time for a coffee break?”

“Sure!” the bouquet of roses squealed. “It’s just, I have to wait until these are picked up. I usually don’t take long breaks on Valentine’s Day - for obvious reasons.”

“Ah right, that’s today, isn’t it.”

She caught his sheepish grin from behind thorny stems, and decided she could not hide forever. It was the day of love, was it not? What was a little blush?

So she lowered the flowers back onto the counter, smiling carefully.

“Well. I suppose… now that you went through the trouble of bringing me this coffee… I couldn’t possibly let it go to waste.”

“Very true!” he grinned, filled with new enthusiasm.

She couldn’t help but notice that today he was wearing a tanktop beneath his jacket, and she caught a glimpse of his tattoos again. She wanted to know their story; wanted to see what he had made a part of himself forever.

With a nervous swallow, she looked at the clock. They were five minutes late now. She looked back at Natsu.

“Uh, you wanna…sit? There’s just this one chair right here, but…”

“Aw, thanks!” He flashed her a grin again, one that seemed far too euphoric to be dedicated just to the simple offering of a chair. Really, he always seemed to spread such a joyful and light atmosphere.

He rounded the corner of the counter like he owned the place, plopping down on the white, wooden chair.

Just like the last - and first - time she had met him, her heart was at total ease all of a sudden. They simply got along, there was no denying it. And she didn’t even know him - yet.

The doorbell ripped her out of her thoughts.

This time, it was who she had expected. With a big, relieved smile, she welcomed the chubby little man and handed over the bouquet. It almost swallowed him up whole.

She heard a snort behind her, but ignored it vehemently.

Only after the man had paid and turned his back did she sort the bills into her chash desk and turn around to give him a small warning glare.

“He’s a customer!” she hissed in a playful tone. “Behave!”

But as the door fell closed behind the small man, there was no stopping Natsu. He keeled over with laughter, snorting.

“Did you see him? Lucy, he was this small! The flowers almost grazed the ground! And his chin! I’ve never see-”

“Shush,” Lucy called as a cleaning rag hit him on the shoulder, but she, too, was about to lose it. With all her might, she pressed her lips together and motioned towards the still steaming cups on the counter. “So, wanna find a nice spot?”


For what it was worth, Valentine’s Day had proven to be a nice surprise so far.

And if Natsu’s hand on her shoulder was anything to go by as he pushed past her on his way to the shop door, a big grin steady on his face, it was only going to get better.

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Hi can i request number 67. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” With Bucky.

The Winter Soldier was standing in front of you, arms crossed and leaning on the metal table. Normally interrogation rooms were dimly lit, but this one was bright and almost sterile. You knew that the man standing in front of you was no longer the Winter Soldier, but he was still your target nonetheless. It wouldn’t surprise you if the whole avengers team was standing behind the two-way glass. 

“Wanna tell me what you were doing in that building?” Bucky squinted his eyes at you, and waited to see if your composure would break at any moment. For some reason your calmness sent shivers up his spine, it reminded him too much of his former assassin self. 

You shifted your hands in the ropes behind you, “Ya know, everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy,” you took a deep breath, “Look’s like I’m the bad guy now.” It was completely true, Bucky was able to get out but you were still stuck in the same god damn Hydra rut. 

Bucky clenched his metal hand onto the table, “I’m not the one who was a building away planning to snipe one of the avengers.”

All you could do was nervous laugh, and then came the anger, “Do you think I wanted to do this? Who signs up to be a goon for Hydra, unless you’re an asshole.” You looked at your feet, and a single tear rolled down your face and onto the fabric of your shirt. Being caught was never a part of the plan, it’s not like you wanted to kill any of the avengers in the first place. 

It was a quiet next few minutes as he left the room, probably to talk to the team and figure out what to do next. Being forced into the assassin line of work wasn’t the most glamorous thing. You were hoping that of all people, Bucky would understand where you were coming from. When the door swung open, Bucky didn’t return to his normal spot behind the metal table. He walked right up to you and untied your hands behind your back. It happened so fast you had no reaction time to plan any fighting. Then, he took a step back only a foot away.

The Winter Soldier looked down at you, “I decided that you deserve a second chance, but you need to show us that you can be good.” He held his right hand out. A wave of uncertainty crossed your face, but then you placed your much smaller hand in his. “I’m Bucky, welcome to the team.” 

c o m p l i c a t e d (the pressure part ii)

“Saw you leave the door open when you walked away, I was hoping maybe cry for a day or two then get back to where I was going. […] When i close my eyes my heart’s still looking for ya, somewhere inside I miss the rollercoaster.”

{a/n: ok so part 2 is finally here, thank goodness, i took forever to write this. here’s part 1 if you’re new to this. anyway i didn’t know how to end this at ALL, so the ending might seem sucky but i’m really bad at endings. this is longer than the pressure, it’s about 3000 words. also still very new to this posting fanfiction thing so pls be nice & constructively criticize & tell me what u think even if u think it’s horrible (just please be nice about it because i’m a fragile soul). anyway my authors notes always end up being ridiculously long but imma let this speak for itself. hope u like it}

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I saw the kpop post and If you didn't know, kpop groups are usually made by a large music corporation. The guys and girls are somewhat owned by that corp. with the girls they want to keep them "desirable" and sometimes "pure" to attract people and give an illusion that they have a chance to get with them. If they are dating someone that illusion breaks and that's bad for the image/corp. that's why they can't date anyone. And I think it's in the contract, too. (I may be mistaken on some parts)

I’ve been into Kpop/Jpop for ages now and I know about that rule (to be honest, that’s more of a Jpop thing however it still happens in Kpop).

Remember when that poor sis from AKB48 had to shave her head and make a video apology for dating a guy?.

(Trigger warning for heart-breaking crying).

That’s messed up as hell but that group had this no dating rule in their contracts which is different to f(x)’s case.

There is no such rule in this group, actually before Sulli some other members had already been in a relationship so obviously something else was happening behind closed doors.

Whether it was Sulli being problematic, not into the group anymore, her boyfriend being a bad influence (and many more speculations) we’ll never know the true reason why she was kicked out (the ~official~ reason is for dating some random and problematic rapper).

Just like we won’t know why Jessica was kicked out of Girls’ Generation (jealousy tbh) until our god sis Godssica decides to spill the tea and turn the kpop world upside down.

Sis we are waiting!.