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TSK: The most evasive historian in the world.

Cranquis: So does it hurt when you swallow?

50-something Patient: Well it doesn’t feel right.

Cranquis: So, painful, or more like tightness?

Patient: It’s just different.

Cranquis: Ok. Does it hurt to swallow?

Patient: Not really.

Cranquis: Does it feel like you’re choking when you swallow?

Patient: No, it just stings.

Cranquis: But… isn’t a “sting” painful?

Patient: I don’t know, I’ve never been stung in my throat.


She wanted to write a sad story.
She held her breath and started to type without even thinking, she wrote:
True kind of love, wrong person.
The end.
—  Shortest-saddest story
Infinite excerpts.